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HI GUYS, YOU HAVE BEEN DOING SO MANY INTERVIEWS IN THE LAST WEEKS, ARE YOU TIRED OF ALL THE TALKING? WHICH WAS THE MOST INTERESTING QUESTION OF ALL THE INTERVIEWS? That´s right. We have been talking and writing non stop since a couple of weeks yet, besides the routine aspect of it, it is a good sign for the record, since curiosity is always the best reaction, I guess. Throughout the many interviews I have had interesting conversations yet I can not recall anything but a Czech republic magazine asking me how many people worked in Century Media´s Dortmund office. That was quite non-sense after talking so much about fear, southern culture and music…It got my attention, definitely. DID YOU LIKE THE LITTLE PARTY AT THE ZECHE, BOCHUM? DID YOU GET TO KNOW ANY NICE GIRLS AT THE GROUND LEVEL OF THE DISCO LATER ON (AS YOU KNOW THERE WAS A LADIES NIGHT…)? We had a blast on that party since I am an addicted for theme parties and I guess the atmosphere was so right, people interacting with each other, the gothic catering, the music, the images, I really appreciated the effort to put it together for us. As I had my birthday like three days before, I took it as a late birthday party as well. As for the girls, I am more into women really, and even if there was some stunning teens down there, they would not qualify age wise. I am definitely28 + rated. I could go as far as 26/27 but the rest is a waste of good time, I know that. WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR INSPIRATION FROM AFTER ALL THE YEARS AND RECORDS? Well basically I draw it from life and in life I include the art of survival, of dreaming and of living in real terms. The curiosity about things which we do not possess but can take a lot at, through Art for example, is a driving force for me. I am quite Faustian, I want to know everything, regardless of the price, so making records is a way of getting closer to what I do not know about due through my proverbial human limitations. CAN YOU TELL US OF ANY FUNNY/ STRANGE STORIES OF YOUR FINLAND EXPERIENCE? WHO GOT THE IDEA OF RECORDING THERE? HOW WAS THE CONTACT MADE WITH AMORPHIS BASSIST NICLAS? We borrowed the digital camera from a close friend of mine so we could register some of the moments in studio and as I was keeping a diary I needed shots to illustrate it. Pedro (our keys/guitar player) is also a promising photographer so we took the chance to experiment even with pictures. Obviously it is an expensive camera and we never left it unattended for long. Until the mastering day came up and the excitement made us overlook the taking care of the machine so I left it for a while in the tracking studio. When I picked it up to take some pics I looked at the screen and saw a man´s bare ass, followed up by a sequence of dicks, balls, a lot of genital posing really. So I thought, in awe, what the fuck was wrong with my friend in Portugal and what have I just found out? After some minutes it struck me that our producer has in fact a porno Rock band called The Skreppers and obviously the joke was his and all his friends who came by to listen to the record…I thought I have seen that ass somewhere already, in the sauna, of course. As for the recording in Finland, regardless of the nasty pics, Finnvox is a great studio and we have a good Finnish connection going for us. So the decision of going there again came out naturally, since we can be fully concentrated on the record and also work professionally and in peace to put it together as strong and as fast as possible. As we lost our bass player Sérgio in the process, we invited Niclas, with whom we have toured together already and knew from before, to fit in and so he did remarkably, in our opinion. I THINK „THE ANTIDOTE“ IS FAR MORE HEAVIER THAN YOUR LAST ALBUM (WHICH WAS SOMEHOW “GOTHIC ROCK”). JUST COINCIDENCE OR WAS THIS YOUR AIM WHILE RECORDING? It was intentional and spontaneous at the same time. The Antidote was an album I felt shaping inside of us for long, waiting for the right moment to come out into life. And what was brewing inside us was something different, more powerful and more spiritual than Darkness but a lot also closer to what we are as a band and as persons. We wanted stronger atmospheres, scarier detail, after all it is an album about Fear, and Fear is heavy and subtle at the same time, just like I think this record is. THERE ARE MANY INTERESTING SMALL DETAILS IN YOUR NEW SONGS. DID YOU HAVE MORE TIME FOR ARRANGING THE TRACKS THAN EVER BEFORE? That´s correct. We have arrived to a quite final version of our songs very early this time, so we had a long time to look into them and to work out the visual part of them by introducing elements that make you want to come back to the record and know more about it. Between Darkness and Antidote mediates two years and during these two years, regardless of all the touring, we were always very focused in writing new songs. That paid off a lot since when we went into Finnvox the songs were already strong and very well put together. We had only to concern how to put it into tape and I guess we have recreated the feeling of our rehearsal studio with a much better interpretation and sonic expression. HOW WAS THE COLLABORATION WITH THE WRITER JOSE LUIS PEIXOTO LIKE? HAS HE SOMEHOW