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HI! HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? I’m doing well, thank you. I’m currently living in Pittsburgh, the home of George A. Romero! HELLO DAVID! „LAST MAN STANDING“ IS OUT AND QUITE IMPRESSIVE. ARE YOU CONTENT WITH EVERYTHING? ARE YOU STILL STANDING? I’m still standing, if just barely. As always, I drove myself crazy finishing up this release, making sure that every last detail was to my liking. That took a lot of energy out of me, but the plus side is that I am confident in every aspect of the album. WHERE DO YOU SEE THE MAIN DIFFERENCES BETWEEN “LAST MAN STANDING” AND THE PREDECESSOR “CRIMES OF THE FUTURE”? “Crimes of the Future” was recorded at a friend’s studio, but I recorded “Last Man Standing” on my own. The result was that I had more control over the patch selection, production, and recording quality. It also took a lot longer this way, but I think the sound of the new album more than justifies it. THERE IS SOME KIND OF A CONCEPT AS A BACKGROUND FOR YOUR RELEASES, DEALING WITH LIVING IN A POST NUCLEAR WORLD. COULD YOU EXPLAIN THIS IN DETAIL? Sure. The antagonist of both albums is The Vigilante, which is my alter-ego. In “Crimes of the Future”, he was waging a solo war on street crime in a dystopian metropolis. Between the two albums, a nuclear apocalypse took place, turning the city into a barren wasteland. In “Last Man Standing”, The Vigilante now fights to establish law and order in this “new wild west”. YOU ARE ALSO THE COFOUNDER OF THE LABEL COHAAGEN. DID YOU CHOSE THE NAME ACCORDING TO THE “BAD” CHARACTER IN TOTAL RECALL? But of course! We are huge fans of that movie. HOW DO YOU SYNCHRONIZE YOUR BAND VS YOUR LABEL WORK? I BELIEVE BOTH ACTIVITIES DO NOT ALWAYS HAVE THE SAME GOALS, FOR EXAMPLE REGARDING MONEY ISSUES. The label work is all really just to support the band work. We formed the label to have complete control over the production, promotion, and distribution of our music. Most of the albums we’ve released have been our own projects, but occasionally we’ll work with other artists we like to help get exposure for their work too. YOU OBVIOUSLY ARE A BIG B-MOVIE FAN (ME, TOO!). WHICH TITLES ARE YOUR FAVOURITE ONES? DO YOU LOVE ITALIAN SCIFI MOVIES FROM DIRECTORS SUCH AS CASTELLARI OR D’AMATO? Yes, I’m particularly fond of Italian exploitation movies. The Italian text in the new album is a special homage to this. Castellari, Argento, Cozzi, Fulci, Deodato, Lenzi, D’Amato, they’re all great. Many of my favorite movies are the names of Fr/action tracks: “Death Wish”, “Vigilante”, “Rolling Thunder”, and “Street Law”, for example. Some other favorites are referenced in songs in different ways, like “Keoma”, “Videodrome”, “Mad Max”, “Blade Runner”, “Warriors of the Wasteland”, etc. AND THE VIGILANTE THEME OF THE PREDECESSOR REFERS TO MOVIES LIKE “DEATH WISH” OR VIGILANTE (WILLIAM LUSTIG), AM I RIGHT? Absolutely. “Crimes of the Future” focused more on the vigilante and police genres, whereas “Last Man Standing” refers more to the post-apocalypse and spaghetti western genres. WHOM DO YOU LIKE MORE: MAURIZIO MERLI OR FRANCO NERO? WHO IS THE TOUGH GUY? Franco Nero is the original, so I like him more if only for that reason. Maurizio Merli is basically just a Nero impersonator. I also like how Nero dubs his own voice in the English versions, which retains his personality and acting skills. Merli just seems wooden when he’s dubbed by a different actor. However, Merli often seems like the tougher guy because he shows less emotion, whereas Nero has a much more sympathetic screen presence. HAVE YOU EVER MET SOME OF THE PROTAGONISTS OF THE B MOVIE SCENE OR ARE THERE ANY PLANS OF DOING SOUNDTRACKS? YOUR MUSIC WOULD FIT PERFECTLY WELL. Well, the problem is that the B-movies I like really aren’t made anymore. So, I think the only way I’d write a soundtrack to one is if