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OK, AT FIRST PLEASE INTRODUCE YOUR BAND TO THE WORLD. We all (except for maybe Thomas O’Beast) come from different Death Metal backgrounds, although way back. I guess we (Rune and Brian) started some time back in the early or mid- 90’s. We’ve split up and reunited a couple of times and revaluated our style in the process. Over the recent years we’ve been keen on trying to distinct our music from the „mainstream“ of the metal-genre. Of course, that has happened with the more focused and tolerant attitude we’ve gotten towards music in general and not just Metal. I think that’s something even to be heard on „Mechanical…“, since some tracks were written during one of our revaluation-periods. Just for the record, the present line-up is, Michael Boegballe (vox), Brian Rasmussen (drums), Thomas „O’Beast“ Koefoed (bazz), Mircea G. Eftemie (guitar) and Rune Stigart (guitar). REFERING TO THE PROMO-SHEET MNEMIC IS NOW ALREADY EXISTING FOR 5 YEARS. SO, NOW „MECHANICAL SPIN PHENOMENA“ BEING THE DEBUT ALBUM, HOW LONG DID THE WORK FOR IT LAST? Well, the album itself took about 1 month to record and put together in the studio. A lot of the keyboard-parts and samples were written in the studio. So were some of the lyrics. There was, fortunately, time to experiment and play. As for the songs, some of them are 3 or 4 years old, but they’ve undergone some slight changes in order to mix better in with the new stuff. PLEASE REPORT ON THE PROCESS OF CREATING THE SONGS FOR „MECHANICAL SPIN PHENOMENA“. DOES THE SONGWRITING FOR EXAMPLE HAPPEN MAINLY SPONTANEOUSLY OR STEP BY STEP AND THOUGHT-OVER? ARE THERE SEVERAL MEMBERS INVOLVED IN WRITING A SONG OR ALWAYS ONLY A SINGLE PERSON…? That depends on the mood and whether or not someone has got an idea or an approach. It depends on what kinda song we’re going into. And even that (the mood and the approach) can change during the writing of the song. Some of it is very step by step, by the book/metronome and insanely boring. And then some of it happens during a kick-ass jam-session while recording the whole thing. We’re all, more or less, involved with writing the songs, but Michael (the singer) usually concentrates more on the lyrics, but still has ideas and requests about the form and attitude of the song. THERE ARE TENDENCIES IN YOUR MATERIAL TO THE SOUND OF BANDS LIKE FEAR FACTORY. DID THESE PARALLELS DEVELOP MORE BY CHANCE OR IS THIS ALSO YOUR FAVOURITE KIND OF MUSIC THAT YOU LISTEN TO IN PRIVATE, SO THAT YOU ARE ORIENTATING AT SUCH BIGGER ACTS BECAUSE YOU ALSO FEEL THIS WAY? Fear Fac-who? No, of course, it’s no big secret that we’ve been somewhat stimulated by FF and the „likes“, so naturally somehow somewhere it’s detectable in some of our material. WHAT ARE YOUR (OTHER) MUSICAL INFLUENCES AND INSPIRATIONS? I’m not going to name the (possibly) obvious ones, because I hate being compared to others in or out of the genre. We’ve got influences coming from all around, really. Not just musical. I’m personally inspired by imagery from both comic-books, paintings and movies, but I guess most musicians are, subconsciously. Inspired by what we see that is… But talking about musical inspiration it really varies a lot. It ranges from Miles Davis to Juno Reactor. From Duran Duran to Anthrax. I REALLY enjoy Gary Numan and Front Line Assembly, but that’s kinda obvious… hehehe… PLEASE TELL US ABOUT THE RECORDING SESSIONS. HAVE THE DETAILS OF THE SONGS ALREADY BEEN FINISHED IN ADVANCE OR HAS THERE BEEN A LOT OF EXPERIMENTING WITH MODERN AND FUTURISTIC SOUNDS IN THE STUDIO? The song’s structure were pretty much set, the only changes are prolonged breaks and variation in density, and we more or less knew what sound we wanted from Tue given our previous collaboration on the 2002 promo. We only needed to expand on those ideas and experiences. THE TRACK „BLOOD STAINED“ HAS BEEN REMIXED BY NONE LESS THAN THE LEGENDARY RHYS FULBER (FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY, FEAR FACTORY ETC.). THIS VERSION WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE ON THE SPECIAL EDITION OF YOUR ALBUM AND ON AN EXCLUSIVE CLUBSINGLE. HOW DID YOU GET IN CONTACT WITH HIM AND DO YOU THINK THERE WILL BE MORE OF THIS MUSICAL DIRECTION IN YOUR FUTURE WORK OR DO YOU SEE THE ROOTS OF MNEMIC CLEARLY IN METAL MUSIC? We established contact to him ourselves, and expressed our interest in working with him towards Nuclear Blast. We would like much MUCH more of this type of thing, so let’s see what’s going to happen. Some of us are also really old school-metal, and some of us are really deep into this kinda thing. I think it’s just a matter of compromising, but you’ll definitely hear more of this electronic style in some sense and capacity, remix or not. I’ll definitely try to make my voice be heard! YOU DID A VIDEO FOR „GHOST“ WITH PRODUCER PATRIC ULLAEUS FROM REVOLVER FILM COMPANY, WHO ALREADY PRODUCED – BESIDES A LOT OF COMMERCIAL SPOTS FOR BIG COMPANIES – ACTS LIKE IN FLAMES AND WITHIN TEMPTATION AND ALSO NON-METAL LIKE SCOOTER, LUTRICIA MCNEAL AND ACE OF BASE. PLEASE INFORM US ABOUT THE SHOOTING AND ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH THE RESULT? It was a 14 hour straight shooting, and it’s the most surreal experience any of us have ever had. It was really hard and wastive, and it must have been at least 100 degrees where we shot (an abandoned heat processing station). We gave all we had in us, and blisters and bruises both during and after proved just that. (I