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HI! HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? I am doing great!!!!! Rright now, I am at home in Atlanta, Ga. WITH „APOSTLES OF DEFIANCE“ OUT FOR QUITE A WHILE NOW, CAN YOU ALREADY GIVE AN ESTIMATION OF ITS IMPACT? MANY HAVE TALKED ABOUT IT AS POSSIBLY BEING YOUR „FINAL BREAKTHROUGH ALBUM“. HAVE THINGS TURNED OUT THIS WAY? Honestly, its too early to tell how much it has made an impact as far as record sales go, allthough I am quite sure it will sell more copies than our previous records. In terms of making a musical impact, just about every interview and comments from fans have all been the same saying that Apostles is our best record we have made – I have to agree with them!!!!! MELODIC SONGS AND RAW AND HARD TRACKS ARE BOTH PRESENT ON „APOSTLES OF DEFIANCE“ – WHICH ONES DO YOU FIND A BIGGER CHALLENGE TO COMPOSE? WHICH ONES ARE MORE FUN TO PERFORM LIVE ON STAGE? For me, I just write riffs and trade musical ideas with Glen – I never try to make a certain style, I just play what I think sounds cool at the time – as far as playing certain songs live, its all fun to play live to me. YOU WERE EXTREMELY PLEASED WITH „APATHY FOR A DYING WORLD“ WHEN THE ALBUM WAS RELEASED. WAS THIS PIECE CONCEIVED AS AN EPIC COMPOSITION FROM THE BEGINNING OR DID IT NATURALLY EVOLVE INTO ONE? No, not really – again, I just recorded a bunch of guitar riffs and things started to take shape to be a longer song with „apathy“ – in my humble opinion, it is one of the best songs I have written so far as a musician – it just has a nice flow to it and is structured quite well, I must say. ARE THERE DIFFERENT, LONGER VERSIONS OF THE TRACK? I WAS SURPRISED TO FIND THE BRILLIANT MAJESTIC CHORDS FROM THE BEGINNING DID NOT TURN UP AGAIN AT A LATER POINT, SO I WAS WONDERING IF THERE MIGHT BE ANOTHER VERSION IN WHICH THEY DO. No. There are no alternate versions to any of our songs. PAT MULOCKS SINGING VOICE IS GREAT IN THE BALLAD-LIKE MIDDLE PART OF „APATHY“. WHY DON’T YOU USE IT IN THIS FASHION MORE OFTEN? There is no formula for anything we do – we just do what we think is right for the song – on this record, we really tried to use Pat’s voice in different ways and trying to expand his range – our previous singer could only sing melodic, and to us , it became very boring after a while – to me, you have to evolve and try to incorporate different things with each record – having said that, we of course will always have lots of melody in our somgs. ON THE OTHER HAND, THE DEEP GRUNTS ON THE CHORUS OF THE TITLETRACK ALSO WORK WELL. WHO CAME UP WITH THAT IDEA? That was my idea – I think it works well in that song – that song is way too heavy to have melodic singing on it – it just doesn’t work. WHAT WAS THE MOTIVATION BEHIND THE LYRICS OF „THE TEST“? ARE YOU INTO SF IN GENERAL? I am not a huge SF freak, but I do think it is quite interesting!!! I have experimented with SF lyrics previously with the song „Lunar Mission“ from our „Nightmare World“ record – it worked out well, so I figured I would explore that territory in a lyrical sense again – I am glad I did. PRODUCTION WORK WAS AGAIN DONE BY GLEN. COULD YOU EVER IMAGINE SOMEONE FROM OUTSIDE THE BAND FULFILLING PRODUCTION DUTIES OR DO YOU LIKE TO KEEP FULL CONTROL, JUST LIKE JOHN CARPENTER? Glen does such a good job, there is really no reason to have anybody else produce our records – besides, we are way too headstrong to have outside people telling us what THEY think is good and not good – Glen alone would kill them!!!!!!!! (hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ) VOCALS ARE TREATED IN VERY DIFFERENT WAYS ON THE ALBUM, SOMETIMES PLACED „BEHIND“ THE INSTRUMENTS, SOMETIMES UPFRONT, WHICH SUGESTS YOU TREAT THEM LIKE JUST ANOTHER INSTRUMENT. MIGHT THIS HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE FACT THAT YOU STARTED OUT AS AN INSTRUMENTAL BAND? I do not find the vocals more important than any other instrument – I hear a lot of records and to me, the vocals are sometimes so loud that the guitars are buried at times, which is the main force of heaviness in metal – for us, the guitar is the loudest instrument on our records and that works well for us. WITH YOUR BASIC WAY OF COMPOSING REMAINING UNALTERED FOR THE LAST FEW YEARS, DOES IT STILL HAPPEN THAT ONE OF YOU GETS THE DEMO FROM THE OTHER AND IS TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY WITH ITS CONTENT? We have been writing the same way since Glen and myself started this back in 1993 – exactly the same way. We swap guitar riff tapes – its as simple as that, really – a lot of times, we get inspired from what the other has put on tape and write other cool riffs – we always challenge each other to do the best we can. IS