I made the film myself. The CD-ROM section of “Last Man Standing” has two films I made in film school that work very well with Fr/action songs as the soundtrack. HOW DO YOU COMPOSE A TYPICAL FR/ACTION TRACK? DO YOU DO EVERYTHING ALONE IN COMPOSING AND STUDIO WORK? Yes, everything from the composing to the mastering was done by myself on “Last Man Standing”. I don’t really have a method for composing songs. Sometimes I start with the percussion, other times I start with the chorus melody, or a chord progression, or a bassline, etc. YOUR TECHNOPOP SOUNDS A LITTLE BIT DIFFERENT FROM THE EUROPEAN FUTUREPOP SCENE. DO YOU LIKE VNV NATION, COVENANT AND SO ON? Very much so. The difference you notice probably has something to do with the sounds I use. “Futurepop” is basically defined by the use of the Access Virus and orchestral string samples, whereas I use more analog-sounding patches. Considering that I’m influenced by films of the ‘70s and ‘80s, I think the retro edge of the analog sounds is appropriate. I suppose the sound could be likened a bit to futurepop as produced by Giorgio Moroder! But in a scene where everyone is accused of being a “copycat”, I’ll take it as a compliment when you say that my music “sounds a little bit different”. WHERE DO YOU SEE YOUR INFLUENCES? IN MY REVIEW I ASSUMED YOU COULD LIKE CLASSICAL ELECTRONIC MUSIC, MAYBE VANGELIS OR SIMILAR COMPOSERS. Yeah, I’m I big fan of Vangelis, Jarre, Tangerine Dream, etc. The sound of Fr/action is basically a combination of all the music I like: futurepop, synthpop, electro, computer disco, EBM, trance, techno, and so on. DID YOU EVER PLAY LIVE WITH FR/ACTION? IF SO WHAT CAN THE FAN EXPECT? IF NOT: WILL THIS BE A STUDIO PROJECT FOREVER? I’ve played live twice so far, with another two scheduled performances cancelled ahead of time. I was going to open for Icon of Coil in Pittsburgh, so it was disappointing when that show fell through. The fan can expect to hear the music played very loud! Fr/action is obviously mainly a studio project, but I will never refuse an invitation to play live. CAN YOU EXPLAIN THE CONCEPT WITH THE EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD AREA ON YOUR SITE? WHICH “MYSTERIES” CAN BE FOUND THERE? Every copy of “Last Man Standing” comes with a unique code to access the “Exclusive” section of In the section, you can download exclusive remixes of Fr/action songs and Fr/action wallpapers. We are continuously updating the site with new downloads, so it’s our way of giving you the most value for your purchase of the CD. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE CURRENT AMERICAN ELECTRO SCENE? TOO MANY BANDS? TOO MANY COPYCATS? ANY INTERESTING NEW INFLUENCES OR UNDERGROUND BANDS WHICH HAVE TO BE DISCOVERED? The scene is passionate yet unfortunately small. As with any scene, there are a handful of artists I really like, and a lot of others that I don’t really care for. As for great undiscovered bands, it’s our job as Cohaagen Music to discover them and get them the recognition they deserve! WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE BUSH/ KERRY CAMPAIN? WHICH CANDIDATE IS BEST FOR AN ALTERNATIVE MUSIC LABEL? I don’t know either candidate’s stance on electropop record labels, but I’ll say Kerry just because he’s the best for everything else! I could go on and on about the horrors of the Bush Administration, but “Fahrenheit 9/11” pretty much says it all. WHAT ARE YOUR OTHER INTERESTS BESIDES MUSIC AND OBSCURE MOVIE FEATURES? There’s more to life than that? But seriously, I’m currently trying to broaden my horizons by studying psychology in school. If nothing else, I’m getting some new song and movie ideas! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR TIME AND GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR STRONG EFFORT. Thank you! For complete info, please visit

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