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FIRST OF ALL: HOW ARE YOU AND HOW DO YOU SPEND THE HOLIDAYS? I THINK THERE ARE MANY REASONS FOR CELEBRATING LOOKING BACK TO 2009… Doing well thanks! I spent the holidays relaxing and spending time with friends… 2009 was a great year for us. We got to play the Download Festival and our album War Is the Answer debuted at Number 7 on the Billboard Charts…We also won Best New Band at Metal Hammer Golden God Awards…We are all very thankful for those things! DO YOU HAVE SOME NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS? I think this year is about finding more balance in all areas for me personally… It’s hard to stay healthy on the road… but we carry our workout equipment with us, Zoltan carries his Jiu-Jitsu mats… Our shows are very demanding, and if we wouldn’t stay in good health we couldn’t do 100% every night… WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FOR 2010? DO YOU THINK, YOU CAN EVEN TOP ITS PREDECESSOR? I think on the touring front it’s going to be even bigger and better than 2009! We’re enjoying the journey. We’re excited to see how everything works out this year. YOU TOURED EUROPE AGAIN IN AUTUMN 2009 – PLEASE TELL US ABOUT THE IMPRESSIONS YOU GOT HERE? The crowds were very respectful and supportive. The weather left something to be desired ha ha! But we had a great time and we’re looking forward to coming back. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY, IS THERE A DIFFERANCE BETWEEN YOUR AMERICAN DEVOTEES AND YOUR FANS IN EUROPE OR ESPECIALLY IN GERMANY? Not really, everyone is equally crazy during the shows! Singing the lyrics and participating in the pits! We enjoy both crowds equally. WE HAD A VERY INTERESTING INTERVIEW WITH IVAN ON FEBRUARY, 19th IN COLOGNE LAST YEAR AND SO WE WERE VERY HAPPY THAT WE GOT THE CHANCE FOR ANOTHER ONE ON NOVERMBER, 21st IN MÜNSTER – BUT THEN YOU HAD TO CANCEL THIS SHOW AND THE SHOW IN HAMBURG DUE TO BANDMEMBER ILLNESS. CAN YOU TELL US A LITTLE BIT MORE ABOUT THE SITUATION AND THE STORY BEHIND? Zoltan blew his ears out and developed a thing called Vertigo where he literally couldn’t stand up for a few days. He’s still dealing with it, but it seems to have improved to the point where we can tour and he feels comfortable. We tried to play a few shows just as a four-piece band, but that’s not what Death Punch is about. So, we had to cancel a few shows. WE HOPE THAT EVERYONE IS FINE NOW. ARE THERE ALREADY PLANS TO CATCH UP ON THESE DATES? I’m sure we will make up the dates. Not sure when it will happen though. But hopefully soon. FOR SURE IT’S A VERY UNCONFORTABLE SITUATION TO CANCEL A SHOW, ESPECIALLY FOR SUCH REASON. HOW DO YOU SPEND THE TIME THEN, IF YOU ARE FORCED NOT TO PLAY? Well, our shows are very physical. So if we ever cancel I take advantage time off, we rest and recover. ON JANUARY, 21st YOU START A U.S. HEADLINING TOUR WITH SHADOWS FALL, WHO SUPPORTED YOU ALREADY IN EUROPE – A STROKE OF GOOD FORTUNE? We really like those guys as a band and as people. We’re happy to tour with them! We’re glad they’re on board! IF YOU COULD DECIDE – WHICH BAND WOULD YOU CHOOSE AS YOUR SUPPORT? DEAD OR LIVING ALLOWED. I think ANVIL would be fun to take out with us! I love their documentary! FOR THIS TOUR YOU ANNOUNCED: „FIRST 100 LADIES IN LINE GET IN FREE“ – DO YOU REALLY NEED SUCH TRICKS TO PERSUADE LADIES TO COME TO YOUR SHOWS?? 