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HELLO GUYS, AGAIN A STRONG EFFORT FROM DIMENSION ZERO. ARE YOU CONTENT WITH EVERYTHING? HOW ARE YOU DOING IN SWEDEN? Yeah, we are very pleased with the new album indeed! The tempo is right, the songs are more brutal and the performance and sound has way more energy than ever. Sweden is getting cold now… THERE WAS A LONG PERIOD WITHOUT RELEASES OF DZ AFTER YOUR FIRST MCD. AND NOW IT IS ALREADY YOUR SECOND ALBUM IN A SHORT TIME. HAVE YOU BECOME WORKAHOLICS? LOST YOUR GIRL FRIENDS? We have found the inspiration, which you must have to create. We got really inspired by the last album so we haven’t stopped creating since then. A musician is always a workaholic since he is always creating in a way. No girlfriends lost, yet. DO YOU THINK THAT IF YOU WOULD HAVE RELEASED MORE STUFF IN THE NINETIES YOU COULD BE REALLY „BIG“ NOW (LIKE IN FLAMES ETC.)? ANY REGRETS? No regrets! We do what we really wanna do and we know that our style of music is too small to break commercially. And we have absolutely no intentions to change our style so we will on exist in our own little way. „PENETRATIONS…“ HAS BEEN RERELEASED LATELY. HAD YOU ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT OR COULD YOU TAKE INFLUENCE WHICH BONUS TRACKS SHOULD BE ON IT? DOES THIS MEAN SOME „EXTRA CASH“ FOR YOU? 🙂 We had pretty much to do with it since we decided what was going to be on it. Extra cash? Were in the extreme metal business, there is no cash. GLENN LJUNGSTRÖM LEFT THE BAND. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO THE CHEMISTRY OF DZ? DO YOU ALREADY HAVE A SUBSTITUTE? Glenn didn’t leave, he was kicked out. The chemistry is actually far better now when he is gone really. Glenn was always wining all the time and kept on saying before every gig that it would be his last. You can imagine the anguish he brought to the band by keeping on saying things like that. He sort of kept us on a leash for the last period of his time and we weren’t going to accept that so he got the boot before he would mess up our future. We have a couple of guys which we are trying right now and as soon as we know who it will be, you will know through our website. THE COVER IS VERY INTERESTING AND A LITTLE BIT OUTSIDE THE NORMAL FANTASY/ HORROR STUFF IN THE GENRE. WHICH IS THE MESSAGE? IS IT RELATED WITH THE TEXT CONCEPT AND DID YOU HAVE ANY INFLUENCE ON THE DESIGN? The idea with the cover is that it is reflecting the lyrical content of the album. The lyrics are very personal and about death and anguish developed from my personal state of mind. The picture is saying that time is running out and we are just going along for the ride called life and there is nothing we can do about the end. Hell is right here right now, like a state of mind. IF ONE CONSIDERS THE MURDER OF YOUR MINISTER ANNA LIND AND THE DARK AND GLOOMY SWEDISH THRILLERS (WALLANDER, BECK) „THIS IS HELL“ COULD BE THE DESCRIPTION OF THE WHOLE COUNTRY. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS THESIS? Incorrect. I never deal with politics. NEARLY EVERY DEATH/ BLACK ALBUM HAS AN INTRO AND MUCH OF IT HAS BECOME A LITTLE BIT BORING. BUT YOURS IS ONE OF THE BEST I HEARD IN A LONG TIME. IS THE „INTRO“ VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOU, DO YOU CONSIDER IT A „MILESTONE“ OF THE CD AND HOW MUCH TIME DID YOU NEED TO CREATE AND INVENT IT? An intro should create a mood of what’s to come, and in our case try to describe the mood of the lyrics on the album as well. It’s the calm before the storm. We worked on that intro parallel with the whole recording; we did a little here and there during the whole process, and wrote it as we proceeded in the studio. REGARDING THE TRACKS ON „THIS IS HELL“ IT SEEMS TO ME AS IF YOU HAVE BECOME FASTER AND MORE AGGRESSIVE. WAS THIS INTENDED OR PURE COINCIDENCE WHEN YOU ENTERED THE STUDIO? OR HAS IT SOMETHING TO DO WITH ANTONSSONS CONTRIBUTION TO THE SONGWRITING? The original intention was to play the songs in a proper tempo and the tempo on SNF is way too slow since we play those songs in the “This is hell” tempo live. So that was step number one. Step two was too try and blow our limitations to kingdom come, and I think we did. Also, most of the songs are written by Daniel, which have never appeared as a writer in DZO before, and his style of writing is a little bit more aggressive and brutal so that was a natural ingredient in our casserole as we all arranged the songs together. The album also feels more like a band effort since we all took part in the arrangements. I DID REALLY LIKE YOUR BEATLES COVER. SOMEHOW A STRANGE SELECTION FOR A DEATH METAL BAND. WHAT IS THE STORY BEHIND IT? Thanks! Well you said it yourself, a strange selection for a Death metal band. Since we are a band in that genre, why should we do a cover from the very same genre? Where’s the fun in that? Also we really like The Beatles and heard what we could do to it as we listened to it. We decided to try and make it sound like it was one of our songs and I think that we did, I love that song. JOCKE GÖTHBERG HAD A NICE REUNION WITH HIS FORMER BAND MATES FROM MARDUK (FOR WHOM HE APPEARED ON TWO ALBUMS) ON A FESTIVAL THIS SUMMER. WAS THIS A SPONTANEOUS JAM OR SOMEHOW PLANNED? WHICH FEELINGS DOES HE HAVE ABOUT THIS PERFORMANCE? 3 albums. The appearance was planned for about a week before the festival. It felt like it would be a cool thing to do since we were both playing at the same festival. We didn’t rehearse, which was quite risky for me who haven’t done that song in 7 years, but it went all right and we had a blast! Somehow it wouldn’t have been as cool if it had been done let’s say, 3-4 years earlier, the time was right now. AND A QUESTION TO YOUR DRUMMER HANS NILSSON: THERE IS A NEW LUCIFERION ALBUM OUT. DOES THIS MEAN THE BAND STILL EXISTS OR IS IT „ONLY“ OLDER MATERIAL PRESSED ON CD? Hasse does not want to comment on this, sorry. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE CURRENT SWEDISH DEATH METAL SCENE? TOO MANY BANDS? TOO MANY COPYCATS? ANY INTERESTING NEW INFLUENCES OR UNDERGROUND BANDS WHICH HAVE TO BE DISCOVERED? Too much of all the above, yes, but what can you do? The genre grows bigger everyday so it’s quite a natural thing with new bands appearing every day. I must say that there aren’t many bands I have heard for the past 10 years worth mentioning really. It’s too much to keep up with so I stopped in 1993. There are a few new bands I have heard lately which are really good though, like Trivium for example. But mostly I still listen to stuff with Morbid Angel, Deicide, Darkthrone(still very very good) and Strapping Young Lad. SWEDEN REACHED THE EURO FOOTBALL CUP IN PORTUGAL. DID YOU START A LITTLE PARTY? ARE YOU INTERESTED IN IT ANYWAY? When it comes to world championships I’m interested, but I wouldn’t sit down to watch a football match just because its football. HOW ARE YOUR TOURING PLANS IN THE FUTURE? WILL YOU CONQUER GERMANY? We hope to conquer Germany, since we are playing there in late November and maybe again in January so there’s a lot of conquering time : ). The only thing decided yet is the German dates in late November, but we will let you know more details when we have them. THANX AND BEST WISHES FOR „THIS IS HELL“! Thanks a lot for your interest in Dimension Zero, cheers!

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