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HI! HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? Hi! This Anders Norudde, I’m in Karlskoga, Sweden right now. AS A SHORT INTRODUCTION TO THOSE OUTSIDE OF SWEDEN AND DON’T KNOW YOU YET: WHAT DOES THIS BAND STAND FOR? WHAT WERE YOUR IDEAS WHEN YOU STARTED? The idea was to play good rough tunes with our specially made folkinstruments. In 1987 Totte, Björn and me started a trio. Someone thought our pieces sounded like music from the heathen time, and that’s where we got the bandname from. “1989-2003” IS A BEST-OF. HOW DID IT FEEL TO LOOK BACK ON THESE TRACKS? HOW MUCH OF 1989 IS STILL PART OF YOU IN 2003? It felt good looking back. I can still recall how much work it was to create the tunes together. 1989 = 2-3 tunes in the band. HOW DID YOU DECIDE ON WHICH TRACKS SHOULD GO ON THE COMPILATION? We, the Kaksiproducer and the recordcompany sat together and decided. AT THE BEGINNING OF THE 90?S THERE WAS A LOT OF TALK IN TOWN ABOUT DIFFERENT WORLD MUSIC ORIENTATED PROJECTS. WHAT’S YOUR OPINION ON BANDS LIKE DEEP FOREST AND HOW DID YOU EXPERIENCE THAT TIME? I have only heard one tune of them. I remember it sounding plastic-synthesizer-new age. But Marta from Hungary did some great singing. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE FIRST ALBUM, WHICH DID NOT USE VOCALS YET? We were an instrumentaltrio at the beginning and met the girls 1990-91. They suited us very good. BY FAR THE MOST TRACKS ARE FROM “KAKSI!” (1992), WHICH ALSO MARKED YOUR FINAL BREAKTHROUGH. DOES THIS MEAN THAT IT IS YOUR FAVOURITE ALBUM? DID THE RAPID SUCCESS COME AS A SURPRISE TO YOU? Yes, a surprise indeed! Everyone in the band has his favourite album, for my part, I like Hippjokk best. “SKANE” FROM “HIPPJOKK” (1997) STARTS OF AS A TRADITIONAL AND THEN TURNS INTO A PSYCHEDELIC JAM. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? The „second“ part of the tune feels like a groove and I play this part, only one oktave lower. It’s a bais for an improvisiation. There was a guitarist close to the studio and we asked him to do the job, since we didn’t find something to play our selfs. AS I REALLY LOVED THE PIECES OF “KARELIA VISA” (1999), CAN YOU TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT THE ALBUM AND WHY ON EARTH YOU SHOULD LEAVE “WARM” SWEDEN TO GO TO RUSSIA IN ONE OF THE COLDEST WINTERS? A lot of the girls’ songs are from this part of the world. We went to Russian-Karelia and met some of the last old women who could still sing in this style. WHAT HAPPENED AFTER “KARELIA VISA”? WHY WAS THERE SUCH A LONG TIME OF SILENCE FOR HEDNINGARNA? There were a lot of changes in the line-up and it was difficult for us to meet and rehearse, etc. We live in 3 different countries, far from each other, most of us have families. We work very slowly now. The record company is afraid, our music is no longer trendy and you know record companies have a hard time now anyway. ARE THE TWO NEW PIECES ACTUALLY REALLY NEW OR WERE THEY RECORDED BACK IN TIME? DO THEY GIVE SOME KIND OF INDICATION OF THE DIRECTION YOU ARE ABOUT TO TAKE? They were recorded in Spring 2002. Tellu who left us in 1995 returned to the band in 2001. She is a big composer, and one of the new tunes was written by her. One month ago the girls left the band and now we are instrumental again. Instrumental meaning more dance- and groovemusic. WAS THERE EVER A MASTERPLAN BEHIND THE DIRECTION OF HEDNINGARNA? IT SEEMED TO ME THAT AFTER THE VERY REDUCED MUSIC OF YOUR FIRST ALBUM, YOU INCREASINGLY EXPLORED THE POSSIBILITIES OF ELECTRONIC MUSIC, WHILE THE TRACKS FROM “KARELIA VISA” TAKE A STEP BACK AGAIN AND HAVE A SENSE OF VERY FRAGILE TENDERNESS AND BEAUTY ABOUT THEM. I just think Variety (changing) is good for us! When we do a CD, we don’t know nothing about our next record. DO YOU HAVE A HISTORICAL OR THEMATICAL APPROACH TO MAKING MUSIC? AT LEAST THE LATER ALBUMS SEEM TO BE CONCEPTUALLY PLANNED IN A SORT OF WAY. Yes, maybe, there might be some theme perhaps, to give the CD a special feeling. HOW MUCH OF THE MUSIC YOU PLAY IS ACTUALLY PLAYED BY SEQUENCERS AND HOW MUCH “LIVE”? There are no Sequencers at all! Hippjokk are acoustic-live in the Studio, even though people think that we are using Sequencers. There’s one Sampling that we use, but it’s our own sampled Instruments. The Percussionist has some Pads he uses for short loops, but that’s it. HAS THERE EVER BEEN THE DISCUSSION IN SWEDEN, WHETHER THIS IS “TRUE FOLK” OR WHETHER YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING FORBIDDEN BY USING ELECTRONIC? What is folk? Folkmelodies played in philharmonic orcestra or a deathmetalband? Beethoven on a bagpipe??? No one can do anything wrong, its only your own taste that sets the limit. WHATS THE ATMOSPHERE LIKE ON YOUR CONCERTS? ARE ANY TOUR DATES FIXED? It’s a warm atmosphere, perfect for dancing. Spain is a good country for us, we are there often. No plans for gigs yet. ARE YOU PLANNING ON CONCENTRATING ON THE REST OF EUROPE AS WELL? YOUR ALBUMS ARE AVAILABLE AT AMAZON.DE, BUT THERE IS NO MEDIA COVERAGE HERE IN GERMANY ABOUT THE BAND AT ALL. We would like to come to Germany, but I dont know why we haven’t earlier. WHEN YOU LOOK BACK ON THESE YEARS WITH HEDNINGARNA: HOW DO YOU FEEL? Good. We had some nice tours. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

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