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THE FIRST NEGATIVE ALBUM „WAR OF LOVE“ WAS ONLY RELEASED IN SCANDINAVIA AND SOME ODD PLACES LIKE RUSSIA AND ITALY BUT NOT ELSEWHERE IN EUROPE. WHAT WAS THE REASON FOR YOU TO DO THAT? Jonne: We couldn’t find, you know, the right cooperation partners. So it was… there was some talking after releasing in Scandinavia our first album. But I think now our timing is much better then. Larry: Then in one point we had some talks with the record company releasing it here, but it had been a while since our first album. So we thought that it would be better to release just the second album straight away to be more natural or something like that. Jonne: Yeah, usually bands from Finland or from Scandinavia they are coming first here in Germany. But I think, I don’t know what is the main reason, but we played two tours also in Japan and we released our first album also there. So, I don’t know. Larry: It took some time. Jonne: (laughs) Yeah! As always! YOU PLAYED A FEW SHOWS IN JAPAN THAT WERE SOLD OUT. WHAT KIND OF FEELING IS IT TO PLAY THIS ENTHUSIASTIC, JAPANESE CROWD? I DO BELIEVE THEY ARE A BIT DIFFERENT, AREN’T THEY?! Jonne: Yeah, they are pretty fanatic. And it was also… it’s one of my personal dreams, it’s always been, you know, to get to Japan some day and… I don’t know. It’s nice to see a different culture and different places. Larry: Yeah, they are always listening very carefully. So, some bands could think that they are not liking the band, but they are listening so carefully between the songs. They are always quiet if you say something. Everybody is listening. Jonne: Every word you say, they are listening. It was, you know, weird in some level. JONNE, I’VE HEARD YOU’RE A PERSON THAT HAS MAJOR PROBLEMS WITH STAGE-FRIGHT. HAS THAT CHANGED AFTER PLAYING SO MANY SHOWS OR IS THAT STILL A PROBLEM, THAT YOU’RE BEING NERVOUS BEFORE SHOWS? Jonne: Uh, you know, I’m getting better with that, my nervous thing. But I think it’s natural also. I used to shake a lot of before I went to the stage before. But now in these days it’s… I’m fine, I’m fine. Larry: Yeah, and in the early days we… all the rest of the band, we were really drunk always, so we didn’t have any stage-fright. But nowadays we are a little bit more professional, but still a rock‘ n roll band. OK, WE’LL GET TO THE ROCK‘ N ROLL AND THE LOVELY THINGS THE ROCK‘ N ROLL WORLD PROVIDES LATER… YOU ARE FROM FINLAND. THE CLICHÉ A LOT OF GERMANS HAVE IN MIND WHEN IT COMES TO BANDS FROM SCANDINAVIA, AND ESPECIALLY FROM FINLAND, IS THAT THEY DRINK A LOT. IS THAT JUST A PREJUDICE OR IS IT REALLY THAT BAD – THAT YOU GUYS FROM FINLAND ARE DOWNING VODKA THE WHOLE DAY? Larry: For some bands maybe. But I think it’s all over the world. Always the rock‘ n roll bands they have drank a lot. But I think we have this history in Finland, you know, drinking lots of Vodka. Maybe it’s coming from Russia, too, cause they are drinking so much. Jonne. Yeah. I think that Finnish people drink more than usually. If you’re comparing between middle of Europe and… Larry: And they are drinking differently, you know. Every time they are drinking so lot, they are always really drunk. They don’t know how to drink few glasses of wine or… Jonne: …same with food or something, you know, that kind of way if we are… like in French. IS THAT ONE OF THE REASONS WHY FINNISH PEOPLE ARE SO SUSCEPTIBLE TO HEAVY MUSIC? ALL THESE HEAVY BANDS LIKE APOCALYPTICA, HIM, CHILDREN OF BODOM ARE ROLLING UP THE OFFICIAL CHARTS. WHY IS THAT, THAT SCANDINAVIAN PEOPLE IN GENERAL AND THE FINNISH IN PARTICULAR LIKE THAT KIND OF MUSIC THAT MUCH, WHERE IN OTHER COUNTRIES IT’S REALLY JUST A NICHE? Jonne: Maybe it’s because of the straight booze. (both of them laugh) It’s good, they are going hand by hand, you know: Straight booze and heavy metal music! But I don’t know, of course there is in Finland a lot of different kind of music. All kind of music scenes, and lately there has been all those bands from Finland like Him, what you just mentioned, was… they’d been like that kind of heavy metal bands. But there is also a lot of dance music, and pop music and traditional Finnish music. It’s pretty large, our music scene. YOU HAVE BEEN COOPERATING WITH VILLE LAIHIALA, THE