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“10 minutes ago I got out of the shower, it’s in the Deicide Dressingroom and when I got in, Glenn was like „What the fuck you don’t have a towel??“ and I answered “No there are none today but I’ll be fine regardless. I was just about to hop in under the water when Glenn starts banging on the door Benton style roaring „LEGIOOOON!!!! HEY!!!! LEGIOOOON!!!“ When I open the door he’s like, „here I made the promotor fix you a towel“. Glenn is the coolest, being on tour with him and Deicide again is great.” HEY LEGION, HOW ARE YOU, WHERE ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE 10MIN. AGO? I’m on the Winterfest tour with Deicide, Samael, Vader, Devian, Order of Ennead and The Amenta. Today I’ve slept like fucking crazy. Between the Belgian gig and Paris we didn’t have the time to sleep so we stayed up doing Vodka shots and went to the Louvre, then played and I must have passed out at 9 in the bus last night, slept til early afternoon today and feel reborn haha! 10 minutes ago I got out of the shower, it’s in the Deicide dressingroom and when I got in Glenn was like „What the fuck you don´t have a towel??“ and I answered “No there are none today but I’ll be fine regardless. I was just about to hop in under the water when Glenn starts banging on the door Benton style roaring „LEGIOOOON!!!! HEY!!!! LEGIOOOON!!!“ When I open the door he’s like, „Here I made the promotor fix you a towel“. Glenn is the coolest, being on tour with him and Deicide again is great. AS YOU SAID YOU ARE CURRENTLY ON THE ROAD WITH MIGHTY DEICIDE, VADER AND SAMAEL. HOW DID THE FIRST SHOWS TURN OUT FOR YOU? AND IS GLENN HIMSELF REALLY ON TOUR WITH DEICIDE 😉 ? Yeah it’s a great going, we´ve had killer response so far so we’re really happy about that. We knew the Winterfest would be the best way possible to promote “God to the Illfated”. Glenn is always Glenn, he keeps the place entertained with his oneliner comment and pranks. A few days ago I was so tired I was just sitting around in a coma and he sneaked up on me and fired off the flash of his camera in my face, hahaha! We’ve always had a cool going with each other, after the first show on the tour we got hammered together and talked about all kinds of shit. DEICIDE-FANS ARE NOT ALWAYS KNOWN TO BE THE EASIEST? HOW DID THEY WELCOME YOU? We’ve had hands in the air, stagedivers, circlepits and roars and screams between the songs so far so I don’t know what more to ask for. You can tell that the package attracts all kinds of crowds, Samael and Vader are big names, too, so it’s a good gathering of fiendish metal heads every night. ANY FANS AROUND ASKING ABOUT YOUR PAST WITH MARDUK AND ASKING FOR SOME COVERS? IF YES, HOW DO YOU REACT? Yeah, Marduk is such a huge part of my musical past so of course people have questions and want me to sign the old Marduk stuff etc which is fine. I’ve always put all that I am on. display, as an artist you owe it to the people that supports you. Devian will never do any Marduk covers, we didn’t start out to be Marduks little brother and the first reason that I left the band was that the music started to feel so done to death for me. FANS AND PRESS SAY THAT YOU ARE ONE OF THE BEST SINGERS AND FRONTERS IN EXTREME METAL. HOW MUCH PRESSURE WAS THIS FOR YOU CONCERNING STARTING A NEW BAND? I don’t see it as pressure, getting enthusiastic praise for my work makes me feel like I already won. We knew it was not going to be easy starting up a new Metal band in this day and age but so far things has happened really quick for Devian which makes us work harder than ever. SEVERAL WEEKS AGO YOU PLAYED AN AWESOME SHOW, MORE THAN 100 MIN.! IN SUCH GREAT MOMENTS, WOULD DEVIAN PLAY A MARDUK SONG MAYBE FOR FUN AND FOR THE FANS? Yes, it was mad fun! After we did 1 hour 15 and ending with “Raining blood” people were still screaming so we figured what the hell lets keep on going and we started playing the oldest songs in our catalogue. The day Marduk is not around anymore maybe it would feel cooler to do a cover, now doing a Slayer song, for all that they´ve ever been and still are to us, it was cool as hell to do it. FOR THE LAST ALBUM YOU DID A LOT OF TOURING. HOW IMPORTANT WAS THIS TO GET THE REAL CHEMISTRY TO BE A BAND AND NOT A PROJECT INTO THE BAND? AND HOW IMPORTANT WAS THIS FOR THE NEW ALBUM? Touring is like a double edged sword, either you can wield it or else it’ll cut you to pieces and we were happy to find out that we felt closer to each other and got each other better than before leaving for touring. Touring is also the essence of Metal, Metal music was meant to be played live because of the unique energy in venue between the bands and the fans. It’s something you can’t recreate, it has to be lived. And since most radio or TV won’t bother plugging anything else than the cheesiest of pop it makes it even more special. It’s the scene that’s frowned upon but instead of going away it’s been around for over 40 years, surviving any bullshit pop trend in the world, disco is dead as death, how about grunge today? Metal is forever! YOU ONCE SAID IN MARDUK THE GOOD MOOD BETWEEN THE MEMBERS EASILY GOT LOST ON A LONG TOUR. