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DID YOU ENJOY THE TOUR SO FAR? Yes. Yeah, it’s been great! It’s an adventure, as always. YOU ARE TRAVELLING THROUGH MANY COUNTRIES .. Yes .. … AND HAVE SEVEREAL CONCERTS EVERY MONTH, ACTUALLY SEVERAL CONCERTS EVERY WEEK. BEFORE YOU STARTED THE TOUR THIS YEAR, YOUR LAST FESTIVAL-DATES WERE IN 2004, THE LAST TOUR IN 2003. DOES THIS REARRANGEMENT MAKE IT MORE STRESSFUL OR IS IT NEVERTHELESS ONLY LOTS OF FUN? No… DEATHSTARS is a Liveband. So we love to be on tour. But we had some gigs between the albums and also lots of festivals in summer and so on. We are on tour now for three months in a row, and this is the third week, so we have 8 weeks left.. it’s pretty hard to do it for so long. It feels nice now, but on tour is gonna be very tough at the end of the CRADLE OF FILTH Tour. AFTER THE FESTIVALS IN SUMMER CAT IS NOW A “REAL” MEMBER OF THE BAND. APART FROM THE THINGS DEALING WITH THE DEATHSTARS MUSIC, HOW DOES HE FIT INTO THE BAND ALTOGETHER? HE IS MUCH YOUNGER THAN THE OTHER MEMBERS … Oh, it’s perfect! He’s not that childish, so it’s very good. And he is an excellent guitar player. After one week he’s been as if he had been with us for years, incredible! SOUNDS GREAT … LET US LOOK BACK TO THE TOUR. ARE THERE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE FANS IN THE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES OR EVEN DIFFERENCES BETWEEN “METAL AUDIENCE” AND “GOTH AUDIENCE”? SOME SAY THAT PEOPLE IN SOME COUNTRIES ARE GOING MORE CRAZY THAN IN OHERS .. I see.. I think DEATHSTARS is a band with a strong image. So I think that people who like the band are really passionate about it and have a reference for it to themselves. Because – there’s something more than music .. so I can’t see real differences between the countries because it’s like a big family composed of this people .. but very very differnt people! I mean, it’s not all metal or goth .. it’s from all classifications! In our earlier bands we played black metal and death metal, and it was all guys in the audience. Now it’s almost just girls… (smiling). It’s very different, it attracts now much more girls because it’s very much Sex in the music OH, BUT THAT’S MIGHTY FINE FOR YOU .. Yeah .. that’s too much for us. (laughing) THE CANCELLED TOURDATES IN FRANCE DISAPPOINTED THE FRENCH FANS .. DID THE FRENCH AGENCY GIVE YOU REAL REASONS FOR THIS PROCEEDING? SAYING “YOU ARE COMING WITH CRADLE OF FILTH” SOUNDS LIKE A LAME EXCUSE … Because .. they didn’t want to book us twice in such a short time. They didn’t want to pay the money we asked for. It was the french agency that was assholes.. we didn’t find a compromise. THE CRADLE OF FILTH TOUR WILL OFFER THE FANS A GREAT COMBINATION .. Yeah, maybe .. .. AND THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS EVENTS. HOW DID THE CONTACT TO COF COME OFF? I don’t know. We have a management and a booking agency, who does everythings that has to do with such things. They asked if we are interested in going on a tour with COF, and they contacted their management .. so we haven’t been in contact with the persons. But on tour .. I’m not too familiar with their music but, yes, I heared their first album when they released their first album .. I haven’t heard anything since then, so.. DO YOU LIKE COF ALTOGETHER? I haven’t heard it since the first album .. so I don’t know how they sound like (laughing). But I listened to that a few times, and that was good.. I think they released some more albums since then… I THOUGHT – PERHAPS YOU FEEL SOMEHOW “RELATED” TO THEM BECAUSE BOTH OF YOU ARE CONFRONTATED