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HI! HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? It’s all ok, thanks. I’m in my home in Italy, near Venice. I’m listening to some good music, trying to find the concentration to answer to your questions. „OPUS DEMENTIAE“ IS OUT AND VERY IMPRESSIVE. ARE YOU CONTENT WITH EVERYTHING? HOW ARE YOUR FEELINGS NOW AFTER WORK IS DONE? We are really excited about that; you must consider that this is our first really professional release. The other works we recorded and printed in the past were something like amatorial stuff; we never had the chance to work in a real professional way, with people who are capable. We consider this album our real debut release and this is great! Not everything works out as fine as we expected it but it’s not a problem, I think it’s logical when you self-produce your music! AS YOU ARE A QUITE UNKNOWN BAND IN THE METAL/ GOTHIC SCENE (AT LEAST IN GERMANY) COULD YOU PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO OUR READERS?! Me and Giuliano have started to play together in 1997 after the Endayminyon experience (the band in which some Ensoph’s members previously played) ended. Our goal was to melt together gothic metal, folk and prog into a theatrical frame useful to be the right musical place which expresses our philosophical and esoterical interests. Till now we have released a MCD (“Les confessions du mat”) in 1998, a full-length CD (“Bleeding womb of Ananke”) in 2001 and two promos: “Ananke or the Spyral-Trinity beyond Alpha and Omega” in 2000 and “Sophia” in 2002. The band actually consists of six “elements”: Giuliano, guitars and programming; me (Zenone), drums; Nicholas, vocals; Massimo, bass; Leonardo, keyboards; Anna, flute. We have had some line-up changes during the seven years of the band’s life, and our musical style grew in maturity, becoming nowadays an unusual blend of influences from electro-industrial, gothic, prog, extreme metal. Our last album, “Opus dementiae – Per speculum et in Aenigmate” is out on Cruz del Sur Music from Rome. YOU ALREADY RELEASED ONE CD AND ONE MCD BUT I THINK THEY HAVE NOT BEEN DISTRIBUTED WELL. DO YOU THINK OF RERELEASING THIS STUFF? HOW DO THESE OLDER WORKS SOUND IN COMPARISON TO „OPUS DEMENTIAE“? “Bleeding Womb of Ananke” (originally printed by Beyond…Prod. – ita) and “Les Confessions du Mat” (originally printed by NoBrain rec. – ita) were respectively re-printed by Irond (Rus) and Orofarne rec. (Rus), in a number of copies that we don’t precisely know. A re-print of “Bleeding womb of Ananke” was discussed with Beyond… Prod. before we started to work with Cruz del Sur, but without really important and detailed results. Actually, we are not interested in re-printing our old releases: they are not really representative of our nowadays sound, and they are also characterized by a more low-fi quality production. SOPHIA’S FALL HAS BEEN REMIXED BY FAMOUS BRUNO KRAMM OF „DAS ICH“. HOW DID THIS EXCITING PARTNERSHIP START? WHICH GERMAN GOTHIC/ INDUSTRIAL ACTS DO YOU LIKE ANYWAY? Giuliano, our guitarist and programmmer, is a fan of Das Ich, so, when we have started to consider the idea of a remix, the first one we have thought about was Bruno Kramm. Bruno is a real genius in his field, and the remix of “Sophia’s Fall” is one of the better ones that he has ever made. About the German electronic scene, we think it’s the best one in the world! I expecially love the most extreme side; I really love power electronix and esoteric-experimental music: you have the best industrial labels in the whole world: Tesco, Membrum Debile Propaganda, Loki Found. and Steinklang. My favourite acts are Genocide Organ, Anenzephalia, Turbund Sturmwerk and Maria Zerfall. AND HOW DID YOUR COLLABORATION WITH CRUZ DEL SUR BECOME TRUE? ARE YOU CONTENT WITH THEIR PROMOTIONAL WORK? I ONLY KNEW THEM FROM SEVERAL POWER METAL RELEASES, DO THEY WANT TO BROADEN THEIR LABEL PROGRAM? Cruz del Sur made us the best offer we received. Enrico really enjoys our efforts and he’s doing everything he can to give us the best visibility in the scene. We are really struck by the work he is doing. I don’t know about the plans of Cruz del Sur, but I think that great bands such as Asterius are a good way for a label to promote innovation without depriving the listener of the pleasure of listening songs with a head and a tail. Asterius and Cruz del Sur rule! THE COVER IS VERY INTERESTING AND MORBID… WHICH IS THE MESSAGE? HOW IS IT RELATED TO THE MUSIC AND DID YOU HAVE ANY INFLUENCE ON THE DESIGN? The cover of the album has been realized by Ohkaunit, one of the best italian graphic wiz specialized in extreme metal artwork. The whole graphic concept, that recalls the album Nr. one, deals with the symbol of the pair of scissors, that, as you can see, can take the form of a cross… Ohkaunit has an idea of artwork that includes the principle that it must demand all the care and attention of the one who sees it and wants to understand what’s behind the images; I promised to the artist that I would not say too much about the secrets behind this work, leaving the last word to the one who buys our record. WHICH LYRICAL CONCEPT STANDS BEHIND „OPUS DEMENTIAE“? (WHAT DOES THE CD TITLE MEAN ANYWAY?) The concept behind this work is really complex, but I can try to simplify it.