INFLUENCED YOUR WAY OF WRITING THE LYRICS FOR THE NEW ALBUM? It was a reward for us because we have always cultivated a literary influence in Moonspell in the past and it feels very good when the most important writer from the Portuguese new literary generation approaches us with such recognition and makes one dream come true. We had already much of the Antidote so to say designed but José Luis brought us also a new way of looking into ourselves and to value more appropriately what we do and how it can interact so well with different forms of Art, especially Literature. I would go as far as saying that even songs like Everything Invaded or a Walk on the darkside were already finalized under the spirit of this collaboration pretty much. YOU MADE A VERY ENTERTAINING VIDEO FOR THE SINGLE “EVERYTHING INVADED”. WHERE DID YOU AND THE DIRECTOR GOT THE IDEAS FROM? SOME PARTS ARE DEFINITELY INFLUENCED BY JOHN CARPENTERS “VAMPIRES”, DID YOU LIKE TO COME BACK FROM THE DESERT GRAVE? I THINK YOU NEEDED A GOOD SHOWER AFTERWARDS… Thank you. Actually we have nothing to do with its story. We trust very much on Tiago’s (Guedes) and Frederico’s (Serra) –the directors- creative input and we left it up to him to conceive all the storyline. He just had to call us for a more than expected yes. The fact is that Tiago worked with us before in the Nocturna video for Darkness and we were absolutely fascinated by his aesthetics and by the professionalism of his team, that we invited him to work together with us. He started to conceive the video by the name of the song itself, since he thought Everything Invaded would be a great horror flick title (which I agree by now!) so he made up a fictional long feature from a film titled like that and took the video clip as the trailer for that movie, obviously showing its best moments. The result is our best video so far, it is done very credibly and it tries to recreate the original tension of classic Horror movies, a classic horror movie plot and to merge it together with the organics of the band and try us to act as the evil powers unearthed when people/the young guys , just touch the wrong things, say the wrong words or going the wrong places. It is funny for us to look at all the Horror movies aficionados when they start pointing down the movies it recalls them. As for being buried alive, it comes directly from Carpenter´s Vampires, which Tiago advised us to see before the shooting. As he wanted to recreate that effect but here we are talking about a low budget production, quite different from Carpenter´s movies, we had to do it the old fashioned way and getting really under ground! So first thing in the morning upon our arrival was to be introduced to our graves and try them out! As for the shower, well it had to wait for quite a few hours… YOU COLLABORATED IN THE FIRST PORTUGUESE HORROR SHORT MOVIE ”I WILL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS”. DID THE DIRECTOR CONTACT YOU FOR A CONTRIBUTION? CAN YOU TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT THE SONG? IS ANYONE OF YOU INTERESTED IN AN ACTING CAREER? AND WILL THE MOVIE AND THE SONG BE DISTRIBUTED IN GERMANY? We met Filipe Melo through a friend. He is the mentor of the movie, wrote it together with a friend and has moved worlds so far to make this project coming into reality. He is a quite known Jazz pianist in Portugal but he has a great fascination for Zombies. He thought in us, because we understand his inclinations in many ways and Moonspell has always worked and incorporating influences from horror fiction literature and films into our music. We have covered the jazz standard that gives name to the film and Filipe was really happy with the result and so was his all crew. The song has a great, mysterious lyrics and even tough we quite did not knew what to do of it, at first, I think the result was quite strong at the end of it. I guess we have to have some acting skills to be in a band to go through all the different situations we are put into a lot of times but I am sure nobody has acting ambitions that go over it. The video was great to do, we could be the good guys but even so we did not get the chance to speak, maybe fortunately… YOU TOLD ME YOU LOVE HORROR MOVIES. HOW CAME YOU IN CONTACT WITH IT? I BELIEVE CENSORSHIP WAS A GREAT PROBLEM IN PORTUGAL, ANY PROBLEMS OF GETTING THE MOVIES? WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE CLASSIC HORROR MOVIES AND DO YOU LIKE SOME OF THE NEW ONES ALSO? DO YOU HAVE THE TIME FOR GOING TO THE MOVIES? I have always had a big fascination towards what I do not know. If I saw a dark spot in my parent’s kitchen, I would have to go there and check it out. So, basically, that tension attracted me into the Occult and its biggest visual manifestation: cinema. The first movie I saw of that genre was the first The Exorcist and it left its marks on me really deeply. Obviously I have consumed it all Poltergeist, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Omen, Halloween,etc., until I found out about a neighbour of mine which had pearls like Hellraiser , Maniac Cop, Braindead, Bride of Re-animator,Evil Dead, and so on and so on. In fact censorship was a big problem especially because it did not allow Portuguese people to create tradition in the alternative culture and it took a while for me to watch European underground horror movies, such as Nekromantik that I only watched on my first trip to Germany around 1995 or so. Still to the date, even tough every day I meet a new aficionado with a growing collection, is very hard to find out some movies and people with a considerable collection are rare in Portugal. My favourite films are mostly what I quoted before even tough I would like to add the Phantasm series and probably Prince of Darkness and a lot of the Carpenter´s movies. I go to the movies, here and there, but it has been a while since a horror flick got my attention. I was about to go and see Darkness Falls but somebody prevented me for doing that. And he knew what he was talking about. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THE SITUATION OF THE PORTUGUESE METAL SCENE? ANY INTERESTING NEW BANDS? Some talent in rough, others more developed yet for Portugal is needed a cleansing of old ghosts and for bands to start perceiving and adopting a new attitude which has to do with self-belief, mutual respect and less desperation. There are good bands such as Aenima, Thragedium, the Temple, among others I believe gather good talent and good attitude towards things. YOU HAVE SOME INTERESTING SO CALLED „DIARIES“ AT YOUR HOMEPAGE (LYRICAL PIECES OF ART). WHAT IS THE IDEA BEHIND THAT? As I said many times, the Antidote was an album shaping inside us for long and those so called Antidote diaries was a way of satiating the thirst of communication growing along with it. So I came up with those literary pieces in order to give myself and others clues and sidetracks of what The Antidote would become. The A diaries allow me to exercise and to come up with short horror fiction pieces and bits, that were fascinating to write and became just that pure thing of me wanting to write and people wanting to absorb. YOU SEEM TO BE SO ACTIVE IN MANY FIELDS, DO YOU STILL HAVE TIME FOR A PRIVATE LIFE? I have to, of course. I would not say it is easy sometimes but sometimes it is there the oxygen you need to get yourself together and you must be in a certain harmony with it, not to abuse or be abused by it. I write poetry in my private life, which is great for me, I am printing my second book in November and I like to spend time looking at my beautiful girlfriend, at my two cats and travelling South almost every week-end to get close to Nature and simplicity and, unfortunately, to the intriguing energies sometimes present there. I HAVE READ THAT PORTUGUESE TV LIKE OTHER EUROPEAN STATIONS HAS A NEW SHOW ON AIR WHERE SOME KIND OF SINGER SUPERSTARS ARE SEARCHED? WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THESE “TALENT” SHOWS? I believe if you feel the proverbial calling for Music, if you feel it right, you go through other ways to fulfil that need and avoid treading those TV tracks, which are made for pure business, sadistic entertainment and rates. I personally hate those talent searches, because is like breeding parrots, they will repeat whatever it is done or said and eat lightly and cost you little. We have this show now called Idols and people do castings before a jury, which is composed by people connected into Music media, production,etc. This jury just inflate their “honesty” to put up a show for TV and I am ashamed to belong to the same trade as them whenever I accidentally jump into that show. ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD THE EUROPEAN SOCCER CHAMPIONSHIP IN YOUR HOME COUNTRY? WILL YOU ENTER THE STADIUMS? WHAT DO YOU THINK, WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF YOUR NATIONAL SOCCER TEAM? Portugal is a country whose project of existence is intimately connected with the fact of embracing enterprises which are not at our reach but that we do anyway and then spend years paying back for our pretentiousness. In the Renaissance that was maybe romantic and beautiful yet in the times we live is just disastrous. That is the Euro 2004,of course. As for going to the stadium, I doubt people like me will be able to afford a ticket. The national team is playing really bad and without a stream of game, and there are far too much business and interest going on inside our team to get somewhere with a sportive result. YOU HAVE BEEN IN GERMANY MANY TIMES. WHAT DO YOU THINK IS TYPICAL OF GERMANS, IN A POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE WAY? Yes I have, and have grown really used to that. I must admit first I was a bit shocked because the way you dealt with life was so different from ours, but I grew to learn that differences can teach you a lot about your own ways and make you a more complete person in many aspects. The typical in Germans…organization even on their wildest times. And, strangely, I can relate to it more and more. IS THE TOUR FOR THE NEW CD ALREADY FIXED? WHO WILL BE YOUR SUPPORT? Yes. We will team up with our labelmates and friends Lacuna Coil to co-headline with them and will be joined by three other Century Media bands (Passenger, Poisonblack and Extol). I believe it will be a great tour and be sure to watch us in Germany. ANY LAST WORDS? Have a taste of the antidote. It has the taste of your Fear.(sardonic laughter to be heard in the background). THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND GOOD LUCK!

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