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FIRST OF ALL CONGRATULATIONS FOR „CIVILIZATION“. HEARING IT, IT MADE A REAL PERSONAL AND SOMETIMES EVEN “HURTING” IMPACT ON ME! WHAT WAS YOUR MOTIVATION TO CREATE IT EXACTLY THE WAY IT WENT OUT? We just got together and wrote a bunch of songs and that’s what came out. There was no set plan or anything. We just had fun making music. WHICH TRACKS ARE YOUR FAVOURITE ONES RIGHT NOW? „Dissident“ and „Vanished“. A LOT OF TRACKS SOUND TO ME SIMILAR TO THE DELERIUM OUTPUT! CHANCE OR INTENTION? Well, when you have the same people making the music a bit of similarity is unavoidable because of certain sounds we gravitate toward. There was by no means any intention to make something like Delerium. THE SITUATION OF OUR WORLD TODAY AND THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN HUMAN BEINGS ARE MAIN THEMES OF THE ALBUM! WHERE DO YOU SEE MANKIND IN 50 YEARS? At this rate, picking through heaps of rubbish wearing UV protection suits. WHAT ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN BILL LEEB AND RHYS FULBER? GOOD FRIENDS OR JUST TWO PEOPLE PREFERING TO MAKING THE SAME STYLE OF MUSIC? We live in different cities so its all music mostly these days. But we know how to work together well after all these years. DO YOU PLAN ANY SINGLES/ REMIXES OUT OF „CIVILIZATION“? THE SONG „STRATEGIG“ HAS A VERY STRONG EFFECT ON ME. UNFORTUNATELY IT ONLY LASTS TWO MINUTES… MAYBE ONE COULD DO SOME KIND OF REMIXING? That track was just meant to like an interlude between scenes. I just finished doing remixes for the next single. It will be „Vanished“ plus a re-take of „Civilization“ and an unreleased track. All very cool up tempo stuff in my opinion… PERHAPS „CIVILIZATION“ IS FLAS LAST RELEASE. IF YOU LOOK BACK IN TIME, WHICH PERIOD HAS BEEN BEST AND WHICH WOULD YOU CHOSE TO FORGET FOREVER IF YOU COULD? The 1996 Roskilde show was probably the high point of FLA. The things to forget are forgotten… WHICH TRACKS WOULD BE ON YOUR PERSONAL „BEST OF“? I don’t know… „Iceolate“, „Provision“, „Mental Distortion“, „Remorse“, „Outcast“, „Surface Patterns“, „Millennium“, „Plasticity“, „Prophecy“ are some strong songs. Plus some of the new album… SAMPLES OF SPLATTER/ HORROR AND SCIENCE FICTION MOVIES ALWAYS HAVE BEEN SOME KIND OF TRADEMARK OF YOUR ART AND MADE YOUR ALBUMS SIMILAR TO SOUNDTRACKS! WHICH MOVIES DO YOU LIKE BEST AND DID YOU EVER WANTED TO CREATE A SOUNDTRACK? This was more Bill’s area… WHICH KIND OF MUSIC IS AN INSPIRATION FOR YOU? YOU HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH FEAR FACTORY AND MNEMIC SO DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL PREFERENCE FOR (MODERN) METAL? All kinds of music… I enjoy well produced electronic music to get programming inspiration like Junkie XL and Hybrid. Their stuff sounds so good it makes you want to play too. I like alot of UK alternative bands and soundtrack type stuff. I got really into the initial explosion of metal around the mid-nineties and as it rolled back more to the underground I started seeking out new things. It a style of music I enjoy working on because i think it suits programming very well. I still like to kick on Meshuggah now and again. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT SO-CALLED „FUTURE POP“ AND BANDS LIKE VNV NATION OR COVENANT WHICH ARE VERY SUCCESSFUL AT THE MOMENT. VNV and Covenant are nice people and Covenant has a couple of tunes I like, but as a genre its not really my cup of tea. But its always good to see electronic music doing well, so I wish them the best. WHICH OF YOUR PROJECTS IS OF MAJOR PRIORITY FOR YOU? Whatever we’re working on at the time… YOUR PROJECT DELERIUM HAS BEEN VERY SUCCESSFUL IN RECENT TIMES WHILE THE MAIN FORCE FLA ALWAYS STAYED A SOMEWHAT “CULT” UNDERGROUND FORMATION! IS THIS FACT ANNOYING OR IS THE PLEASURE OF THE DELERIUM SUCCESS PRIOR TO THAT? Its all great. I think 80% of people who buy Delerium records have no idea about FLA, so itSs cool to reach a different audience. It‘s also cool to know FLA has a loyal following and its a lot of fun to make FLA records because there’s not as much to worry about commercially. COULD YOU THINK OF A MIXED SET CONSISTING OF FLA/ DELERIUM/ NOISE UNIT/ SYNASTESIA SONGS TO INCREASE POPULARITY OF YOUR WORK IN GENERAL? We like to keep stuff separate. You wouldn’t hear a Delerium song at a FLA show… IS THERE A CHANCE TO SEE FRONTLINE IN GERMANY SOON? We’re looking into it, so we shall see. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR TIME AND GOOD LUCK FOR THE FUTURE! Thanks, Rhys

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