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HI, HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU? I am fine. I am here. I am me. CONGRATS FOR THE GREAT NEW CD! ARE YOU CONTENT WITH EVERYTHING NOW WORK IS DONE? Thank you. Although it sounds like an cliché, I have never been pleased so much before with an album. The only thing I would want to change, is adding things which we didn’t have time to do. HOW HAS RELEASE PARTY IN GÖTBORG BEEN GOING? LOTS OF NICE DRINKS? FANATIC GROUPIES? A GREAT PARTY? It went quite well I think. It was fun and we met people and friends. Groupies, no not for me and that’s best for me since my girlfriend came along. FIRST OF ALL AN „OLD“ QUESTION: I ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW WHY DID MITHOTYN SPILT UP? WAS A BRILLIANT BAND IN MY OPINION (AND IN MANY OTHERS, TOO)! DID YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH THE INVASION LABEL? In the beginning of MITHOTYN I actually listened more to Black and Death metal but as time went by I listened less and less to it. Then of course it didn’t feel that true to myself still playing that music and I really started to think that my music anyway is being destroyed by the vocals of MITHOTYN. I also felt a bit tied up then cause I couldn’t throw in all riffs I wanted cause it wouldn’t fit to Black Viking metal and all the lyrics should be about some cool old Vikings. I also wanted to say something and at the same time play what I loved so I started FALCONER instead. WHY DID YOU CONTINUE WITH FALCONER „ONLY“ WITH CLEAN VOCALS? WERE YOU TIRED UP WITH THE MORE BRUTAL ONES? Yes, it wasn’t anything that added anything to the music. With clean vocals you can work with melodies on one more instrument. Otherwise you have to have all melodies on the guitar. YOU CHANGED THE LINE UP AFTER „SCEPTRE OF DECEPTION“, WHAT WERE THE REASONS BEHIND IT. WAS IT BECAUSE OF SOME CRITICAL VOICES REGARDING THIS RELEASE? I felt like we could never be tight enough as a band if the bassplayer is not present on all rehearsals, Peder lived 3 hours from us so it ended the way that I play most bassguitars in the studio anyway. I also felt like we needed a real leadguitarist, neither I or Anders were good enough at that. It wasn´t like I kicked them out, they understood and also told me that the member change would have happen anyway soon cause Anders and Peder felt it was too much travelling involved with just rehearsing and they also felt like they wanted to spend more time on other things than on the band. Magnus lives in the same town as Karsten and me, he also plays bass in Karstens other band. Karsten mentioned to Magnus that we might be looking for a new bassist soon and he was very enthustiastic abou it. We found Jimmy through good old advertising in magazines, one of his guitarstudents mentioned it to Jimmy and he sent me some material. WHERE DO YOU SEE THE MAIN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN „GRIME“ AND „SCEPTRE“? HAS THERE BEEN A CHANGE IN THE STYLE OF SONGWRITING? SOME NEW FRESH INFLUENCES? The music is more filled with attitude and power than before. After the last album we realized that Kristoffer has more to offer than just the mellow voice that Mathias is known for. So we said that we wouldn’t hold back on the attitude this time. The new line up also inspired us and made me write more intense songs. In the past our lyrics were often about history, on this album there is only one song with that theme. Written by Kristoffer who made that song (“Jack the knife”) by himself and also contributed with other lyrics. I am not that eager to sing about sagas and fairytales now, I benefit more from writing about things where I actually have an opinion or something to say. It’s more rewarding for me. You could say I’m getting a bit bored with all these dragons and holy warrior themes in metal. The only “new” inspiration I got this time is the general feeling within the band. Everything feels so positive and great and that made an impact on me. NEARLY EVERY YEAR YOU OFFER A NEW CD, WILL YOU CONTINUE LIKE THIS? DON’T YOU HAVE ANY OTHER HOBBIES? 🙂 ARE THERE SO MANY IDEAS IN YOUR MIND? I have no other hobbies, no. I’m quite a lazy guy so when I have free time and am not just watching TV, I pick up the guitar. I don’t think finding new ideas is difficult, only the really good ones don’t always come that easily. The thing is that if I work full time all around the year the albums come with bigger gaps. If we have tours or other things in between it will also take a longer time. As it is now I think we could record a new album in March next year but we’ll see what happens. DO YOU WRITE ALL THE STUFF, OR ARE THERE IDEAS OF THE OTHER MEMBERS?I MEAN OTHER BANDS NEED A COUPLE OF YEARS TO GET THEIR STUFF DOWN AND YOU COME OUT WITH BRILLIANT SONGS EVERY YEAR… For this new album Kristoffer has written one song by himself (“Jack the knife”, as I told you before) and then 25% of the remaining lyrics. No one has complained that I wrote all material in the past. Now it’s evident that if I just focus on, let’s say 2/3 of the material I can achieve a higher level of songwriting. Throwing away all the OK ideas and just keeping the