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HI! HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? I’m doing very well actually. We are in the midst of our first real headlining run with Blood Has Been Shed, Walls Of Jericho and Full Blown Chaos, and the shows have been amazing. Plus with of the hoopla related to our record and the upcoming tours, we’re in great spirits as a band. CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR NEW EFFORT „FOREVER GONE“ – IN MY OPINION IT SEEMS TO BE THE PERFECT „MELTING POT“ OF EXTREME METAL – DEATH, HARDCORE, NU METAL. ARE YOU CONTENT IN EVERY WAY? I have never been more satisfied with any recording we’ve done to this point. I seriously listen to the record all the damn time. I had to stop listening to it for a while because I was playing it out. But I think we made an album for ourselves and tried to blend all of the elements of heavy music that we enjoy. I figure if I really love our record, than hopefully many other people will like it as well. CAN YOU TELL ME ABOUT THE COVER? IS IT A SYMBOL FOR THE DOWNFALL OF AMERICA? The cover design was done by Travis Smith with Tom B doing art coordination. The concept was actually based on the “Better Days” EP art also done by Travis. I ripped off the idea from the movie “The Crow” where the bad guy was looking at a snow globe with a graveyard in it. I told Tom B that I wanted the same idea except with just one headstone. The LP artwork was based off the EP. It is the same landscape, years later, where the headstone hand withered away. Although the art is very bleak, it is meant to show a glimpse of hope in the future, where the bird takes the rose and flies into the sunset on the back cover. It is not related to America. 4/5 OF YOUR MEMBERS ARE BLACK. DO YOU HAVE A DIFFERENT APPROACH TO METAL, TO THE LYRICS, TO THE AUDIENCE? EVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS WITH „BROTHERS“ WHO WANTED TO ACCUSE YOU FOR NOT BEING REAL OR PLAYING RAP? The “brothers” love us because we still profess much NIGRATUDE. „WASHED OUT WORLD“ IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITES WITH ITS CLEAN VOCALS IN THE REFRAIN. THE SONG DOES END WITH THE LYRICAL QUESTION „WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD?“ – WHAT DO Y O U PERSONALLY THINK IS THE ANSWER? The answer is that we don’t know. No one does. My favourite thing about that line is that it can have so many different meanings for everyone. We don’t know what will happen to our planet in the next hundred years or what will happen to our own lives in the next 5 years or anything. Life is scary. But the journey is important and what you do with the time you do have essential. „SOUL ENGRAVED“ SOUNDS A LITTLE BIT LIKE „BLUES BOOGEY METAL“ – WAS THIS YOUR INTENTION? DO YOU LIKE TO SURPRISE YOUR LISTENERS? I don’t even know what the hell that means. YOU STATE THAT YOU LIKE TO BE TECHNICAL. HOW DO YOU FIND THE RIGHT BALANCE BETWEEN A SIMPLE „SMASH IN THE FACE OF THE AUDIENCE“ AND PORTRAYING YOUR TECHNICAL SKILLS? I don’t really try to be technical, but I think a certain level of technicality is ingrained in God Forbid’s sound. I know when a certain riff is proper for our band. It is certainly a balancing act because there needs to be the right amount of heaviness, melody, riffing, and hooks. The key is really songwriting and arranging. Making the blend seemless and not sounding like 2 separate bands, which is something that really bothers me about most metalcore bands. They don’t write songs, just pieced together parts, but people don’t seem to care. I do though. YOU MADE A VIDEO FOR „BETTER DAYS“ AND AN INTERVIEW FOR HEADBANGERS BALL – IS EXTREME METAL ON THE RISE AGAIN? CAN YOU TELL ME ABOUT THE VIDEO AND HOW IMPORTANT IS „MARKETING“ FOR A BAND OF YOUR SCALE? Extreme music definitely seems to be getting a lot of attention these days. I think the climate is right because there is a lot of shitty music all over the radio and mtv. People are getting sick of it. The underground metal and hardcore scenes have the best group of bands since the late 80s. Underground bands are selling records, and selling concert tickets. The mainstream always pays attention when there is money to be made. The “Better Days” video was done on a relatively low budget, but had a lot of enthusiastic people working for free. It came out a lot better than the budget would suggest. The type of exposure from having videos played on tv is invaluable, but I’m not going to take it for granted. I’m sure metal won’t be cool again in like 4-5 years, and they will cancel all of the metal shows again. But I’m just trying to appreciate it while it is on. „BETTER DAYS“ IN AN INSTRUMENTAL VERSION HAS BEEN ALSO USED FOR A VIDEO GAME. DO YOU ENJOY PLAYING VIDEO GAMES? AND HOW DID THIS COLLABORATION TAKE PLACE? The people who were making the game heard “Better Days” and wanted to use it. They contacted Century Media, and we agreed. It’s pretty damn cool, and there are a ton of huge bands on there. A very cool thing to be part of. REGARDING MEDIA: WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE MOVIES? ARE YOU INTERESTED IN THE SCANDAL OF GIBSONS JESUS MOVIE? ARE YOU BELIEVERS YOURSELF (ESPECIALLY REGARDING YOUR BANDS NAME)? My favourite movies currently are the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I think it’s the most brilliant piece of film making ever. I’m kind of addicted. My brother and I are movie nerds, and we own 270 dvds. Dallas is writing screenplays, and I hope to join him soon. I’m really not interested in that (Jesus) film and don’t care about the controversy. I’d like to see it, but I’m not really religious so it’s not a big deal to me. AND I REALLY LIKE THE NEW JERSEY TRILOGY OF KEVIN SMITH (CLERKS, MALLRATS, CHASING AMY) – IS LIFE IN NEW JERSEY LIKE IT IS PORTRAYED IN THE MOVIES? HOPELESS BUT FUNNY? 🙂 He does a pretty good job of telling his perspective. Jersey is funny place. I don’t think there is really anything that special about it compared to the rest of the country, but it does has some weird shitty appeal. It’s close to New York and Philadelphia, so it’s not bad. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT OF THE OZZFEST 2004? IT’S GREAT TO SEE YOU WILL BE THERE! I’m sure I can expect to have the time of my life. All in all, I’m not sure what to expect though. It is the biggest thing that has ever happened to us I just really want to enjoy it, kick ass everyday, and show the world that we deserve to be on such a large venue with legends like Slayer, Priest and Ozzy. YOU WILL BE ON THE ROAD AS HEADLINER, SUPPORT OF CHIMAIRA AND SO ON. DO YOU FEEL THAT REAL MUSICIANSHIP CAN ONLY BE FELT PLAYING LIVE? ANY INTERESTING TOUR STORIES SO FAR? Playing live is the most important part of playing music to me. Anyone can record a good sounding, tight album. With pro tools and super producers, bad musicians can make good records. Being good live is the most important thing because metal bands make their living from touring and it’s the best way to promote your band and build a following. That’s why Slayer, Maiden and Metallica have such faithful fans. WILL YOU ALSO TOUR IN GERMANY 2004 OR DO ANY OF THE LARGE FESTIVALS? We’re currently trying to get on Full Force and Pressure Fest. We’ll see what happens. We will certainly make our way to Europe this year though. Can’t wait. AT LAST A POLITICAL QUESTION: ARE YOU INTERESTED IN THE DEMOCRATIC PRE ELECTIONS? KERRY OR BUSH, WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE? OR NEITHER OF THEM? I wanted Edwards, but he didn’t make it. I’d rather have a retarded monkey than George Bush in office. ANY LAST WORDS? Thank you for the interview. Everyone buy “Gone Forever.” Props to Jagermeister. THANX FOR ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS AND GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE

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