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LIFE IN THE PAST MONTHS MUST HAVE BEEN QUITE TURBULENT FOR YOU… Yeah, I think that’s the way you could put it. (laughs) Things have been a little chaotic, but right now everything is settled down into the picture of perfection. So, you know, everything happens for a reason and there has been some drama in this Exodus-camp, but when is there not, you know? So… to me it’s almost becoming part for the course. RIGHT, EXODUS ALWAYS HAS BEEN A BAND WITH PROBLEMS CONCERNING THE LINE-UP CHANGES. BUT CONGRATULATIONS FOR PUTTING UP THE BAY AREA ALL-STAR LINE-UP!! HOW WAS IT POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO ASSEMBLE ALL THE MUSICIANS YOU’RE PLAYING WITH NOW: PAUL BOSTAPH, LEE ALTUS… THOSE ARE SOME HEAVY-WEIGHT NAMES… It seems like lately at least the trend of this band, you know: for whatever ounce of bad luck that comes my way I receive two ounces of good, you know. Because we were loosing like Tom Hunting to mental illness was super-difficult, made more so by the fact that I lived with him, so I had to see this all happen, and that was really rough. But, you know, to have a guy of Paul Bostaph’s caliber right in my backyard and available and ready to go was just unbelievable. And as far as Lee – he was the only guy ever considered for this job, you know. He’s one of my oldest friends and one of my favourite guitar-players and the perfect guy for this band. I READ A FEW YEARS AGO, THAT YOU AND TOM WANTED TO MOVE TOGETHER. SO, YOU GUYS ACTUALLY DID LIVE TOGETHER? Yeah, yeah. I had rented a house and Tom rented a room from me. And it was a lot of fun until the break-down and then I ended up spending many of my nights waiting in emergency rooms for him, you know, to see just get another doctor in to tell him that there nothing physically wrong with him. But, you know, that was really tragic to have to watch. IT WAS IN THE MEDIA THAT TOM HUNTING WAS ILL, BUT NOTHING WAS SAID ABOUT WHETHER HE WOULD RETURN TO THE BAND AGAIN. I MEAN, IS THAT AN OPTION FOR YOU TO DROP PAUL BOSTAPH AND GET TOM HUNTING BACK INTO THE BAND WHEN HE HAS RECOVERED? No. And I say that not to be harsh to Tom, but it’s not fair to the guy to have put in all the work and, you know, done everything that he could possibly be asked, and then to have the spectre of their, like, imminent replacement hanging over their head… It’s like: these are the guys that are here, these are the guys that put in the work, these are the guys that deserve to be in this band. And tom… you know, as I said: it sounds harsh, but Tom will never do this again. He is in a whole different place. He still even hasn’t gotten to the point where he is really opening up about the issues that are bothering him. He had told everybody who would listen except for myself, that he didn’t want to do this anymore, and didn’t feel he could do it anymore. And not to mention, you know, that his mother told me that he had been starting to have moral issues with the music, and that he had been speaking to a pastor, you know, a preacher which… You know, I love Tom, but it’s like: everybody knows my views on Christianity. And I have no morals. So if you have moral issues being in this band, then it’s the wrong place for you. OK… Cause me, I just wanna piss off more people and be as politically incorrect as possible. THAT BRINGS ME NICELY TO THE NEXT QUESTION: EXODUS ALWAYS HAD THIS SPECIAL SENSE OF HUMOUR. IT SEEMED LIKE ALL THE OTHER SINGERS IN EXODUS HAD IT DOWN LYRICAL-WISE PERFECTLY. DID ROB DUKES HAVE IT DOWN LIKE THAT OR DID YOU HAVE TO GIVE HIM A LESSON IN EXODUS-HUMOUR? Well, you know, I wrote almost all the lyrics for the new album as much as I did for „Tempo“. And, you know, Rob is learning that, you know, in Exodus you have to have a sense of wit and sarcasm to like write any like real amount of lyrics for this band. It’s something that someone has to work on, but it’s also something that can’t be taught, you know. It’s just kind of who I am, you know. It’s that I have a very twisted sense of humour, and much to some people dismay, but that’s just the Exodus-way of things, you know. WELL, YOU CAN’T BE THAT BAD – BECAUSE TOM AND RICK HELD OUT