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HEY GUYS, HOW ARE YOU, WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE 10 MINUTES AGO? 😉 Hi, Im very well thank you, I’m David the vocalist in Mendeed and ten minutes ago i was in bed asleep! YOU ARE QUITE NEW TO THE MOST METAL-FANS IN GERMANY. PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF We are a metal band from Scotland, we’re crossing genres and trying to create something new with our music. We won’t be held back by musical boundaries. YOUR ALBUM IS TO BE RELEASED THESE DAYS, HOW ARE YOUR FEELINGS SEEING YOUR DEBUT FINALLY HITTING THE STORES? We’re very excited at the moment. We’ve been looking forward to this time since we started out, its an honour for us to have our album coming out in Europe and the rest of the world. THE REVIEWS ARE BRILLIANT ALL OVER. EVEN OTHER BANDS LIKE SOILWORK AND KATAKLYSM SAY THAT THEY ARE FANS! HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH ALL THESE GREAT REACTIONS AND HOW SATISFIED ARE YOU YOURSELF? Well you know its amazing to hear the positive comments that have been given to us so far. We are confident in what we do so we’re not surprised that people like our music but to have the guys from SOILWORK and KATAKLYSM speak highly of us is a real honour. Those are two bands who we look up to and respect greatly. JUST 2,5 YEARS AGO YOU FORMED THAT BAND AND NOW YOUR DEBUT IS TO BE RELEASED VIA ONE OF THE BIGGEST METAL-LABLES. DID YOU ALREADY REALIZE EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED? It’s kinda crazy for us, we havent really stopped to think about whats going on yet. We’ve just been really busy since we signed to Nuclear Blast so we haven’t had time to think about it. I think also that we are in the UK so we don’t see first hand how things are moving in Europe. I think when we come over to tour it may become real to us! WHAT DID YOU FEEL AS THE SUCCESS OF THE MCDS AND THE OFFER OF BLAST CAME SO FAST AFTER FORMING THE BAND? Well we actually formed the band 5 years ago when we were still at school, it was just a hobby at the time, a bit of fun. Nothing serious. But for the last 2 and a half years we’ve been working hard and taking it very serious. We feel great that everything is going fast and that people seem to like what we are doing. ANY THOUGHTS OR FEARS THAT IT COULD BE TOO MUCH, TOO FAST? No not at all, we can handle anything that is thrown our way. If you believe in what you are doing then nothing can intimidate you. This is what we are born to do and we’re going to be around for a long time. DRUMS, GUITARS… EVERY BAND-MEMBER DID AWESOME WORK ON “THIS WAR WILL LAST FOREVER”. WHO AND WHAT WAS THE BEST TEACHERS FOR YOU (OR IS IT “JUST” TALENT?) AND WHICH BAND AND MUSICIAN IMPRESSES AND INFLUENCES YOUR STYLE THE MOST? We all take influence from far and wide, there is no one person or band that influences any of us. We like to look around and listen to as many different things as possible, we find what we think is cool, what sounds good to us and we creat our new sound out of that. TALKING ABOUT YOUR ALBUM. THE SONGTITLES ARE KIND OF CLASSIC. “STAND AS ONE …” FOR EXAMPLE COULD HAVE BEEN A MANOWAR-TITLE. IN THE LYRICS YOU SEEM TO USE THESE CLASSIC METAL FANTASY-WORDS (DARK PRINCES, WARRIORS…) TO TALK ABOUT NOW-A-DAYS PROBLEMS. HOW DO YOU WRITE LYRICS AND WHAT TOPICS ARE INFLUENCING THEM? I approach a subject that is pissing me off or that strikes a chord with me, I spend a lot of time just thinking about the subject before I actually start to write. Then when im happy that I have a clear view on something I write in a way that can hopefully be interpreted in many different ways. Using imagery of warriors etc worked for ‚This War…‘ but it may not work for the second album, i may use a totally different approach next time round. I was writing about alot of different thing on ‚This War..