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(THE INTERVIEW TAKES PLACE IN THE DRESSING-ROOM OF AN OPEN AIR BATH IN SCHLOSS HOLTE/ GERMANY WITH A VIDEO-CREW FILMING EVERYTHING) Film guy: I hope, we’ll get some interesting questions! (DAVE CHUCKLES) We’ll see…! WELL, HOPEFULLY… DAVE, YOU’RE PLAYING THE SERENGETI FESTIVAL TONIGHT – HAVE YOU BEEN PLAYING FESTIVALS IN THE MEANTIME OR IS THIS THE FIRST FESTIVAL FOR THE NEW RECORD? Well, our official tour for „Walk with me“ began four days ago. So this is our fourth show. We played a little mini festival last night, an outdoor, and tonight is our first German show for „Walk with me“. So, every day right now is a new experience in promoting the record and reconnecting with old friends and bands and things, so we’re very excited. Serengeti festival, this in a way is kind of our home-base in Germany. So we have a lot of friends here today, and it just feels very comfortable, and it’s very social for us today. OK, SPEAKING OF HOME-BASE HERE: YOU’RE FROM NEW JERSEY, WHICH IS KIND OF LIKE FAR AWAY FROM EAST WESTFALIA, FROM BIELEFELD OR FROM GÜTERSLOH, WHERE YOU RECORDED “WALK WITH ME” – HOW DID THE CONTACT COME TOGETHER? WHY BIELEFELD, WHY HERE? Well, Vibra booking agency was brought to us by one of the people who works for Dog Eat Dog, and said: „I think, these guys would be very good to help you!“ We went through some management problems in the early 2000s and we were looking for somebody else to get us back on track. And Vibra – which is located in this town, Schloss Holte, so we consider that Bielefeld – Is close enough, and just became our home-base. Gütersloh is where we recorded the record. Again, this area is now where DOG EAT DOG operates out of in Germany, and in Europe pretty much. We’re DOG EAT DOG, but they are calling the shots. And they’re located here, so that’s now why it is our home-base. And it will continue to be – until Vibra moves. Maybe they’ll move to the Caribbean. OR BERLIN! Maybe Berlin. WHERE THE COOL PEOPLE LIVE… NO, SORRY! SO, THIS IS LIKE YOUR FIFTH SHOW. HOW WERE THE REACTIONS WHEN YOU PLAYED THE LAST FOUR SHOWS? DID THE PEOPLE KNOW YOU? BECAUSE DOG EAT DOG HAVE BEEN OFF THE PICTURE FOR LIKE SIX, SEVEN YEARS NOW… Well, that’s not true. I mean, we toured 75 days last year, and 70 days the years before. RIGHT, I REMEMBER YOU ALSO PLAYED THE BIELEFELD UNIVERSITY CAMPUS INVASION LIKE TWO YEARS AGO. Dave. We were all over Europe. So, that said, DOG EAT DOG has been visible in Europe for the last tow years for sure. The years that we were very quiet was 2002 and 2003. Those were, you know… But we have not put a record out in seven years. So, it’s been a long time with a new product. The reaction has been as usual. I mean, we come to any town, any city, with a high energy show. We bring a lot of fun. We were in Slovenia, so that’s a country – it’s not like Germany where we’re well-known – so in Slovenia we had a little more work to do to make people remember what we used to do. And I thought it was like very easy to kind of go back into our old routine, and everybody really enjoyed it. And, you know, again: you would have to ask them what they thought, but they were jumping around and dancing, and up on stage, and having a good time. So, we certainly enjoyed it, and it was a good warm-up to getting to go. And we have a lot of big shows coming up this summer. So, we had to start somewhere, and it was a good country to begin. OK, SO… (INTERVIEWER LOOKS AROUND THE BACKSTAGE ROOM WHICH BY NOW IS FILLED WITH TEN GUYS WATCHING THIS) JEEZ – A LOT OF PEOPLE HERE, HUH? GOOD EVENING..! This is our video crew. These are the directors. HELLO – HELLO – HELLO… OK, THE NEW ALBUM „WALK THIS WAY“… – (THE DISTRACTED INTERVIEWER CAN’T HELP BUT TO LAUGH ABOUT THAT SLIP OF THE TONGUE, SO DOES THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE IN THE BACK) Yeah, I’m Ron, and that’s DMC, and that’s Jammaster Jay! (SOMEONE IS YELLING „CUT!“) And that’s Joe Perry on lead guitar from Aerosmith… OH, MY GOODNESS SAKE. ALLRIGHT… Take two! TAKE TWO! OK, THE NEW ALBUM IS GONNA COME OUT… (interrupts) It’s called „Walk with me“.. YES, I KNOW… Ok. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You’re welcome. THE NEW ALBUM „WALK WITH ME!!!!!