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AT FIRST CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR GREAT NEW ALBUM. THE OBLIGATORY QUESTION AT FIRST: DID ALL GO WELL DURING THE RECORDINGS? HAS IT COME OUT THE WAY YOU WANTED IT? Thanks for those words. Yes, the album turned out how we wanted it for sure and the recordings went more smoothly then ever before, I must say. AFTER “THE JOURNEYS AND EXPERIENCES OF DEATH” WITH ITS A LITTLE UNUSUAL CONTENT, “KAOSKULT” GOES FURTHER DOWN THIS TRAIL. WHAT IDEA STAND BEHIND THESE LYRICS WITH SOMETIMES NON-HEATHEN CONTENT? All lyrics have deep heathen content and we’ll always stick to this topic. The main roots of “Kaoskult” deal with the creation of the world, the sufferings of the universe and the faith of man. ESPECIALLY “OM SMERTE OG LIV” (ABOUT PAIN AND LIFE) HAS LYRICS ABOUT COSMOLOGICAL SIGNS AND EVEN DESTINY. DO YOU BELIEVE IN DESTINY AND A REQUIRED WAY OF LIFE? I look upon destiny as a word not defining a pre-destined faith, but rather that destiny lies within you and is ever changing, as life itself is not a constant stream, but an essence that man itself got to decide for oneself conscious or not. Of course once balance can always be broken by other factors, this is the chaos or error that always interrupts the presets. ALSO YOUR INSTRUMENTAL STILE HAS CHANGED DURING THE LAST ALBUMS. MORE MELODIC PARTS AND LESS FAST ATTACKS DETERMINE YOUR SOUND. WHAT ARE THE REASONS FOR THIS PROGRESS? We wanted to progress further and chose to focus on the second half of “The journeys…” since we felt that that kind of mood fitted the atmosphere that the lyrics mostly deal with on this album. ARE YOU CONTENT WITH THE WORK OF KARISMA/ DARK ESSENCE RECORDINGS? DOES IT FEEL LIKE HOME COMPARED TO GERMAN MASSACRE RECORDS? ANY SPECIAL DIFFERENCE IN THE TREATMENT? Yes, we’re really happy as of now and they’ve done a good job so far. Massacre really didn’t fit us as they focus on other styles of music. The treatment is better as we have a good dialogue with them. YOU REPLACED GUITARIST THORBJØRN WITH SYRACHS NORALF. WHAT INFLUENCE WILL THIS HAVE ON THE CHEMISTRY OF THE BAND AND ON THE SONGWRITING PROCESS? That is yet to be seen, but I think this will go quite well as Noralf is almost the same kind of guitarist as Thorbjørn. He will not as of now write songs, but will definetly put more meat on the bone in the same vein that Thorbjørn did. LET’S TALK ABOUT SOME OTHER THINGS. IN THE LAST TIME SOME SCIENTISTS OFFERED A THEORY ABOUT THE MJOELNIR. SOME SAY HE MIGHT BE AN EARLY CHRISTIAN SIGN. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS TRIES TO CHRISTIANIZE THE HEATHENDOM? Utter fucking bullshit and I really don’t believe in it at all. Some scientists are always trying to fuck with history with lame theories, which they never can verify fully. SOME OTHER BANDS ARE IN TARGET OF CRITICS (ESPECIALLY IN GERMANY) BECAUSE AUF RUNES THEY USE. MOONSORROW FOR EXAMPLE GOT REPROACHED TO USE THE SO CALLED “SIG”-RUNE IN THEIR BAND LOGO. DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THESE PROBLEMS AND WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS KIND OF REPROACHES? I’ve heard about these troubles and find them peculiar. Runes have nothing and have never had anything to do with Nazism or fascism. I THINK ALSO HELHEIM IS OFTEN TARGET FOR CRITICS BECAUSE OF YOUR PAGAN ATTITUDE. HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THESE CRITICS? We take them quite easy as we can prove our non-existing Nazism. We’ve always stated that we’re not a Nazi band and don’t befell such beliefs. LET’S CHANGE THE THEME ONES MORE. IN YOUR CAREER YOU OFTEN HAD LIFE-SUPPORT FROM OTHER BANDS. WITH WHICH BAND YOU HAVEN’T PLAY YET BUT WANT TO PLAY? Hmm, I really don’t know to be honest. Good bands in general that in one way or another creates a good package with Helheim. WITH WHICH MUSICIAN (ALIVE OR DEAD DOESN’T MATTER) YOU WOULD LIKE TO PLAY SOME SONGS FOR AN ALBUM? Quorthon of Bathory. No doubt. IN THIS CONTEXT, WHICH BANDS OR MUSICIANS ARE YOUR MUSICALLY ROOTS? DO YOU LIKE FOLK OR ESPECIALLY NEOFOLK MUSIC? I guess maybe Bathory is the band that has inspired us the most even though we feel quite separated from everybody. No, I don’t like Folk nor Neo-folk metal at all. Gives me just as much as listening to the sound of a car. WHAT ARE YOUR LIVE PLANS IN 2008? Hopefully to do a leg 2 of the tour and play a few shows in Norway, but our main focus lies on 2009 and summer festivals and we’re also going to Finland early next year as well. Also a new album will be realized next year. AT LAST, THE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP HAS STARTED. ARE YOU INTERESTED IN FOOTBALL AND DO YOU WATCH THE MATCHES? IS THIS A MEANS OF REGAINING EUROPEAN IDENTITY (HERE IN GERMANY MANY PEOPLE USE NATIONAL FLAGS AND SO ON…) Yes, I watch as many games as possible and my favorites are Germany and the Netherlands. For some countries (as Germany) I think EC can be important as a national awareness. For example Germany in some ways don’t dare to wave their flags since I guess they still feel ashamed which I find unnecessary, but which they do when there’s football involved (this is anyway how I have experienced it, maybe I’m wrong though). There’s a new generation rising and they should be proud of who they are thrive upon the more positive aspects of their heritage. YOU HAVE BEEN IN THE “BUSINESS” FOR A LONG TIME. DO YOU FEEL YOU HAVE REACHED (SOME OF) YOUR GOALS YOU WANTED TO ACHIEVE IN THE BEGINNING? HOW DID THEY CHANGE AFTER ALL THESE YEARS? WHICH IS THE INSPIRATION TO STILL KEEPING THE INNER FIRE OF MUSIC? I must say that I’ve so far reached all my goals in life, now the focus is to thrive even more on what we’ve created. I’ll keep on going as long as the flame’s burning. The inspiration must be the hunger to create art. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT MYSPACE, MP3-FILE SHARING, THE DOWNFALL OF LABELS. WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF DISTRIBUTING MUSIC AND HOW WILL YOU FIT IN? Of course it’s a problem, but the only thing we can do is to try to adjust instead of whining. I really don’t like the situation, but can’t see any reason to work against it. Just see how much vinyl are growing again… I mean, one format or the other will survive. Distribution by downloading is already growing at different net-places as I-tunes and the likes. This way the artists will get some money. Total annihilation of the business will not occur I think, and I believe everything’s got to have a low recession period before the wheels are turning again. AT LAST I THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING THIS INTERVIEW. AND AS IT’S COMMON THE LAST WORDS BELONG TO YOU. APPROACH YOUR FRIENDS AND CRITICS… Thanks to you as well and remember kids; Heathendom is still resistance!

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