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HEY, HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE 10MIN. AGO? Hello. Doing OK, but pressed on time. I’m sitting at home, located in Oslo. I just finished sending some notes for an Interview I’m doing for a Finnish magazine. ALTHOUGH CURSE IS AROUND FOR MORE THAN 10 YEARS, PLEASE GIVE US A SHORT INTRODUCTION. I formed it as a solo project out from the ashes of my first Black Metal band called THULE. CURSE started in 1998 and has since then released 2 demos, 1 MCD, 1 split album and 3 full lengths through 3 different labels. It’s been a side project of mine pretty much the whole time and mostly a solo project until now. I did however have a lineup in 2005-2006 and done only 1 live show with CURSE. FEW YEARS AGO YOU DECIDED TO MOVE FROM ICELAND TO NORWAY. FOR MUSICAL OR ALSO PERSONAL REASONS? Musical reasons are personal reasons since music is as personal to me as it gets. Yes, I moved to Norway to expand my musical career, to form a full lineup band and get into the mainland of Europe which offers a professional environment. Things have gone my way so far. PLEASE DESCRIBE THE METAL-SCENE OF ICELAND WITH SOLSTAFIR MAYBE BEING THE MOST KNOWN BAND. A lot of bands have come and gone in Iceland. There are some bands today though that seem to be doing well and I think the scene is actually on a rise. It has suffered from lack of ambition when it comes to promoting themselves outside of the country, but like I said; this seems to be changing. We have many talents there and in fact quite many bands considering our population of only 230.000. Black Metal has never gotten a strong hold there though. It’s always been more of Death Metal and Hardcore scene. HOW IMPORTANT TO YOU WAS THE INFLUENCE OF THE NORWEGIAN SCENE AND HAS THERE BEEN/IS THERE ANY SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP? The Norwegian scene has been an influence since ’94 and those days are still an inspiration for me. I find it much harder today to experience something close to what I did back then with music, so I mainly listen mid/late nineties stuff. I do know a few people here in the scene and of course, some better than others. MUSICALLY CURSE PLAYS OLD SCHOOL BLACK METAL. WHAT ARE YOUR LYRICAL TOPICS YOU WANNA SHARE WITH THE LISTENERS? OF COURSE ON “VOID ABOVE, ABYSS BELOW” BUT ALSO IN GENERAL? The lyrics do not have a frame that cannot be stepped out of, meaning that I will write about whatever comes to mind. “The Mad Sheperd” for instance is about a friend of mine that ended in a mental institution after a pretty wild life. “Infernal Visions” are about a nightmare that I dreamt years ago but is still sitting vivid in my mind. So you see that I am not really trying to prove anything or make any statements with my lyrics, I’m simply writing about things that inspire me. FIRST YOU STARTED CURSE AS A SOLO-PROJEKT, LATER SOME MUSICIANS JOINED AND LEFT. LATELY D. THEOBALD JOINED. HOW IMPORTANT IS IT FOR YOU TO KEEP THE CONTROL FOR EVERYTHING? That’s a good question. I’ve been asking myself the same thing. Having been the driving force of my bands for all these years has made me somewhat of a control freak. Now, when working with FORTID I have been very careful not to take control of everything and then I learned that the other members are actually fine with me being that guy. I guess it’s a fine line there but I can at least honestly say that past members are no longer in CURSE simply because of lack of dedication to the band. Those days are over I feel. I would also gladly participate in some other band where I only had to show up and play and not think about anything else. I’ve had some offers but not from the right bands. FOR THIS RELEASE YOU WROTE AND RECORDED EVERYTHING IN JUST 42 DAYS, IMPROVISING HALF OF THE MATERIAL. NOT AN USUAL FORMULA… DID YOU PLAN IT THIS WAY? Yes, I planned this in before hand. I had tried this method before with Guðmundur Pálmason from SÓLSTAFIR. We have an unreleased album that is actually unfinished simply due to our other priorities. But this is a special writing formula that I came up with some years back and it works great. A FORMULA FOR WORKING IN THE FUTURE? Yes, D. Theobald and I liked the outcome so much that we decided that the CURSE music would never be done any other way. It is as effortless and natural for us as it gets. YEARS AGO YOU PLAYED SOME LIVE-SHOWS. WHAT ABOUT A NEW LIVE-LINE UP AND A TOUR? That’s all I think about these days actually. We are currently looking for a booking agency. Let me know if you know someone interested. BESIDES CURSE YOU WORK WITH FORTID (ALSO WITH THEOBALD). WORKING WITH THE SAME LINE UP FOR BOTH BANDS, HOW DIFFICULT IS IT TO KEEP IT SEPARATED CONCERNING SONGWRITING? No problems at all. There is a clear difference between those two and if you don’t hear it already, you will definitely hear it on our upcoming FORTID album by comparing it to “Void Above, Abyss Below”. The writing method of FORTID is completely different as well as the structure and atmosphere of the songs. The lyrical concept is quite different as well. HOW IS THE STATUS OF POTENTIAM? We have written material ready for our next album. That’s not the problem. But me being here in Norway with two bands and Guðmundur working hard with SÓLSTAFIR, it seems to be a question of when we can start the rehearsals. The plan is set for this summer though. Hopefully that’s doable. IN OUR RECENT INTERVIEW DEMONAZ (IMMORTAL) STATED “UNDERGROUND IS DEAD FOR MORE THAN 20 YEARS. BLACK METAL CAN’T BE UNDERGROUND AT ALL, CAUSE OF ITS POPULARITY IN THE METAL-SCENE.” HOW IS YOUR POINT OF VIEW FOR THE DISCUSSION ABOUT “TRUE BLACK METAL”? What scale is he looking at here? Dimmu Borgir still consider themselves an underground band despite their fame. Only a small fraction of the world knows who they are. In theory, there is no such thing as an underground when the whole world has access to the music on the internet. But fuck it, I like the term and when being used, we all know what it means. I don’t see the point of dissecting things like that, and definitely not the “over chewed on” term: “True Black Metal”. If you are true to yourself and you make metal from your heart, you are true metal, no matter what category others will place you in. Everything changes with time, even the evolution of metal music. HAVING THE FREE CHOICE TO WORK WITH ANY ARTIST/MUSICIAN OF ANY GENRE, DEAD OR ALIVE, WHO WOULD IT BE? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart could be the keyboardist for sure. CURSE would definitely go back to the synth with him on board. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME. ANY LAST WORDS? Thanks to those who still buy our albums. Those are our true supporters and contribute to the “underground”.

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