WITH REPROACHES OF SELLING YOURSELFES OUT AND THE EVIL WORD “COMMERCE” .. What can I say .. We are not, of course. DEATHSTARS is a very internal matter. The music is just about us in the band .. and we never let anyone listen to it before anything is ready. It’s just about us, we don’t have a clue about other bands in the scene because we’re not up to date with our stuff.. but there’s a lot of people who like DEATHSTARS and we got to do the labels and so on. When lots of people like a band and the band grows big .. it’s not about commercialism but it’s a huge interest for the band and the band grows and gets big. And DEATHSTARS is getting bigger and bigger for every day, really fast, and that’s because it’s good music .. YEAH, I THINK YOU’RE RIGHT … BUT .. DO YOU FEEL RELATED TO ANY OTHER BAND? Yeah, I mean we feel related to all our old friends in black metal bands and death metal bands. I guess that are the ones we feel closer to. That’s where we come from. Our friends and the more extremes, that’s where our heart is. IF YOU SHOULD ENTITLE THE KIND OF MUSIC YOU MAKE NOW, WHAT WOULD IT BE? THE FANS ARE GUESSING IT MIGHT BE “INDUSTRIAL METAL” OR “DARK METAL” OR “CYBERMETAL” OR EVEN “DEATH-GLAM”.. OR DON`T YOU WANT TO PEG YOURSELF AS ANYTHING? I think it’s “Death-Glam”. We label it ourselves. It’s surely glam and it’s very dark in music .. I don’t even know what Cybermetal is .. that is not what we do. It’s not goth music and it’s not metal. So I think in the end it’s rockmusic, but we call it Death-Glam. SO IF YOU WERE ASKED TO PRODUCE A SONG WITH A FEMALE SINGER, WHO WOULD IT BE? Oh .. someone who sounds like a male (laughing). I’m not really interested in female singers. I have written some parts on our stuff for female singers… but.. I don’t listen to .. (überlegt) maybe Dolly Parton, I guess.. I love Dolly Parton. HOW TIRED ARE YOU OF BEING COMPARED WITH MARILYN OR RAMMSTEIN? OR EVEN WITH ANY OTHER BAND? Yeah, we get really tired of that. But people have to have it because they want to know what they have to expect .. but we really get tired. AND WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT MANSON YOURSELF? Well, I don’t listen to .. but I think he does his thing, commercially, really really good. He must be a very smart man because he’s been growing as an artist. He has an image. I’m not into what is, you know, the music, but he is an brilliant artist…I have seen him live a couple of times and he is really really good .. I SAW HIM TWO YEARS AGO AND IT WAS A GREAT SHOW … Yes, it’s a really cool show. How it should be, how a show should be. What we do now, we play rock on the small stadions.. that is different, but … … BUT I THINK THATS ALSO PROVIDING A PARTICULAR ATTRACTION ON FANS AND PERHAPS; ALSO FOR YOURSELFES .. Yeah, it’s a totally different thing from playing for 10 000 like in the festivals and now we’re playing for about 300 people ..(smiling). ANOTHER, PERHAPS A BIT DELICATE QUESTION.. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE DOPE STARS? PEOPLE SAY THAT THEY ARE IMITATING YOU SOMEWHAT .. I don’t know.. I guess, that they like us very much – I’ve heard, because Nightmare knows Grace Khold (Editor: Synthie Player of DOPE STARS INC.). So from what I know they are fans of DEATHSTARS. But I don’t know how they sound. But I think there are lots of bands start doing what we do..combining death and glam. And I think it will be a lot more.. But as Lemmy from MOTÖRHEAD said to that question “What do you think about people copying your music?” and he said “Great! Maybe they do something that we can copy later.” (laughing). But