think there’s a picture of drummer Brian’s multi- coloured thigh on our website). We are definitely satisfied with the final result, though it’s more clean, raw and less flashy than Patric’s usual style. That quaking shaking thing in the end of the video is awesome, but I wanted more of that… hehehe… THIS ALSO SHOULD HAVE BEEN AN EXPENSIVE PROJECT. PROBABLY ONLY POSSIBLE TO REALISE BECAUSE OF YOUR LABEL NUCLEAR BLAST. HOW DID YOU GET IN CONTACT WITH THEM? That was indeed a very fortunate outcome of the 2002 promo. We had actually sent them a copy of that promo, on the request of Chris Leibundgut one of their freelance A&Rs. The promo actually got well received and created us a name through the Internet. Actually, we were offered a lot of other offers at that time, but the best deal came from Nuclear Blast. So we were stunned, but ecstatic and without much hesitation we just grapped the pen! HaHa! ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH THEIR PROMOTIONAL WORK SO FAR AND DO YOU THINK THAT THIS CHOICE WAS THE RIGHT ONE FOR YOU NOT BEING ONE OF THE BIGGER ACTS ON THE LABEL? I think we trust them enough to do their job, and to do it well. Yes, we feel very much that they’re doing theirs to promote us. The merchandising alone is more than we would have expected for a relative unknown and debuting band. We’re very flattered… hehehe… WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THE TITLE „MECHANICAL SPIN PHENOMENA“? It refers to a way of living. It can be the repetitive and lifeless way of living that too many people these days follow when being too caught up with making profits, following orders and just abandoning life and the free will. An evil automated circle. In the midst of all this technological craze, we’re still very simple beings with human needs and desires. And then it also refers to our music and is the opposite of our music. It’s chaotic at times and does have that oppressive technical feel that often speaks to the minority. PLEASE TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT THE LYRICS OF THE NEW ALBUM (UNFORTUNATELY THEY AREN´T INCLUDED ON MY PROMO). IS THERE A CONCEPT BEHIND „MECHANICAL SPIN PHENOMENA“? AND WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR LYRICAL INSPIRATION FROM? Personal experiences, oppressed feelings, anger management and obvious statements wrapped in melancholy and humour. Michael is the sole writer of the lyrics and I know that they are quite personal and therapeutic to him, but I don’t know much about the actual authenticity in them. MNEMIC IS BASED IN DENMARK. HOW IS THE METAL SCENE THERE TODAY? ACTUALLY WITH THE DANISH METAL I ONLY COMBINE ILLDISPOSED AND KONKHRA. ARE YOU IN CONTACT WITH SOME OTHER BANDS AND ARE THERE SOME OTHER NEWCOMER WORTH TO MENTION? The metal scene in Denmark is somewhat diffuse. There’s definitely a crowd, but it’s been very dormant the past years because of the small selection of bands so naturally there are very few concerts and metal events happening in general. But with the wide acceptance of mainstream Metal I think it’s growing back. We’ve got contact with some fine bands making their way in Denmark. Our close friends and ass-kickers, Hatesphere, though definitely not newcomers, are well worth a mention. Others are Mugshot, Evil Morgan and Dirty Lyle. Metal on, guys!!! AS A YOUNG NEWCOMERBAND, WHAT IS YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO MP3S AND THE MUSIC PIRACY IN THE INTERNET? We have very different opinions indeed about that in the band. I’ll speak for myself when saying that when you’re in our situation I probably favour the piracy. When you’ve got a debut- album coming, the internet is one heck of a way to promote it, and yes, that means that people would have to be downloading it for free through various share-programs. It’ll undoubtedly reach a bigger crowd that way and in the end I reckon that what we’ve lost to piracy, we’ve gained in „distribution“. Of course, my opinion is likely to change should we become a bigger name in the future… ARE THERE ANY TOUR-PLANS AT THE MOMENT? WHICH BAND WOULD YOU LIKE TO TOUR WITH MOST? The fall looks pretty hefty. We’ve got some Danish gigs with Illdisposed and a smaller European tour in November with Death Angel, amongst others. We’ll be visiting the UK, France, Germany and Italy so that’s a HUGE f**kin‘ deal! You may wanna check out the exact plan at our website. I’d like to do a tour with Devin Townsend! That would probably be an enormous experience and an insightful and fun-filled one too. He looks and sounds so interesting… (that sounded more gay than was intended) WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE MOVIES? MAYBE ALSO SOME MORE FUTURISTIC STUFF? Yeah, movies like Blade Runner, Matrix and X-MEN are obviously in our collective bible of reference. Actually, I’m equally into low-budget 70´s Hong Kong-flicks, classic cheesy sci-fi and small everyday dramas. I’m looking extremely forward to Tarantino’s Kill Bill and most of the up- coming comicbook adaptations such as Hellboy. ANY FAMOUS LAST WORDS? I wish! No, seriously… buy or at least check out our debut-album. We guarantee a cheap but expressive ride into orbit and a full-filling re-entry. And again, look for our name coming to tear a black hole in YOUR city! Yeah! Also, eat loads of chocolate! You know you want to… Thanks a bunch! – Rune / Mnemic THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR TIME AND SUCCESS FOR THE ALBUM.

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