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HI GUYS, WELCOME TO A NEW „MYSPACE-INTERVIEW“. THESE ARE CONVERSATIONS WITH PROMISING MYSPACE-BANDS AND I THINK YOU ARE ONE THE BEST IN THE EBM SECTION. ON YOUR SITE THERE IS NOT TOO MUCH INFORMATION ABOUT YOU AND YOUR BIOGRAPHY. PLEASE TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT THE HISTORY OF YOURS… AND ABOVE ALL WHAT IS THE TRANSLATION FOR EKOBROTTSMYNDIGHETEN? Martin: Hi, thanks a lot for your interest in our band. We started EKOBROTTSMYNDIGHETEN two years ago to see if my and Pontus creative skills that we have developed in earlier projects would make a good combination. I usually write the lyrics, Pontus makes most of the music, and we both sing. We stole the band name of the Swedish National Economic Crimes Bureau (EKOBROTTSMYNDIGHETEN in Swedish), because when you read about them in newspapers they are often called just EBM. So it’s a bit of a pun from our side. After the first couple of songs we got great feedback from people over the internet and we decided to continue the project and put even more effort into it. EKOBROTTSMYNDIGHETEN has made quite a lot of gigs this last year and a half, and the response from the audience is fantastic. When I see a lot of people dancing and singing to our songs it is probably the greatest feeling there is. Pontus: We’re happy that you like what you hear! We have both made music for quite some time, but for me it started for real when me and Martin got together, started experimenting and found our own sound. We both have our unique qualities and together it usually turns out really good. And on top of that we have a lot of fun making the music and get along great. We both love EBM, love doing music and love playing live. WHAT ARE YOUR INFLUENCES AND WHERE WOULD YOU POSITION YOURSELF? Martin: I listen to a lot of different bands so music-influences for me would be most of the bands I’ve listened to and loved as I grew up. But our lyrics are influenced by all sorts of things, things we hate and things we love, and all small things that people usually don’t sing about. Everything in life is important, so every lyric doesn’t have to be about big things like wars, broken hearts or saving souls. It means just as much to write about the joy of driving, working out, partying or standing up to the shitheads that you meet in life. We are not trying to tell people what to think or feel. We make songs that are supposed to make you feel SOMETHING, but we leave it up to you how to feel. Pontus: Exactly, everything is worth singing about. We’re not trying to fit into the frames and do what is expected of a band like ours, we just do our thing and let people decide if they like it or not. If you do – that’s great! If you don’t – it’s not our problem…go and listen to whatever you like then! We are not here to try to please as many people as possible and be commercial and make a lot of money, we just love what we do and will continue doing it no matter what. IN THE SONG “AVENYN BRINNER” YOU HAVE CITATION OF A RAMONES SONG, WAS IT ONLY FOR FUN OR ARE YOU FANS? Pontus: Since Martin writes almost all lyrics I think he can answer this better. But I know that we both have a wide taste in music. RAMONES isn’t something I normally listen to though. But I think it’s important to have your mind open for other kind of music. By doing that you’ll be able to develop your own music and with different influences hopefully the music you create will be more interesting. Martin: I totally agree with that. In this song we mixed Swedish and English lyrics (mixing languages is something we like to do because it makes people think about and guess what the lyrics is about, and get their own view of the song). The RAMONES-citation is kind of a tribute but also worked well with the rest of the text and the message. I listen to a lot of old punk-bands and I like THE RAMONES, but I wouldn’t call myself a big fan. WHY DO YOU SING IN SWEDISH? Martin: We don’t want to limit ourselves to just one language, and we have songs in Swedish, English, German and we’ve even put some French into the lyrics a few times, but most of our lyrics are in Swedish because it is our own language and therefore the language we express ourselves best in. Pontus: We like the sound of EBM with Swedish lyrics, because it brings out a raw feeling to the music. And also we feel that a lot about the climate and the mood of the Scandinavian countries suites well with the sound of EBM. Cold, hard and masculine. And because not too many bands sing in Swedish, this is one of the techniques we use to get a different sound. WHAT IS YOUR WAY OF PRODUCING, WHAT KIND OF INSTRUMENTS DO YOU USE? Martin: I’ll leave most of it for Pontus to explain, but basically how we work is we get together, talk over our different ideas over a beer or two and then Pontus produces the music and I write the lyrics. Pontus: We usually start up with a baseline and drums and when the song is finished and we are both happy with it we record the singing parts. After that make sure everything sounds as we want it to and then release the song. And about the equipment: A six-pack of beer, a computer and a synthesizer. That’s about it! 