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HI, HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU? I’m super, thanx for asking. I’m in Boston. This is Jason doing this interview. YOU ARE QUITE NEW TO THE GERMAN HEAVY-FANS. PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF AND YOUR BAND. The band is Paul (vocals), Jason, (drums), Kirk (guitars) Jeremy (bass) and Jon (guitars). THESE DAYS YOUR NEW ALBUM WILL BE RELEASED VIA CENTURY MEDIA. HOW DID YOU GET IN TOUCH WITH THEM? Century Media bought Now or Never records and in doing so acquired us and re-signed us for a few more albums. We are incredibly happy about this. I DON’T HAVE YOUR FIRST ALBUM, BUT „TEARING DOWN…“ SOUNDS VERY STRONG. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THE MAIN DIFFERENCE AND DEVELOPMENTS BETWEEN BOTH RELEASES? Well, first off, we have a new singer. He’s a lot more versatile and can go from melodic singing to high-pitched screaming down to low death metal growls. The new album has elements of the last album with more metal written in. We didn’t want to write the same album twice. Paul allowed us to explore some of the other characteristics of different genres of metal. We still have heavy ass breakdowns and overall I think that we upped the talent level of the songs due to the line-up having a better chemistry. PAUL STODDARD DID A STRONG PERFORMANCE ON THE ALBUM. WHAT ARE THE LYRICS ABOUT AND WHAT IS THE MAIN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HIM AND YOUR FORMER VOCALIST? Well as I answered in the last question, Paul has a great diversity in his voice. The chemistry between us and Paul is much better than our previous singer. The lyrics that he writes are about his personal experiences and feelings on different things. THE CLEAN VOCAL PARTS ARE VERY MELODIC AND THE VOICE ITSELF SOUNDS A BIT EMO-LIKE. ANY RELATIONS TO THIS GENRE? AND WHAT ARE HIS INFLUENCES, ESPECIALLY AS A SINGER? Absolutely no relation to the Emo genre. Paul has a pretty diverse background as far as influences go. Phil Anselmo, Mike Patton, Lajon Witherspoon, and Jamie Jasta are his mains I think. MOST METALCORE-BANDS ARE MENTIONING BANDS LIKE AT THE GATES/ THE HAUNTED AND SLAYER AS THEIR MAIN INFLUENCES. WHAT ABOUT YOURS? Mine personally would be something along the lines of Death (R.I.P.), Slayer, Sepultura, Clutch, Pantera, Testament, and Iron Maiden definitely. There’s way more but that would take up a huge amount of space. NOW THE ALBUM IS OUT. CAN YOU ALREADY REFLECT A BIT AND ARE YOU 100% SATISFIED? OR ARE THERE SOME THINGS YOU WOULD LIKE TO CHANGE? I’m very satisfied with the song-writing. As far as the recording goes there are a few songs that I wish came out a little faster in tempo. IN THESE MONTHS IT’S A BIG TREND TO MIX METAL AND HARDCORE. THE „NEW WAVE OF AMERICAN HEAVY METAL“ IS GROWING FASTER AND FASTER AND THERE IS A LOT OF BANDS BEING SIGNED BY BIG LABELS. DO YOU THINK THIS NEW MUSICAL DIRECTION WILL STAY AND SURVIVE OR WILL IT DIE LIKE NU METAL DOES NOW AND RETURN TO UNDERGROUND? I’m pretty sure that it’s here to stay for a while, but just like all things it will someday return to the underground only to rear its angry head again somewhere down the line. Nu-metal was kind of cheesy and I had a feeling that when all the 12 year olds got a bit older that it would die. Much like the hair metal bands of the 80’s. Which by the way are slightly coming back with the introduction of these EUROfashion-core bands. It’s kinda like the 80’s with the make-up and wearing women’s jeans and shit. YOU DID A REALLY GOOD JOB ON YOUR CD. THEORETICALLY, SOMEONE WOULD SAY „AH, JUST ONE MORE BAND LIKE SHADOWS FALL AND KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, I DON’T NEED THIS ONE“. HOW WOULD YOU TRY TO CONVINCE THIS PERSON TO TRY OUT YOUR BAND? We still have more hardcore roots as we hold onto our hardcore breakdowns. We spend many hours insuring that each song has its own feel and is different from the rest. We can play everything that is recorded live. There were no tricks or magic worked in the studio. Paul’s voice is the real deal and will always nail our songs live. HERE IN GERMANY IT’S A BIG TREND IN THE HARDCORE-SCENE TO BE VEGAN STRAIGHT EDGE. WHAT’S YOUR OPINION TO THIS KIND OF LIFE ATTITUDE AND WHY IT’S SO STRONG IN THE HC-SCENE? We don’t ever slight someone for having their own beliefs. Our old singer was straight edge and it was never an issue. Whether you’re straight edge or not, just come out to the shows to listen to some great bands, have a good time, and chill with us afterwards. OK, I THINK YOU WILL HAVE SOME PLANS FOR TOURING AROUND THE GLOBE? Hell yeah! We have a European tour coming up with Agnostic Front and Terror in February. Hopefully we can continue on to Japan and South America soon also. IS THERE ANY GERMAN BAND YOU LIKE AND YOU WOULD LIKE TO TOUR WITH? Caliban and Heaven shall burn! OK, ONE FAVOURITE LAST QUESTIONS: AT PRESENT, WHAT’S YOUR (AND OF THE BAND) FAVOURITE BOOK (AND WHAT WOULD YOU RECOMMEND?), DVD AND WHICH CD IS IN YOUR PLAYER? Motley Crue “The dirt, “Boondock Saints” for the dvd and Pantera’s “Far Beyond Driven” for the CD. WHAT ARE YOUR EXPECTATIONS TOWARDS THE US ELECTION? Some jerky shit-head will end up in office. We just want our troops to come home safe. OK, THX FOR YOUR TIME AND THE LAST WORDS ARE YOURS FOR THE GERMAN AUDIENCE. Can’t wait to drink some great beer and to star in a “scheize (poop) video”!

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