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„BURN ME WICKED“ JUST CAME OUT THIS WEEK. HOW DO YOU FEEL, WHEN PEOPLE DESCRIBE THE MUSIC OF ILLDISPOSED AS „POPPY“? Martin: Well, I think, that’s an unfair description. I think, this album is probably harder than the last one. It’s definitely a hard album, I think. BECAUSE, WHEN CRITICS TRY TO LABEL YOUR MUSIC, THEY EITHER COME UP WITH THE TERM „DEATH METAL“, „SLUDGE“ OR „DOOM“ – AND „DEATH POP“ WAS ANOTHER ATTEMPT TO DESCRIBE YOUR MUSIC… Martin: You could say that we have, maybe the song structure and stuff, we have pop elements in that way. But, meaning that it’s listenable. But it’s not pop like, you know, what you hear on the radio every day. So, in that sense it’s… JUST TRYING TO PROVOKE HERE… Martin. Works fine… AND YEAH, YOU’RE RIGHT: „BURN ME WICKED“ IS HARDER IN PLACES THAN „1-800 VINDICATION“. ACTUALLY, JACOB CAME UP WITH SOME OF THE FASTEST STUFF I’VE HEARD FROM ILLDISPOSED IN YEARS. DID THE FANS ASK AND HARASS YOU TO GO BACK TO THE ROOTS, TO WRITE FASTER STUFF AGAIN? Thomas: It just came naturally, I think. Martin: Actually, the whole process of making the album went pretty fast, compared to earlier. So, I don’t think we have thought that much about which style it should be. It just came out the way Jacob has written the riffs, and the way it has been put all together. So, it’s… I don’t think, we’re trying to reach anyone in particular. It’s just the way it turned out. LIKE I SAID, JACOB BATTEN WROTE THE WHOLE ALBUM BY HIMSELF. WHEN DID YOU GUYS COME INTO THE PICTURE? DID HE COME INTO THE STUDIO WITH ENTIRELY WORKED OUT SONGS, OR DID HE LEAVE YOU SOME SPACE? Martin: What he did was pretty much that Jacob gave me the riffs. And then we’ve put it together in the rehearsal. You know, it’s… yeah. It’s not really that much about it. It has been development, but he obviously came up with the most parts, SO HE COMES UP WITH THE SONGS AND YOU JUST ADD THE REST? OR HOW DO WE HAVE TO IMAGINE THAT? Martin: It’s pretty much up to Jacob and… (pauses for a long time and starts laughing as he realizes that he forgot the question) WELL, I GUESS, EVERY ONE OF US HAD A LOOONG NIGHT YESTERDAY, HMM? YOU HAD YOUR RECORD RELEASE PARTY FOR „BURN ME WICKED“ IN COPENHAGEN, THE CAPITOL OF YOUR HOME COUNTRY, LAST NIGHT. ANYTHING MENTIONABKLE TO BE SAID ABOUT IT? Martin: Well, it was pretty insane, I think. It was actually almost like playing in our home town, except that the venue in itself was a bit shitty, but it was totally packed, and we have had an on-going party from when we came till seven in the morning, I think. So, it was a success. (with a broad smile on his face) AND WHAT IS THE SMILE ALL ABOUT? Martin: Well, there are some things better not to be told. DAMN – I JUST WANTED TO ASK YOU ABOUT TYPICAL ILLDISPOSED-STORIES HAPPENING LAST NIGHT… Martin: I think, the most typical for us is the drinking and the behaviour. (both laugh) That’s what most people know about us, I guess. So, that’s probably the most typical. We just had, like I said, a party till the morning. Thomas: Nothing new under the sun, so… Same old! BUT HOW ARE YOU GONNA KEEP UP THE TEMPO WHEN YOU HAVE A TOUR BOOKED FOR THREE WEEKS? I READ THAT ON THE LAST TOUR BO HAD TO GET HOSPITALIZED BECAUSE OF TOO MUCH PARTYING. IS THAT CORRECT? Thomas: Yeah, that’s right. DO YOU HAVE A FEELING FOR THE POINT WHEN YOU HAVE TO SLOW DOWN, BECAUSE OTHERWISE YOU WILL COLLAPSE? Thomas: It was the first night of the tour, and a new record came out, it was release party, and everybody just goes crazy the first night of the tour. Party on! And then it slows down a bit. Always wild on the first night of a tour. Martin: Especially on the release party, because there were a lot of people we knew, obviously. So, it’s a different kind of party when you have your friends around you, and things tend to get a bit more crazy that way. BUT YOU HAVE TO ADMIT, THAT ILLDISPOSED IS A BIT ABOUT IMAGE AS WELL: DRINKING AND PARTYING! BUT BASICALLY EVERY ONE OF YOU LEADS A NORMAL LIFE WITH JOBS, ETC. HAVE THERE BEEN MOMENTS IN THE PAST WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN CONFRONTED WITH STORIES FROM YOUR „BAND LIFE“ IN YOUR „DAILY LIFE“?“ NORMAL“ LIFE VERSUS THE „TOUR“ LIFE, SO TO SAY… Thomas: Hmm, no! Martin: No, not really! I mean, it’s not like an image thing in that aspect. I think, we just behave like we normally do. Thomas: Yeah, it’s nothing we’re trying to do. It’s just what we do, you know. Martin: And it won’t be any surprise to anyone at our work, or our family, or anything. They know it! (laughs) A QUOTE OF JACOB ON THE INTERNET SAYS: „THIS IS SOMETHING WE DO TO GET AWAY FROM OUR NORMAL LIVES AS FAR AS POSSIBLE!