“Per speculum et in Aenigmate” is a typical biblical expression that, in the first era of christianity (and later in the Middle Age), has been used as the principal interpretative method to read the Holy Scriptures. From that time, the sense of all that is written became a symbol that must be interpretated, trying to give a sense to the delusion caused by tons of promises that didn’t become reality. In modern age this caused the definitive loss of the concept of truth, that simply does not mean nothing than interpretation, turning upside out the univocity of the original biblical promise. This situation gives birth to a new kind of humanity that manipulates reality as an act of strenght, and the lost throne of divinity becomes the tragical place where a man proudly and sadly divine experiments his failure. I REALLY LIKE YOUR USAGE OF FLUTES AND NON STANDARD INSTRUMENTS. ARE ALL THESE SOUNDS CREATED ELECTRONICALLY? Flute is real; all other non standard instruments are electronical creations, made with synths and samples manipulation. HOW DO YOU COMPOSE A TYPICAL ENSOPH TRACK? IS IT BUILD AROUND GUITARS OR ELECTRONICS? Generally we start with some guitar riff proposed by Giuliano. We try to think of good structure for the song, and then we add the electronic base. Last steps are arrangements and lyrics. AND WHICH SHORT TERM WOULD YOU USE TO DESCRIBE YOUR MUSIC TO AN UNKNOWING PERSON? Gloomy Avant-Gardisme for a D-generation Wasted. Or, if you prefer, Extreme Avant-Garde Gothic metal. I HAD ONE PARTICULAR BAND IN MIND HEARING YOUR ALBUM WHICH IS CALLED DORNENREICH – DO YOU KNOW THEM? THEY ALSO HAVE THE GIFT OF CREATING DIFFERENT AND COMPLEX MOODS BY EXTRAVAGANT SCREAMS AND VOICES. Some press wrote that we remind of this band, but I’ve never heard Dornenreich before. I only know that they are out on Prophecy, an excellent label that releases great neofolk bands like Orplid and Of The Wand and the Moon. WHAT ARE YOUR OTHER INTERESTS BESIDES MUSIC? DO YOU LIKE ARGENTO OR FULCI MOVIES? OR MAYBE PASOLINI? I’m not very fond in italian horror films, but our singer really loves them. About Pasolini: he’s not one of my favourites film maker… All my free time (I’m going to take a degree in philosophy) is spent for music. AND WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT BERLUSCONI AND THE GLOBAL POLITICAL SITUATION IN YOUR HOME COUNTRY? I think Italy is going to understand what kind of mistake it did taking this person as premier. The real problem is that the alternatives are not better… We do not have a political force able to propose itself like a credible alternative to the nowadays situation, so there isn’t a real possibility of replacement of the current political class. Everything goes wrong… YOU WILL BE ON A GOTHIC EASTER TOUR WITH THE LIKES OF NOVEMBRE ETC. DO YOU THINK THIS KIND OF MUSIC IS RISING IN ITALY? MAYBE AN ANSWER TO THE DULL MAINSTREAM BERLUSCONI ENTERTAINMENT? Gothic Easter Tour is a good chance to offer the Italian listener a blend of some of the best extreme metal realities in Italy (Novembre, Handful of Hate, and why not, Ensoph) and also a great German band like Asterius. We are all good friends, so it will be more likely a party between schoolmates than an obscure and serious advent of darkness on earth… Italian metalhead are waiting for the event, and we too; I think the times are right to propose something like this in italy! WHEN WILL WE SEE YOU LIVE IN GERMANY AND WHAT CAN WE EXPECT? I THINK YOU SHOULD PRESENT YOURSELF AT THE WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN IN LEIPZIG. We are working for some gigs in Europe, even in Germany. It’s just a matter of time. Wave Gothic Treffen is the dream of every gothic band. I’ve been there three times, and it’s something that Italy will never see. Incredible. Unfortunately we won’t be there this year, but maybe the next one… SOMEONE TOLD ME THAT GOTHIC LIFESTYLE IS NOT TOO EASY IN YOUR COUNTRY BECAUSE OF MASSIVE PREJUDICES AND EVEN ATTACKS FROM PARTS OF „NORMAL“ POPULATION. IS THAT RIGHT? Time changes, and even gothic culture is growing in italy. I don’t think it’s different to be a gothic or a metaller in Italy; prejudices are older than the world, so everyone who chooses a lifestyle has to know what obstacles he can find on his way. Some things start to change slowly, and it’s good. By the way, I’ve never had any problem with no one; surely I don’t wear gas masks every day while shopping, but now there is more tolerance than ten years ago. HOW IMPORTANT IS CLOTHING AND STYLE FOR YOU ANYWAY? YOU LOOK VERY WEIRD AND TRENDY ON YOUR PROMO PICS. How can we play what we play without a non-conventional look? Our image is part of our proposal, and I think that our music is enriched by this visual element. On stage we have a great impact also thanks to a dynamic and weird image; we want to offer an interesting show including all (visual) aspects, so even style is really important. DO YOU HAVE ANY CONTACT TO THE FAMOUS OLD EUROPA CAFE LABEL? Sometimes I buy some records from it, but there is not a real relation between us. I don’t like all Old Europa Cafè releases, and the last festival this label organized in Italy was one of the worst I’ve ever seen in the industrial fields. I think Ain Soph and Bad Sector are good projects, but other releases are really unbearable. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR TIME AND GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR STRONG EFFORT

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