‘ from the situation we face at the moment with so many wars going on around the world to kids having to go to school every day and being bullied. I used war imagery to get the point across that different people have to battle through different situations every day. DAVID WRITES THE MOST LYRICS. WHAT ABOUT SONGWRITING IN GENERAL? We write as a unit, we all go into the studio and just start to jam out riffs. Nixon writes most of the riffs and kevin writes the drums, but we all sit down and decide what we use and we don’t use. EVERY SONG ON “THIS WAR WILL LAST FOREVER” IS GREAT. IS THE THERE A LEADING-TRACK OR A SONG YOU WANT TO POINT OUT ESPECIALLY? MAYBE THE VIDEO-TRACK “BENEATH A BURNING SKY”? There is two tracks on the album that everyone seems to love, when we play live the two songs that really get the crowd going insane in “Beneath A Burning Sky” and “The Reaper Waits”. But the whole album is a piece of work that should be listened to. IN THAT VIDEO YOU ARE USING WAR-SCENES. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE WORLD SITUATION NOWADAYS? DO YOU THINK THE PEOPLE CARE ENOUGH ABOUT THE THINGS HAPPENING EVERYDAY? I’m disturbed of the current world situation, I think it’s wrong that a modern and advanced civilisation can still find excuses to kill one another. I do think that people care about what happens but i think that everyone feels that they are only one voice and that they can’t change the world. But if we all rise as one and let the powers that be know how we feel then we can make a difference. YOUR MUSIC MIXES MANY STYLES OF METAL FROM MODERN TO CLASSIC WITH SOME HARDCORE-BEAT DOWNS. DO YOU THINK THAT THIS IS THE RESULT OF THE HEAVY-SCENE TODAY WHERE THE GENRES GET MORE AND MORE MIXED UP? No I’d say that we have consciously made the decision to mix it up as much as possible, we’re trying to create something new. We want to be leaders of a scene we do not want to follow anyone else. It’s important to us when we write that we do not follow one blueprint. Its important to have variety. SOME MAGS USE “METALCORE” FOR YOUR MUSIC (MAYBE CAUSED BY YOUR HAIRCUTS, WHO KNOWS 😉 ). FOR ME IT’S METAL! IS IT OK FOR YOU TO BE PUT IN THIS BOX AND WHAT DO YOU THINK OF “METALCORE”? I think metalcore is a term that is used too freely these days. We are not a metalcore band, we are a metal band who have some metalcore influence in our music. There are some great metalcore bands out there but there aer also some who are not so good and are cashing in on the success of the genre. IN THESE DAYS YOU PLAY SOME EUROPEAN FESTIVALS (DOWNLOAD, EARTHSHAKER). HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT PLAYING IN FRONT OF MANY THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE AND SHARING THE STAGE WITH THE BIGGEST NAMES IN METAL? It’s an honour for us to be on the festivals. We’ve already played Download and Tuska in Finland and they were both incredible experiences for us. To be playing on the same festivals of bands like Arch Enemy and In Flames is amazing. We have Earthshaker coming up real soon and we cannot wait for that to happen! ANY FURTHER TOUR-PLANS ALREADY? We’re hoping to get over to Europe to tour after the summer. we’re working on a few things at the moment and hopefully we can have definite plans very soon. WHERE DO YOU SEE MENDEED IN 5 OR 10 YEARS? We’d like to be in the position where in 5 years there are other bands who have seen what we do, crossing genres freely and have started to play in a similar style. We’d like to be respobsible for a new movement. In ten years we expect to be a huge name in the metal world, we’re here to have a career, we’re not going to be a band who is here today and gone tomorrow. IN THESE MONTHS THE BIGGEST BANDS IN METAL ARE WORKING ON NEW ALBUMS (SLAYER, METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN…) WHAT DO YOU EXPECT OF THEM? I expect great things, those are the 3 biggest bands and I don’t think they will disappoint. I expect metallica to come back with something breathtaking and shove the negativity the received for St. Anger back down peoples throats. YOUR SOCCER-TEAM DID NOT MAKE IT TO THE WORLD CUP IN MY HOME-COUNTRY 😉 . DO YOU SUPPORT YOU BRITISH MATES FROM ENGLAND (ZU DEM ZEITPUNKT WAREN BECK’S & CO. NOCH IM TURNIER)? WHO WILL WIN? We like to see England do well as we are all British but we don’t want them to win because being Scottish they would give us a hard time! I think either Germany or France will win it this year. THE LAST WORDS ARE OF COURSE YOURS: Thank you very much, we’re going to be over for Earthshaker real soon. Go out and pick up a copy of our album – you won’t be disappointed. And we’ll see you all in the pit! Stay metal THANX FOR YOUR TIME AND GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR GREAT RECORD!!

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