😉 IN SWEDEN THERE IS A HUGE EBM-SZENE, TELL US MORE ABOUT YOUR LIFE THERE. DO YOU HAVE CONTACT TO THE OTHER BANDS? Martin: We both work in the weeks (I work at a school and Pontus works nightshifts at a factory) and we usually get together on weekends to make music, partying and going to clubs. In Gothenburg where we live there is a lot of clubs that play nice electronic music at the weekends. The scene is quite big but you know some other bands pretty well. In particular STURM CAFÉ, KOMMANDO XY, OCTOLAB, Z_PROCHEK, CONTAINER 90 and CODE 64. Any others you can think of Pontus? Pontus: Not really no. Many of the bands in Sweden more or less know each other and we have good contact with some of them. I think Sweden has many great bands, but the audience of EBM is much better in Germany. There are more of them and they are more devoted to the music and interested in new EBM-bands. DID YOU EVER MAKE A VACATION TRIP OR DID YOU EVER HAD A CONCERT GIG IN GERMANY? DID YOU EVER HAD CONTACT TO OUR SCENE OR SOMETHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD? Martin: I have been to Germany a couple of times, last time for me when we had a concert in Dessau this spring. It was at an Electric Tremor Festival. We’ll be coming back to Dessau for a gig on New Year’s eve and then again for a gig in Berlin on February 29th. We love Germany and the EBM-fans are a great audience to play for. Some of my personal favourite bands are German too, like DAF, TOMMI STUMPFF, AND ONE and DAS ICH. Pontus: I’ve been in Germany many times, and as Martin says we have some gigs planned there in the future. I feel that the Germans are very open for new EBM, new bands and interested in letting the new bands play and get a chance to prove that they are worth listening to, and that is very nice! We really look forward to meet the German audience again soon. Our last gig went great and we’ve had a lot of support from the German EBM-lovers. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE CURRENT SCENE IN GERNERAL? DO YOU HAVE SPECIAL FAVOURITES? Pontus: At the moment it feels like the scene is reborn. The fact that almost anyone with a computer and some creativity can make music makes the scene moving forward and getting new fans that didn’t grow up with DAF and NITZER EBB. And the internet is a great way to spread your music, to get in touch of new fans and find concert-opportunities! My favorite EBM-bands are groups like AND ONE, A SPLIT SECOND, POUPPÉE FABRIKK, NITZER EBB and CONTAINER 90. Martin: I enjoy the current scene a lot. To me it seems a bit like the old punk-wave in the late 70’s. We have a new wave of good EBM-bands popping up everywhere as a result of the fact that everyone can do their own music as long as they have a computer. And this is great! Musicians everywhere can get their music heard over the internet on sites like MySpace. Everything is just easier now and that is a good thing. Right now my favourite upcoming EBM-bands are SPARK! and CONTAINER 90. They both have a great sound and are good at what they do. WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THE FUTURE, ARE YOU SEARCHING FOR A LABEL? Martin: We are hoping to get signed and release an album soon. We are having discussions with some record labels right now – so the future looks bright! We have a 6-track EP limited to 100x coming out soon released by Electric Tremor and we will be playing live a lot both in Sweden and in other countries in 2008. Check in on our MySpace-site now and then for the latest news and gig-dates. Pontus: And we’ve also participated on a 7“ split-vinyl with CONTAINER 90, KOMMANDO XY and ASTMA that was released recently. It’s strictly limited to 120 copies and if you are interested in a copy you should contact us or Container 90. THANK YOU FOR THE INTERVIEW AND I HOPE WE SEE US SOMEDAY ON A CONCERT FROM YOU. Pontus: Thank you as well. Hope more people will open their eyes for our music after reading this. We will absolutely come and play in Germany in 2008. Martin: And we hope everyone who likes what we do has the chance to come and see us. We promise energy and hard beats!

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