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HI GUYS! DUPONT ALREADY DOES EXIST SINCE 1999. AT THAT POINT OF TIME YOU HAVE BEEN A TRIO. HOW DID YOU COME TO THE IDEA OF MAKING MUSIC TOGETHER AT ALL? I and Danucci got to know each other during high school the in early 90is. I was guitarist in a rock band called Decades and we mostly played Joy Division covers. Danucci was establishing himself as a promoter and DJ in Stockholm. We talked a lot about music and realized that most of the harder EBM bands that inspired us where missing from the live scene at the time. We conceptualized Dupont in our thoughts and one day we got together and made some baselines. After hearing Johan Damm order a beer at a club in Stockholm we knew that we had the right guy. SINCE WHEN HAVE YOU ONLY BEEN A COUPLE AND WHY DID YOU SEPARATE FROM THE THIRD MAN? We came to a point where I and Danucci wanted to expand our toolbox so to speak. It was difficult to incorporate Johan in the new model and we went separate ways. Johan moved on to Menticide where his voice is used in the way god intended. WHO IS NOW DOING WHAT IN THE HOUSE OF DUPONT? I am composing the music and writing the lyrics. Danucci participate in the production and the shaping of ideas. HOW DID YOUR EQUIPMENT CHANGE OVER THE YEARS? We started out with stuff like Roland SH101, Pro One and an EMU sampler. Nowadays we use Nord Modular G2, Virus C, DSI Evolver and software. WHAT MAKES DUPONT SO UNIQUE? I believe we have a unique sound that separates us from other bands in the genre. Someone recently wrote that we are a weird and incredible combination of Pouppée Fabrik and Pet Shop boys. I kind of like that description. We still try to keep some of our trade mark sounds from the aggressive early period and cooperate that into the darker electronica style we have today. YOU ARE FROM SWEDEN. ARE THERE ANY DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE SWEDISH AND THE GERMAN FANS? IF SO, WHAT DID YOU NOTICED? The Germans are so many more in numbers:-). Seriously I think German fans in general are more interested in live shows. In Sweden people tend to prefer pure DJ clubbing. YOU HAVE BEEN SIGNED TO LIP RECORDS INITIALLY. NOW YOUR LABEL IS PROGRESS PRODUCTIONS. DID THINGS CHANGE FOR YOU BECAUSE OF THAT? I see differences in tempo and in the way we communicate. Having the label in Sweden means that we have more direct communication and the process of making decisions is faster. However LIPR is a really nice label and we are very thankful for the many good years of cooperation. YOU HAVE RELEASED YOUR CURRENT ALBUM „ENTERING THE ICE AGE“ A FEW DAYS AGO NOW. ARE THERE FIRST FEEDBACKS FROM FANS OR MEDIA? We have had some really nice reviews and the album has reached no 1 position on the GEWC chart. The reactions from fans are overwhelming. We are more than happy with the reception so far. A video to the song “New Dawn” will be presented any day now. WHY DID THE RELEASE TAKE YOU FOUR YEARS? We have been producing many tracks during the years since “Intermezzo” but at some point it is necessary make a decision. We postponed that decision which led to a late release date. We could have released an album two years ago but with other material of course. We have learnt that it’s important to keep up the momentum so good songs don’t get lost in the process. WHAT CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT YOUR CURRENT ALBUM? WHAT CAN THE FAN LOOK FORWARD TO? It’s an album filled with hope and despair. It’s a dynamic album spanning with a unanimous sound and over a wide range of tensions and emotions. I think the album will be interesting for anybody who likes electronic beats and wants to be sucked into a world of love, pain and amusement. YOU DID RERECORD YOUR OWN CLASSIC „BEHAVE“ – WHAT WAS THE MOTIVATION BEHIND THAT? Behave has never been release on an album, only on CDM, so we simply thought it was time for an album release and also a refreshed version. I REMEMBER SOME „HIDDEN“ MP3-FILES ON YOUR „UKRAINIA“ RELEASE. DO YOU LIKE TO PLAY GAMES WITH YOUR LISTENERS? WHAT ABOUT THESE TRACKS? Haha. Just maybe a little 😉 For the current release we also have 8 bonus tracks that are only available on a limited bonus CD of 200 copies. The rarity factor