“ IS GONNA COME OUT NEXT WEEK. HAVE YOU BEEN NERVOUS ABOUT WHETHER PEOPLE WILL STILL REMEMBER YOU… FROM BUYING RECORDS? We’re pretty understanding that people just don’t buy records anymore. And that’s not why we make records. We made a record so we can continue to tour. What we do best is playing live shows – and that’s all we wanna do. And by making this record enables us to continue to do that, and to play new material for old fans, and hopefully make brand new fans as well. So, we’re very proud of the work we did, we worked a long time very hard on this record. We also did it in a way to kind of consciously go back to an old way of making records the way we did when we first started 16 years ago. We said: „There are no rules, there are no boundaries. We can do whatever we want!“ And that’s kind of the philosophy the band started on. We never asked anybody: „What do you think of this?“ When we put a saxophone in the music, that was a ridiculous idea at the time, you know. Cause all these New York hardcore bands were… No one was doing that, and we did it because we wanted to, and it turned out great. So, we kind of said on this record: we’re gonna play the record live in the studio, we’re gonna keep it raw, you know. If a vocal or something is not perfect, we’re gonna leave it that way, because that’s the way we sound, and we don’t wanna spend so much time trying to over-produce it, or make it like too commercial. Just do what we do – and that’s the way it came out. So, we’re very proud of it, and we can’t wait for people to hear it. I’m not nervous at all. If a thousand people bought the record, I wouldn’t care. I’m very proud of it. I love the record, it’s my favourite record this band has done. BUT YOU HAVEN’T BEEN WRITING ON NEW MATERIAL IN THE PAST SIX, SEVEN YEARS – IS THAT CORRECT? THAT YOU JUST STARTED ABOUT TWO YEARS AGO? No, some of the songs that are on this record were written… „Summer time“ was written six years ago, seven years ago. Yeah. We wrote it, you know – well, we didn’t write it, but we had the idea for „Summer time“ before the „Amped“ record. But it just didn’t make it to the record, and you know, if something is good we don’t necessarily throw it away, we just kind of put it on a back-burner, and when the time is right… Some of the songs were written in 2001, 2002, every year up until now. And then, basically in the last year from 2004 and 2005 we wrote the last like six songs on the record. BUT HAS THERE BEEN A POINT IN THE CAREER OF DOG EAT DOG – NOT TO MENTION ALL THE OTHER PROJECTS YOU HAD IN THE MEANTIME: YOU HAD ALL BORO KINGS AS WELL AS YOUR OWN BAND, AND EVERYBODY ELSE WAS PRETTY MUCH INVOLVED WITH ANY OTHER BAND, BUT NOT WITH DOG EAT DOG – I MEAN, WAS THERE A POINT WHERE YOU CALLED IT QUITS? No. Never. This band never broke up. I’ll admit that in 2003 we hit a kind of a low-point where we weren’t sure what was gonna happen, but just when we weren’t sure Vibra agency came in and pulled us back up. So, the band never stopped touring. I mean – like you said – we did other projects, we had a lot of reasons for not playing, we had to get out of some contracts, we had things we had to do. But the band never broke up. We were always together. YOU QUIT ROADRUNNER AFTER SEVEN YEARS BECAUSE IT DIDN’T WORK OUT WELL. I MEAN, AFTER LIKE HAVING “A SAFE PLACE” TO PUT IT THAT WAY – WAS THERE A TIME WHERE YOU HAD THE FEELING THAT THINGS WEREN’T GOING THE WAY YOU WANTED THEM TO? Absolutely! They weren’t going the way we wanted to. From the time we left Roadrunner until we’ve met up with Vibra it was a pretty dark time for the band. But every band goes through highs and lows, and that’s part of being in a band. When you’re around 16 years – which we have been – there is gonna be highs and lows. So, I look back at it now, like: Hey, that was the low-point! It only gets better from there. And it has, it’s gotten very good. So, we’re in the position right now where we’re, you know, we’re better off than we were in ’99 still signed with Roadrunner. Things are looking very bright. OK, YOU HAVE A RECORD DEAL WITH VIBRA AGENCY, AND YOU HAVE A DISTRIBUTION DEAL WITH SONY BMG. IS IT GONNA BE DISTRIBUTED ALL OVER THE WORLD? BECAUSE I READ ON THE INTERNET, THAT IT’S ONLY GONNA BE AVAILABLE ONLINE AND AT YOUR SHOWS… No, that’s not true at all. The original plan was to start in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. And when the