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HI! HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU? What the?!? Im okay, exept the fact that im tired as hell. At this point I´m answering your questions at home, Helsinki and my name is Jyri. AS “DIVERCIA” SHOULD NOT BE KNOWN TO EVERYONE IN GERMANY COULD YOU PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF? WHAT IS YOUR MUSICAL BACKGROUND? We started our musical career looooong time a go. I guess my first band was formed somewhere near the 90´s. These were experimental, mainly Punk projects, but as the Metal headed towards my life I decided it was time to do some serious music. I met Divercia guys at bar and they were looking for a singer. I wanted to play the guitar but when they told me they already had 2 guitar players I decided to pick the spot that “was left”. We did some demos and finally 2002 we recorded our first Album “Modus Operandi”. At that time we were still looking our own sound and you could say that we are really near reaching it now. “Cycle of Zero” is the way we are heading. YOU CHANGED YOUR NAME FROM “LOST IN TWILIGHT” TO “DIVERCIA”. WHAT DOES THE NAME “DIVERCIA” STAND FOR? To us Divercia is a band that boldly mixes different key elements of metal music. We mix Death Metal, and many softer elements in to one piece. If Dimmu Borgir would have a 12-years old little brother, then that would be Divercia. COULD YOU PLEASE TELL ME: WHAT IS A “CYCLE OF A ZERO”? I came up with that name when I finally realized that what the hell are we bitching and moaning about our current situations in life. There are a lot of worse things that could be happening and still we only see the worse. It’s about finding my own piece of mind. And the lyrics tell it all: “That I’m all right!” IS YOUR DRUMMER TEEMU NOW A FULL BAND MEMBER? I BELIEVE HE’S ALSO ACTIVE IN SOME DEATH/ BLACK METAL ACTS. Yes he is. He is active member in several bands. I can’t even tell you in how many bands the guy is involved. Well at least I know he plays in: Throne of Chaos, and if Thy Serpent is still active, then he is involved in them. YOUR HOMEPAGE STRESSES THAT YOU ALL ARE INTO METAL FROM THE VERY BEGINNING OF YOUR LIFE. IS IT IMPORTANT TO YOU TO BE METAL CONSIDERING THE MANY GOTH ROCK BANDS IN YOUR HOME COUNTRY? It’s really scary because as I get older I seem to like heavier and heavier music. I started with Mötley Crüe when I bought my first record at the age of 7. Now the harder it gets the better it is. I don’t consider myself being a member of a band that does anything which resembles of Gothic rock. If people seriously say that, I guess the next Divercia album will be Black Metal. HAHAHAH! STILL, THE “OVERWHELMING”-VIDEO HAS A TYPICAL GOTHIC TOUCH WITH VAMPIRES. WHERE DID YOU GET ALL THE NICE GOTHIC LADIES FROM? I ASSUME YOU LIKE MOVIES SUCH AS “FROM DUSK TILL DAWN”? WILL THIS VIDEO BE PLAYED ON TELEVISION? Ah! Now I get it. The script was shown to us when we got to the place where we shot the video. I think it’s a cool video but that vampire-thingy should have been replaced with a knife or something. There is nothing bad to say about that video or the making of the video. It was a positive thing and the crew was great. I actually didn’t know those ladies but I assume they were part of the film crew (assistants, students??). I liked the movie From Dusk till dawn, and in fact one of my favourite movies is Underworld. I don’t know if the music video is going to be on TV. Nowadays you have to make a rap video to get exposure or some boy-band shit! Damn shame… YOU START OFF WITH A QUITE BRUTAL TRACK THEN SWITCHING TO A MORE HUMBLE TONE. IS THIS TO SHOW YOUR VARIETY (“DIVERCIA”) RIGHT FROM THE VERY BEGINNING? I guess all the songs go the same way. Sometimes the tempo is really high and in a second the song has turned into a weird lullaby. I think if we ever needed to convince someone that Divercia is