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THIS SUMMER, YOUR THIRD ALBUM (CALLED „21ST CENTURY“) HAS BEEN RELEASED. HOW WAS THE FEEDBACK? It is still just around a month the album is out but we are already getting a very good feedback both from the media and the people. It looks like this album is also succeeding to interest different kinds of people apart from the guys and girls in the gothic industrial scene. This is a good thing because we always wanted to address our music to a much wider audience, especially in the rock/ metal area as what we are doing is in fact to mix together sounds and influences coming from different kind of scenes and experiences. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THE PROGRESS/ DIFFERENCES REGARDING YOUR PREVIOUS RELEASES? The new album is an advanced version of our past two albums with a good amount of experimentation. We tried to have in the track list both categories – Songs that follow the basic sound of our previous albums but we also left space for some different kind of arrangements. Also the lyrical and visual concept has been worked out to create a perfect connection between sounds, images and words with a focused approach like never before. WHY DID THE THIRD ALBUM TAKE SUCH A LONG TIME TO RELEASE? We’ve been basically very busy with other things personally or on the work side. I’ve been producing albums for other bands and also start up a new band with Noras called Epochate. The other guys also have been busy with their other projects, Latexxx Teens for La Nuit and Enemies of the Sun for Darin, so in a way we’ve been actually making new experiences before approaching to a new full length work. Two years is a long time indeed but in the end I think it has been a good thing because during this time we’ve been into a lot of different things that also helped us to grow as musicians. TELL US ABOUT THE OTHER PROJECTS YOU MENTIONED APART FROM DOPE STARS INC. PLEASE I have another band called Epochate with my friend Noras Blake where we play a mix of orchestral symphonic industrial rock and the album, “Chronicles of a dying era” has been just released last February. Recently I also started a side-project for all the things that does not fit with my other bands that is called Computer Flux and I released the material for free on the internet. No big plans for that project, it’s more like a thing where I want to post my spare time works that I produce at home and that would never been released otherwise because it’s too different from the sound of the other bands I’m in. DID YOU HAVE THE SUPPORT OF A LABEL ALREADY FROM THE VERY BEGINNING? Yes all the labels we are signed with are doing a great work supporting us. We are now signed with Trisol in Europe, Metropolis in North America, Subsound records in Italy, Deathwatch Asia in Japan and Iron-D Russia. We are also in touch with other labels from different countries that are interested in promoting and distributing us and it’s all very exciting. So far everything is working very well. HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO CONTINUOUSLY DRAW ATTENTION TO DOPE STARS INC? That’s because we always try to figure out something new and different in what we do and what we say and this is not only about the music but also about the way we interact with our fans, the conceptual and visual message we send, the special features of our websites and also the way we update all our fans on a regular basis. The world of today runs really fast and so are the people. It is not really easy to make people focus on something like some years ago. We are actually bombarded everyday by a thousand of information and there is a sort of general lack of attention in whatever people see on the internet. So the best way to draw attention is to make something totally new that could involve and inspire the people. YOUR MUSIC ISN’T ONLY IN RADIOS, CLUBS OR ON LIVE GIGS, IT’S ALSO ON TV. FOR EXAMPLE IN THE MOVIE „SAW“. WHAT CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT? We’ve been on the soundtrack album of “Saw” 3 times and that has been a real honor and great satisfaction. It would be great to work with more movies in this style in the future. YOUR MUSIC SEEMS TO BE INFLUENCED BY MANY GENRES… ROCK, METAL, ELECTRO, PUNK… HOW DID THIS EVOLVE OVER TIME? I’ve been always into different kind of music myself, so I think the way I write songs is simply the consequence of this. I also write in lots of different styles but when I am writing a song for Dope Stars Inc. I set my mood in a certain way. More exactly the main thing is about merging together all these genres you named above, which are the ones I like the most. However it’s also the inspiration coming from cyberpunk imagery and subculture that influence not only the lyrics but also the atmospheres I try to create with the music. So in the end it’s like a whole concept that has been created by me back in 2003 and of course evolved through the years, but still has the same background. The difference is that each time I try to make something different because it makes no sense to me to write a song or a whole album in the same way just to take the less risky way. ARE THERE ANY IDOLS WHO HAVE INFLUENCED YOU AND YOUR MUSIC? I can’t say there are a few of them that inspired me. I consider a lot of artists as my idols and they come all from different music scenes, from pop to metal, rock, electro, punk or classical music. LET’S TALK ABOUT „21ST CENTURY SLAVE“ NOW. WHICH REASONS COULD YOU TELL US FOR BUYING THE ALBUM? Because 21st Century Slave is a work that is not only about music but comes together with a visual and lyrical concept that should be experienced as a whole and this is only possible buying the album. IN THE PAST YOU HAVE PLAYED A LOT OF SHOWS. WHICH BAND DID YOU ENJOY MOST SHARING THE STAGE WITH? We always had fun but the times we spent a longer trip together it was more than just fun:-). With London after midnight and Kirlian Camera for example we had a great tour together. THIS YEAR IN OCTOBER YOU WILL HAVE ANOTHER TOUR COMING OUR WAY. TELL US SOME DETAILS PLEASE. Soon we’ll be in tour with Deathstars, Diary of Dreams and The Birthday Massacre and we are really looking forward to. We’ll be playing mostly in the center of Europe in October touching a lot of cities especially in Germany. We’ll play also in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Finland and Czech Republic. We’ll not be performing in Berlin because we are going to fly for a single date in Finland during the tour as we’ll attend at the cyberpunk event “Alternative Party” in Helsinki on 23 october. After this tour we’ll be playing our first show in the United States at Dracula’s ball in Philadelphia at the Halloween party and back from the US we’ll be performing 3 shows in UK. WHICH TOWN DO YOU LOOK FORWARD MOST VISITING? It’s a long time I do not take a long tour, which is a kind of vacation to me, so after all i look forward to come back in every city, but of course I look forward especially for these ones where we’ve never been before such as Dresden, Prague, Philadelphia, Manchester, Birmingham etc. IS THERE ANYBODY WHO WILL ACCOMPANY YOU AS SUPPORT OR CO-HEADLINER? For the Alternative Party and the show in the US we’ll be playing alone as far as I know, in the UK we’ll have different bands supporting us which are really cool (The Ghost of Lemora, KIK, Obsessive Compulsive) THANKS FOR THE INTERVIEW AND TAKE CARE! WE’LL SEE US IN AUTUMN! Thank you very much for the opportunity. See you then!

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