GREAT. It also brings more aspects and dimensions to the album if there are more minds involved. I will still write major parts of the material in future though. Hopefully Jimmy can contribute with material in the future, too. WHAT IS THE TITLE „GRIME VS. GRANDEUR“ ALL ABOUT? DOES IT CHARACTERIZE YOUR SOUND IN ANY WAY? OR JUST A NICE ALLITERATION?! The title represents the plus of more intense music and still keeping strong melodies. The cover has a different meaning though. The 2 girls on the cover are actually the same girl but brought up under different circumstances, just showing that you’re shaped by your surroundings to be who you are, so your persona is the same whatever. You are nothing from the beginning, just are shaped by time and others will. HOW IMPORTANT ARE LOS ANGERED-STUDIOS FOR FALCONER? WOULD YOU EVER CONSIDER CHANGING THE PRODUCTION TEAM? We know Andy very well and he knows us very well and what we want and might like. We chose him again yes. I trust him a lot with the recordings, he never releases something that isn’t perfect or wellplayed. This time I and Kristoffer were a bit more involved with the engineering and sounds which I think strengthens the band feeling. We could record each other instead of every one recording themselves with Andy. This time we told Andy that we wanted more heavy guitars, well that we wanted a more heavy sound at all. I think he did a very good job there, since he knows us and our music, he was sure not to make the sound too heavy or brutal. I can also tell you that this time both me and Kristoffer were a part of the engineering. I for example recorded most bass takes and some sologuitar and vocals. All this made the band feel and work more like a unity instead of each and every guy working alone just with Andy. Everyone felt like they were a part of the album recording. In the future we are a bit interested in seeing what another studio could do with our sound, but the step I am willing to take at this point is maybe to mixing it in another studio only. WHAT ARE THE LYRICS ALL ABOUT? DOES KRISTOFFER WRITE THEM? The new songs are more about society and social life. Some wild life and history can be found to but not in the same extent as before. IN „POWER“ HE´S INTONATING „YOU GOT POWER… POWER TO DEVOUR“ – SHOULD IT BE THAT 80´S-RETRO AS IT SOUNDS? HAHA…I LIKE IT! Ha ha ha. You’re the first who has mentioned that. Yes you could call it a tribute to the eighties. When I came up with it I felt that it sounded very “ tight jeans and hairspray”. BESIDES MUSIC YOU ARE VERY ACTIVE ON YOUR HOMEPAGE. HOW IMPORTANT IS MULTIMEDIA FOR A BAND LIKE FALCONER NOWADAYS? I don’t know the importance of it but I’m quite curious about what they speak about on the homepage so I drop in quite often and feel like commenting some stuff. WHAT ABOUT TOURING FOR THE NEW CD? WILL YOU ATTEND GERMANY? DOING ANY OF THE LARGE FESTIVALS? Hopefully there will be some kind of tour towards the end of this year. Then I hope for a tour where we are supporting a bigger band. According to our tour agency they have the same plans as us. Let’s wait and see what happens. I realize now that releasing an album in May is not that good cause all the festivals are already long booked. Got to think about that in the future. Hopefully people will have the same opinion as we have, that this album kicks “Sceptre…” so far in the butt you can’t believe it. That will hopefully bring an interest in seeing FALCONER Live, too. WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM THE SHOWS? AND HAVE YOU ANY INTERESTING ANEKDOTES OF YOUR PAST GIGS? Live you can expect a very energetic front man and the rest of the band is getting better at the stage, too. Some anectdotes are quite funny, like the 2:nd gig with Magnus. Kristoffer didn’t feel very good so we decided to drop the tuning half a step on the instruments: playing in D then. The thing is that Magnus forgot about it so during the 2:nd song we all looked at each other, Magnus was off one tone all the time. It sounded very horrible. That’s a very ugly “beginners mistake”. Aaaargh!!!! CAN YOU TELL ME SOMETHING ABOUT THE „PRIVATE“ FALCONERS. WHAT ARE YOUR INTERESTS, YOUR DREAMS, YOUR OBSESSIONS? HOW IMPORTANT IS NATURE AND PAGAN CULTURE FOR YOU? Pagan culture was quite interesting for me some years ago but I’ve done that now. It doesn’t appeal to me as much anymore although I’m still interested. History in general is more interesting. My private life consists of Work, TV, music. That’s it. Occasional parties on the weekends. Magnus and Kristoffer are the ones that are very social. Jimmy only has his guitar in mind when he doesn’t work. Karsten has his own farm basically when we don’t make him rehearse. SO THANKS FOR YOUR TIME, ANY LAST WORDS TO THE GERMEN FANS? Thank you for this interview and I hope you will all have a great summer with a lot of ice cream and lovely beach volley. Sell your copies of “Sceptre…” and go by this new album instead, you will not be disappointed. Hopefully we can come your ways sometime in the fall and convince you otherwise. Cheers to you all. HOPE TO SEE YA ON TOUR AND THANX FOR ANSWERING!

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