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HI! WHERE ARE YOU? HOW ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU? Hey! I’m in Oslo, I’m doing very well & my name is Danny Young, I play drums in Gluecifer AUTOMATIC THRILL IST ONE OF THE BEST ALBUMS IN YEARS FOR ME. ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH THE RESULT? Thank you, appreciate it! We are very happy with the songs, the sound, the cover & the way people have taken it. It’s great! HAS IT BECOME DIFFICULT TO WRITE NEW SONGS IN THIS GENRE WHICH SEEMS TO BE A LITTLE BIT LIMITED AT FIRST LOOK? We wrote, say 15-20 songs for this album, some were really shit but mostly we were happy with them. It’s hard only because it takes time to finish them, it’s a long process, but the ideas seem to come naturally so: yes and no. CAN YOU TELL ME: WHAT IS A „DINGDONG THING“? SOUNDS SEXY TO ME… It’s biff’s schlong, if you find that sexy, well good for you… AND IN GENERAL YOU NEW OUTPUT SEEMS TO BE HEAVIER AND FASTER AGAIN. WAS THIS BY CHANCE OR INTENTION? Heavier yes, faster I don’t agree, actually it seems slower but more powerful to me, yes it was very much intentionally IST THE BLACK AND WHITE COVER SOMEHOW A RETURN TO THE BASICS OF ROCK, A STATEMENT FOR SIMPLICITY? It’s more black/ charcoal grey & silver. Not intentionally simple, just something that look really good, very glossy in a way YOU WILL SOON SUPPORT MONSTER MAGNET ON THE EUROPEAN TOUR. SO WILL THERE BE ANOTHER HEADLINER TOUR FOR „AUTOMATIC THRILL“? AND DO YOU EXPECT SOME FUN WITH MR. WYNDORF? We are really looking forward to touring with MM, it will be a blast. I assume we will do our own tour on this album later but we don’t have any dates yet. It probably wont be until the autumn at the earliest. Dave doesn’t party, but I believe we will have fun when he’s onstage, he’s a great showman & rock singer. The other guys in the band like to party after the show, though. YOU ENTERED NORWEGIAN ALBUM CHARTS AT NO 2. I DON´T KNOW EXACTLY THE OTHER BANDS IN THE CHARTS BUT DO YOU THINK, THAT PEOPLE GO BACK TO THE ALTERNATIVE MUSIC? It was really cool to be #2 when Simon & Garfunkel was # 1. I think people just like rock more now than say 5-10 years ago IN GERMANY WE HAVE MANY ONE HIT WONDER BANDS. BANDS, FORMED BY THE MUSIC INDUSTRY. DO YOU THINK THAT MUSIC INDUSTRY DESTROYS MUSIC? AND WHAT ABOUT MP3…? Both artists & music industry executives ruin the music biz with making & promoting shitty music, however sometimes there is a hit that actually is good. I understand that people download music for free, anything that‘s free will always be popular, however as Lemmy says: „U dont ask your plumber to come home to your house to fix your pipes for free“- Now do you? YOUR COUNTRY MATE KURT NILSEN HAS BECOME „WORLD IDOL“. ARE YOU PROUD TO BE NORWEGIAN NOW? 🙂 I can’t sit still! I can finally sleep at night THE NORWEGIAN BLACK METAL SCENE IS VERY STRONG. DO YOU HAVE ANY CONTACT TO BANDS OF THIS SECTOR? EVER VISITED THE „INFERNO FESTIVAL“? Not very familiar with this type of music, i’ve talked to Gylve from Darkthrone & Sven from Mayhem, both very nice guys who have alot more music interests than just black metal, they’re cool guys. Yes I went to the Inferno Festival 2 years ago, I think it was Dimmu Borgir (or Satyricon) playing & that was very powerful, lights, sound & everything was cool to witness especially since I had smoked a joint with my pals from WE, Norways best psycadelic hardrock band SCANDINAVIA IS THE HEART OF EUROPEAN ROCK SCENE (BACKYARD BABIES, TURBONEGRO, HELLACOPTERS, AMULET, WE, YOU!) WHAT IS THE NEXT BIG THING? MAYBE THE HARDCORE SUPERSTARS? I don’t know, but i’ve heard the new WE songs & they are very good, very dark & powerful, some nice suprises in there too. FOR NEWCOMER ROCK BANDS FROM NORWAY OR SWEDEN ISN´T IT DIFFICULT TO START WITH THIS BIG ROCK BACKROUND? LIKE EURO BOYS, A BAND THAT STANDS ALWAYS IN THE SHADOW OF THEIR PREDECESSORS. I dont know, guess you have to ask them that question I HAVE HEARD THAT YOU AND TURBONEGRO ARE NOT „BEST FRIENDS“, DO YOU LIKE TO COMMENT ON THAT? Not really, it’s a boring question that we get asked alot & it really has nothing to do with playing good hard rock YOU MAY BE SURPRISED TO HEAR THAT I KNOW THE FORMER GIRLFRIEND OF YOUR DRUMMER, SASKIA. SHE TOLD ME SOME INTERESTING STORIES OF NORWEGIAN LAKES, FISHING AND A GERMAN SHEPHERD IN A MUSIC VIDEO… ANYTHING YOU WANT TO TELL HER? Well, we were never really girlfriend/ boyfriend but dating friends. There is a dog in our video that has the same name as her & isn’t it funny that I have that dog on a leash? She also fetches my drumstick when I lose it…the dog I mean! THE DAY ROCCO CLEIN DIED WAS A BAD DAY FOR THE ALTERNATIVE MUSIC SCENE. WHAT ARE YOUR MEMORIES ABOUT HIM? He was a really cool guy, very funny to hang with. The last time we hung with him was with Monster Magnet in london & someone stole his jacket, I think Rocco thought it was Happy Tom who stole it (he had been there too that night). Rocco, rest in peace bro! HOW IMPORTANT ARE JOURNALISTS LIKE ROCCO CLEIN ODER LESTER BANGS FOR THE ALTERNATIVE MUSIC SCENE IN TIMES OF BIG MUSIC INDUSTRIES? They are great characters in the whole big picture, they are needed for their enthusiasm & often very unique knowledge of music WHAT ABOUT THE FUTURE OF MUSIC AND MUSIC INDUSTRIE? You don’t wanna ask me, my predictions are almost always way off THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR TIME AND A GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR TOUR! Thank you & take care!

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