SINGER FROM SENTENCED. THAT GUY IS PRETTY METAL, WHEREAS YOU’RE MORE THE POSING- GLAM ROCK BAND. HOW DID THAT COOPERATION COME TOGETHER? HAVE YOU KNOWN EACH OTHER BEFORE-HAND OR DID YOU JUST CALL HIM UP AND ASKED HIM STRAIGHT-AWAY? Jonne: No, we didn’t know each other. I think it was Larry’s idea first. Larry: Yeah, we just had this one song and it reminded me of Sentenced, their music, I mean, their arrangement in that song. It’s quite heavy. And first it was just a joke, you know, we called that song „Sentenced song“. And I made up a joke, that it would be cool with Ville Laihiala to sing a duet with Jonne. And I guess, then you called him and… Jonne: Yeah. I got his phone number from one journalist. She gave me his number and I called him. And actually he told me later that he was thinking at the moment when I was talking with him on the phone: „Oh, what kind of pathetic ballad he’s going to send to me?!“ (laughs), you know. But he was actually, of course he was positive, very surprised when he heard the song first time, because he said: „Yes!“ And it was quite an excited experience also to all of us. He was so funny guy, he is really, you know. I was in a so terrible hang-over when I met him in front of the hotel in Helsinki before we went to the studio, and you know, I felt so pathetic, you know, (chuckles), because it was so unprofessional. Larry: That was like a real drunken session, you know. We were just talking about Scandinavia and drinking bands. So… that was a quite wild experience. Jonne: Yeah, I was like weeping: „Oh, I’m in terrible hang-over!“ But I know, they’d been gone through much more worst hang-overs. Larry: Straight away Ville said: „There is not enough drinks in my mini bar!“ And I got an awful hang-over. I drank whole mini bar, and then we went to record the singing part, the vocals. And then we gave a bottle of Vodka for a present to Ville and the whole night was starting quite well. YOU PRODUCTION OF THE ALBUM WAS DONE BY WELL-KNOWN SCANDINAVIAN PRODUCER TT OKSALA, WHO ALSO PRODUCED HIM. DO YOU THINK THAT WAS A SMART MOVE, BECAUSE ESPECIALLY THE MEDIA ALREADY COMPARE YOU TO HIM MORE THAN YOU PROBABLY LIKE? Jonne: In our case, I think we wanted to… we were looking for a more rougher sound and a more heavier sound for this album, if we are talking between our first album and second album, this „Sweet and deceitful“: And yeah, TT, he brought a lot of good ideas for the album. But I think, it wasn’t so… we just wanted to try something new, because Lex Luthor, he produced our first album. And I think it was time to take a new step, you know. Larry: And TT has worked like 20 years or something, 30 years. So, every Finnish band knows him and he’s like classical, a classic producer in Finland and he’s really great in recording guitars and stuff. So we didn’t really think that he is the Him producer. But of course that crossed our mind much, but it’s just time that we are going to make a totally different album that Him, that one, so it wouldn’t matter who is the producer. Jonne: Yeah, and in Finland also people they know TT, you know. He is familiar because of he is the man behind the eighties sound, you know. He’s the stadium sound or something like that. Larry: He also like to drink a lot, so… (Jonne giggles) Vodka stuff, Whiskey. He’s the thirstiest guy that I know. PROBABLY BECAUSE HE’S FROM FINLAND AS WELL – SPEAKING ABOUT THE PRODUCTION – WHAT STROKE ME WHEN I LISTENED TO THE ALBUM FIRST – THE VOICE IS TOTALLY IN-YOUR-FACE, WHEREAS THE GUITARS ARE NOT REALLY AS PROMINENT AS YOU WOULD YOU THINK FOR A BAND WHO’S INTO GLAM AND POSER. HAS THERE EVER BEEN AN ARGUMENT ABOUT THAT, BECAUSE ESPECIALLY GUITAR-PLAYERS ALWAYS THINK THEY ARE NOT LOUD ENOUGH? Larry: I don’t know. I remember when there was the time to mix the album. So TT asked: „How heavy is this going to be? Cause I’m able to do really heavy sound if you want!