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HEY ANDRAS, HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE 10 MIN. AGO? 😉 Hey! I’m fine, thanks. I had breakfast 10 minutes ago 🙂 FINALLY YOUR DEBUT ALBUM IS OUT AND I WAS VERY SURPRISED IN A POSITIVE WAY. 1ST, CAUSE MOST OF THE UNDERGROUND BLACK METAL ACTS FROM EASTERN EUROPE DO NOT HAVE A GOOD SOUND IN CONTRARY TO YOU! AND 2ND THE SONGS AND THEIR ATMOSPHERE ARE AWESOME…YOU MUST BE VERY SATISFIED! Well, we strived for a very powerful yet harsh sound. It is important to have a proper sound for these songs. Thanks to our producer we could sound in a way which satisfies us. OF COURSE, THE WINTRY WOODS ARE YOUR MAIN INFLUENCE, BUT WHAT ELSE HAS AN IMPACT ON YOUR SONGS AND FINDS THE WAY INTO YOUR MUSIC? STORIES/ LEGENDS FROM THE PAST? PERSONAL THINGS? OR MAYBE EVEN ACTUAL WORLD TOPICS? MOVIES? BOOKS? Of course, anything can influence the composer, but in case of FOREST SILENCE it is definitely winter which inspires us. It has a very huge impact on our songs. FOREST SILENCE is an interpretation of the mysticism of winter. WINTER STARTED THIS PROJECT ABOUT 10 YEARS AGO. DOES HE ALSO WRITE THE SONGS? HOW DO YOU WORK IN GENERAL? Yes, he is the main man behind FOREST SILENCE. Actually, FOREST SILENCE is his band. He writes all the music. We just help him with some ideas. Usually, he creates at home and when he is ready with the basic of the songs then we build them up together. IS THERE KIND OF A CONCEPT? I THINK EVERY SONG SOUNDS LIKE AN OWN JOURNEY FOR ITSELF (BY THE WAY, IN THE INFO IT CAN BE READ “6 SONGS”, BUT ON THE CD ARE JUST 5?) There is no specific concept behind the songs though we definitely wanted to create an organic album. Each note has its own role and the album shows its purest form when listened to as a whole. Originally we planned 6 songs but finally we recorded 5 because the last one will appear on the next release as it didn’t fit into this one. DID YOU RECORD SOLELY NEW SONGS OR ARE THERE ALSO TRACKS FROM THE EARLY DEMOS? These are all new songs. Nothing from previous demos. ON YOUR HOMEPAGE YOU SAID, THAT YOUR MUSIC IS NOT MADE OR PLANNED TO BE RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC. NOW YOU HAVE A DEAL AND A RECORD… It applied to the demos only. Winter didn’t want to distribute them though there are certain plans now to release those recordings as there was a strong demand for it. MAYBE THE NEXT QUESTION SOUNDS A BIT STUPID, BUT WHY DIDN’T YOU CALL THE BAND “WINTER SILENCE”… WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN TOO OBVIOUS? “Forest silence” is an existing expression in Hungarian language. This is why Winter gave this name to the band. It expresses the mood, the calmness, the endless tranquillity of a forest. FOR YOU AS “THE BOSS” OF SEAR BLISS, IS FOREST SILENCE A GOOD WAY TO GET YOUR HEAD FREE? OR DO YOU MAYBE GAIN SOME INSPIRATION FROM EACH BAND FOR THE OTHER? FOREST SILENCE is quite different compared to SEAR BLISS. They are totally separated, so no inspiration from one to another. Winter started FOREST SILENCE when he was still a member of SEAR BLISS and I liked what he created. It was so unique, so special. I was very glad when he asked me to play the guitars. I always respected FOREST SILENCE. It’s a great thing to take part in it. YOUR SOUND IS OF COURSE INSPIRED BE THE BM-LEGENDS FROM THE NORTH, BUT IN YOUR HOMELAND ALSO EXISTED SOME AWESOME BANDS IN THE PAST, LIKE TORMENTOR. HOW MUCH IMPACT DO THESE BANDS HAVE? TORMENTOR was great back then in the late 80’s. They made great things long before the mid 90’s BM uprise. They were very unique. They had an impact on the whole black metal scene. ALTHOUGH TORMENTOR AS WELL AS SEAR BLISS RELEASED AWESOME MUSIC, THEY OFTEN SEEM TO HAVE PROBLEMS TO BE RECOGNIZED/ ACCEPTED BY MANY BLACK METAL-FANS. ANY CLUE, WHY? It has always been difficult for a band from Hungary or other countries from this region to break out. Especially in the past when we started. I hope this will change and more and more Hungarian bands will get international recognition. As I see, some people don’t take us seriously because we are from a small country in the middle of nowhere. We don’t care… HOW IS THE HUNGERIAN SCENE DOING IN GENERAL? It’s getting better. There are some very promising bands over here. There are good shows, labels, etc… Things are quite OK. THE SONGS WITH THIS STRONG AND DARK ATMOSPHERE WOUD BE PERFECT FOR A VISUAL IMPLENTATION. ANY VISIONS/ IDEAS (MAYBE WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT FINANCIAL REGISTRATIONS) It would be very exciting to work on the visual interpretation of Forest Silence. I myself didn’t think too much on it so far but if we will have the opportunity then we want to make something outstanding. WILL WE EVER SEE FOREST SILENCE LIVE? I doubt Winter wants to play live with FOREST SILENCE. I don’t think it will ever happen but if he decides to play live then I will be there. HOW WILL THE FUTURE OF FOREST SILENCE LOOK LIKE? ALREADY PLANS/ IDEAS FOR NEW SONGS? We are working on new songs at the moment for a split CD with THE EYE from France. As I told you, there are negotiations about the release of the second and third FOREST SILENCE demos on CD. OF COURSE I HAVE TO ASK FOR NEWS FROM THE SEAR BLISS-CAMP: WHEN CAN WE EXPECT YOUR CANDLELIGHT-DEBUT? We are working on the new SEAR BLISS album with full power. We are focusing on it with 100%. There are complete songs ready and a lot of fresh ideas as well. This will be our strongest effort. We will go to the studio in March and the album will hopefully be out in June. As you mentioned, this will be our first album for Candlelight and we are really glad to work with them. They are very professional. WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM “STAR-CROSSED”? STAR-CROSSED is my personal project. During the last two years I wrote a lot of music which didn’t fit SEAR BLISS. You know, SEAR BLISS is a result of five different personalities. It is a mixture of our ideas. I didn’t want to force them to use my ideas which don’t fit in SEAR BLISS, so I decided to make my own project. STAR-CROSSED is very personal and it will be quite different compared to SEAR BLISS but the songs will have a very strong atmosphere. SEAR BLISS takes the main priority, so I would like to record the STAR-CROSSED album later next year when I will have enough time to complete it. THANX FOR YOUR TIME AND OF COURSE THE LAST WORDS ARE YOURS! Thank you for the interview. I recommend FOREST SILENCE to those people in the underground who like slow black metal with a wintry atmosphere and freezing aura. Thanks for your support.

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