of a track definitely adds some value. AND YOU SOMETIMES USE SOME GERMAN LYRICS IN A STRANGE KIND OF WAY (YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY SWEDISH ELECTRO BAND DOING THAT) – WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT OUR LANGUAGE? Haha I like your questions. I will not speak for other Swedish bands but for Dupont we simply have a love affair with the old DAF sound. Occasional German words are simply small celebrations of our love for that sound. It just feels so right sometimes. I REALLY LIKE YOUR LYRICS IN GENERAL AS THEY ARE FILLED WITH STRANGE HUMOUR AND PUNS. DOES THIS REFLECT YOUR CHARACTERS? HOW IS YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH WOMEN CONSIDERING TRACKS LIKE „SUGAR HONEY“ 🙂 *LOL* Danucci and I love women 🙂 Spending time with women is everything from sweet love to a punch in the face. That’s dynamics and means living. It’s a very good subject for lyrics because most people can associate. TO WHAT DO YOU REFER WITH THE TERM „ICE AGE“? COLDNESS OF SOCIETY? COOLNESS OF SOCIETY? THE END OF MANKIND? I believe the idea is sprung from our fascination of the primitive instinct that drives all of us humans. We are all very intelligent creatures but still there are fundamental things going on deep inside us that in many ways totally controls our behaviour and state of mind. With „Entering the ice age“ we try to enter that basic human level and just maybe grasp for some meaning. It’s confusing, but confusion is the beginning of understanding. AND WHAT ABOUT THE COVER? JUST A FUNNY ONE OR A DEEPER INTENTION USING YOUR FACES? Our faces are always right 😉 It also has the look of the „king card“ of a deck of cards. The album can be turned 90 degrees in either way and still look right. QUITE RECENTLY YOU WERE IN GERMANY FOR TWO GIGS – ONE IN FRANKFURT AND ONE IN LEIPZIG. HOW HAS THAT BEEN? It was nice shows. It’s always great to meet the German audience and we enjoy it as much every time. We have a very interesting live set now where we can control songs very flexible from a computer. That means we can have much more freedom on stage to extend song on demand loop sequences and more. In Leipzig we decided what song to play on stage during the gig. YOU HAVE BEEN TOURING WITH COVENANT SOME YEARS AGO. DO YOU STILL REMEMBER THE GIG IN MY HOMETOWN BIELEFELD AT A LOCATION CALLED PC69? ANY WORDS ABOUT THAT SHOW OR TOUR IN GENERAL? I remember that Danucci and I went to a solarium close to the venue to get some sun. It felt like we needed some energy after countless hours in dark backstage areas and inside the night liner. As we entered the solarium we tried our best to speak German and we had some good laughs together with the women at the counter desk. I guess she was not too impressed of our German skills. We probably sounded like idiots. I also remember kicking some football outside the venue with Mark and Frank from Seabound. THERE SEEMS TO BE A SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN YOU AND COVENANT IN GENERAL AS ESKIL TOOK PART IN THE PRODUCTION. WHAT WAS HIS INPUT EXACTLY AND HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR FRIENDSHIP AND HOW IT EVOLVED? After touring together we became really good friends and we meet on pretty steady basis since then. Eskil coached me during the vocal recording of „Entering the ice age“ and „Dope of love“. He is a very good singing coach I must say because he gives compliments and does everything in his power to pump up my ego. That’s the very best state to be in during a studio recording. ARE THERE ANY FURTHER PERFORMANCES PLANNED IN GERMANY FOR THIS YEAR? Yes. I recommend you to check for up to date information. IF YOU COULD CHOSE ANY ARTIST TO SHARE STAGE WITH. WHO WOULD IT BE AND WHY? I’m not going to say Depeche Mode even though I want to. I think touring with DAF would be a magical experience booth for us and for the audience. A few years ago I meet up with Robert Görl for dinner in Berlin. I realized quickly what an interesting lad he is and what a tremendous depth he possesses. I would love to spend more time with him and get to know him better. There is so much to learn from him. THANK YOU FOR THE INTERVIEW AND GOOD LUCK!

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