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IT IS A PLEASURE INTERVIEWING YOU. I LIKE YOUR NEW ALBUM „SWEET LIMBO“ VERY MUCH. MAYBE YOU ALL COULD INTRODUCE EACH OTHER TO THE GERMAN READERS: CORRADO ABOUT LENA: Corrado: I would say Lena is a polymorphic electronic sorceress who likes to casts spells on you. If you are lucky she can enchant you otherwise she can frighten you with a single word. XAVIER ABOUT MACHINES: Xavier: The machines are part of us, like added limbs. We control them when we compose, but it is them who control us during the performances: they give us the beat, we are slaves, they are the masters. MACHINES ABOUT CORRADO: Machines: 0110001110001101010100100100100001111101010101-syntax error-reboot LENA ABOUT XAVIER: An uncontrolled alien energy bowl PLEASE TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT HOW YOU HAVE FOUND EACH OTHER AND WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU TO BE (IN) A BAND? Xavier: Corrado and I met a long time ago, and have been doing a lot of music together during all these years. We met Lena at a party when we were starting to look for a singer for the first version of jabberwock. The first time we tried playing with her, we knew she was the one, but did not realize how nicely everything would evolve to what we are today. Lena: An unexpected encounter of different and very complementary characters… Corrado: As we are quite different we have sometimes a lot of arguments…but it is fun at the end. „SWEET LIMBO“ IS YOUR SECOND ALBUM. WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN YOUR SELF-TITLED DEBUT AND THE SECOND ALBUM „SWEET LIMBO“? Corrado: The first album was very raw and harsh. We translated our live gigs into an album. For “Sweet limbo” we wanted to elaborate an atmosphere, create a coherent universe and write an album with a better flow. So it has more melodies, more atmospheres and can be listened from beginning to end without feeling the need to destroy your apartment (or your car depending on where you listen to it). Xavier: “Jabberwock” was a kind of research lab for us, and “sweet limbo” is more like the result of the analysis of this research. HAVE YOU BEEN NERVOUS BEFORE THE RELEASE? OR IS THIS QUITE NORMAL TO YOU? Corrado: I was so busy I did not have the time to be nervous. Actually I always manage to be busy and over-tired to calm down my natural angst. It’s better and cheaper than pills. Xavier: Personally I don’t think we are ever nervous. We love to do what we do, and the only stress comes from the fact that we don’t have enough time to do everything we would like to do. Lena: I am not nervous but very excited! THE ALBUM ALREADY IS OUT SINCE THE BEGINNING OF DECEMBER. WHICH REACTIONS DID YOU GET UNTIL NOW? Corrado: We had very good reception. We have much more coverage than the previous album thanks to Black Rain Records and to the trail left by the first album. It seems we also managed to create this atmosphere as this is underlined in every review! TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT THE PROCESS OF SONGWRITING. HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU TO PRODUCE „SWEET LIMBO“? AND ARE THERE ANY ANECDOTES WHICH YOU CAN SHARE? Xavier: We recorded everything at home, which makes the whole process a little long : since we are at home, we spend a lot of time tweaking the sounds and arranging the songs to make them exactly the way we want them to be. We then worked with Marco to mix and master the album, and we are very happy with the result. Corrado: And it took quite a long time as we had to learn how to write a real studio album and we also had to create this coherent universe. We worked hard to have a less direct sound and more emphasis on the atmospheres. Some songs have evolved a lot before they made it to the album. One funny anecdote is about the song “faster”. It started as a cover of…”sex machine”. You can see it went a long way! Lena: It is true we are kind of “slow” in our working process, but we prefer to take our time and do things better, so that the outcome really corresponds to us. HOW WOULD YOU CHARACTERIZE JABBERWOCK? Xavier: A corporation whose only goal is to make people feel comfortable, whatever it takes … (even if light brain surgery is needed). Corrado: Or the distorted mirror where you see your life reflected and that offers you a new insight. YOUR SELF DEVELOPED STYLE IS A GREAT MIXTURE BETWEEN ELECTRO AND ROCKMUSIC. COUPLED WITH SOCIETY-CRITICAL LYRICS IT SEEMS TO BE CONFUSING AND THERE IS A BREEZE OF ANGRINESS TOO. WHAT’S YOUR MESSAGE? Xavier: Our goal is not to have a clear and underlined message or to be critical in a „raw“ way. We like the listener to think for himself. We just provide him a description of the world we live in by taking snapshots from a jabberwock-ien point of view. The music is saturated and overloaded