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PLEASE TELL ME SOMETHING ABOUT YOU AND YOUR PERSONAL HISTORY. WHO ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU LIKE OR HATE AND WHAT ARE YOUR INFLUENCES IN MAKING MUSIC? In autumn 1996 Solo and Blazena started with “Samhain” and spring next year Bob joined us. After half a year we released a demo tape called “Recognition of pain & death”. In these times our main influence and inspiration simply were our instruments to start with. Some time later we prepared a side project called “Loct in” and its sound was slightly different and more atmospheric. Meanwhile we thought about something more complicated and different than our two previous projects and so “Last influence of brain” came to life. LIOB was our first priority in this period of time and after several months we released the demo CD “Revolution counter Evolution“ and an EP named “Escape”. LIOB is clearly inspirited by old school electro and so is our first regular release “Illusion and reality”. YOUR MAIN PROJECT IS CALLED SAMHAIN AS YOU STATED – WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO START ANOTHER ACT? WHAT CAN YOU EXPRESS WITH LIOB WHICH YOU CANNOT DO WITH YOUR MAIN BAND? With LIOB we want to get close to people who do like more colourful and rhythmic sound. “Samhain” is full of dark atmospheres and hybrid rhythms. “Samhain”-Songs are more appropriate for private listening than for live audiences. On the opposite LIOB is a project which shows a more commercial approach. It is more consumable and the aggressive style reaches a broader audience. WHAT WERE YOUR FIRST PERSONAL THOUGHTS WHEN THE LIOB DEBUT WAS HITTING THE SHELVES? ARE YOU CONTENT WITH EVERYTHING? The release of the CD was problematic from the beginning, lots of delays and so on. Our first words after the final release have been: “Oh finally.” The CD includes our own songs and also two remixes of the track “Legacy”. One from ESR and one from KIFOTH, and they are really good. The preparing of the material for this album took around 9 months and during that period many things have been re-arranged. We spent so much time with each song to make a final satisfying version, so we have respect for our work and are very pleased with our CD. WHAT ARE THE FIRST REACTIONS YOU GOT FOR YOUR DEBUT „ILLUSIONS AND REALITY“? Our first reviewers were our families and friends to whom we gave our material before releasing. When they were satisfied we gave it to the public. It’s only a few months from the original release but a lot of people who listened to the album or visited our concerts made very positive statements. WHAT DOES THE BAND NAME LAST INFLUENCE OF BRAIN STAND FOR EXACTLY? IS MANKIND ON THE VERGE OF LOSING ITS MIND? LIOB is a little pun of words with some kind of ambiguity to it. There are a lot of influences on mankind from the outer world, but it is very individual what you take and use from that information. And finally our brain and our way of life depend on it. Mankind is still destroying its health and pushes itself into absurdity. In accordance with that we are loosing our brains. Personal interest seems to get more important than that of mankind. I FIND IT COURAGEOUS TO RELEASE AN ALBUM THAT IS NOT EASY TO CONSUME, AREN´T YOU AFRAID TO FEAR OFF POTENTIAL BUYERS WITH THIS STRONG AND SOMETIMES DIFFICULT SOUND? I think that our sound is not too complicated. We like to work with sounds, we like to modify and experiment, but with a more “easy listening” approach than we are doing with “Samhain”. The LIOB-CD is hard and aggressive and that was our aim from the very beginning. Music is also the world in which we are living and we are living in a world of aggression and brutality. We like to give people the facility to get rid of their negative energy via our music. We like it very much when people share lots of energy at our live performances. YOUR ALBUM DOES NOT JUST SOUND “DARK” TO ME, OFTEN IT EVEN FEELS LIKE A SOUNDTRACK. IS THIS INTERPRETATION RIGHT? ARE MOVIES AN IMPORTANT INSPIRATION FOR YOU? Everyone is searching for music to like for. We are also doing music that we like. Movies are our main source of samples but we are never listening to soundtracks. For a total overview of the LIOB philosophy you can’t stop at listening to the CD. This is not enough. The best way is to watch our video projections at our live performances to get the complete image. WHAT WOULD YOU ANSWER TO PEOPLE, WHO COULD REMARK THAT „ILLUSIONS AND REALITY“ JUST SOUNDS LIKE A MENTALLO & THE FIXER-ALBUM WITHOUT TOO MANY OWN IDEAS? IT’S NOT MY OPINION, BUT I READ IT IN SOME REVIEWS. 100 people, 100 tastes… Our music may be similar to “Mentallo and the Fixer” for somebody and similar to “Hocico” for another. Everyone has a different point of view. We never tried to copy somebody else, it was solely OUR own thing why we started to produce music. Each sound and melody is from our minds and we are proud of it. LAST INFLUENCE OF BRAIN CONSISTS OF THREE PEOPLE. HOW DOES THE PRODUCTION OF A CD TAKE PLACE? ARE YOU WORKING TOGETHER IN STUDIO OR DOES EACH OF YOU CREATE ON HIS OWN AND THAN YOU MEET AND SEE WHICH IDEAS WILL WORK? We are three people and each one has his own task in the LIOB philosophy. I am responsible for composing and arrangements, Bob does the recording and together we are mixing and arranging it in our studio. Blazena is playing the drums. We like this work so much and we enjoy our time with instruments. ARE YOU WELL KNOWN IN SLOWAKIA? I HEARD ABOUT A GIG AT A FESTIVAL IN PRAGUE. AND HOW IS THE ELECTRO SCENE IN YOUR HOME TOWN IN GENERAL? I MOSTLY KNOW ABOUT DEATH METAL ACTS. There are a few good bands in Slovakia like KIFOTH, Disharmony etc. All of them are very well known in there “home” EBM scene. All acts are our friends and we are able to help each other and cooperate when preparing live gigs and we are also working together on many projects. Audience in Slovakia is very enthusiastic and this is a solid base for a good performance. For this kind of audience we are also playing in Czech Republic and Prague especially, where lots of Electro addicts live. Slovakia is a small country, but each style has a place here. And yes, death metal is more popular but once we cooperated with one death metal act and we have a lot of friends in this scene. WHAT CAN THE AUDIENCE EXPECT OF A LAST INFLUENCE OF BRAIN-CONCERT? In the beginning the best selection of our famous tracks from “Illusion and Reality”, older tracks, but also brand new songs planned for our next release. We have live drums added to our performance, which gives more energy to the sound and you should not forget our interesting video projections. WHAT ARE YOUR FURTHER PLANS WITH LIOB? DOING ANOTHER ALBUM SOON? MAYBE A TOUR IN GERMANY? We have lots of plans for the future. We already finished working on a new SAMHAIN CD and are now looking for a record Label to release it. The ”Loct in”-project has also been finishing with material for a new CD. We finally found a good female voice, so we are using it. Final mixing has to be done, too. I also finished about 20 pieces of new material, which has yet to be arranged. Actually we will play on different festivals. We would like to play in Germany, but actually we have no offers from local promoters. DO YOU LIKE THE CURRENT ELECTRONIC SCENE WITH ALL ITS FUTURE POP CLONES? WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE NEW FIXMER/ MCCARTHY RELEASE? We are open to all styles from Metal to EBM but there has to be quality. In the electro genre we are mainly listening to FLA and Skinny Puppy etc. Nowadays there are so many different electro styles, but not too many bands playing classic EBM anymore. ANY FAMOUS LAST WORDS? Thanks a lot to all German fans and we will enjoy meeting you at some concerts in your country. Thanks to you Michael for this interview, too. THANKS FOR SPENDING TIME DOING THIS INTERVIEW AND ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE.

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