distribution partners heard it, more countries came in, so that the album is actually delayed until June, because at least ten more countries are gonna be releasing it. So, as things move on and progress, we’re hoping for s U.S. distribution – of course, that’s where we come from. We want our records out there, but, you know, even if that happens we’re gonna have to start at the bottom in the U.S. At least here we’re somewhere in the middle and it’s not so hard, you know, we’re still touring in a bus and doing well. Actually, after the record promo was made, we got a much more positive reaction. So, the record will now unfortunately come out in June instead of May, but that said, it will be more widely available. THAT SOUNDS GOOD, BECAUSE THAT’S NOT WHAT IT SAID ON THE INTERNET… Information changes daily around here. So, it’s hard to keep up even for myself. OK, LET’S GET BACK TO THE NEW ALBUM „WALK THIS WAY“ – NO, JUST KIDDING – „WALK WITH ME“. I MEAN, DOG EAT DOG CERTAINLY HAS SOME SIGNATURE TRADEMARKS. SOME OF THEM… WOULD YOU CALL SOME OF THEM DATED? No, I wouldn’t! I, you know, began this band in 1990 and I feel that I created a style and a sound that was original. And I feel that we’re doing the same thing, but I don’t feel it’s dated. If you do, you know, that’s not the style of music for you. But I’ve played this record for a lot of people, and a lot of people have been there from day one, and say this is fantastic work, it’s great. If that’s the sound that you’re looking for, we’re delivering it. And I’m very proud of what I do. And I’m not a young person anymore, but I feel that the music that we’re still creating is fresh and vital, and hopefully young people will say: I’m sick of this polished VIVA-, you know, kind of music that you hear all the time. And Dog Eat Dog doesn’t sound like any other band. And I still believe, that today John’s vocals, the kind of riffs that we do, the simplicity that the band comes with – you know, bands have done kind of the same thing, but nobody sounds like Dog Eat Dog – and in this day, this music industry, originality counts for a lot. And I think that we still have an original sound. YOU PROBABLY THINK I HATE YOU, HUH? Yes, I do! (LAUGHTER IN THE BACKSTAGE ROOM) She’s pretty negative. She’s pretty negative, but I… NOOOOO…. Tito and Tarantula right down the hall. Some guy from behind: Yeah, Tito and Tarantula is right down the hallway. JEESUS… Hey, if you’re gonna come at the dogs, you know – watch out! TO QUOTE ONE OF YOUR SONGS: „IT’S A SHITTY JOB, BUT SOMEONE’S GOTTA DO IT!“ RIGHT? NO, IT’S JUST THAT I REALIZED THAT ON THE NEW ALBUM „WALK WITH ME“ YOU PUT DOWN THE HORN SECTION. CERTAINLY THERE ARE FOUR OR FIVE SONGS WHERE YOU PUT THE HORNS IN, BUT IT’S NOT AS PROMINENT AS IT USED TO BE. THAT’S ALL I WAS DRIVING AT. We don’t have a horn section on stage with us anymore. So horns are not a priority in this band. When we began the band, the horn was there by accident – and people liked it. And then people said: „More horn! More horn!“, and that was not the intention of this band ever. And it got to a ridiculous point with the „Play games“ record where we had eleven songs, and ten of them had horns on ‚em. And we were saying: „Why do we putting horns on everything? We don’t need horns. This is a rock band, not a fuckin‘ jazz band or ska band or something!“ So, when we made the „Amped“ record we made a conscious decision to cut that in half, and on this record there is still horns on like five or six or more of the tracks – eight tracks, I think. The guy playing horns is Prince’s horn arranger. I mean, he’s one of the greatest horn players. You know, so if you’re gonna have horns you have to have good horns – and we do! Great horn player! But, it’s not a priority, you’re not gonna see a saxophone player on stage with DOG EAT DOG, so why make that so prominent on a record, when you’re not gonna hear it. So, that’s the way feel is, horns will always be a part of DOG EAT DOG, and a part of the sound, but we’re not gonna over-do it, like we did at one point. THANK YOU… I THINK WE’RE ON ONE LEVEL AFTER ALL! BECAUSE THAT’S ALL I WAS TRYING TO SAY: THAT IT’S NOT AS PROMINENT AS IT USED TO BE! But we’ll always have it. There will never be a DOG EAT DOG record without at least song with horns on it. We love it! So, we’re just not