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HELLO AND A WARM WELCOME TO MY INTERVIEW GUEST SEBASTIAN R. KOMOR, KNOWN AS MUSICIAN OF MANY INTERESTING PROJECTS LIKE ICON OF COIL, BRUDERSCHAFT, ZOMBIE GIRL AND OF COURSE HIS CURRENT NEW BABY KOMOR KOMMANDO. AT FIRST, THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME PLEASING OUR READERS. Thanks. HI SEBASTIAN, YOU HAVE BEEN BORN IN POLAND AND GREW UP IN NORWAY, WHERE YOU STARTED YOUR “ELECTRONIC” CAREER. PLEASE TELL US ABOUT YOUR BEGINNINGS AND HOW YOU MET ANDY LAPLEGUA (ICON OF COIL, COMBICHRIST). In the early 90’s, around 91-92 music became more and more a important part of my life and personality. As well as the drive to make music kept on getting stronger. I started buying equipment, making tunes on my Atari1040 and a 4-track tape recorded. Along with an analogue synth, microphone and some stomp boxes for the good old distortions. I released a few demo tapes under the name MELT. Couple of songs ended up on some Norwegian compilations and started gaining recognition around the globe as I sent out tapes around the place. Did some shows in Norway. Through my friend who was a fishing buddy I ended up recording his bands demo tape. A punk rock band, which is how I ran into Andy. After that he was the live keyboard player for 1 Melt show in Fredrikstad Norway, opening for the synthpop band Sweep. I decided to include Andy in my techno/ trance project back then called Area51, later named Sector9, which over the years is Moonitor. We did some shows… etc. Somewhere in the middle of it all he started playing with some ideas, which became the first IOC single in which I mixed and co-produced/ wrote. From then on I believe its all history, well, if you read the correct biography, not these bullshit ones out there. Due to all this I didn’t’t have time to record nor finish anymore MELT songs for a good while, which now is changing. Been years of ideas and lyrics waiting to become songs. YOU PARTICIPATE IN MANY DIFFERENT PROJECTS WITH DIFFERENT STYLES. YOUR NEWEST ONE IS KOMOR KOMMANDO WITH (IN MY OPINION) A NEW STYLE, COMBINING INDUSTRIAL AND TECHNO, IT SEEMS TO BE AIMED AT THE DANCE FLOORS WORLDWIDE. THE ELECTRONIC SOUNDS SHOW A NEW SIDE OF (YOUR) CREATIVITY, WHICH I NEVER HEARD BEFORE. WHAT IS YOUR INTENTION WITH KK? WHAT DO YOU WANT TO EXPRESS MUSICALLY? It might be a new side to people, but not to me. IOC took a lot of my time and energy leaving little or no time to work on music I have had laying around in my head and hard drives for many years. Needless to say my hard drive is hiding many songs from 2000 and onward, stuff I never got around to finish, or had time to work on. Things evolve life changes along with what kind of music I really want to work on. WHY IS THE TITLE OF THE RELEASE “DAS EP”? WHY THIS KIND OF STRANGE GERMAN LANGUAGE? DO YOU SEE GERMANY AS MAIN ELECTRONIC MARKET FOR YOUR KIND OF MUSIC SO THAT IT IS A KIND OF HOMAGE? It’s my little play on the whole “das this and das that” thing happening around. Purposely didn’t have a German sample in any of my songs. No offence to Germans or the German language, many talented and great people coming from Germany. I was looking for a simple title, also relating to the song Das Oontz, which comes from a club night we used to have in Edmonton called Das Oontz. The track was something I made on a Saturday evening to have something to play in my DJ sets, it accidentally became very popular and later on released. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD THE COMPARISON OF YOUR SOUND WITH THE OUTPUT OF NOISUF-X (IF KNOWN TO YOU)? I’ve heard of the band, but never heard the music no. I don’t listen to much music of this kind or the so called nu-industrial. I either don’t have time or find most of the music overly boring, I mean how many times can you use the same fucking sound for a song anyways? No offence to the band you mentioned, just so many new bands out there these days. I would have to spend most of my day just to catch up. AND WHY DO YOU WRITE KOMMANDO WITH A K? ALLITERATION GALORE? I BELIEVE THE MILITARISTIC CONNOTATION IS A NICE PUN ON YOUR MUSICAL CAMPAIGN. Ask the label, they came up with the name, I just said ok this works. I personally think it looks cooler with a K. There’s no big pretence meaning behind it. I