“ And we asked about our record-company and we talked to each other, and we decided to do a kind of more classical rock-sound and heavy sound, you know. If you are thinking about Guns `n` Roses or Aerosmith or stuff like that. Jonne: Yeah, and also there is a song called „Until you’re mine“, the song we were just talking about, it’s the most heaviest song we ever have made. And if you are comparing between „About my sorrow“, which is like very beautiful – can I say so? – very beautiful eighties kind of ballad, you know. There is a huge difference between them. We wanted to try our limits. And we never know what is going to be our direction with the next album. So, is it going to be heavier or… Larry: I think so! Jonne: …more melodical, or… SEE – THAT’S WHERE THE GUITAR-PLAYER EVENTUALLY COMES IN!! Larry: I gotta add one point to that question. You know, Snack was the new member of the band, the keyboard-player. And he had so awesome keyboard-parts, so if you would put those guitars too loud, they would… the keyboards wouldn’t be so great, I think. Cause you have to hear them. Jonne: Yeah, we wanted to give more space to Snack. RIGHT… MORE SPACE TO SNACK… I PERSONALLY THINK HE’S NOT DOING AS MUCH AS HER COULD. HE’S MORE OR LESS JUST RENDERING THE ATMOSPHERE TO THE SONG. IT’S NOT THAT HE’S SOLOING AGAINST THE GUITARS AND THERE ARE NO KEYBOARD-SOLOS OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. WHERE SCANDINAVIA HAS A HISTORY OF GREAT, GREAT KEYBOARD-PLAYERS SUCH AS JENS JOHANSSON FOR EXAMPLE (BOTH OF THEM NODD AND KEEP SAYING: „YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!“) THAT GUY FOR EXAMPLE IS ALL OVER THE PLACE… IS THAT A PLAN IN THE FUTURE FOR NEGATIVE – THAT YOU WOULD GIVE HIM MORE SPACE AND THAT SNACK AND LARRY WILL DUEL THEMSELVES – MUSICAL-WISE? Jonne: Of course, if you’re asking from me, (chuckles), I think, Snack is a really good player. Yes, he is. And there is also in „Creeping inside“ he’s solo. This… Larry: Yeah, I think it’s the only one. Jonne: Yeah. So far! Larry: Yeah, but Snack is like, he played classical music. So he is a really talented player. So he is able to play whatever he wants. But I think we like that kind of floating sound. And „Sweet and deceitful“, it reminds me of the song „Sorrow“, you know, melodies are beautiful and it got this kind of heavenly feeling. So, I don’t know, it’s just the way it came out. We didn’t plan it so carefully: „Oh, there is no keyboards. Oh, there is no..:!“ We just did what we did, and TT helped us. Jonne: Yeah, in our case it always happens that way. It’s like, we don’t plan so much things. It’s like: „Let’s see what’s going to happen!“ And, you know… YOU ARE AN EIGHTIES BAND IN THAT WAY THAT YOU HAVE THE SAME STYLE AND IMAGE AS BANDS LIKE MÖTLEY CRUE, HANOI ROCKS OR GUNS ‚N ROSES. ALL THESE CHARACTERISTICS, LIKE FOR EXAMPLE THE „OOOOOHHOOOO“ BACKING-VOCALS, THE SLASH-LIKE GUITAR SOLOS, THE MAKE-UP AND THE HAIRSPRAY – IT WAS HATED THROUGHOUT THE NINETIES, EVERYTHING IT WAS STANDING FOR. IT WAS LIKE: „PLEEEEEAAAASE – DON’T EVER LET THIS COME BACK AGAIN!!!“ WHAT DO YOU THINK CHANGED IN PEOPLE’S MINDS? WHY ARE BANDS SUCH AS THE DARKNESS HIP ALL OF A SUDDEN AND MÖTLEY CRUE HEADLINING THE BIGGEST MAINSTREAM-FESTIVALS THESE DAYS? Larry: I think it’s because of everything is going in circles, you know. Round and round and round. And people got bored to death, bored with that electric music, all the dance stuff. But I still think, that we are kind of an eighties band but with Finnish style, you know, in melodies. It’s not really the same as Bon Jovi or…. what could I say… Alice Cooper. (chuckles)., or Europe or anything. We got this big chorus-things going on, but in our own way, I think. Jonne: Yeah, I think the most important thing is that there is always that kind of… we are writing that kind of melodies, which is easy to sing along, you know. And it’s not any kind of that we are planning to write. It just comes. Larry: That’s what we like. Jonne: Yeah, that’s what we like. You know, big chorus and… yeah! Larry: (as he lights his fifth or sixth cigarette) I’m sorry I have to smoke all the time.. DON’T WORRY… LET ME EXPLAIN MYSELF – DON’T GET THE IMPRESSION THAT I DON’T LIKE THAT KIND OF MUSIC. WHEN I GOT INTO ROCK MUSIC ABOUT TWENTY YEARS AGO – IT WAS WITH MÖTLEY CRUE’S „SHOUT AT THE DEVIL“! SO I’M WITH YOU!!! AND I’M HAPPY THAT THIS KIND OF MUSIC IS BACK AGAIN, ALRIGHT? Jonne: I think it’s great that eighties is coming back because there was so many great bands. And I can’t remember nothing from the eighties, if we are talking about eighties, because, you know, I was born in 