to make the description more precise. Lena: Yes, we just want to talk about big themes in which everybody is concerned without giving any firm answers. We then hope it can lead people to react and be aware of the situation… WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR WRITING THE LYRICS AND WHERE DO YOUR INFLUENCES COME FROM? Corrado: Well, hum hum I am responsible for it, except for Fake that was co-written with Xavier. I mix everyday facts, with a dose of fantasy, a bit of exaggeration, an ounce of sarcasm and another ounce of irony. And then I get a song. Lena then adds character with her interpretation. There are some other ingredients but they are secret, I won’t disclose them unless you give me the Coca-cola formula. YOU HAVE DONE A REALLY GOOD JOB WITH THE ARTWORK. BUT PLEASE ENLIGHTEN US, WHAT ARE THESE PAPERBAGS ON YOUR HEADS ALL ABOUT? Corrado: It’s not us under the paper bags…we managed to lie for three years. It was very cold that day I hired a guy and I was having a warm bath while the photos were being made. More seriously we chose the bags to suggest the thematic of society depersonalization and mind normalization. THE COVER REMINDS ME OF THE STORY WITH THE THREE MONKEYS: DON’T LOOK, DON’T LISTEN, DON’T SPEAK. AM I RIGHT IN THINKING OR AM I TOTALLY WRONG? Corrado: In a sense you are right, but a little wrong to be honest. The cover actually depicts a person that unconsciously covers his eyes and ears to be isolated and get protected in a comfy cocoon. So it can be related to “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” but it did not start from there. Xavier: So together with the title „Sweet Limbo“ the illustrations expresses this feeling that we all know something is wrong, but at the same time, there is a kind of comfort, which leads to no reaction… Lena: And if you don’t react you get lost in the “sweet limbo’. WHICH EXPERIENCES HAVE YOU MADE WITH LIVE GIGS? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL OVER THE WORLD? Corrado: Not yet! But we are planning to! When we play live we try to make simple, raw and intense. We don’t try to play with too many visual or sonic artifacts. We are just there playing with a seemingly simple equipment and we get as much as we can from it. So we can overcome all nasty surprises you can have when playing live and we it looks intense and creative at the same time because we use this equipment in a unique way. HOW IT IS FOR YOU TO BE ON STAGE? HOW DOES THE AUDIENCE REACT TO YOUR SHOWS? Corrado: It actually depends on the venue, city and the audience. Sometimes they pay more attention to the sound and to the atmosphere and sometimes it is pure chaos. But the audience always shakes its body eventually. One of my favourite show was in Bruxelles, nobody knew us, but as the first song started with a bombing of kicks everybody danced immediately, it was really enjoyable. Lena: Yes, that was a very good concert. The live performances allow us to communicate with the audience. Every thing is better when you have this feeling of sharing the same vision… Xavier: More generally, we love to be on stage, and I think the people can feel it, that is why they usually react so well during the performances. PLEASE SHARE A BIT ABOUT YOUR ROUTINE INSIDE THE BAND. DO YOU HAVE REAL BANDPRACTISES AND A REAL BANDPRACTISEROOM? Xavier: We usually see each other once a week, not necessarily to rehearse. Most of the time, we compose, make each other listen to the ideas we had, try to work together on something that we feel is missing in a song, etc … We then take homework back home and communicate through internet to progress on the songs. Corrado: So we don’t practice that much together actually. We all practice at home, and a few times before a gig. So when we are on stage we have the “live this moment as if it was the last one” feeling. And we blast out everything we can. Lena: And it is very pleasant to work with Corrado and Xavier because they are very open-minded. IF EVERYBODY OF YOU WOULD HAVE A WISH FOR FREE, WHICH ONE WOULD IT BE? Corrado: More hair…I am ridiculous when I headbang. Lena: “May the Force be with us” ! Xavier: A robot to pack my stuff and carry it after the gigs. LET’S HAVE A LOOK TO THE FUTURE: WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR 2009? IS THERE A NEW ALBUM COMING? ARE THERE ANY LIVE GIGS? Corrado: We are now booking dates for gigs in France and outside France. Right now we plan to play in Bordeaux, Paris, Tours and Utrecht…But we are looking for mooooooore! No album is planned, but we are planning something special…check out our myspace in a month or so! Shhh… THANKS A LOT FOR ANSWERING OUR QUESTIONS. FURTHERMORE WE WISH YOU A SUCCESSFULL TIME. SOME FINAL WORDS FROM YOU? Corrado: See you soon…! Lena : Yes, very soooon! And thanks!

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