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THE FOLLOWING INTERVIEW WAS MADE ON LOCATION AT THE GIG IN HANNOVER WITH THE RASMUS AND HIM. DID YOU ENJOY THE TOUR SO FAR? Of course, of course! It’s great! We’ve done great shows and we’ve enjoyed being on tour! I HEARD THAT THE GIG IN ESSEN STARTED EARLIER – A QUARTER TO EIGHT INSTEAD OF EIGHT P.M., THE TIME THAT WAS ANNOUNCED. WHY? Was this the first day? (looks at his manager Tommi) YES, IT WAS! Well, the first day on a tour is always the hardest and there are lots of problems .. we knew that it’s gonna start at 7.45 .. our show, so I think there were some mistakes, some confusion when we’ll gonna start. Also… we’re only playing 35 minutes so hopefully next time these people will come to see us when we’re coming by ourself and we’re able to play longer. I THINK MANY OF THEM WILL DO THAT… LARRYS BIRTHDAY IS ON 19TH FEBRUARY. AM I RIGHT? Larrys birthday .. yes, I think so, pobably, but I don’t know (smiles). YOU WILL HAVE A GIG IN ZURICH THIS DAY. WILL YOU HAVE A BIG BIRTHDAY PARTY? I think Larry is having party all the time, so it would be good for him to spend his birthday without any boobs or drugs. (laughing) Yes, he’s having party all the time. OK, JUST COOLING DOWN INSTEAD OF A WILD PARTY. BY THE WAY, DID YOU ENJOY YOUR LAST TOUR THROUGH GERMANY? Of course. What else could you say, it was our first tour and… I think we’re really lucky bastards because it seems whereever we are going there are always people following us. And I think they gonna sense that we’re doing this with passion and deep emotion. So it’s great that they are also there. The tour was great, there have been lots of people. I didn’t have any clue of how many people were going to see us – so I was surprised. It was nice. I think german people have got a really good sense of Rock ’n’ Roll. LAST YEAR YOU HAD AN INTERVIEW WITH AN ASSOCIATE OF MINE WRITING FOR THE TERRORVERLAG, TOO. Was this on the phone? I HAVE IN MIND IT WAS FACE TO FACE… IN MAY Ah, ok. YOU SAID SOMETHING SIMILAR THAT TIME… THAT YOU SUPPOSE GERMAN PEOPLE KNOW TO DEAL WITH ROCK’N ROLL MUSIC… Yes. Now they have proved. (smiles) SHORTLY BACK TO THE TOUR .. THE BLACK SONIC PROPHETS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN AS OPENER. HOW DID THE BAND GET IN TOUCH WITH THEM? There were different bands before the tour… you know, some bands send demotapes and so on to us and so we chose the band. I think the BLACK SONIC PROPHETS were the best band from those who wanted to be the supporting act … we’re always making the decisions for the supporting act .. usually. That’s how it goes. HOW DID YOU GET INTO THE ROADRUNNER LABEL? IT’S ACTUALLY A COMPANY WITH SOME BANDS OF A MORE BRUTAL STYLE… Actually there were few labels from Germany and from the middle of Europe .. and we were thinking that they offered the best contract , that’s why we chose ROADRUNNER… I think Roadrunner has got lots of “heavier stuff” than our band and it’s gonna be good for us because we’re representing a different kind of music which they don’t have yet. So I think they can put some fire under our asses. (laughs) YEAH (laughs)… DID YOU HAVE INTENTIONS TO TAKE PART IN THE ROADRUNNER UNITED ALBUM? I heared about that… you mean the 25th celebration? YES, THAT I MEAN EXACTLY. THERE HAS BEEN A ROADRUNNER ALL STAR ALBUM RECORDED. I told those label guys that when they’re going to turn to 50 – take a call to me and I wanna be part of the album. (laughs) So I gonna be 45 then … hopefully we will stay in touch. I heard a few songs from the album but… I can’t say anything about that. OKAY .. WE’LL SEE IN 25 YEARS (smiles) TALKING ABOUT ALBUMS: YOU ARE WORKING ON THE THIRD ONE… Yes. Actually we are working on