WITH YOU FOR MORE THAN TWO DECADES… Yeah, for sure. I’m not a difficult person to work with. Despite all the line-up changes, I’m sure there’s many people out there that view me as a sort of tyrant or dictator. But the bottom-line is, you know, we fired Zetro, but I did everything I could – bent over back-wards – for that guy, including him receiving more money at times to go out on the road, and just putting up with his ego and his demands. You know, he’s the one that wanted a personal assistant on tour – not that he got it – but that’s just the way that things are. And Tom and Rick; neither of them was chased out of this band, but to further elaborate though, bottom-line is that in bands democracies don’t work. You know, somebody have to be in control of the band’s direction and vision, and it just so happens to be me in here. So I guess, there is some aspect of maybe some kind of dictator-ship. But I never boss anybody around and tell ‚em what to do. I write the songs, that’s all I do. I WOULDN’T CALL YOU A DICTATOR. LET’S JUST CALL YOU THE MOTOR OF THE BAND! Yeah, exactly. GOES WITH WHAT YOU SAID ON YOUR WEBSITE, THAT YOU HAVE „A JOB TO DO“! AND THAT SUMMED UP YOUR MOTIVATION FOR ME PERFECTLY. Yeah, I have to stay focussed. What happened with Tom was unavoidable. But, you know, like Rick – I love him to death, but he’s a drug addict! You know, there is zero focus in you when your life centers around dope, you know. WOAH…! And I never got focussed until I got clean. And that’s when I was able to do „Tempo“, you know. And everybody had their contributions, but song-writing wise it was my show. And that’s because once I was… I re-discovered myself I went out there with a mission. And on this album I worked six days, eight hours a day by myself in the rehearsal room writing this from January to June. I took it seriously, I made it a job. Whereas Rick – we come home from tours and literally – even though it might not be further than 17 miles away from where I may be – we sometimes may not be able to find him. DOESN’T REALLY SOUND LIKE THE OFFICIAL STATEMENT ON YOUR WEBSITE?! IN RICK’S POST IT WAS SAID THAT THE REASON FOR HIS DEPARTURE WAS THAT HE WANTED TO BE MORE WITH HIS FAMILY AND HIS KIDS… Well, that’s what he had told us. And those are two very good reasons fore him. Because his children need him – but not because: „Oh, I just miss my kids!“, because the other half of the parental unit in that house-hold is very unstable. And Rick may be a drug addict, and he may be a flake, but he loves those kids to death. And I can’t say the same for the other parent. And so, when we’re on tour Rick is a mess sometimes, because he doesn’t know whether they’re being taking care of. So he does need to stay home. I told him before, if I was in his position with my children being left in that kind of a situation that I would do a number of things. I would quit the band, I’d get clean off drugs, I’d get a good job and I would get custody of my children. Well, he chose, in Rick’s world, just quitting the band is enough. Now I don’t want Rick to be the sixth close friend of mine in the last fifteen years to bury. All due to drugs. I mean, many people I know, don’t know one person that died of drugs, and I know. five. And they were all like some of my greatest friends. And I don’t want him to be number six. But, you know, being a recovered user myself – this may sound harsh as well – but I’m relieved that Rick’s gone. Only because when you quit doing drugs you have to get all of that life-style out of your life. I have friends I’ve known my whole life since grade school that I have not seen since I became clean, because they’re not. Yet I was forced to do this business, this band, to be like in constant contact with like one person that was high all the time. And it makes me very uncomfortable. Not that I think I relapse, but, you know, no former drug user wants to look at one of their closest friends in the eye and just know they’re just loaded out of their minds. THOSE ARE VERY OPEN WORDS, GARY. It’s like, I don’t hide anything. I mean, I’ve always told everybody that, you know, „Look, I’m honest about all my drug -use!