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE NOW WITH DEVIAN? Devian is a very easy going machine, it’s different in its chemistry which makes us work all the time, organize all of us to go about different tasks at the same time to bring the band forward instead of sorting out the bullshit and the drama. It’s a great going. TALKING ABOUT YOUR NEW ALBUM: YOU MUST BE VERY SATISFIED WITH THE REACTIONS SO FAR. REVIEWS ARE GREAT ALL OVER! We’ve had a mad reception from press and people both on our websites and playing live in support of it. We couldn’t be happier with the way everyone has embraced the new album. YOU MADE A BIG STEP FROM „NINEWINGED SERPENT“ TO „GOD TO THE ILLFATED“. WHAT ARE THE MAIN REASONS/ MILESTONES IN YOUR POINT OF VIEW? “Ninewinged” was put together like a jigsaw puzzle, me and Emil traded the riffs over MSN since we were not even living in the same country at the time, and Tomas was not in the band until 10 days before we entered the studio. Being on Century Media was great though, because we recorded for three months and then went on with mixing and mastering. We recorded a lot in the studio and felt our way till all it could be. But with …Illfated we were a unit, writing and rehearsing together and we knew more what was Devian and what steps to tread forward. WAS THIS MAYBE THE REALLY LAST STEP FOR YOU TO STAND FOR YOURSELF & DEVIAN AND NOT STILL FOR THE FORMER MARDUK-FRONTER? Yes probably, the reaction to us when we’re out now again is more Devian than the new band of former Marduk members. YOUR NEW ALBUM IS VERY DIVERSE AND SOUNDS VERY GROWN UP, NOT FORGETTING THE EXTREME SOUNDS OF THE PAST. HOW IMPORTANT WAS MARDUK FOR YOUR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT IN WRITING SONGS AND LYRICS AND ALSO AS A SINGER? Thank you! We wanted it to be a rocky ride and not too monotonous for the listener but offer all kinds of metal sounds, like a journey over a black landscape. Marduk was almost 10 very important years of my life and since we were literary living the band instead of having it of course it shaped me greatly. I can still feel the Marduk influence when we´re having parts not so harsh and my instinct goes „Is there enough violence to measure up for the melody and aerial stuff?“ FOR THE FIRST ALBUM YOU AND EMIL WROTE THE SONGS. DID THE OTHER GUYS CONTRIBUTE TO THE NEW ALBUM? AND HOW DIFFICULT IS THIS FOR YOU, CAUSE FIRST OF ALL DEVIAN IS YOUR BAND TO REALIZE YOUR VISIONS… Emil wrote the most this time being Emil. The guy is insane always coming up with new stuff. Joinus and Tomas also wrote a lot and we actually discarded most of my drafts except for the titletrack that is mine but has add-ons and modifications from everybody which was cool, that we wrote the title track together. No matter who comes up with the basic riffs though it´s a whole lot of raping each others ideas till it really feels right and sounding Devian. I don´t have any complexes like that though that I have to do this or that, we are a tight crew and we talk very much over all picture and vision all the time so we are all very aware of where we are going with the band. FOR ME PERSONAL, I STARTED WITH BLACK METAL IN THE 90’S AND IT TOOK ME MANY YEARS TO ALLOW MYSELF TO LET MY OTHER MUSICAL TASTES COME THROUGH. HOW DID YOUR MUSICAL TASTE AND YOUR PERSONAL VIEWS DEVELOP OVER THE YEARS? AS A MUSICIAN, AS A FAN AND AS AN INDIVIDUAL? Iron Maiden was my first wake up call, 7 years old and Bang!!! changed my life forever. Then I went on with heavier and heavier stuff, Slayer, Bathory, Deicide and Mayhem and I found such a good home in the black metal scene that there was no reason to go anywhere else. And I still have that in me only that I got tired of not listening to any other music but I basically re-discovered other stuff and explored all music that´s been around me all the time that I just been ignoring. I´m metal and aggressive metal in particular to the bone but I also love everything from the Doors up to new melodic stuff like Muse. There is just good music and bad music. MAYBE YOU COULD ASK EMIL QUICK HOW THE NEW THE LEGION RECORD IS DOING? 😉 He says it’s gonna be out 2016, hahaha!!! I don´t think they´re in too much of a rush, I believe the mixing process has started though. YOU DID SOME GUEST-VOCALS ON THEIR LAST ALBUM. ANY GUEST-APPEARANCE ON THE NEW SONGS? No it was a cool thing to do like that but I prefer to show up only in Devian first and mostly. SOON AFTER COMING HOME FROM THIS GREAT TOUR YOU WILL START AGAIN AND TOUR THROUGH SCANDINAVIA WITH MIGHTY UNLEASHED? THIS TOUR WILL BE A BLAST FOR SURE… Yes it will!! Emil has a mp3 on his cellphone of a woman in very teacher style saying „penis“ he’s gonna play in the ear of the Unleashed guys as soon as they are asleep and he’s not hahaha!! I KNOW TOMAS AND YOU ARE BIG GUNS N’ROSES-FANS… DID TOMAS FINALLY HEAR THE NEW ALBUM AND WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK OF IT? I’m a moderate GnR fan, I think Appetite is a timeless classic but Use your Illusion is just a cry for help from a band falling apart. I heard the new one but I think it´s elevator music really. Tomas not very surprisingly loves it… ANY PLANS FOR 2009? MORE LIVE-SHOWS? FESTIVAL-GIGS? MAYBE A BREAK AND ALREADY ANOTHER ALBUM IN PLANS (I’VE HEARD YOU ALWAYS HAVE LOTS OF SONG-IDEAS)? We’re gonna tour all over the place as much as we can, we are sorting out new offers now and will go official with them as soon as it´s a done deal. We’ll enter the studio late summer or early fall for the recording of Devian III, we are already halfway in the making of the album, it’s gonna be more epic melodies but also more no bullshit all out in your face violence!!! MY TRADITIONAL QUESTION AT THE END: IF YOU WOULD HAVE A FREE CHOICE TO WORK/ PLAY/ MEET WITH ANY ARTIST/ MUSICIAN (DEAD/ ALIVE)… WHO WOULD IT BE? Jim Morrison. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME AND ALL THE BEST FOR THAT TOUR!! Thanks for supporting Devian! All the best for the big 09!!!

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