“ HOW WOULD YOU COMMENT ON THAT? Martin: It’s a holiday, and it’s away from home. In that aspect he is right. (laughs) But, it’s hard to explain, you know. We’ve all been playing music for so many years, and it’s just a powerful life for us. So, we don’t really walk around thinking about all these kind of things. So, I can’t really tell you what the difference is. I don’t think about: „Now I’m going away from my normal life back home!“, or something like that. You just get into the bus, and drive. And that’s it! Thomas: And see what happens. THE TEMPO IN WHICH THE BAND DEVELOPS HAS PULLED UP QUITE A BIT. ANOTHER QUOTE I FOUND ON THE INTERNET: „WE’RE TOO LAZY TO BE SUCCESSFUL!“ THAT HAS PROBABLY CHANGED BY NOW, HASN’T IT?!? Thomas: (laughs) I think, it still is! We’re a very lazy band, you know. What can I say? Martin: We’re not going to play 200 shows a year. That’s 100% promise! Thomas: Never gonna happen! WELL, BUT YOUR CURRENT TOUR SCHEDULE IS PRETTY TIGHT. YOU HAVE THIS LEG OF THE TOUR, AND THEN IN SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER THERE IS ANOTHER STRING OF SHOWS… Thomas: Do we? YEAH…! Thomas: We’ll see about that! (laughs) MARTIN, YOU’RE THE NEWBIE IN THE BAND, BUT YOU HAVE BEEN FRIENDS WITH ILLDISPOSED FOR A WHILE, OTHERWISE YOU WOULDN’T BE IN THE BAND. IS THAT CORRECT? Martin: I think, that’s probably correct. I have known some of the guys for like, I don’t know, sixteen years, fifteen years. So it goes way back, and I think, I probably wouldn’t be in the band if it wasn’t because I knew them already. I think, they would have continued as a four-piece, because they don’t want some hot-shot from Aalborg or Copenhagen. (laughs) HMM… ALMOST FINISHED WITH THE INTERVIEW, I GUESS… Thomas: Really??? YOU SAID, YOU DIDN’T WANT TO DO A LONG INTERVIEW – SO FUCK OFF!! (EVERYBODY LAUGHS) Thomas. That’s fun… There you see, we are a lazy band. Lazy boys! ALLRIGHT, THEN! I HEARD THAT LASSE BAK, THE FORMER SECOND GUITARIST IN THIS BAND, PLAYS IN AN ILLDISPOSED COVER BAND THESE DAYS. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT, OR WAS THAT JUST A RUMOUR IN DENMARK? Martin: No, it’s true! It’s pretty lame to celebrate yourself, you know. I don’t know, just can’t get it! BUT HE’S OUT THERE PLAYING SHOWS? UNDER WHICH NAME? A TRIBUTE TO ILLDISPOSED OR WHAT IS IT GONNA BE? Thomas: Old-Disposed, I think. Because it was Lasse and Ronnie, the old bass player and Rolf, the old drummer, and Gilsted, Morten Gilsted, the old guitarist, and different singers from Denmark, Michael Poulsen from Volbeat. They played just one show, though. But he plays in another band called something, I don’t know, don’t care. And they played some old ILLDISPOSED songs when they played shows. Pretty lame, I think. YOU GOT RAVING REVIEWS FOR „BURN ME WICKED“, YOU GOT THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF POINTS IN ABOUT EVERY METAL MAGAZINE. DID YOU EXPECT THAT PEOPLE WOULD LOVE THE ALBUM LIKE THEY DO? Thomas: No, we didn’t expect it, but we were hoping that they will love it. Martin: When we heard the end result, I think, that we had it coming, because (chuckles) it’s a good album. You know, there’s a good variation. There’s the slower songs, and the harder material is even harder than maybe the early stuff. So, it’s a very good album, it’s got a very good production and everything, so it’s really bullet-proof. DID YOU HAVE A SAY REGARDING THE PRODUCTION OR DID YOU LEAVE IT ENTIRELY TO TUE MADSEN AND ZIGGY? Martin: No, we definitely had a say in it. Absolutely! That’s a natural thing, you’ve made the songs and you want to have an idea of how they’re going to sound in the end. So – absolutely! SO, EVERY ONE OF YOU WAS PRESENT IN THE STUDIO? Martin and Thomas (simultaneously): No! (both laugh) Martin: That is mostly… You know, Thomas was a big part of the props, obviously. (laughs) No, he has been a big part, and Batten was a big part, and Bo as well is coming in and saying some stuff, singing a bit, and so… But me and Klo, we are more like drinking beers and hanging out. No, actually, Klo didn’t even hang out. (chuckles) HIS NICKNAME IS „KLO“?? Martin: Yeah! Jonas, I mean! YOU KNOW, WHAT „KLO“ MEANS IN GERMAN, RIGHT?! Martin: No! Thomas: What’s that? TOILET!!! (the bus is filled with roaring laughter for about a minute) Thomas: We didn’t know that! IT EVEN HAS THE EXACT SPELLING… Thomas: Wise guy it is. When you’re wise, you’re „klo“. And toilet… that’s an opposite meaning you could say. But actually, it fits him pretty good, so… ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE TO SAY ABOUT „BURN ME WICKED“? Martin: Just that I hope to see a lot of people at the shows here in Germany. We’re gonna play quite a few now, and we’re probably will be back later in the year. So, I hope to get good support here in Germany, as we used to, or even better – cause we’re a better band now! (laughs) RECORDED ON THE TOUR BUS, MAY 25TH 2006

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