“ The only dishonesty that ever came out of my mouth the last two years was covering up for Rick. You know, it’s like, people ask: „Now that the band is drug-free..:“ and all that – and like: „Yeah, it’s great“! But all the while, the night before Rick had, you know, the tour started and he was totally dope-sick because he didn’t have any drugs, you know. And I love him to death, but I’m just notgonna lie for anybody anymore. I don’t lie about myself, you know. HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO TALK HIM OUT OF THAT, TO CONVINCE HIM TO GET AWAY FROM DRUGS? READING HIS STATEMENT ON THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE ALMOST BROUGHT TEARS TO MY EYES, BECAUSE IT OBVIOUSLY MUST HAVE BEEN HARD FOR HIM TO MAKE THAT DECISION TO LEAVE EXODUS. I know it was hard for him. And I wish him nothing but the best, but the on thing that Rick would have to admit to anybody who asked him, is that I’ve done nothing for two and a half years, but try to help him. I mean, I’ve given the gentle, soft speeches, and you know, one day he told me: „Man, you’re good at this. You should do this for a living!“ You know, drug counsellor. And I told him I’M not that good at it, because it’s not working. „If I was that good at it, you’d listen!“ But, you know, some people just don’t want to be helped. And I would still be there for Rick anytime, even not being a member of this band. If he really chose that he wanted to quit and needed some guidance and a sober support group – I’m there for him anytime! That’s my biggest concern, because in Rick‘ life and his world we were the only non-drug users there to try to stir him to the straight and narrow, you know. And now that he’s not in the band, he’s surrounded by nothing but cell-o users. And where is that gonna get you? When you don’t even have anybody to hide it from. And that’s what he did is, he tried to hide his use from us. But it’s like, I tell him, „You know, you’re kidding! I did this shit for fuckin‘ years. I can look you right in the eye and know your high, because you won’t look me in the eye!“ That’s like being an ex-alcoholic and someone is trying to hide the fact that they’re drunk. It’s kind of hard. You know, I wish him nothing but the best, I love him, he is like one of my best friends. But things have gotten to the point in the band where the tender, gentle lectures were starting to become a little more harsh. And drug users don’t like being faced with confrontation. And I think, that has something to do with his deciding to quit – because he didn’t like the fact that we were starting to get into his face about it. SO, THAT’S IT FOR MY FAVOURITE GUITAR TAG-TEAM… You know, I never ever envisioned it to be anything BUT. But, you know, if the alternative is like the end of this band, I’m not gonna let it happen, because I work way too hard on this. EXACTLY, IT’S YOUR MISSION TO KEEP THE BAND GOING. AS YOU SAID, YOU’RE RESPONSIBLE FOR LIKE 99% OF THE MUSIC. ESPECIALLY AFTER THE IMPACT THE LAST ALBUM „TEMPO OF THE DAMNED“ LEFT, YOU WOULDN’T WANT TO LOOSE IT ALL AGAIN… THE LEAST THING YOU NEED NOW IS MORE LINE-UP CHANGES AND MORE HASSLE… SO, I GUESS, THAT’S THE RIGHT DECISION… And you know, the one thing I like to point out to people is that despite everything I say, I love Rick and I never fired Rick! You know, things that happened over the last two years, they would have gotten anybody fired from any band. But, you know, Rick was virtually… he was one of those untouchables to me. But he decided to quit, it was his decision. We were on the verge, after the completion of this album, in putting up a drug rehabilitation ultimatum his way. But that’s for his own sake. He has to do it for himself., not for me. And I love him to death, but I’ve got a job to do! And when someone is making my job near impossibility, what else can I do? And we made a hell of a fuckin‘ heavy ass record!! RIGHT… LET’S GET BACK TO THE RECORD, BECAUSE THIS CONVERSATION RIGHT NOW SEEMS EVEN HEAVIER THAN THE ACTUAL RECORD… BUT I APPRECIATE YOUR HONESTY ON THIS SUBJECT. BUT PROBABLY THE ONLY WAY TO TALK ABOUT THIS IS TO STAY HONEST… Yeah, I could like say: „Ohhh, creative differences!