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HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? WHAT ARE YOU DOING RIGHT NOW? Im ok, at home outside Oslo. Watching Enga. „KREK“ WILL BE RELEASED SOON AND IT’S AGAIN A FINE EXAMPLE FOR TRUE RAW BLACK METAL! ARE YOU CONTENT WITH EVERYTHING? HOW IS THE FEELING SO CLOSE BEFORE THE RELEASE? Im feeling very good about this release. A strong new Khold album. Layout is also good again, with the best Khold cover so far I think. The feedback from other people has also been great so far. YOU WROTE THE LYRICS IN OLD-NORWEGIAN?! WHAT IS SO SPECIAL FOR YOU ABOUT THAT LANGUAGE? EVER THOUGHT ABOUT USING ENGLISH? WOULD THAT BE KHOLD ANYMORE? Norwegian lyrics fits our music better. Its much more inspiration for us the create dark music. I feel everything is more true for us with Norwegian lyrics. CAUSE I DON’T UNDERSTAND A WORD, PLEASE EXPLAIN THE MEANING OF „KREK“. MAYBE „WAR“? (THE GERMAN WORD FOR „WAR“ IS „KRIEG“ AND SOUNDS SIMILIAR TO „KREK“) AND WHAT’S THE LYRICAL CONCEPT BEHIND THE ALBUM? ARE THE LYRICS AGAIN WRITTEN BY HILDR? Its not krieg. A „Krek“ is a poor creature, in this case someone abandoned, forsaken and forgotten. Yes, Hildr has written the lyrics, except for Byrde. Byrde is written by Rinn. Its not a concept album, but the lyrics deals with Norwegian myths, mad ancient people, wild pain, paleness and death. MY PERSONAL FAVES ON „KREK“ ARE „INNESTENGT I EIKEKISTE“ AND „LYSETS FLUKT“. PLEASE EXPLAIN THE MEANING OF THAT SONGS. ARE THEY EMBEDDED IN A GENERAL CONCEPT „Innestengt i eikekiste“ is about someone trapped in an oakcoffin. Groovey mid tempo song written by me. Its also one of my favorite songs. „Lysets flukt“ is one of Gard songs. Has the fastest and slowest parts on the album. Its seperat stories, so it’s no general concept. MUSICWISE THE SOUND IS STILL PURE BLACK METAL AND DIDN’T CHANGE THAT MUCH OVER THE YEARS. WHAT IS FOR YOU THE MOST IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENT WHEN YOU TAKE A LOOK BACK TO YOUR OTHER ALBUMS? I agree with you. Its the same style of music in every album, it’s different songs and different sound on each album, but you can hear it is the same band. Im not sure if it is so much development. I think the first album Gard and I did together is just as good as Krek. MAYBE A SILLY QUESTION 😉 : WHY IS GARD ALWAYS ON THE FRONT-COVER OF YOUR ALBUMS? YOU ARE A BAND, NOT JUST A ONE MAN-PROJECT… It’s not silly, I understand what you mean. I think his look has become a kind of logo for Khold as much as our Khold logo. If we just put his face on the cover and not our logo, people would know its Khold. For us his caracter is more a figure than him.. so we dont look at it as a one man project and we also know is not. YOU SIGNED TO TUBA RECS. ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH THEIR WORK? MANY BANDS (ENSLAVED… ) SIGNED WITH THEM IN THE LAST MONTH, TOO. IS THIS A KIND OF HOMECOMING? Yes, it feels good so far. Good economic deal with good people. OF COURSE, IT’S INTERESTING TO KNOW, IF AND WHEN WE CAN SEE YOU GUYS LIVE? Our booking man is working on a European tour in nov/dec, so check out our website in a couple of weeks. Ask for things in our web board. We didnt tour Europe with out last album and that’s a shame, so we have to come now. JUST IN CASE YOU WOULD HAVE A FREE CHOICE: IS THERE A BAND/ARTIST; DEAD OR ALIVE, (MAYBE OF A DIFFERENT GENRE) YOU WOULD LIKE TO PERFORM LIVE? No YOU MENTIONED SOME MONTHS AGO THAT THERE MIGHT BE A DVD? WHAT CAN WE EXPECT AN WHEN WILL IT BE RELEASED? I know Tabu has a DVD with Khold and other bands from Inferno. It was supossed to be released, and I think they will. Hopfully we can do a full Khold DVD one day in the future. OTHER BANDS (LIKE MIGHTY DARKTHRONE) DON’T LIKE TO TOUR. CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THIS? Yes I can. I think it’s good for people that are into a band, that they can be able to see them live. I also like to meet the people that buy our cds and merch. And of course see Europe for free. A GERMAN BLACK METAL-ARTIST CALLED VARGSANG (KNOW HIM?) JUST RELEASED HIS SECOND AND LAST ALBUM. HE WON’T CONTINUE, CAUSE OF WHAT BLACK METAL AND IT’S SCENE HAS BECOME. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS OPINION AND WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE „SCENE“ AND THE MUSIC NOWADAYS? Never heard of him. A music scene will always change and it will in the future also. We make the music we want and if other people like it, too, it’s good. I will make the kind of music I want if I sell zero or a million cds. What shall we do, sit in a basement eating bats and rats with a demotape in 10 copies? For us it’s good that the scene is getting bigger. We sell more albums. We are able to record our songs in a studio for free. We even make money. If you dont like some music in the black metal scene, just dont buy the record or go to the gigs. ONE OF THE FOUNDERS OF BLACK METAL – CELTIC FROST – WILL RELEASE A REUNION-ALBUM IN THE NEAR FUTURE. AS A BAND THAT HAS BEEN INFLUENCED BY THEM, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT OF THEIR COMEBACK? I hope they will find back to their roots of dark music. I think they will, but if they make it, we just have to see. NORWEGIAN HAD ELECTION DAYS A FEW WEEKS AGO. ARE YOU CONTENT WITH THE RESULTS OR ARE YOU NOT INTERESTED AT ALL? It went the wrong way for me, but I think the change will be so small that I don’t notice it. No one in Khold is politically interested to a greater expense. Its more a tv show than politics these days. YOU ARE A VERY RICH COUNTRY REGARDING THE OIL INCOME. BUT HOW IS SOCIAL REALITY, IS THERE SOME KIND OF SOCIAL POVERTY OR COLDNESS IN NORWAY? Norway is a good country, but it is expensive to live here even for us. I dont think there is a social poverty, but I believe that we can be cold. AND DO YOU LIKE TO WATCH A GOOD OL’ CHAMPIONS LEAGUE MATCH WITH ROSENBORG? WHAT ARE YOUR INTERESTS BESIDE MUSIC? Not so sure about that, but I will watch the world cup next year in Germany. To work, workout, Halo 1 and go hand in hand with Gard in the moonlight… I know he will read this. ANY LAST WORDS (MAYBE TO THE GERMAN POPE;-) ? I can’t understand why people still believe in god. What year is this??? If jesus has come today, do you think anybody would believe him, the answer is no (or there will always be some freak out there.) THANX FOR YOUR TIME AND HOPE TO CATCH YOU LIVE SOON.

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