it’s great band gets inspired from us… yes as we get inspired by other bands. It’s so few bands in the scene.. like if you’re playing black metal or rockmusic then you don’t get compared to other bands.. because in “our scene” it’s just MANSON, RAMMSTEIN, MINISTRY, blablabla it’s always the same bands because there are so few of them. So it’s very very obvious, it’s about five bands.. and it’s always “Look, they sound like them”. I mean, it’s a paradox .. WHAT IS THE LAST CD YOU HEARD YOURSELF? The last.. the latest? I listened a new CD today, actually. I got from Nuclear Blast a whole bag full of CDs yesterday.. It was CHROME DIVISION .. so I’ve been listened to that. It was good, catching. I SEE … GETTING BACK TO DEATHSTARS THEMSELVES: WILL YOU PUBLISH EVENTUALLY SINGLES IN EUROPE, TOO? ACTUALLY IT’S DIFFICULT FOR YOUR FANS OUTSIDE OF SWEDEN TO GET THEM. Yes, they’re only done in Sweden .. we want to. But Nuclear Blast doesn’t do that that much, I guess.. ususally not. It’s the different market, I think. It’s a pity, because it’s cool with singles. I would like to … THE FANS ARE ALSO DYING TO GET A DVD WITH LOTS OF DEATHSTARS MATERIAL… WHEN WILL THEY BE SATISFIED WITH THAT? Oh yeah, I know. That I don’t know, we will see. I think it’s gonna take some more time before we do that. Maybe before the next album .. so next year or something, we’ll see. WHOSE IDEA WAS THE “DEATHSTARS STREET TEAM”? I THINK IT’S A GREAT IDEA TO BRING INFORMATION TO PEOPLE WHO MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN YOUR MUSIC. Yeah, I don’t know. I think people came up with that, fans actually. It’s amazing, two days ago, in Bamberg, i think it was like 30, 40 people came into the backstage room and wanted to take pictures. .. What I mean is like a minor KISS Army, you know because our fans are really, really dedicated and they really merge for the band. YES, I SAW THAT ALSO IN THE INTERNETFORUM .. Yeah, they are very, very in to it, and you know, there are members of DEATHSTARS as well, everyone makes everything, you know.. YOUR HOMEPAGE IS ALL IN ALL VERY INTERACTIVE, AND YOU HAVE LOTS OF SO CALLED “WEB 2.0-APPLICATIONS”, FOR EXAMPLE THE FLICKR-MAP IN WHICH FANS CAN SHOW WHERE THEY COME FROM AND EVERYONE CAN SEE HOW LARGE YOUR FOLLOWING IS… FANS CAN PARTICIPATE. THAT’S GREAT.. We like our fans to act as much as possible! And we are proud of it. – because that is what makes great music because of the interest..! THERE WAS THAT BAD STORY ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO NIGHTMARES BROTHER JON. I HEARD YOU HAD TO PLAY ON SUMMER BREEZE SHORTLY AFTER YOU RECEIVED THE MESSAGE. WHAT WAS IT LIKE? Yes, of course it was very hard because we were old friends. He was a very dear person to us. But he really wanted to end like that and.. it was his choice, that was how he really wanted to end.. but.. I don’t wanna talk about that, sorry. I CAN UNDERSTAND THAT .. A LAST QUESTION. YOU ONCE SAID IN AN INTERVIEW THAT YOUR MUSIC IS INSPIRED BY HORRORMOVIES .. No.. I think that not the lyrics but the atmosphere was meant. That’s obvious, everyone who does this kind of music, is’s a dark atmosphere. No, but actually we don’t get inspired by horrormievies. The lyrics are all about my life and all the music Nightmare does he does on drugs, when he’s really unhappy .. so it’s about ourselfes, it’s not about fiction or anything but about our everyday lifes.. SO I’LL SEE SOMETHING FROM YOUR LIFES LATER – THANK YOU FOR TALKING! See you later .. bye. INTERVIEW WAS TAKEN BEFORE THE GIG IN BIELEFELD, 28.10.2006

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