just like it that way. DO YOU SEE KOMOR KOMMANDO AS A/ THE NEW STYLE OF THE SCENE, WILL THIS TECHNO ELEMENTS BECOME MORE INTENSIVE IN THE FUTURE? WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE PRESENT SCENE IN GENERAL? TOO MANY COPYCATS? Not really. Komor Kommando was never intended to re-invent the scene. Just me doing my thing with an edge to it. This scene has copycats written all over it these days absolutely. I mean it takes only a few CD’s to hear that. It’s a formula which can gain someone quick recognition and in the clubs I guess its what people want to hear, to me it’s a reason to go outside the club to get some fresh air. That’s why I made it a point to steer clear of some sounds and typical lead sounds and patterns. I could give my mother a PC, some software and a 20 minute course in how a sequencer program works and I’m sure she could write a new club hit in a couple of days. It might sound like pretentious bullshit, but we all know it’s hitting the nail dead on. With some exceptions. HOW IS SONG WRITING LIKE? IS IT 100 PERCENT SEBASTIAN KOMOR OR DO YOU HAVE OUTSIDE INPUT? I’ve never had much outside input on any music I write. 2K its 100% me again yes. Same with most of the IOC stuff. The last 2 albums were more or less finished before any vocals were laid down on it. Including the first album. I know lots of people seem to think otherwise, but at the end of the day I guess where the information comes from is where one should start asking questions. When writing a song I have a vision, and when creativity hits even at the basics of the song, my mind is already envisioning the end result. YOUR MUSICAL VARIETY IS BREATHTAKING. DOES THIS REFLECT YOUR PERSONAL TASTE, YOUR PERSONAL LAYERS OF CHARACTER, YOUR MOODS? HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHERE TO USE A SPECIAL IDEA OF SONG WRITING? Thank you. I just have always listened to just more than one style of music. Definitely relating to moods, what I want to express how things are going. And I guess a personal and musical evolution. For example with MELT there are no boundaries or lines I don’t cross or explore, it comes down to the song and what it is supposed to express and mean. Sometimes I think everything I have done up till now were all stops on the way to where I want to be. Music is life. HOW DO YOU SEE THE FUTURE OF YOUR DIFFERENT PROJECTS? WHICH ONE HAS TOP PRIORITY? AS YOUR NAME IS THE BRAND IT SEEMS TO BE THAT KOMOR KOMMANDO IS THE MOST PERSONAL ONE. MELT and KOMOR KOMMANDO is where it’s at. I also put lot of effort and time into tracks being licensed to movies, games and TV shows. Squarehead is one name I use for that, actually have 2 tracks already released as Squarehead, one with vocals from Zombie Girl on it. REGARDING KK AND THE SUCCESS OF COMBICHRIST. WOULD YOU AGREE THAT ICON OF COIL HAS LOST SOME IMPORTANCE OVER THE YEARS? For me anyway yeah. I don’t want to write another “Dead Enough For Life” type of album. It was fun when it happened. But those more typical future-pop songs were never my favourite IOC tracks. “Pursuit”, “Mono: Overload”, “Remove/ Replace” are probably my favourite IOC songs, simply because the energy and vibe to them. Right now I’m making music I really can relate to and have a drive for. IOC is what it is and was, some good moments there for sure. WHAT IS YOUR NORMAL WAY OF WORKING/ SONG WRITING, DO YOU HAVE ANY OLD EQUIPMENT OR ARE YOU NOW “DIGITAL”, MAKING MUSIC BY VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTS? I’ve never been a big fan of virtual instruments. I have started using a selected few. However still prefer hardware. I love using old/ analogue equipment as it has soul and a vibe over this mathematically perfect digital stuff. I like a mix of digital and analogue. My way of working on songs has changed a bit over the years, still always focusing on not letting the equipment do the job for you. Which is why I am not a fan off all these software programs and synths coming with over the top amount of presets and arps etc. Hell, my mother can make a decent song with this stuff. HOW DO YOU HANDLE WITH THE CRISIS IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS AND BUSINESS IN GENERAL? WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT DOWNLOADING AND MYSPACE FAME? I’m watching a lot