really diverse, that first song would do it. WOULDN’T IT BE COMMERCIALLY EASIER TO CONCENTRATE ON THE “CLEAN” VOICE? Hell yeah! At the same time we could be the next Backstreet boys. To be serious; If people like to do music where they don’t feel their selves like home, but in fact are only trying to make music that sells a lot, then to me there is nothing bad about it. It’s really fine by me. I never could do it though. It’s like doing music for a cause that is not yours. We did this kind of musical abomination because it feels good and we enjoy every second of it. BY THE WAY YOUR VOICE IS ASTONISHING, DID HE HAVE SOME KIND OF CLASSICAL TRAINING? Thanks. At first I couldn’t even sing at all. I still get these days that in my mind I suck as a vocalist. It’s nice that at least someone likes my “tunes”. I don’t have any background when it comes to music. I liked playing guitar and self-learning Metallica songs etc. when I was younger, but I never ever thought I would end up in a band as a singer. You definitely should hear me singing Red Hot Chili Peppers, ahahah! AND I LIKE THE USE OF KEYS IN YOUR SOUND WHICH IS NOT SO TYPICAL. YOUR KEYBOARDER JARNO SEEMS TO BE A FAN OF DREAM THEATERS KEYBOARD SOUND, AM I RIGHT? The guy likes anything that has a keyboard or a piano. He listens to a lot of bands like Dimmu Borgir, Nightwish etc. I guess you really should ask the guy where he gets his ideas, but I doubt there would be any reasonable answer. Or anything that we normal people would understand… HAVE YOU EVER TOURED GERMANY IN YOUR CAREER OR ARE THERE PLANS TO DO SO? We have never ever done a gig outside Finland. We usually do gigs near Helsinki area. We don’t have a promoter who sells the gigs and this really slows and narrows things down. We promote our own gigs, make the arrangements and that is really hard. I bet the first Festival outside Finland that wants Divercia to play will get it. Mark my words. I REALLY LIKE YOUR HOMEPAGE, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR STYLE AND PROGRAMMING? DO YOU BELIEVE THAT IN MODERN COMMUNICATION TIMES A GOOD HOMEPAGE CAN MAKE THE “DIFFERENCE” REGARDING A BAND’S SUCCESS TO ANOTHER? All Divercia artwork belongs to a guy who walks by the name Kristian Jokela, he is our friend from the early ages so the co-operation between us and him is flawless. It’s all about the image you get from a band. The music is one way to promote the band but everything must be in perfect shape. . Gigs, Fans, Emails, www-sites, posters etc. If these things are taken care of I bet it affects on the buyers and fans. Good image is something that tells that you are serious of what you do. It’s a kind of free bonus material that will unite the band and the fans. DO YOU HAVE CONTACT TO OTHER BANDS OF YOUR STYLE SUCH AS SENTENCED OR CHARON? HOW IS THE RELATIONSHIP LIKE? (RESPECT?, FRIENDSHIP?, DO YOU PARTY TOGETHER?) Well these both bands are from northern Finland. I only met Charons singer on a gig we played at nosturi. There were Poisonblack, Hammerfall and Divercia. We didn’t chat much but he seemed like a really nice guy. I know a lot of band members that are living near Helsinki. H.I.M´s drummer,Gas is one of coolest guys and sometimes we play Xbox when he is not touring. By the way the man can’t stand losing. HEH!!! WHAT CAN YOU TELL ME ABOUT THE “PRIVATE” DIVERCIAS. WHAT ARE YOUR INTERESTS BESIDES MUSIC? My passion is Ice hockey. I quit my player career 3 years ago and I played as a goal keeper. I guess that the other guys do some sport activities like Videogames and drinking beer. I go out a lot at and so does the rest of the band member (the ones that are not dating anyone). ANY LAST WORDS? It’s always nice to answer good questions and thanks to all that spent some time to get inside Divercia. THANK YOU FOR SPENDING YOUR TIME AND HOPE TO SEE YOU ON TOUR SOME DAY

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