the oncoming album all the time. We started the recording – I mean the hole process, you know, you’re doing some demotapes and after that you listen to that stuff and try to figure out what’s gonna be the best studio for you and stuff like that – this work we started already last autumn. So we worked a few months on that … It’s 85% done. So it’s coming out over here after the summer, right after the summer – next autumn. And – it’s gonne be a fuckin great album (grins) WILL THERE BE NEW SOUND ELEMENTS IN YOUR STYLE? Yes, it will give some new elements… it’s gonna be more playful, more music and braver arrangements .. that was the main idea before we went to the studio. We wanna do that kind of album which gonna be exactly… I mean, the last album also showed off this way, I can’t deny that, but .. now we wanted to take all the ropes around us away, take them off and let music flow around. It’s gonna be like a rollercoaster ride. It will shake your ass and mind (smiles) SOUNDS EXCITING … Yeah. Yeah, it’s gonna be much more rough. WHEN THE ALBUM WILL HAVE BEEN RELEASED – WHICH COUNTRIES DO YOU WANNA VISIT FOR THE NEXT TOUR? The whole world… thats why we choose the English language. And that’s what we are doing. I think English is the traditional language of Rock ’n’ Roll and only sky’s the limit, you know. Hopefully… I know we’re coming over here again, we’ve done this second tour and we made all this festivals last summer and the reaction of the crowd, it was amazing! So I think we got some kind of future over here. I THINK SO, TOO… So probably I would say.. Germany! CAN THE FANS BARGAIN FOR A LIVE-DVD, PERHAPS? YOU HAVE SUCH A GREAT AND KICKING SHOW… Yeah, it’s been working for a long time but it’s nothing sure yet – when it’s coming out. We have lots of material for the DVD – but it would be also nice to have more stuff . It’s gonna happen after our third album, so we can’t say anything yet. There’s lots of “behind the scenes” and backstage stuff, but in the moment it seems so far away. But definitely it’s coming out. Someday (laughs) We started playing 1997 – our history as a recording band is not very long yet. You know, we released our first album in 2003. We want to have more albums before a DVD will be released. It would be so fucking frustrating or boring if there was only one tour “behind” – you know what I mean. YES, YOU WANT MORE MATERIAL … Yes, and more history from the band, some uphills and downhills .. it’s more interesting then. UPHILLS AND DOWNHILLS … YOU VISITED “1live”… 1live? THE RADIO STATION .. Yes, ok AND THEY TRIED TO KID YOU BECAUSE OF YOUR APPERANCE. ARE YOU BEYOND SUCH PROVOCATIONS OR DOES SOMETHING LIKE THAT ANNOY YOU? I don’t care what people think. I’m not going to tell anybody how he or she should dress. I just wear the kind of clothes I feel comfortable with and that’s the main thing. It’s a part of my personality. It doesn’t matter if somebody doesn’t like .. it’s their problem, it’s not my problem! THAT’S THE BEST STANCE ON THIS YOU CAN HAVE, I THINK! ANOTHER THING… VILLE SAID IN AN INTERVIEW THIS TIME IT’S LIKE GRANDFATHER; FATHER AND SON ON TOUR. DO YOU THINK SO AS WELL? IS THIS A POINT OF ADVERTISING OR DO YOU THINK HE’S GOOFING WITH YOU? DO YOU FEEL LIKE A SON OF HIM OR THE RASMUS? Of course, if you’re talking about the band, there are some guys that are almost close to HIM. Concerning the age. Probably I understand that they got the longest history and then comes THE RASMUS .. and then us. So it makes sense. I SEE. .. Yeah, I’m the kid… (laughs) But all… all the bands want to be the number one, so there is competition between the bands. Ville is the grandpa (laughs) THERE ARE – PROBABLY ABSURD – ASSUMPTIONS AND EQUATIONS ABOUT YOUR