of sinking ships, lot’s of burning bridges and imploding egos. Too bad the people who are really into music for the right reasons get fucked over by careless consumers who just want to load up their computers with background music. But it’s the nature of the beast. Needless to say if there isn’t a change happening, I can see many labels and artists calling it quits. Doesn’t matter how you see it, from an artists point of view it doesn’t feel good knowing people will just grab your music for free the second they get a chance to. Don’t get me wrong, I know many who illegally download but still support the bands and labels enough to purchase the CD when they can or when it is released. I refer more to the greedy pirating assholes who don’t even care about the music itself, just for the glory of sharing it. Which is like what kind of glory is that? I think it’s safe to say if someone walks into a music store, grabs a few CD’s and walks out without paying would run into some trouble, same thing online, but people can hide behind computers and avatars. If all these sites had some kind of ID method, by logging IP addresses, or you had to sign up with your full name. No bullshit avatar, your real name. I think all this could make it of a controlled situation. I’ve downloaded stuff, mostly CD’s I’ve lost, bought over 2 times because some fucker stole a bunch of my CD’s or they get broken etc. But still even then, in the old days you still would have to go and get that 3rd copy from the store. There’s a thin line between exploring to find new bands and to shamelessly rip people off. Honestly, there will be a time where labels will stop releasing music due to lack of finances. Then what? LET US TALK ABOUT SOMETHING THAT EVERYBODY WANTS TO KNOW, KOMOR KOMMANDOS LIVE PRESENCE. WILL YOU MAKE A TOUR? HOW DOES A KK-LIVE PERFORMANCE LOOK LIKE? HOW EXTROVERTED AS A FRONTER ARE YOU? You should hold on to that question to when MELT is ready to tour. I assume you haven’t heard of this. MELT is my long time awaited project, well band I want to tour with. MELT is in fact my first band I ever had, and released music as. Unfortunately due to my involvement in other projects I never had time to bring this beast out, but that time is now, and it shows no mercy. 2K is going on the road, not sure about the concept yet, but its going to be fairly simple, I don’t want to pretend this kind of style needs a whole band and all kinds of shit, this is a fairly simple set up. I have a partner in crime for this, known as End: The DJ. He will join me on stage for the shows. Most people might now me as the guy to the left on the IOC shows, well, that’s on stage for IOC, and that’s where it ends as well. More to come. What many people don’t seem to know is the difference in what goes on stage and what goes on in the studio. NOW YOU DO LIVE IN CANADA, WHAT IS THE REASON FOR THIS AND TELL US SOMETHING OF HOW YOUR LIFE CHANGED OVER THE LAST YEARS PLEASE. I came to Canada because of a woman. Now 4 years later I’m still here but no longer with her. Was a big leap. Left family and long time friends back in Norway. So definitely was one hell of a ride, both good and bad. I feel much more energized these days. Learning to know who is a real friend and who is just out to get their 15 minutes of fame. Try to leach of the train. I’m just fed up of people who assume I will help them left and right. And these so called wannabe musicians who couldn’t write a song if their life depended on it but want to be on stage and play rockstar; fuck that shit! I went through hell over the last couple of years, had myself questioning every person I know, still question a lot of them, just the nature of being fucked over by people you trusted. But things are moving along and I feel much more on top of things than ever before. More to come. I have accomplished many things I’m proud of the last years so in the end its all good. YOU DID PARTICIPATE IN THE DEPECHE MODE TRIBUTE. WHAT IS YOU RELATIONSHIP TO THIS “SUPER GROUP”? WHAT DOES DEPECHE MODE MEAN TO YOU ON A PERSONAL LEVEL? DM is one of the bands I grew up with personally and musically. To be part of this tribute was great, specially having the honour of having Jean Luc De Meyer from Front242 doing vocals for the song I did. Depeche Mode is a band which keeps