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HI! WHERE ARE YOU? HOW ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU? I’m hearing voices and they tell me to watch 1920ies porno flicks. I’m allowed to do so… Feels great being from Mars. YOU ROSE FROM THE ASHES OF MURDER CORPORATION. WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO DO A „NEW“ THING? A lot of reasons… I find it personally quite exciting to once in a while do something totally new. Besides that… I don’t know… I mean, we had a new singer, the new material we had coming up with Murder Corporation wasn’t exactly what we used to do… All in all in felt to be too much of a change to continue under the name Murder Corporation so we split M.C. up and formed Killaman. Simple as that. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR OWN SOUND? GRINDCORE, THRASH, DEATH, PUNK, CRUST, OR SIMPLE THE NEW KILLAMAN-STYLE??? All of the above including the last mentioned. Ha, ha, ha… There’s shit from most extreme metal/ core genres in Killaman. We take it all in and mix it around til no one knows what to make of it. Ha, ha, ha… RUNE OF RECLUSION REPLACED JOHAN ANDERBERG AS A VOCALIST. HOW WAS THE CONTACT WITH RUNE MADE AND WHY DID JOHAN LEAVE THE PROJECT? Johan left both Deranged and Murder Corp. at the same time. He was dead tired of the whole thing. Fair enough… Needless to say, we were looking for a new singer, not necessarily a „death growler“ as people so nicely usually describe it as, and I heard the Reclusion CD, liked what I heard, gave Rune a call and he came down and tried out. Worked out great. YOU SIGNED WITH THE DUTCH LABEL DISPLEASED. ARE YOU CONTENT WITH THEIR PROMOTIONAL WORK? AND DID YOU HAVE NO OFFER FROM LISTENABLE, THE LABEL OF DERANGED? There was a couple of labels interested in Killaman… Can’t remember whether Listenable was interested as well. Doesn’t matter… Ha, ha, ha… We hooked up with Displeased and so far have things worked out just extremely fine. HOW WOULD YOU EXPLAIN YOUR BAND’S NAME: IS IT MORE IN THE „KILL A MAN“ VEIN AND WHICH MAN WOULD THAT BE? OR IS IT THE „ONE WORD“-MEANING? Ehm… It was just a „cool“ name you know. Come on… I’m from Sweden. We don’t have any deeper meaning with our band names. Ha, ha, ha… If it sounds cool it’s enough. THE SOUND ON YOUR DEBUT IS VERY STRONG AND RAW. IS THIS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANTED WHEN ENTERING BERNO STUDIOS? Yeah, absolutely. I’m satisfied myself as well… We have been working with Berno before. In fact, Killaman is the seventh full length or something we’re doing with him… YOU DON`T SEEM TO BE THE BIGGEST FANS OF GEORGE BUSH. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY/ DO TO HIM IF YOU WOULD HAVE THE POSSIBILITY? Who is actually? Ha, ha, ha… “Nice to meet you, fuck off!” AND WHICH OVERALL LYRICAL CONCEPT IS BEHIND THE ALBUM? It’s pretty much different from song to song. Like, “Game Over” is all about games you know. Nothing beats the feeling of raising some incredible hell in “GTA”/ “Vice city”… “Medal of honor” rules as well. “Hitman” is great… Can’t wait to try “Manhunt” out. ONE SONG OF YOURS IS CALLED „NIHILIST AND PROUD“. IS THIS THE CORRECT DESCRIPTION OF YOUR LIFESTYLE? AND WHAT DOES „NIHILISM“ MEAN TO YOU PERSONALLY? Yeah, pretty much… Fuck, it probably fits 60% of the population on the planet. Nihilism… Just being pissed off on different matters and pretty much hating everything. I BELIEVE THAT YOU MUST BE FANS OF TERRORIZER REGARDING YOUR GREAT RIFFS. AM I RIGHT? AND WHAT OTHER INFLUENCES WOULD YOU STATE? I have been into Terrorizer for ages. Terrorizer is probably on the list… I don’t know… Basically a lot of old shit one would be listening to while being still young and rebellious you know. Ha, ha, ha… All kinds of bands. Anything from thrash to crustcore. The list would be endless. ANY NEWS CONCERNING YOUR „OTHER“ BAND DERANGED? No, not really… We’re just working on the next CD whenever it will come out. WILL YOU BE ON TOUR WITH KILLAMAN? AND IF SO WILL YOU RECRUIT A SECOND GUITAR PLAYER? Roger from Insision is playing the second guitar in Killaman and yes… We are discussing a possible euro. tour. Nothing 100% yet. We will try to tour as much as possible though. WHAT DO YOU GUYS LIKE BESIDES PLAYING DEVASTATING MUSIC? Not much… Ha, ha, ha… I don’t know… I tend to watch a lot of movies, I read and play my Playstation 2. Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City rule man!!! I WONDER HOW IMPORTANT THE INTERNET IS FOR SPREADING YOUR MUSIC AND NEWS? WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE „MP3-PROBLEM“? Luckily, at least that’s the impression I would like to have, is that a lot of people into this genre – well…whatever “metal” genre – prefer to have the real thing and not some fucking MP3’s so… Personally I do think it’s cool to download a new CD to check it out and see whether it’s good or not… Anyway, the MP3 format sounds like crap. That’s a thing not too many people seem to care about that the format sucks soundwise. Me being a “musician” I know how much time we spend in the studio trying to make the damn thing sound good. Not to mention the endless hours one spend on mixing the record, plus lots of time and energy are put on the actual mastering, and then some stupid fuck makes MP3’s of the songs and… Seems like most of the time we did spend on making the record sound good goes down the drain you know. If you can’t hear the difference between a MP3 and the real thing… Congratulations for being deaf. THANX AND GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE! Thanx… Fuck the mainstream!

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