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HI PETE! FIRST OF ALL I HAVE TO THANK YOU FOR THE TIME YOU’RE SPENDING ON THIS INTERVIEW! No problem at all. Greatful for the support and space. NOW… HOW ARE YOU DOING TODAY? EVERYTHING’S FINE IN SWEDEN? CAN YOU FEEL ANY EFFECTS OF THE ECONOMIC CRISIS IN YOUR PERSONAL AND DAILY LIFE OR DO YOU JUST „DRINK IT AWAY“? Just doing fine so far. Sitting on my work and trying to kill some time before it’s time to go out in the woods again. Lots of snow and a freezing temperature, like it should be this time of year. No, can’t say that the crisis have infected me so far. I’m lucky to still have my work. I don’t drink any longer, have been sober for 3 years next October… so I guess I only would have written more music instead. YOU’RE PLAYING A VERY TRADITIONAL AND ORIGINAL BRAND OF METAL. IN YOUR CURRENT RELEASE „THRASHING HEAVY METAL“ THE LISTENER ARE ABLE TO CATCH A BIG SPECTRUM OF INFLUENCES, SO THE INFO TEXT SAYS. SO WHAT KIND OF INFLUCENCES CAN WE DETECT? Thanx for the word „original“. Often we get to hear from reviewers that we only are a copy cat of German thrash or just try to jump on the wagon of the new Thrash wave, which is a bit strange to me, if you look at our personal histories… or really listen to the album. The thing about DECEIVER is that we have as much influences from bands like old MERCYFUL FATE and JUDAS PRIEST as SLAYER and SODOM. We try to mix it on our own way and make it sounding DECEIVER. DO YOU HAVE ANY INFLUENCES THAT ARE NOT METAL THAT YOU IMPLEMENT IN YOUR LYRICS OR ARRANGEMENTS? Not maybe so much notable, but I listen to a lot of PINK FLOYD and DEAD CAN DANCE. I guess it infects my songwritings in some ways, but it’s impossible to say a specific what it is. I get 36 years old this year, I don’t think so much what influences me in that way, I have nothing to prove for anyone. I do listen to Metal music aswell as other stuff for so long than that it’s simply a part of me. I do songs that I enjoy, simple as that. LYRICALLY SPEAKING, WHAT IS YOUR MAIN INSPIRATION? My own experiences from my own dungeon. My own aspects and reflections of life and death. It could be about war, it could be about religion, it could be about satanic occult subjects, it could be about my hate towards one person. Like the music, I don’t want to paint me into a corner. WELL… NOW HERE ARE THREE QUOTES TAKEN FROM THE MOVIE „METAL – A HEADBANGER’S JOURNEY“. IT WOULD BE NICE, IF YOU COULD COMMENT ON THEM: 1. „METAL IS PROBABLY THE LAST BASTION OF REAL REBELLION, REAL MASCULINITY, REAL MAN, BASICALLY GETTING TOGETHER AND BEATING THEIR CHEST…“ Metal is a big part of my life and will always be. But for me Metal also includes a big part of intelligence… enough! 2. „IT’S NOT A WAY TO UNDERSTAND YOUR LONELINESS, IT’S SORT OF A WAY TO FEEL THAT YOU ARE PART OF SOMETHING THAT’S LARGER THAN YOURSELF, BECAUSE EVERYTHING ABOUT METAL IS LARGER THAN IT IS IN LIFE.“ Metal is a big part of my life and will always be. But for me Metal also includes a big part of intelligence… enough! 3. „IS HEAVY METAL A SACRAMENT? FOR SOME PEOPLE IT IS. IF IT KEEPS KIDS ALIVE, IF IT GIVES THEM HOPE, IF IT GIVES THEM A PLACE TO BELONG, IF IT GIVES THEM A SENSE OF TRANSCENDENCE, THEN I BELIEVE IT’S A SPIRITUAL FORCE. I BELIEVE IT’S A PIPELINE TO GOD.“ Metal is a big part of my life and will always be. But for me Metal also includes a big part of intelligence… enough! WHAT KIND OF SONGWRITING DO YOU PREFER? I’m a real sucker for old stuff with RAINBOW (Dio years), and ALICE COOPER (70´s) type of stuff where you get a cool story vibe to the songs. There are tons of bands doing this, but failes in their own credebility. You also have great stuff from DISSECTION, BATHORY, CANDLEMASS, MAYHEM etc. Of course I also appreciate short aggressive songs like on „Reign in Blood“ or „Illusions“. A good song can be made in so many different ways. To put it simple, a good song is a good song. CAN YOU TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT THE NEW WAVE OF SWEDISH DEATH METAL? I MEAN THE CONSEQUENCE OF THIS MELODIC REVOLUTION IS UP TO DATE AN INTERNATIONALLY WIDE SPREAD PHENOMENON