😉 OR DID YOU REALLY MEAN “AFTER THE SHOW” 🙂 I think it’s just a way to be cool and invite girls to check us out for free! All metal shows have way more guys than girls and that’s cool, but who doesn’t like having more girls around ha ha?!! THE BONUS-DVD TO YOUR CURRENT ALBUM „WAR IS THE ANSWER“ STARTS WITH THE HEADLINE „(…) A SMALL METAL BAND (…) HITS THE ROAD…“ – WOULD YOU SAY, THAT THIS SIZE STILL FITS? I would say in some places we may still be relatively small… But it seems that more and more people are aware of Death Punch, which is great! THIS DVD ALSO CONTAINS A LOT OF PICTURES OF YOUR FANS, WHO WEAR YOUR NAME, LOGO, LYRICS ETC. AS TATTOOS – DID YOU EXPECT THAT SO MANY PEOPLE WOULD LOVE YOU THAT MUCH, THAT THEY WEAR A PART OF YOU ON THEIR SKIN – FOREVER? It’s such an honour for us when someone wants our logo on their skin! What a cool thing! I never really thought I would be asked to autograph someone’s arm so they could get my name tattooed. It’s great! From day one, our fans were die hard – very supportive… we owe them everything we got, so we thought we dedicate a portion of the DVD to them because they are a huge part of our story. WHAT DO TATTOOS MEAN TO YOU IN GENERAL? I certainly have a lot of tattoos. I’ve always liked the look and vibe of them. I’m pretty close to having both arms complete ARE THERE PLANS FOR A LIVE-DVD IN THE NEAR FUTURE? We’ve talked about it. We’re hoping to do one this year! WHOSE IDEA WAS THE SKULL ON YOUR CD-COVERS AND YOUR MERCH? Zoltan does all the artwork and merchandise. We keep it in house because he does a great job! DO YOU HAVE A NAME FOR IT? Yes, that’s the original “Knucklehead”…somehow it became our ‘mascot’ ANOTHER SYMBOL YOU OFTEN USE IS THE BRASS KNUCKLES. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT TO PEOPLE WHO HAVEN’T HEARD YOUR MUSIC AND THINK, YOU’RE JUST A BUNCH OF BRAINLESS BRUTAL RODDIES? I think once people hear the music, it makes sense. We’re not idiots, the logo fits the name and the brand… A lot of bands have skulls and crossbones, monsters and all kind of creatures… it’s just the imagery of this genre… I don’t think anyone would seriously think that the guys from Iron Maiden clone monsters in their basements and have altars dedicated to Satan or something crazy like that… Their album covers were just art… the same way – we don’t have brass knuckles in our back pockets… it’s just a graphic element we use…. A USER OF OUR FORUM ASKED ME TO ASK YOU: “CONSIDERING THE NAME OF YOUR BAND, WHAT CLASSIC MARTIAL-ARTS MOVIES AND STARS FROM THE GOLDEN (HONG KONG-) “SHAW BROTHERS”-PRODUCTION-TIMES DURING THE 60s AND 70s DO YOU LIKE?” That would be a question geared more for Zoltan. He’s a big fan of those movies. I personally like some of the Bruce Lee films though. Enter The Dragon was always cool. AT THIS POINT, I WANT TO CONGRATULATE YOU TO YOUR SECOND RECORD. I IMPORTED „THE WAY OF THE FIST“ IN 2007, BECAUSE I’M A BIG FAN OF IVAN SINCE HIS TIME WITH MOTOGRATER. THEN YOU OFFICIALLY RELEASED IT EARLY IN 2009 AND NOW YOU HIT US WITH SUCH A BULLET CALLED „WAR IS THE ANSWER“ – THANK YOU! WHAT WERE YOUR EXPECTATIONS FOR THIS RECORD DURING THE WRITING- AND RECORDING SESSIONS? We just didn’t want to make the same record as the Way of The Fist… but definitely wanted something that continues the musical theme we started… We wrote what we felt at the time and it turned out just the way we wanted. To me, it sounds like a continuation and slightly more mature record… we broadened our musical spectrum a bit, but made sure that we kept some elements, and a similar feel to the first album. Ultimately, it’s always about the songs… we like songs with melodies, and great dynamics… WHERE ARE THE DIFFERENCES IF YOU WOULD HAD TO COMPARE THIS SESSIONS AND THE RECORDINGS TO YOUR DEBUT? We recorded “Way of The Fist” without ever touring together. So we really didn’t know each other as players. We toured that record for a few years and really grew tight and learned how to play together. When it came time to do the second album, we had learned what works live and what doesn’t and had an idea of what each other would do. YOUR SONGS ARE PLAYED ON RADIO-STATIONS AND YOUR VIDEOS ARE ON TELEVISION – WHAT DO YOU THINK WHEN YOU SEE OR HEAR YOURSELF THERE? It’s still very cool! I remember the first