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HI! HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU? Hell-o, I’m in pain, I’m in Hell – I am spawn of Satan. SO, FULCI LIVES – HAVE YOU SEEN HIM LATELY? I see his vision everyday, his spirit and films will live on forever. I worship the later Fulci!!! AS OUR SITE DEALS WITH MOVIES AND MUSIC I WOULD LIKE TO CONCENTRATE ON YOUR STRANGE „AFFECTION“ FOR HORROR/ EXPLOITATION FLICS. WHEN DID YOU SEE YOUR FIRST HORROR MOVIE AND WHAT WAS YOUR REACTION AT THAT TIME? I would not call it affection but more of an addiction and obsession. Horror/ Gore is my drug and I’m always looking for another fix. I don’t know my first film it was probably around 4-5. The first horrific image I remember is Christopher Lee with bloodshot eyes from one of the hammer Dracula films, I was terrified!!!!! DO YOU HAVE A LARGE DVD/ VIDEOTAPE COLLECTION? HOW MANY TITLES? AND ARE THERE SOME VERY RARE ITEMS IN IT? I have thousands of movies, tons of rare stuff and I constantly add to it almost on a daily basis. YOU PRODUCED A DVD EDITION OF THE CLASSICK „I DRINK YOUR BLOOD“ LATELY. I HAVE ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT THE MOST GORY SCENES HAVE BEEN LOST IN TIME FOREVER. WHERE DID YOU GET THE MASTER FROM? AND IS IT REALLY LONGER THAN ANY FORMER KNOWN VERSION? Yes, we cooperated with Grindhouse on a very limited edition version of “I Drink Your Blood”, it’s the most complete/ uncut version available. Grindhouse masterminded the release and owns the rights to it. WHICH ARE YOUR FAVOURITE DIRECTORS AND PRODUCING COUNTRIES ANYWAY? WHAT DO YOU THINK OF ARGENTO, FULCI, MASSACCESI, MATTEI AND SO ON? AND HAVE YOU EVER MET SOME INFAMOUS DIRECTORS PERSONALLY? MAYBE AT A FANGORIA CONVENTION? I of corpse admire those directors, especially Fulci and Argento, but my list of faves does also include Van Bebber (USA) Alex Chandon (UK) Dante Tomaselli (USA) Coffin Joe (Brazil) and many many others, I have met many of them at horror conventions during the years. HAVE YOU ALWAYS LOVED THE SOUNDTRACKS OF THIS B AND C MOVIES OR DISCOVERED THEIR QUALITIES LATER ON? Early on the music to films like Halloween, Jaws, The Omen, The Exorcist, Susperia made me aware of the importance of a good soundtrack. So hearing the themes to The Beyond, Zombie and City of the Living Dead was instantly memorable and classic to me. BACALOV, CIPRIANI, FRIZZI – WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THESE COMPOSERS? AND OF COURSE: GOBLIN, I ASSUME THEY ARE YOUR PERSONAL HEROES AS YOU SOMEHOW TRIED TO RECREATE THEIR SOUND ON YOUR ALBUM „GRAVEYARD DISTURBANCE“? They are really great, some of the best in fact, Goblin were indeed a big influence on Enoch but we did not rip off or copy them or anyone else. We used many influences and styles to make up the final results on „Graveyard Disturbances“. IN MY OPINION YOU TRIED TO USE WARM ANALOGUE SYNTHESIZERS, WHERE DID YOU GET THESE KIND OF KEYBOARDS AS THEY ARE NOT TOO „MODERN“ ANYMORE? Yes, we stick to real old analogue synthesizers as they can’t be replaced by today’s digital technologies. We have a huge collection of old keyboards like Minimoog, Prophet 5, Clavinet, Fender Rhodes, etc. They’re superior to modern synthesizers if used properly. NOWADAYS THE JAPANESE MOVIE SCENE IS ONE OF THE MOST FASCINATING, DO YOU LIKE THE KINDS OF MIIKE OR KITANO? I REALLY LOVE GONIN AND BATTE ROYALE, SOME FAVOURITES OF YOU, TOO? I agree, those are brilliant films/ directors, I also love Ringu, Juon, Dark Water, Audition, Goku, The Eye and many others from Asia. HAVE YOU EVER ACTED IN A MOVIE OR DELIVERED THE SOUNDTRACK? OR DO YOU HAVE ANY PLANS IN THIS DIRECTION? We are looking for offers for different movies and video games, but we are extremely particular about our music, most movies and games are beneath us and our standards and therefore not worthy of our music. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE NEW WAVE OF REMAKES IN THE AMERICAN MARKET? TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, DAWN OF THE DEAD, ROB ZOMBIES „HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES“ -NECESSARY OR SUPERFICIAL STUFF? I’d much rather see some good new original films. 99% of the remakes have been fucking horrible. TCM was actually much better than I expected It was more like a proper sequel than a remake, but remakes of the Haunting etc REALLY Sucked! AND OF COURSE TARANTINO: IS HE A MAN OF GUTS? DO YOU LIKE THE FIRST KILL BILL, SINCE IT IS A MASSACRE? Tarantino is amazing. Kill Bill rules. Extremely violent and lots of blood and gore, also Resevoir Dogs was a sick little gem. I MUST ADMIT THAT I’M PERSONALLY A DEVOTEE OF ITALIAN POLICE MOVIES, MERLI, NERO AND TOMAS MILIAN TO NAME BUT A FEW (ACTUALLY I HAVE WRITTEN A BOOK ON THIS TOPIC, JUST TO SHOW OFF A LITTLE:-) – DO YOU LIKE THIS LITTLE PARANOID, SLEAZY, SELF JUSTICE GEMS? I’m a huge fan of Milian and Nero, also the violent westerns!! I’d love to check out your book. BACK TO MUSIC: IS THE TITLE GRAVEYARD DISTURBANCE A REFERENCE TO LAMBERTO BAVA OR A PRODUCT OF YOUR OWN IMAGINATION? DID YOU HAVE INFLUENCE ON THE ARTWORK OF THE FINE COVER? The title indeed was a direct inspiration from Lamberto Bava. We chose Patrick Tremblay for the cover art because he always captures the essence of the project perfectly, We’ll continue to work with him on more future material. WILL ENOCH EVER BE PLAYING LIVE AND WILL THERE BE MORE INTERESTING RELEASES IN THE FUTURE? MAYBE EVEN WITH VOCALS? At this point I can’t see us playing live but perhaps in a few tears. I don’t think we’ll ever use conventional vocals in Enoch. AND WHICH DVD EDITIONS DO YOU PLAN NEXT? I’M STILL WAITING FOR THE PERFECT CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST VERSION. Actually „Cannibal Holocaust“ will be one of the upcoming releases from our website ( Possibly some Coffin Joe titles as well. AS GERMANY IS MY HOME COUNTRY: DO YOU KNOW SOME FINE GERMAN MOVIES OR ANYTHING ELSE HERE WHICH YOU ACTUALLY COULD/ WOULD LIKE (MAYBE THE BEER)? I only know a few like Andreas Schnaas, Jörg Buttgereit… I’m not familiar with much else unfortunately… ANY LAST GORY WORDS? Support TRUE horror and Gore.

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