PSEUDONYMS AND THE ONES OF HIM. FOR EXAMPLE, YOU HAVE LARRY LOVE AND HIM HAS MIGÈ AMOUR. HOW DID YOU REALLY GET UP WITH YOUR PSEUDONYMS, YOUR NICKNAMES? Exactly it was like his nickname, this “Love-Thing”. It sounds much cooler than Laurie Marcula or whats his real name, you know, its international .. and he is .. He didn’t like that one .. then it stayed and well, I think its cool, LARRY LOVE (grins), it sounds good. And he loves to make love. So I fits… OH, I GOT THE IDEA (laughs) ANOTHER NICKNAME I’VE BROOD OVER IS “SIR CHRISTUS” .. Since I’ve known him he was “SIR CHRISTUS”. For the first time I heard this guys name, I thought “What kind of person is calling himself “SIR CHRISTUS”?” but that’s who he is. And it’s nice to hide behind your names… you know there’s SLASH and these kind of… it’s cool, it belongs in Rock ’n’ Roll. IT’S ANYWAY A FINNISH-BANDS-TOUR… IN THE LAST INTERVIEW YOU TOLD US ABOUT THE LARGE MUSIC-SCENE IN FINLAND. DO YOU THINK THAT PEOPLE IN FINLAND HAVE A DIFFERENT RELATIONSHIP TO MUSIC GENERALLY? WHAT I MEAN IS, WHENEVER I MEET FINNISH PEOPLE ON FESTIVALS OR SO ON, THEY ARE SO ENTHUSIASTIC AND CARRIED AWAY BY MUSIC. AND THEY ARE ENGAGED… I MET PEOPLE DRIVING TO MERA LUNA IN A REALLY SMALL CAR, DRIVING TWO DAYS DOWN TO GERMANY JUST TO VISIT THE FESTIVAL. IT’S FASCINATING… Well.. I think it doesn’t matter where you come from. Music is the only common language – it makes people come together. It doesn’t matter where you come from. There are many Japanese Fans touring with us in the summer time and I think it’s nice for people seeing different cultures… That’s what I would do… if I wanna go to Roskilde for example, it’s near Finland but it’s the biggest festival in Scandinavia. It’s refreshing! Probably… it’s nice that in Finland there’s coming this new generation of Rock ’n’ Roll, I mean kids and teenagers .. there was this time for hip Hop and R ’n’ B, that kind of stuff and MTV and all the music channels stopped playing rockmusic a few years ago. But now it has changed and it’s great that there are many new bands uprising, writing their songs by themself and playing their instruments. And it’s more like “We’re the band, take it or leave it” and not some bosses of big music labels thinking “Hey, now we have to make some bands come together and find some good-looking boys” and stuff like that… I think it’s great that kids have realized that, it’s really important. That it keeps going – Rock ’n’ Roll never dies. A VERY DIFFERENT TOPIC – DO YOU WATCH OLYMPIC GAMES ON TV? THERE ARE MANY FINNISH FAVOURITES IN THE DIFFERENT OLYMPIC WINTER SPORTS. I’m really lazy about that. Of that kind of sport thing. I’m not so involved with sports but sometimes I like to watch when Finland is involved. For example when our ice hockey team won this world wide competition and everybody in Finland went totally nuts because of that. And I hated it… because it was like… i’don’t know. It’s nice when they are going and doing well, but I’m not such a big fan. IT’S A VERY BIG HYPE ABOUT THAT .. Yeah, and everybody is… (grins and gabbles) IT’S GETTING ON MY NERVES, TOO .. EVERYBODY ASKS YOU “HAVE YOU SEEN THE LAST MATCH” AND SO ON .. So it is. Yes. But it’s interesting if there are some finals. That is kind of interesting sometimes. Have a few beers and sit together… Tommi loves ice hockey (smiles) (Tommi is NEGATIVEs manager, present at the interview all the time) Tommi: Oh, mh Jonne: (to Tommi) You used to play also… Jonne: He was talented! He could be in NHL (National Hockey League) these days, you know, this league… (laughs) Tommi: And then I started working with NEGATIVE… (laughing) Jonne: It’s been like downhill, one big downhill.. (laughing) Oh by the way, I like to