THE DECISION TO USE DIFFERENT TECHNIQUES (WHICH ANY WRONGLY INTERPRETE AS A A LACK OF A CLEARLY DEFINED „STYLE“) A CONSCIOUS ONE IN THE SENSE THAT IT ALLOWS YOU TO DO EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT, BECAUSE THERE ARE NO RESTRICTIONS TO WHAT EIDOLON MIGHT STAND FOR? To be honest, I write what I want to hear, and NEVER limit this band, musically – I dont put Eidolon in a small musical box where we can ONLY write a certain way or style – most of all metal bands do this and I find it extremely limiting and boring at times – To me, it’s not challenging to write 10 songs with super fast double bass drums and happy metal riffs – I dont have a problem with other bands doing it, and I like some of it, but I grew up with RUSH, DEEP PURPLE, SLAYER, EXODUS, JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH , QUEEN,etc. I have so many different influences and I try to incorporate all of them into Eidolon. We do what we want and we get away with it. WHEN YOU SAY THAT YOU FEEL YOU ARE GETTING BETTER WITH EACH ALBUM, COULD YOU POINT OUT, WHAT EXACTLY IS GETTING BETTER? HAVE YOUR PERSONAL CRITERIA FOR JUDGING THIS EVOLVED IN TIME? We have become better with each record in every aspect from musicianship, writing and arranging songs, production – everything – you can hear it on our records – listen to how far we have progressed from „Zero Hour“ until „Apostles of Defiance“. It’s there for you to hear the musical evolution, dude. YOU ALSO STATED THAT YOU LIKE EACH OF YOUR ALBUMS FOR DIFFERENT REASONS – DON’T YOU LISTEN TO THEM SOMETIMES, THOUGH AND WISH YOU MIGHT HAVE DONE THINGS DIFFERENTLY? Always!!!!! But that’ part of how you evolve as a musician – to me, you should always want to do better than what you have done previously and we have done that with every record we have made – not a lot of bands can say this – Many bands peak at a certain time aand can never quite capture or better what they did 5 years ago or whatever – We keep pushing ourselves and evolving, which is a great thing. YOU STILL SEEM TO BE EXTREMELY ENTHOUSIASTIC ABOUT EIDOLON. WHEN READING INTERVIEWS WITH YOU, ONE GETS THE IMPRESSION THAT IT’S A YOUNG BAND WITH THEIR DEBUT ALBUM OUT. DO YOU STILL BELIEVE THIS BAND CAN GET REALLY BIG? ISN’T YOUR LOVE FOR MUSIC SOMETIMES RATHER MAKING THINGS MORE DIFFICULT THAN EASIER – WHEN YOU DON’T FIND AS MANY PEOPLE GETTING TO KNOW YOUR MUSIC AS YOU WOULD LIKE? I don’t look at Eidolon as ever becoming a huge metal band with tons of high budget videos and topping the billboard charts – I don’t care about that, because from what I can see, the bands who do get to this point have had to compromise their beliefs to become more accessible to the general buying public – I don’t make records for these people – I make music for people who DO LIKE REAL HEAVY METAL – period!!!!!!!!! I don’t do this for money, fame or chicks – I love this band and Heavy Metal – we will never compromise – end of story!!!!!!! AS YOU ARE ALL GIFTED MUSICIANS I WAS WONDERING IF THE OFFER DID EVER COME UP FOR YOU TO LEAVE EIDOLON AND JOIN ANOTHER BAND? Glen played with King Diamond for 2 1/2 years and loved it!!!! But he never left Eidolon – I cant speak for anybody but Glen and I – as long as it remains fun and challenging musically, I dont think we will stop Eidolon. HOW ARE THE SESSIONS FOR DIMENSION INFINITE MATERIALISING? HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THE TRACKS? ARE YOU STILL ON SCHEDULE FOR AN EARLY 2004 RELEASE? Glen and I have almost finished writing this record, musically – We actually pushed the recording back because we dont want to rush this – We want to make sure we like all of the music before we record it and send it to Norway for Nils and Steinar to begin their work on it – We are super excited about this band and releasing this record to the public!!!!!! We are hoping to have it out in 2004, but I cant promise that at the moment. HOW COME YOU DIDN’T PLAY LIVE MORE OFTEN IN THE PAST? DID YOU FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE IN THE STUDIO OR ARE THERE TOO FEW OPPORTUNITIES? Lack of good oportunities is the main reason, to be honest. We try to only play high profile shows, so we are quite limited, but we make it work to be a cool thing when we do play in Europe or Canada, U.S.A.. YOU HAVE CITED JUDAS PRIEST AS AN INFLUENCE. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE BAND REUNITING? I love it!!!!!!!!! My personal favorite metal band of all time – Do I sound excited to you!!!!!??????? I can wait to see them with Rob live once again!!!!! ANY FAMOUS LAST WORDS? Thank you very much for this interview and supporting Eidolon!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!

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