“, and all that. But I’m not in any way hating on these guys, I love ‚em, but this is what happened. And when people ask me what happened, I’m gonna tell ‚em. It’s as simple as that. YOU’VE GOT A FAMILY YOURSELF, YOU’VE GOT TWO KIDS. AND IT SEEMS, AS IF YOU’RE A REAL WORKAHOLIC WHEN IT COMES TO MUSIC, THAT YOU ARE SPENDING DAYS AND NIGHTS AT THE REHEARSAL ROOM PRACTISING AND TRYING OUT RIFFS. DID YOU EVER HAD THE FEELING THAT YOUR FAMILY AND KIDS DIDN’T GET TO SEE YOU ENOUGH? That was the case in ’93 when the band broke up. Because a) I couldn’t work with Zetro anymore – I thought he changed before we got back together, but apparently I was wrong. And I was no longer having any fun doing it. And one thing I’ve said was: I won’t do this when it becomes nowhere enjoyable than any bump and grind day-job. And that’s what it’s become. Right now I’m having a lot of fun. I still have time for my family. I mean, I miss them when I’m out on the road and stuff. But, you know, I have ample time in between and stuff. And I work really hard, so that when I do have time with my kids that I can spend it with them. BUT HOW MANY MONTHS OF THE YEAR DO YOU SPEND ON THE ROAD? BECAUSE I BELIEVE MUSIC IS YOUR LIFE – THAT FAMILY AND KIDS CAN ONLY PLAY THE SECOND LEAD… Well, you know, this is my job. And like every parent you have to go to work. See, there is pluses and minuses to it, because I may be gone for like, you know, coming October we’re gone to November 5th. And then November 9th we’re off to Europe. But I have the entire summer to spend with my kids. I mean, I don’t work a day-job, this is my job. I was home all summer and so rather than have them on weekends and evening, I spend two and a half months just with my kids doing things with them. You know, not having to go to work, not having to leave them. So, sometimes I have more time than the average father, sometimes I have very little. But they understand. My youngest is young enough to where she is ok, and my older one is old enough to where she is kind of starting to dig it. OH, REALLY? HOW OLD IS SHE? She’s twelve. She’s in junior high. She goes to school now and now she pulls that „My Dad is a rock guitarist”-card, you know. (chuckles) You know, I think she uses it as some kind of to wover her popularity, I don’t know. Not that I’m huge or popular, but I think maybe it impresses other twelve-year-olds when their dads are plumbers and electricians. ARE YOU STILL LIVING IN THE BAY AREA? Yeah, but my kids live in Sacramento which is like about an hour and a half away. ALL THE „NEW“ GUYS IN EXODUS -NAMELY ROB DUKES ON VOCALS, LEE ALTUS ON GUITARS AND PAUL BOSTAPH ON DRUMS – THEY JOINED THE BAND AFTER ALL THE MATERIAL WAS WRITTEN DID THEY EVEN HAVE…- Well, Lee definitely did. He joined when we started recording. But when Paul joined I actually had lots of the riffs and stuff together, a lot of the songs finished. A lot of them were kind of finished but by myself because Tom was going through this problem. You know, I had them together without a drummer. And so Paul and I got together, and I showed him the stuff. And actually we finished like „44 Magnum Opus“, „Shovel headed kill machine“ and „Altared boy“ towards the end of the rehearsal process. BUT DID THEY EVEN GET A CHANCE TO HAVE A SAY? WOULD YOU LEAVE THEM A CHANCE? NO DOUBT, THEY ARE ALL „QUITE“ EXPERIENCED; LEE ALTUS WITH HIS HISTORY IN HEATHEN AND OTHER BAY AREA BANDS; PAUL BOSTAPH PLAYING WITH SLAYER FOR YEARS – WHERE HE ACTUALLY WASN’T ALLOWED TO WRITE EITHER – WHAT, IF ANY OF THEM CAME UP WITH A GREAT IDEA FOR A SONG? Paul was allowed exactly what he wanted. It’s like, I put no limitation on his drumming. He’s the master. Why would I? You know, I write the music, I write the riffs, but he’s the drummer. I let him do his drums. And we want some song-writing in, but that’s something that he’s gonna have to build up, too. And I fully expect Lee to be a big contributor when the next album gets on the way. When he wants to solo,. I don’t say anything about it. IS IT TRUE THAT ANDY SNEAP WHO MIXED THE CURRENT ALBUM AS WELL, DIDN’T CHARGE YOU ANYTHING FOR MIXING THE LAST RECORD „TEMPO OF THE DAMNED“? I BET HE DID THIS TIME…?! He mixed this one and I produced it myself. DID HE DO IT FOR