willing to, you know, pay another band member to come out and play horns on five songs. And we’re already proving, that we can play „No Fronts“, „Who’s the king“, all the main songs with no horns. And nobody – you know, people miss it – but they still react the same way. ON THE NEW ALBUM YOU HAVE A LOT OF SONG-REFERENCES, STARTING FROM DANZIG’S „MOTHER“, „I SAW YOUR MOMMY“ FROM SUICIDAL TENDENCIES TO „HIT THE ROAD, JACK“, WHATEVER. DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA HOW MANY SONG-REFERENCES YOU PUT ON THE ALBUM? No, that’s not something that we think about. Four? You know, we don’t really think about that. We’re fans of music ourselves, and we have a good sense of humour, I think. When we’re together driving in a van or bus, we’re laughing our heads off. The other night we were singing, you know, old songs, I can’t even remember, like… If that ends up in our record or music – so be it. We don’t really think about it. That’s something that people always ask us: „How did you do this, how did you do that?“ You know, sometimes I don’t even remember how we came up with ideas. We just do it very spontaneous; we don’t put a lot of thought into it. Because the more thought you put in, the farther away from true DOG EAT DOG you get. When we first started, when we wrote the album „All boro kings“ we didn’t think about anything. We just wrote what came from our hearts. And „Walk with me“ came from our hearts. We weren’t thinking, like: „How do we make a comeback record?“ We just said: „Let’s make the record we would have made twenty years ago!“ This is the same record. And we really believe in that. And if you know us as people, you know that we’re very kind of down to earth, true, honest people. We know how to do what we do, and we’re a good life band, and making records is not our favourite thing in the world to do, it’s not an easy process. But this record was the easiest record we’ve made yet. There was no pressure, and it felt really good. I READ WHEN YOU GOT INTO THE STUDIO FOR THE „PLAY GAMES“ RECORD, YOU DIDN’T HAVE ONE SONG READY. WOULD YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN? Yeah, I mean, actually I think we’ve written some of the best songs – „Walk with me“, the song was written in the studio. We did not have that written, not one bit of the song was even thought of before we were already in the studio making a record. John had written some lyrics, and we talked about it, and we figured out some notes – and there we go! „Fun lovin'“, the last song on the record, I wrote one little part, and one little part, and I could never have imagined what it would have ended up at. Because, you know, we made it up in the studio. So, yeah, I would go into a record with no ideas and just create. Because I believe that true art sometimes comes from just creating on the spot, and some of the best work can happen without thinking too much. OK, I KNOW YOU’VE BEEN TOURING FOR THE PAST SIX, SEVEN YEARS EVEN THOUGH YOU DIDN’T BRING OUT A RECORD – BUT YOU KEPT TOURING. BUT THAT’S ONLY TWO MONTHS OF THE YEAR. I MEAN, HAVE YOU STAYED IN TOUCH THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE TIME? Yeah. Because, you know, we’re good friends besides being in a band with each other. So, we’re always talking with each other, and during that time period I always feel the need to write music and to create, regardless whether it’s DOG EAT DOG, ALL BORO KINGS, LOWBUZ – my other band – even if it’s making short films or doing anything artistic, I keep doing that. I always do work. But, you know, I keep in touch with these guys, and you know, we weren’t really… A lot of times it is, if you don’t know that there’s a record to be made, there is not a real reason to get together and write music. We kind of do things when we’re under pressure, and we do our best work under pressure. So, a lot of the DOG EAT DOG material was written before the dark period, and then after the dark period. And during that we all kind of did our own thing, and kept in touch and talked and everything. But, you know, created other projects and other sounds. “THE DARK PERIOD”? YOU CALL IT „THE DARK PERIOD“? The dark period is like 2002 to… After September 11th to 2003 was the dark period. SEPTEMBER 11TH? WOULD YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU MEAN WITH THAT? September 11th was a Tuesday, and I had a flight on the 13th to go to Europe and tour. And I said: „I’m not getting on a plane! You gotta be kidding me!