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HI! HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? Quite OK, thanx for asking! It`s a free day from my job today and it feels like sunday. Lazy and peaceful… Right now I`m at home, but soon after the interview will be done, I`ll go to check out our new rehearsal room somewhere in the old polyclinic… „RU:MIPU:DUS“ IS OUT AND VERY IMPRESSIVE. IT TOOK MANY YEARS FOR YOU TO PUBLISH A FULL LENGTH DEBUT. HAVE YOU SOMETIMES BEEN NEAR LOSING FAITH? Yep, it`s finally out and I`m quite satisfied with that. I know that it took a fucking long time (more than 11 years!!!) for releasing our debut, but it`s better late than never. And I really think the next album doesn`t take another decade. I have never been tired of making music and Forgotten Sunrise. It`s my life u know. There`s no life without music for me. We have had a lot of difficulties and problems all these years, but all the hard times are negotiable. AS YOU ARE QUITE UNKNOWN IN THE MUSIC SCENE (AT LEAST HERE IN GERMANY) COULD YOU PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO OUR READERS?! FS is not a fun band. We call our style “Deathbeat” (electronic beat music with Death Metal aura). If you like deep, beautiful, but negative music to bring you some positive feelings, taste our music – it`s for you! YOU STARTED WITH DEATH METAL IF MY INFORMATION IS RIGHT. WHY DID YOU CHANGE YOUR SOUND SO DRASTICALLY? WAS THIS SOMEHOW A NATURAL EVOLUTION? Yeah, I have always said, that it`s a quite logical progression for FS. We have never been a pure Death Metal band, we have always tried to mix it with some other influences. We have always had some female vocals, violins, jew`s harp, piano, keyboards, samples in our music. So, when we lost our drummer in `95, we decided to replace him with some electronic rhythms and when the world of electronic music opened to me, I saw so many great sounds and possibilities there that I really loved to put some more technology into our dark music. Now we have a drummer, too and he works together with our artificial rhythms. AND HOW DID YOUR COLLABORATION WITH MY KINGDOM MUSIC START? ARE YOU CONTENT WITH THEIR PROMOTIONAL WORK? You know, Francesco published Vampiria Magazine before and once I sent him our promo “a.Nimal f.Lesh – Looma Liha” for reviewing and he wrote me back, that he already knows FS and he likes our music and he wants to start a label soon. So, when his words came true, we signed the deal with him. We have done only one project together till today, but I can say that we are very satisfied with his work and I`m quite sure that his label will be a big one in the future, coz he has a very good taste and he knows what to do. WHICH LYRICAL CONCEPT STANDS BEHIND “RU:MIPU:DUS”? (WHAT DOES THE TERM “RU:MIPU:DUS” MEAN ANYWAY?) The hate of life and people and the laws made by men. Pessimistic and depressive shit….a lot of death and sadness and a lot of abstractionism. Ruumipuudus means “Lack of Space”. I mean the mental part of it mostly. Our bodies are too small for our souls and these 3 dimensions are too little for our useless brains… we have a brain, but only very small part of it works – why? We can`t know the answer, because of the same 3-dimensional brain in our box between the ears. YOU OFTEN SEEM TO USE PHONETIC SCRIPT FOR YOUR SONG TITLES – ANY SPECIFIC REASONS? ANY HALLUCINOGENIC DRUGS? Is there any connection with phonetic script and hallucinogens? I have never heard of that:-) I just like to write in this way and I have always loved to write the things wrong or not like they should be written. No special meaning for that. But about hallucinogenic drugs – yes, I have been influenced by acid. There was a time when I loved LSD quite a lot. But now I know what it is… but still I respect this drug – not using it. COULD YOU TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT THE PRODUCTION PROCESS? HOW IS THE STUDIO SITUATION IN ESTONIA? SOME SONGS HAVE BEEN ALREADY PUBLISHED ON SINGLES/ MCDS. DID YOU RERECORD THEM? We have some ok studios here, but we have very few good sound-engineers here. For such a music like FS create, we have here only one good man behind the mixer… Kristo Kotkas (No-Big-Silence band). He has fantastic ears, a good studio and perfect knowledge about needful stuff in the studio. Also our album is recorded in his studio. All the older songs are re-recorded on Ru:mipu:dus. From 10 tracks on this album you can hear 5 older tracks taken from our previous releases… I have told many times that this Ru:mipu:dus is like our Best of album :-))) But all the tracks have a much better production than ever before. YOUR SOUND VARIES FROM SYNTH POP TO TRIP HOP TO BLACK METAL GROWLS. WHICH BANDS WOULD YOU STATE AS AN INFLUENCE? DO YOU LIKE ULVER OR ANATHEMA? I don`t do any black metal screams…:-(… at least I don`t know that I do them. I have so many influences it`s pointless to mention any of them. From EBM to Breakbeat, from Trip Hop to Death Metal, From Techno to Ethno. I like most of the works by Ulver (both, older and newer stuff) and I like the first Anathema albums and the last album is also quite interesting again. „PLE:SE DISCO-NNECT ME“ HAS BEEN RELEASED ON A BALTIC SCHLAGER COMPILATION. SO NOW HAVE YOU ENTERED THE CHARTS? HAVE YOU BECOME FAMOUS BY NOW? We are not famous in Estonia. Our name is quite known here, but not famous. We create too deep music for the Estonian mainstream people. This compilation was not Baltic, but Estonian. We have somehow a cult status here in some scenes and I`m happy about that. I think that after few years we can say that we are famous here 🙂 But anyway, I wanna spread our music more outside of Estonia. It`s quite