releasing great albums, years after years, well not including the last 3, with some exceptions. The last album to me is not Depeche Mode. I really had a hard time getting through the album. That being said there are very few bands with such great history of music. COULD YOU TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT THE NORMAL LIFE OF MR KOMOR, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IF YOU ARE NOT CREATIVE? My mind is always creating even if I’m not actually working in the studio, which is why I walk around with a voice recorder and note pad most of the time. Watching movies is something I tend to do, also inspiring. Lots of great French movies out there these days, horror movies that is. If I had my dog Hamilton with me I would spend time with him, taking him for walks in the parks nearby, things like that. Hanging out with some buddies getting loaded. Things of that nature. If I had a backyard where I live now I would be doing some gardening as well, yeah it’s a good ting for your soul. Nothing like having fresh herbs and vegetables for home made dinners. Also planning on being more active with anti animal abuse organisations. I used to do that a lot in Norway many years ago. I do a lot online, but I would like to be more physically involved. it’s a cause close to my soul. Always has and will be. People who abuse animals or put animals in horrible situations will not want to run into me. Seeing that really ignites a fire inside me. Even worse is all the tourist going to places where animals are being exploited, tortured and starved to pretend to stand tall in front of tourists. Beers with chains pierced through their noses, beaten. it’s fucked up. I would like people to start waking up about all this shit. There’s stuff going on behind the “cute, adorable” picture you see. DID YOU HAVE ANY CONTACT TO THE NORWEGIAN BLACK METAL SCENE IN YOUR SCANDINAVIAN YEARS? I do. I was part of an Industrial Black Metal band [actually credited to be the first industrial black metal band ever] called Helheim. We released an EP some time back called Fenris. My job there was the drum programming, synths and sampling. There are plans to re-release the EP. I know some guys in the black metal scene in Norway yeah. What are your plans for the future? Any unfulfilled dreams? Any musician to collaborate with? Maybe Chris De Burgh? 🙂 I don’t know if I should be offended by this question or laugh lol. Time will tell, when that times comes I’ll have Christ De Burgh come and throw you a party, how does that sound to you? I have fulfilled many of my dreams already, and have to throw in I have done things I never expected ever to happen, of course relating to things outside this so called scene. I am currently collaborating with Klayton of Celldweller. Did the DM track with Jean Luc De Meyer, which also leads to other tracks where I will collaborate with Jean, more on that soon. I prefer to work with people who are not just talk, but actually have talent and many years to back them up. Working on music going to movies as we speak, I’m really exited about a lot of my current work. Too many fucking talkers in this scene. Oh ok, you got a laptop, and you know how to distort sounds and loop something for 5 minutes? Awesome. Good for you. If you would have the possibility to time-travel to another year, which year would it be and why? I would love to go back in time to where technology was not present, to see how a living a primal life would feel, something tells me our souls were much purer back then. Not sure I would want to go into the future. After all, there just might be nothing to see. Would like to be at the specific time and place when the Roosevelt UFO landing happened, to see what really happened. NOW YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO ADDRESS DIRECTLY TO OUR READERS WITH YOUR OWN WORDS AND THOUGHTS. I would like to send out a big thanks/ thumbs up/kudos to all fans of my work. Hope to see you somewhere sometime soon. Never forget to look beneath the surface, behind the mirror likes a different story. And most importantly: Keep rocking! THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR TIME AND LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ON STAGE.

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