“ Who knew what was happening or anything? And then everything for DOG EAT DOG shut down after September 11th. It was-, no bands were coming anymore from America that fall. And it was New Year’s Eve by the time we flew back to Europe again. And everything very much slowed down, for some reason the whole music industry really slowed down after September 11th. I don’t know if you remember that, but if you were in a band who was international, you would know that it got very slow then. And, you know, that’s when we just said: „Well, we gotta figure out something to do!”, and we all decided to just kind of wait it out. SOMETHING DIFFERENT HERE: DOG EAT DOG HAS A STRONG REFERENCE TO THE NEW JERSEY BAND MUCKY PUP. I READ ON THE INTERNET THAT THERE’S GONNA BE A REUNION SHOW. WHAT ABOUT THAT? IS THERE SOME TRUTH IN THAT? No, it already happened. MUCKY PUP had their reunion. I played two reunion shows. ACTUALLY THERE WERE FOUR REUNION SHOWS… Well, I did ‚em, and they’re done. They will never play another show again. No! I was there, I organized the reunion, so I know that it’s not gonna happen again. I had to force those guys to play, because there are still fans in New Jersey who wanted to see them play. They came to me cause I was doing ALL BORO KINGS at the time, and they were like: „You know, you’ve already got two of the guys from MUCKY PUP: Can you just get the singer to come out and do a reunion?“ And we did it, and it wasn’t so successful, so they couldn’t see a reason to keep doing it. But, that said, that was a really important time in my life, and there would be no DOG EAT DOG if there wasn’t a MUCKY PUP. So, I give them – for good or bad – I give them the credit for kind of making me so angry and inspiring me to form DOG EAT DOG to kind of vent my anger at MUCKY PUP. And I love them now. They are all my good friends and everything. But that… When I was a young kid, I was only 19 years old, so it was a whole different world than it is today. And it’s just over for them. They are all… the drummer is married with kids, and the singer is off doing like computer work. So they don’t have the drive or any interest in doing music anymore. But what I would like is an ALL BORO KINGS possible reunion in the future. That would be good. HAVE YOU EVER GOTTEN INTO A FIST-FIGHT WITH CHRIS (EDITOR’S NOTE: CHRIS MILNES, SINGER AND BAND-LEADER FROM MUCKY PUP), BECAUSE BASICALLY ALL THE DOG EAT DOG MUSICIANS CAME FROM THAT BAND? EXCEPT FOR JOHN MAYBE, EVEN THOUGH HE WAS A CREW MEMBER… YOU KNOW, I’M OLD ENOUGH TO REMEMBER THAT MTV-SHOW WITH RAY COKES, WHERE YOU PLAYED WITH DOG EAT DOG, AND CHRIS SENT A FAX SIGNED WITH „CAT VOMIT CAT“… That wasn’t Chris Milnes. WASN’T IT? BECAUSE THAT WAS EVERYBODY’S SUSPICION AT THE TIME THAT WAS BROADCASTED. No, it was not! Chris Milnes and I have hung out so many times. We’re totally good friends, we played shows. You gotta remember, we’re… You know, this was a time where I was 18 years old, and he was twenty-one years old, it was a different world. You know, I mean… he didn’t think that I would ever last. MUCKY PUP has been through many band members, I was just the kind of guy that was in there, I recorded a record with them. And we had our differences, but in 1995 we shook and said, you know, everything is good. We are totally friends now, so there is no problems with anything with MUCKY PUP. And he never sent a fax at all. Not true! All that stuff was UK. I still have all those faxes, every one of them in the archives. We have the DOG EAT DOG archives, everything that’s ever been said or printed about us has been saved and put in an archive. WHAT WAS THE HIGH-POINT IN YOUR CAREER? YOU WON AN MTV AWARD, YOU HEADLINED FESTIVALS, I HAVE SEEN YOU AT THE DYNAMO FESTIVAL TEN YEARS AGO, YOU PLAYED WITH KISS, YOU PLAYED WITH METALLICA. WHAT WOULD BE YOUR PERSONAL HIGHLIGHT? Dynamo 1995 was probably, you know, where the band was, in terms of like underground popularity, in terms of people being able to say: „I love DOG EAT DOG and mean it!