AND MAYBE YOU ACTUALLY GOT THE POSSIBILITY TO EXPERIENCE IT IN SOME WAY, BECAUSE YOU ARE FROM SWEDEN? No, can’t really say that I have got the chance to experience it as I don’t see myself as a big part of that phenomenon. If it had helped me in any other way to be from Sweden, like to get a record deal or something, I don’t know. But I hope people like the stuff because of the music, and not because I’m from Sweden. In my impinion there are a lot of countries that have the same quility, Sweden get’s a bit overrated sometimes. WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ON WHITE METAL? DO YOU THINK THE LIFESTYLE OF SEX, DRUGS AND ROCK ‚N‘ ROLL CAN BE COMBINED WITH THE FUNDAMENTAL VALUES OF CHRISTIANITY? Haha! White Metal? Have never heard anything more stupid! I hope it will be combined, it would only prove how stupid and lame christianity is. THE OMNIPRESENT RATIONALISTIC VIEW ON THINGS IN WESTERN CULTURE IS – AS A MATTER OF FACT – FOR MANY ALTERNATIVELY THINKING PEOPLE A PRODUCT OF INTELLECTUAL IMPERIALISM… DO YOU THINK, THAT THE „OLD WAY“ OF EXISTING, A LIFE NOT SEPARATED FROM THE RHYTHM OF NATURE WOULD BE THE BETTER WAY FOR MANKIND RATHER THAN LIVING IN AN OVERPOPULATED, URBANIZED ENVIRONMENT WITH MASS TECHNIQUE AND MASS MEDIA? For me it’s obvious that it would be better, not to mess with the natural evolution. I have always been more of a „bohem“, it suits my life better. Not that all developments and techniques are bad, but not when the rest of the mass not is a part of it and greed and money rules the intentions. WELL… MY FAVORITE SONG ON „THRASHING HEAVY METAL“ IS “GRAVEYARD LOVER”. THE STORY BEHIND IT SEEMS TO BE QUIET FUNNY. CAN YOU GIVE US A DEEPER INSIGHT OF WHAT THE SONG ACTUALLY IS ABOUT AND HOW THE STUFF WAS CREATED? The two opening riffs are something I had been playing around with for a while, but never find a whole story for. When I broke up with a girlfriend… buhhhuuu, buhuuuu ;)… it popped up some lyric lines (no, it’s not a love story) and the whole song was done in two days. It’s a lot of fiction, and when the lyric was done it could be about anyone. I’m really satisfied with that song. Often when you get that strong idea and you get everything done in one/ two days, those seem to be the strongest ones. Instead of force something ahead. THE VARIETY OF METALBANDS IS QUITE EXPLODING AT PRESENT AND MANY VERY TALENTED UNDERGROUND ACTS ARE NOT ABLE TO COME AROUND AND PLAY THEIR MUSIC JUST BECAUSE OF A LACK OF PROMOTION. IN YOUR OPINION, WHICH BAND WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE BLOW-UP NEXT? One band that I listen to a lot right now, the new album is disgustingly brilliant, is FUNERAL MIST. But I don’t know if you could call them small? And to be honest, I don’t know if a band like FUNERAL MIST should be a big mainstream band. MOST BANDS ARE MORE INTERESTED TO ADMINISTER A MYSPACE PAGE THAN TO RUN A REGULAR HOMEPAGE. FROM YOUR PERSPECTIVE: WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES, WHAT THE DISADVANTAGES? I guess I should feel like the target here. I have not updated any of my websites for a long time, I have even forgotten the passwords etc…. so, I can’t even update them. If you are a band that does big tours, have news every week, lots of merchandise etc. I guess it’s more important to have a running website. For myself, I see me nothing more than a dude that want to do some music and just burn really big for that, no bigger intentions to be in a big band that does tours etc. When I do something new I just put it up on Myspace to share my dediciation to my songs. IF YOU WANTED TO SPREAD SOME PROPAGANDA, WHAT WOULD YOU SPEW TO THE MASSES? Never get a record by the Swedish band TAKIDA, they suck. ALLRIGHT, THE LAST WORDS BELONG TO YOU! AGAIN: THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH FOR YOUR TIME AND KEEP THE SPIRIT WHAT METAL IS ALL ABOUT. KEEP YOUR WORK AS IT IS. IT’S WONDERFUL! STAY HEAVY AND THRASH ‚EM ALL! Thank you for the time doing this interview and the support! Thanks to the people that have supported DECEIVER through the years, up thy irons!

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