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YOU HAVE BEEN ASKED THIS A HUNDRED TIMES, BUT COULD YOU EXPLAIN AGAIN THE END OF LIMBONIC ART AND THE BEGINNING OF DIMENSION F3H? Hi, this is Nesmoht helping Morfeus out with the interviews, due to him being extremely busy at the moment with the recording of a new EP, the demo for our next album and writing the score for our forthcoming video he just can’t find the time to answer the enormous amount of interviews we are getting. Limbonic Art came to an end due to both Morfeus and Daemon wanting to go in different directions with their music and that would have affected LA in a negative way so they both agreed to go their separate ways after their last album on Nocturnal Art. DIMENSION F3H began as a more ambient idea that Morfeus puzzled with for some time, and it started to evolve into a heavier sounding thing eventually. After a while he asked me to join, we did a demo and the rest is history. WHAT IS THE CONCEPTUAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LIMBONIC ART AND YOUR NEW BAND? The most obvious part is of course my vocals, I am not sure why he decided to go for “clean” vocals with DF3h but I am glad he did hehe, we are btw. trying new directions with the vocals for our next album and it looks like it will be quite a lot more brutal, and there will probably be other stuff that we haven’t done before. Other things that differ are the guitars, they are more heavy metal than LA and the keyboards are more in front than LA used to have on the last albums. The difference that the audience will appreciate most will probably be that DF3H is a full 5-piece band on stage and that gives us the opportunity to deliver a more spectacular show than LA could as a duo. DO YOU CONSIDER DIMENSION BASICALLY AS A ONE MAN PROJECT WITH GUESTS OR AS A “REAL” BAND? DF3H is without doubt a BAND with Mr. Morfeus, Mr. Thunderforce and me as full-time members and Mr. Motvind and Mr. Krokmo as hired guns for our live-gigs. SOME OF YOUR SONGS HAVE BEEN IN THE INTERNET FOR A WHILE, WHY THE DELAY WITH THE WHOLE ALBUM? I was told that there were some delays from the guys that were pressing the album, but if that was the whole reason I do not know. Morfeus shoots: I was really busy doing the last LA album, and also the debut album for Arch Nemesis, along with other shit that happens, which prevented me to focus on music. I SEE PARALLELS BETWEEN DIMENSION F3H AND ANCIENT RITES, MIXING AGGRESSION WITH MELODY. DO YOU FEEL THE SAME? Well, there are a lot of bands out there who are mixing aggressive and melodic stuff so I can’t disagree but I do feel that Morfeus has come up with a sound that is quite unique and though it is very normal for people to search for a label to pin a band to I cant say I have ever heard anything similar. WHICH MEANING HAS THE COVER TO YOU, ESPECIALLY THE “SMILEY”? Hehe the “evil smiley” is a curious item Morfeus came up with to provoke questions like this but the cover has no greater meaning other than it fits the music well, don’t you think? Morfeus shoots: It is also made to reflect that the album is personal to me, many of the images in the cover are very personal, and I feel that it gives a little more unique touch to the album. HOW WAS THE COLLABORATION WITH FREDRIK NORDSTRÖM LIKE? He had a hell of a time in Sweden and I envied him the trip over there, he told me that they were a great bunch of guys and that they were easy to work with. HOW CLOSE IS YOUR CONTACT TO DAEMON NOWADAYS? They do talk from time to time but Daemon moved further away a while ago and is working hard with his new band so time just doesn’t allow them to have the same amount of contact as before. YOU HAVE A VERY INTERESTING AND TECHNICAL HOMEPAGE, HAVE YOU DESIGNED IT YOURSELF? Its all designed and created by Mr. Morfeus. YOU SEEM TO BE INTERESTED IN NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND BEST POSSIBLE PRODUCTION VALUES, OTHER BANDS TRY TO CAPTURE THE OLD RAW SOUND, WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ABOUT THAT. Morfeus shoots: It is not like I go hunting for new electronic gadgets to bring into my home and my music, but I don’t stand away from new tools to create music, and make music sound the way I want it to sound. Let ‘the others’ do what they like, I do what I like.. WHERE DOES YOUR INTEREST IN THE UNIVERSE, STARS AND PLANETS COME FROM? We both share an interest and a curiosity of what is out there, I have always looked up dreaming of travelling trough the universe and I do believe Mr. Morfeus did the same as a child, you can safely say that Sci-Fi is a big part of our lives hehe. ARE YOU INTERESTED IN POLITICAL DEVELOPMENTS? IF SO WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE NEW AMERICAN POLICY AND GEORGE W. BUSH? Bush is a dangerous and stupid little man, I have no warm feelings towards Saddam and Bin Laden but there is a madman in charge of the world’s greatest military-force and that scares the shit out of me. WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ON EMINEM AS YOU MENTION HIM TWICE IN YOUR PROFILE? Both Morfeus and myself do appreciate EMINEM for his ability to write great lyrics and we do like a lot of his stuff, but funny enough we do get a lot of shit from friends because of it hehe. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE MOVIES AND BOOKS? There are so many that I could sit here for the rest of my life if a were to answer that but at the moment I am reading LOTR for the XXX time and are going to see Matrix 2 soon. ANY LIVE ACTIVITIES FOR THE FUTURE? ARE YOU ALREADY WORKING ON NEW MATERIAL? We do have one gig scheduled at the Elements of Metal Festival, it is a local festival arranged by my other band Arch Nemesis. See for more info on that. There is also talk of a European tour in the fall but no details there yet. We are working on an EP as well as recording vocals to the demo of our next album. Other than that we are writing the score for a video we will start shooting in July. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR TIME! It was a pleasure, have a nice summer and we hope to see you on tour this year.

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