“, before we went kind of on to MTV and things like that, then that would have to be the peak. I mean, after that it got a little bit commercial, it got a little bit, you know, „Bravo“-magazine and this and that. That wasn’t… you know, it had nothing to do with us. That was our record company doing what they wanted to do to sell some records. DOG EAT DOG, you know, has kind of been a victim of other people’s ideas after ’95 for a while. So, I would say that Dynamo is our high-point. That was one of the most amazing days of my life. And I’m very happy that Roadrunner decided to release a DVD of it to preserve that moment, and I’m very proud of it. SEAN KILKENNY WAS ONE OF THE FOUNDING MEMBERS OF DOG EAT DOG AS WELL. LAST SUMMER HE LEFT THE BAND FOR „PERSONAL AND HEALTH REASONS“. A FEW WEEKS AGO I READ THAT HE’S DOING BETTER AGAIN. IS THERE AN OPTION THAT HE WILL EVER JOIN DOG EAT DOG AGAIN? That’s really up to him. I mean, you know, he is my brother. We started this band, we were in MUCKY PUP together, we said: „Fuck MUCKY PUP! We are gonna start a band!“ And he… to last sixteen years is hard for anybody. So, I don’t blame for running out of gas, but basically he just couldn’t get on another plane, he could not get on another tour bus, he could not check in and out of another hotel room, he just couldn’t… It’s a grind, and he lost the ability to continue. But, that said: you know, DOG EAT DOG is as much his band as me or John can take credit for, and if he wanted to come back, you know, he’d have to basically try out for the band again. Because, his ability to do what needs to get done was in question, and it was kind of a spilt, us saying, you know we gave him so many chances to get healthy, get better, and he wasn’t able to do it. So, we didn’t kick him out, he left and said: „I would rather you guys find somebody who can do it! Let me get my head together, let me get my body together!““ I’ve talked to him the day before we left, we’re still close friends and we’re in contact. So, it’s not like there was bad blood between us. We really wanted him to maybe go to rehab, or get some help. And I mean that not in a drug or alcohol way, but just in a physical way. Just, he needed to start eating properly, you know, when you’re living on the road it can be very difficult when you do it for a long time. We waited six, seven years to make a record. It takes its toll when you’re sitting around that long, and he just fell to the pressure. But, there is a slightly open door for him. It’s not all the way open, but if he really, really wanted to get back in this band, and was willing to, you know, devote his life to it again, there is a possibility of seeing him back again. But, judging from my conversations with him I don’t think he wants to come back right now. I think, he’s happy staying at home, working a nine-to-five-job, and feeling like a human being, you know. But we love him, he is our brother, and he’s on the record. I mean, this record is pure DOG EAT DOG, even though he left, at least he did what he needed to do to get his guitar on the record. WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN IN THE NEXT WEEKS AND THE REST OF THE YEAR FOR DOG EAT DOG? I mean, it’s all about „Walk with me“ now. So, we’re just gonna promote it as much as possible, play as much as possible. We have dates throughout the summer, and we’re booking a fall club-tour, as many countries as we can fit in. And then we’re gonna try and make another record immediately, because we feel we went seven years, we owe it to our fans to come back, to not wait another even three years. It’s gotta come right away. And we’re in a kind of creative period right now, where we feel that we can make another record quickly, and good quality in Gütersloh in a short period. That’s the plan, maybe starting in the winter, and trying to come out with it maybe in late summer next year or the fall of next year. That is the plan. ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE TO SAY ABOUT THE NEW RECORD WHAT WE HAVEN’T COVERED, YET? We’re really excited to have people here, and we feel it’s the most energetic record we made, full of life and fun, and pure DOG EAT DOG. So, if you liked DOG EAT DOG in ’95/’96: we believe that this record will remind you of those old summers from the Nineties again. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You’re welcome! Thank you! RECORDED AT THE SERENGETI FESTIVAL ON MAY 20TH, 2006

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