watch women tennis (smiles) OH I SEE, ALL THE SHORT SKIRTS… Yeah, I love it! And also I think it’s sexy and also I love this kind of ice skating! PAIR SKATING SPORT OR JUST WOMEN DANCING ON ICE? No, only women! I mean, it’s beautiful… I AGREE – SO WE’RE TALKING ABOUT “ATTRACTIVE SPORTS” OR “BEAUTIFUL WOMEN DOING SPORTS”… IN AN OTHER INTERVIEW YOU SAID IF YOU HAD TO GO TO A LONELY ISLAND AND COULD TAKE THREE THINGS WITH YOU, YOU WOULD TAKE A BEAUTIFUL LADY WITH YOU… WHAT DOES THE TERM “BEAUTIFUL LADY” MEAN TO YOU? A beautiful mind. That’s the first thing. First thing’s first. I don’t know, it’s hard to say any person at the moment who would be… For example Madonna would be nice .. (laughs quietly) But a beautiful mind .. so I return Madonna (laughs) OKAY, I TRY TO BELIEVE … LET`S JUMP BACK TO THAT FESTVAL THING. ARE THERE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN FESTIVALS IN FINLAND/ SCANDINAVIA AND GERMANY? YOU WERE ON THE M’ERA LUNA LAST YEAR AND HAVE BEEN ON FESTIVALS IN SCANDINAVIA, I THINK … It depends… maybe the capacity is a little bit different between the places. But… I can’t see any great differences … Maybe I should say… no, there is no difference. Maybe over here there are lots of people between 15 years and perhaps 60, 70 years old. It’s amazing. It doesn’t matter how old you are. It feels in scandinavia festivals are for younger people… that’s what I’ve noticed here, there are more older man, especially, and older women also. DO YOU LIKE PLAYING AT FESTIVALS AT ALL? Yes. It’s different than in the clubs. But it depends on your mood, how you feel. Especially in the summertime it’s part of… you know, there is this Juhannus we’re celebrating in Finland. And the last few years we have played and spended the Juhannus time… you know, the daylight is there around the clock and so there are big festivals all over Finland. And since we’ve played there for a few years, it’s become really important to me. The Juhannus festival, spend a part of this time on stage, it’s amazing, people are crazy and it’s like one of the best festivals. You should come to Finland and see that … have you ever been to Finland? NO, I’VE UNFORTUNATELY NEVER BEEN THERE .. Jonne: Ok… it’s really beautiful. Especially I’ve never seen Juhannus in Lapland… I’ve never been there in the summertime. Actually once last summer. Rovaniemi Rock was this festival. But I think it’s really romantic… Tommi: Mountains and lots of lakes .. Jonne: Yeah, in Lapland SOUNDS GREAT AND FASCINATING … Timmy: Yes, yes, it is! Jonne: It’s really beautiful… but… you know, between festivals and clubs it’s different. Maybe it’s like… you can feel the people, because in a club the audience is over here (adumbrates a space with his arms) but in a festival it’s like… there and there… (adumbrates a much larger space) much more people, so it’s the same but still it isn’t. It’s like a great balance between the club gigs and festivals. We need clubs and festivals. (smiles) JÖRG: A GERMAN COMEDIAN SAID IN FINLAND YOU CAN DO “FUCKING OR FISHING” Jonne: Yeah… Yeah! (Lauging and nodding) The land of the thousand lakes. Timmy: And maybe drinking, beer and wodka… Jonne: Yes, what else can you do, cause winters are so long, and it’s dark and depressing… I hate that. When I was a child I used to love it but in these days it’s like I wanna escape… from winter. I love summer time. FOR ME ALREADY THE GERMAN WINTER IS TOO LONG; SO I UNDERSTAND YOUR THOUGHTS SO WELL – I ALSO HATE THE DARKNESS, AND IT’S ALWAYS COLD AN SO ON .. But it’s gonna be – that’s how it goes. I’ve got to go to the soundcheck now. Will you attend the show? YES, OF COURSE! THANK YOU FOR THE INTERVIEW!

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