meaningless, are you famous or not here in Estonia. It doesn`t mean anything… Estonia is a fucking village with its 1,5 million close-minded people living here. WHICH SHORT TERM WOULD YOU USE TO DESCRIBE YOUR MUSIC TO AN UNKNOWING PERSON? TRIP METAL? BLACK HOP? … Deathbeat. EVER THOUGHT OF “USING” A FLESH AND BLOOD DRUMMER? Yes we have one right now. We had the drummer also ten years ago and now again. He`s more like a percussionist… he doesn`t use any bassdrums and all the drum-kit. Hopefully he will play also some electronic percussions in the future. YOU MADE A VIDEO FOR “„NEVER(K)NOW“. ISN’T THIS A VERY EXPENSIVE THING TO DO FOR A RATHER UNKNOWN FORMATION? AND WILL THIS VIDEO BE PLAYED ON TELEVISION? It wasn`t expensive to do, coz it`s made by my friends. It was their first music video. We paid nothing for it. Not a single cent. I know it`s not very professional video, but we are satisfied with that. I`m quite sure there will be some more videos in the future. Yep, this video has been played many times in different Estonian televisions. Even today one guy said that he saw this video. I hope that some international televisions will play it, too. HOW DID THE COLLABORATION WITH G.G.F.H. START? DID YOU MEET HIM PERSONALLY? No, I have never met him personally. We have talked only by e-mails. I`m a big fan of their music for ten years and I just wrote to him and asked for a remix of Ple:se Disco-Nnect Me. And he did it… and we asked for his guest vocals for our album and he did the remix and added some vocals too… I think I`m the only fan of GGFH in the world, who has all the releases of him + 2 remixes he did of my own band… fucking great. He wanted some guitars and guest vocals by Tiux for his forthcoming album too, but I haven`t got an e-mail from him for a long time. I know, he has a lot of work everyday. Maybe this time will come, when he wanna release his new album… I hope so, I really wanna hear this one. Cheers to Ghost!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE CURRENT ESTONIAN ALTERNATIVE SCENE? TOO MANY COPYCATS? ANY INTERESTING NEW INFLUENCES OR UNDERGROUND BANDS WHICH HAVE TO BE DISCOVERED? We have a normal scene here. Some super acts, some ok bands and a lot of crap and shit. From metal scene I like to mention great bands like Loits, Echosilence, Horricane… From alternative rock scene: Shelton San, Pia Fraus, Luarvik Luarvik… We also have a great electronic label like Kohvirecords (Galaktlan, Pastacas…). Plus a great freak electrometalpornonemanband Plastic Whore. Of course we have some meaningless black metal and sport (nu) metal bands here, but I don`t wanna waste my time for them. THE GRAND PRIX D’EUROVISION TOOK PLACE IN YOUR HOME COUNTRY. DID YOU WATCH IT? HAS THIS EVENT PUSHED THE MUSIC SCENE IN ESTLAND BY ANY MEANS? Yeah, I watched this… it`s like some sort of sport game or smthg like that. You wanna see the result most of all… the music is secondary. Every year you can see one or two normal songs there and a lot of ABBA and Celine Dion clones. Watch out, this year`s Estonian song is a good one. I`m sure it won`t win anything, but the song is better than the usual stuff. I think this contest is more like tradition here, it doesn`t motivate anything… All the bands that are getting deals and do some tours outside Estonia by now are far behind this mainstream music business. Vanilla Ninja is the only pop band from Estonia that is known also outside of Estland. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP ESTONIA – EUROPEAN UNION? SHOULD THE EURO BE INTRODUCED IN YOUR COUNTRY OR WILL YOU LOSE SOME KIND OF IDENTITY? There are 2 weeks left of our independence…:-( But still I hope that there will be also some things that will be better after the joining with EU. The life will be harder and more expensive here for sure, but the borders will be open and if you don`t like the life here and you know the language – it`s your choice to stay here or leave to someplace else. WHAT ARE YOUR OTHER INTERESTS BESIDES MUSIC? DO YOU HAVE REGULAR JOBS? I ASSUME YOU CANNOT LIVE OFF THE MUSIC. I have been nearly 10 years the seller in the record-store here in Tallinn. That`s my bread 🙂 and money. About my hobbies besides the music… hmmmmm, I like also movies, dark, deep and psychic movies. I`m a big fan of David Lynch. And I like some weird porn, too. And I`m a fan The Netherlands` football team since 1988. And I love photo art… for example b/w erotic/porn stuff, some s/m and fetish photos, videos. But the music is the over the top thing in my life, coz it`s my life!! WILL WE SEE YOU LIVE IN GERMANY AND WHAT COULD WE EXPECT? HAVE YOU ALREADY TOURED OUTSIDE THE BALTIC STATES? One friend of mine told me some time ago that one of his german friends wanna organize some festival there and he wanna see FS there… but nothing sure yet. After a month I`ll be there, because of Wave Gotik Treffen, but only as a visitor not performer..:-( If somebody knows any organizer there who would like to see FS there, let him/ us know. THX! Besides Baltic states we have only performed in Finland twice. No other gigs outside Estland have been done. IF YOU COULD CHOSE: WHICH BAND WOULD YOU LIKE TO SUPPORT? If I must give you an answer from my heart, it would be Dead Can Dance, GGFH, Depeche Mode or Katatonia. But for promoting FS I would like to support U2 for example. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR TIME AND GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR STRONG EFFORT. Thanx a lot, man!!! It was pleasure to answer to your questions. I really hope to meet you in Germany in the future!! Good luck with your zine and keep the flame burning!!!

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