FREE, THEN? No, he didn’t do it for free. He did it under the term that he gets paid when he gets paid, once we signed a deal. Because we didn’t have a deal in place, and Andy knew that would not be an issue, not be a problem, the album was gonna be great. And so, he did it. The masters were his until we signed a deal. But he came out with like no up-front money, because he knew that we would sign a deal, like immediately. He knew how good it was gonna be, and that getting his money would not be an issue. Plus, he had hold of the masters, so they weren’t going anywhere until he did get paid, so… (chuckles) EXODUS ALWAYS HAD THE GIFT OF WRITING REALLY AGGRESSIVE, AND… CAN I SAY EVEN „SEXY“ RIFFS…?? Sexy?! Ooohhh, I like that.. ME, TOO. IT’S LIKE, IT MOVES YOU SOMEWHERE DEEP DOWN IN YOUR BELLY. GOD… THAT SOUNDS HORRIBLE! Ooooooooh, naughty, naughty! UHM, NOT REALLY.. You know, riffs should be sexy! It should be..- (INTERVIEWER GETS ENTHUSIASTIC) IF I HAD LIKE A TOP TEN OF MY FAVOURITE SEXY RIFFS, YOU WOULD ACTUALLY OWN A FEW… I TELL YOU THAT MUCH! Well, you know, I guess now you put it that way, riffs should have that sort of…, it should have a sort of eroticism to it. It should be kind of like a raw naked sensuality, I guess. I mean, there are bands that are real heavy, but they kind of would remind you of bad sex! ALRIGHT GARY, YOU’RE GOING WITH THE METAPHOR! So, mine remind you of really good sex, I guess. But as a man, with all those man’s say: the worst sex I’ve ever had in my life was fuckin‘ great! So… (laughs) But that’s a man speaking, you know. I JUST WANTED TO SAY: YOU’RE A GUY – YOU HAVE TO SAY THAT…! BUT COMING BACK TO THE RIFFS HERE: IT’S MAINLY THE TONE OF THE GUITARS, THE „GUNG-GUNG“, AND THE BREAKS AND ALL…- (INTERRUPTS) I’M NOT EXACTLY SURE IF I’M MAKING MYSELF CLEAR…?! (with an almost audible grin) Oh yeah, I understand completely! BUT WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE RIFF, OUT OF ALL THE RIFFS YOU’VE WRITTEN? Oh, that’s so hard to say. There is so many of them… OK, LET’S STICK WITH THE NEW ALBUM THEN. WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE ON „SHOVEL HEADED KILL MACHINE“? Oh, my favourite riff is probably the riff before the verses in „Deathamphetamine“. And I like a lot of the riffs in that one. And „Altared boy“ has some quite sexy riffs… (laughs) ACTUALLY, THE RIFF THAT GOT ME FIRST HOOKED ON WAS THE MAIN RIFF IN „SHUDDER TO THINK“. Well, that one has got that kind of sexy swagger to it. I mean, it certainly does. It’s those kind of like mid-tempo driving ones, you know. You could almost shake your money-maker to ‚em, so… RIGHT, IT’S STILL THRASH METAL, BUT NOT NECESSARILY FAST THRASH METAL. THE WAY YOU PLAY THE NOTES ALWAYS HAS BEEN A TRADEMARK OF EXODUS. Yeah, we’ve always had songs like „Braindead“, „And then there were none“…- „BLACKLIST“! …and stuff like that, you know. „Blacklist“, exactly. THE THING THAT STRUCK ME WHEN I LISTENED TO „SHUDDER TO THINK“ FOR THE FIRST TIME WAS, THAT THE REST OF THE DAY I HAD „BLACKLIST“ RINGING IN MY HEAD, WHICH I THOUGHT WAS PRETTY FUNNY.. Well, you know, they definitely share some similarities in tempo and the „gung-gung-gung“-kind of thing. I REALIZED THAT THE ALBUM LEAKED ON THE INTERNET THE VERY SAME DAY THE PROMOTIONAL COPIES WERE SENT OUT. KNOWING THAT – HOW DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL? You know, it’s kind of „damned if you do and damned if you don’t“ situation. It’s out of my hands, it’s gonna happen: I really don’t try to like dwell on it. I think it would be damaging if the album sucked, but it doesn’t. It’s a great album. But if you don’t send out promos, the album comes out, and every album review and every magazine is like two months behind it. So, you don’t get any publicity and the album kind of sits there on the shelves without any words being spoken about it. You know, you kind of have to send out the promos, but it only takes this one person to go out and make ten copies for their friends, and then one person puts it on the internet… You know, I’m not gonna bitch and complain about it, there’s nothing I can do, it’s out of my control. BUT TO DISCUSS THE NEW ALBUM ON YOUR OWN OFFICIAL WEBSITE IN THE