time I heard us on radio that was a special moment for me. American radios don’t play heavier bands, so in the beginning they wouldn’t touch a band like us, but a couple of brave DJs started play it anyway and the phones were ringing off the hook… eventually the songs became hit singles, and to some degree we changed radio itself because the big commercial stations actually consider heavier bands now after our success at radio… „HARD TO SEE“ WAS YOUR FIRST SINGLE, „WALK AWAY“ IS NOW ON RADIO – ARE THERE PLANS TO RELEASE A BOMB LIKE „BULLETPROOF“ OR „BURN IT DOWN“ FOR EXAMPLE AS WELL? We’ve tossed around ideas for another single. Not sure what it will be just yet. As I said radio is very specific with what they play and we really just sneak by the censorship as is … we are on the cusp of what’s acceptable to them – so our heavier songs would never be played… DO FANS OF TUNES LIKE „THE WAY OF THE FIST“, „WHITE KNUCKLES“ OR „WAR IS THE ANSWER“ HAVE TO BE AFRAID, THAT 5FDP WILL BECOME TOO “SOFT” SOMEDAY? We will always be true to what we’re feeling. We won’t make a record just to please certain crowds. The fans of our first two records should take solace in the fact that we will always deliver something that’s honest… we all grew up on metal, and we love good songs and melodies… so we will always strive to write melodic stuff that’s heavy and I think we kind of established where we stand… YOUR CURRENT ALBUM IS PERFECTLY BALANCED BETWEEN EMOTION AND RAGE – THERE ARE VERY ANGRY SONGS BUT ALSO BALLADS: IS THERE A PLAN TO BALANCE IT LIKE THAT OR DO YOU JUST USE THE „GOOD SONG – BAD SONGS“-PRINCIPLE TO DECIDE, WHICH ONE WILL BE ON THE RECORD? We wanted to take the listener’s on a journey and not just have the same style of song for 13 songs. It’s almost like a movie score kind of… The record as a whole has to be a piece of art, so it’s important what songs comes after what, the balance of light and dark, and it has to have enough diversity… at least that’s how We feel about music. ARE THERE SPECIFIC „SONGWRITING-TIMES“ IN WHICH YOU ONLY DO WRITING OR IS IT A CONTINUOUS PROGRESS – DO YOU SOMETIMES WAKE UP IN THE MORNING WITH AN IDEA OR DO YOU JUST CONCENTRATE YOURSELF ON IT IF YOU PLAN TO WRITE A NEW ONE? We try to focus on whatever the task at hand is. On tour it’s not as easy to write and we’re really focused on the live shows. We like to write when we’re focused at home and can give it the attention it deserves rather doing one or the other half assed. HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHEN THE MOMENT IS RIGHT TO THINK ABOUT THE NEXT RECORD? I think once we complete this year of touring, we’ll take a look at where we are in terms of making a new record. SO, TO COME TO AN END – WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM 5FDP IN THE FUTURE? IS THERE SOMETHING, A SPECIAL EVENT OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT, YOU CAN’T AWAIT IN THE NEAR FUTURE? We will be touring all year supporting “War Is The Answer.” We’re headlining Hammer Fest and there will be a lot of big festivals and big tours we are going to be a part of. We’re also going to Iraq and Afghanistan to play for the troops which should be very exciting!!! AND A SHORT ONE GOES TO POLITICS: WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT OBAMA AND HIS ACHIEVEMENTS SO FAR? WILL THE THREAT OF TERROR SHORTEN HIS POWER CONSIDERING THE AIRPLANE INCIDENT FOR EXAMPLE? I really don’t like to discuss politics. I like to keep my opinion to myself regarding that… MAYBE YOU HAVE ONE LAST SENTENCE FOR YOUR GERMAN FANS? Thanks for your continued support. We hope to see you all again very soon!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND OUR BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE! Thank you! Same to you as well!

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