FORUMS IS KIND OF FUCKED, DON’T YOU THINK?! SUCKING IT OFF THE INTERNET AND GOING STRAIGHT TO THE MESSAGE-BOARDS AND LETTING EVERYBODY KNOW HOW GREAT IT IS AND WHERE PEOPLE CAN FIND IT ON THE INTERNET… Those guys, they are all hardcore fans and I know they’ll buy any copy of like every format. So, they kind of share it amongst themselves. And I know that one person, a moderator, did have the sense on the board to like inform and remind people not to share it with the guy that you see making his first post. Because you don’t know, if that person is ever gonny buy it. Don’t give some guy just looking for the album a forum to come and download it. It’s like: share amongst yourselves. If they’re gonna find it, they can find it, but let them find it somewhere other than my home, you know. EVERYBODY WHO HAS HEARD THE ALBUM SEEMS TO HIGHLIGHT SOMETHING DIFFERENT: IF IT’S THE GUITAR-PLAYING, PAUL’S DRUMMING, LEE’S STYLE OF PLAYING OR THE VOCALS. WHAT WOULD BE YOUR PERSONAL HIGHLIGHT – NOT SIMPLY A SONG, BUT A SPECIAL PART, THE GUITAR-TONE, A SOLO, A PARTICULAR DRUM-FILL AND THINGS LIKE THAT? My personal highlight would probably simply be the over-all aggression of the album. It’s more the vibe than anything else; the guitars sound crushing, the drums are perfect, vocals are great, you know. And if everybody picks out a different highlight, then that means we’ve done our job, because it’s not just a one-dimensional thing. You know, everybody can find something else that’s the shining star of the album to them. And I think that’s great. For me, it’s kinda more the feel than anything else. And the sexy, sexy riffs… BUT YOU DO KNOW WHAT I MEAN WITH THAT, DON’T YOU?! Yeah, yeah, totally. And I’m completely flattered! IF YOU COULD CHANGE ANYTHING IN YOUR CAREER WITH EXODUS – BECAUSE EXODUS IS MAINLY YOUR HISTORY, YOUR PERSONAL BABY – WHAT WOULD IT BE? What would I say..? I did it my way! (laughs) I don’t know. You know, I think I’ve said it over and over with just the albums I make, you know. And just the fact that twenty years later I’m here still talking to people. And there are bands out right now that I doubt anybody will remember who they are in twenty years. So, I think, that says it all. WELL, YOU’RE QUITE AWARE OF THE IMPORTANCE AND THE INFLUENCE EXODUS STILL HAS IN TODAY’S METAL-SCENE. DID YOU EXPECT „TEMPO OF THE DAMNED“ TO HAVE SUCH AN IMPACT, THAT BY MOST FANS AND JOURNALISTS IT WAS RATED ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT AND BEST ALBUMS OF 2004 – WHICH DOESN’T HAPPEN TOOOO OFTEN WITH COMEBACK-ALBUMS? You know, I expected it. I think, it did well for a couple of reasons. One: that it is a great album. And two: nobody expected us to make that great of an album. Everybody expected us to be just another band that got back together and did like some second-rate album, and then they go out and play all the old songs, maybe two new ones. But no one expected us to make something this relevant. And we did. And we’re doing it again, and we’re proving that we’re not a one-trick-pony, that this band has a lot of great music left in them. I’M WITH YOU! PRETTY SURE, THAT THE NEW ALBUM WILL HAVE THE SAME – IF NOT A BIGGER – IMPACT. GIVEN THE FACT, THAT I’M NOT ABLE TO GET „SHOVEL HEADED KILL MACHINE“ OUT OF MY CD-PLAYER… The last album no one expected the album to be great, this album no one expected us to be able to finish it. (laughs) YOU’LL KEEP GOING, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS! NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT. Absolutely! Yeah, for sure! ONE LAST QUESTION ABOUT THE NEARER FUTURE: YOU’LL BE GOING ON AN EXTENSIVE EUROPEAN TOUR SOON, I HOPE?! Yeah, we start touring October 1st in the United States, and we leave for Europe November 9th, I believe, and we’re doing a number of co-headlining shows with Hypocrisy, as well as the two of us are doing the X-mas festival. So we’ll be over in Europe early November through, I think, December 18th. WONDERFUL! I’LL MAKE IT FOR THE SHOW – JUST TO SEE YOU PUMPING OUT SOME SEXY RIFFS… Yeah, you got it. I’ll put some extra-sexy on ‚em for you. OH, JUST THE RIFFS PLEASE! Just the riffs… (laughs)

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