1983, so… The only thing I can remember is „Miami Vice“ and He-Man. BUT HOW DID YOU GET INTO EIGHTIES-SOUND. OBVIOUSLY YOU DIDN’T GET INTO THIS KIND OF MUSIC AFTER THE DARKNESS MADE IT HIP AGAIN, BECAUSE YOU’VE BEEN DOING IT FOR THE PAST SEVEN OR EIGHT YEARS. HOW DID YOU GET IN CONTACT WITH THAT MUSIC? DID YOU HAVE AN OLDER BROTHER WHO INTRODUCED YOU TO GLAM ROCK? Jonne: Actually, there was, I remember when I was young or just under ten years old or something like that: I used to listen to a lot of my big brother’s records. And I remember bands like Kiss, and also Mötley Crue and one Finnish band called Dingo. They were really successful in Finland in the eighties, but… Abba was also my favourite one. You know, the Swedish band. (starts singing „Dancing Queen“) But I think it… lately I was twelve years old when I saw a Guns’n Roses gig on TV, their Paris gig, and then at that moment my life went upside down totally, because it was something… They were super-heroes when I saw them on TV. I can’t even describe with words that feeling. Yeah, it was something. It changed my life totally. And at the same time I started to play guitar and I got this one, my first acoustic guitar from my father, and I was fourteen years old when I wrote my first song. And since then, I’ve been living only for this band and for my rock‘ n roll dream. WHAT DO YOU THINK IT IS THAT MAKES YOUR MUSIC SO CATCHY? IS IT THE SIMPLICITY OF THE SONGS, OR THAT YOU LIKE TO TRANSPOSE THE SONGS INTO DIFFERENT KEYS? WHAT DO YOU THINK IT IS? Larry: We like to do it in a kind of simple way. You know, the structure of the songs, not the arrangements. There is always chorus-verse-chorus-and guitar solo, and we just like it that way. And I think maybe that’s the one reason. And you always have to be honest, we don’t play songs that aren’t great, you know. If we are rehearsing the song and everybody thinks this is quite good or… we don’t play it anymore. Jonne: Yeah. And I think, yeah, we just wanted to play in a simple way. It’s… I think, you know that NIrvana song “Verse-chorus-verse”? I think it’s so great self-ironic from them. SO IT’S THE KISS CONCEPT? KEEP IT SIMPLE AND STUPID? (both of them laughing out loud) Jonne: Yeah, I agree there! THE ONLY SONG YOU CHOSE TO COVER IS „MYMYHEYHEY“ BY NEIL YOUNG. MY GUESS WOULD BE, YOU CHOSE THE SONG JUST FOR THAT LINE – THEE LINE… AND YOU KNOW WHICH LINE I’M TALKING ABOUT, RIGHT…? Jonne: (smiles) Yeah! „t’s better to burn out than to fade away!“ THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Jonne: It was, yeah, we wanted to, it was a big challenge to us to try to make that sound, to get that sound as we are. But I think we made up that pretty well. Larry: It was quite natural. We didn’t have to push it or anything. It came out pretty naturally. Jonne: And it was actually, the whole album was, you know, finished. And we were thinking between… there was a song called „Without you“, I mean… „It’s better without you“…“Better without you“ is the title of the song. And somehow that song it didn’t work. It seemed too much different than the whole package, the whole line in the album. And we were, you know, before we released this album in Finland it was one month before we went to the studio and we tried to record. We tried to play that Neil Young’s „MyMyHeyHey“, and the rest is history. JONNE, ESPECIALLY YOU HAVE A STRONG FOLLOWING FROM THE YOUNG TEEN-AGE GIRLS. WHEN I WAS CRUISING THROUGH YOUR FORUMS… Jonne: Forums?! YEAH, THE INTERNET FORUM ON YOUR OFFICIAL WEBSITE. THE YOUNG GIRLS ARE NOT DISCUSSING THE MUSIC, BUT YOUR ASS AND YOUR NOSE. (LARRY CHUCKLES) HOW DOES THAT… Jonne: (noticeably irritated): My nose?! THEY ACTUALLY HAVE A POLL GOING ON THERE IN WHICH THEY ARE DISCUSSING CERTAIN, UHM, BODY PARTS…GOD… I FEEL KIND OF STUPID SAYING THAT, BUT THESE THINGS ARE HAPPENING ON THE INTERNET RIGHT NOW!! Jonne: All the girls are saying always to me that Larry’s… He’s got the most great ass from our band. Larry: And the most biggest nose. (Jonne laughs) Jonne: Usually when you got… it tells a lot of which size, you know, the thing you have, if you’re talking about, you know, nose and what you got a little bit downer. BUT YOU’RE GETTING THE GIST OF WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY – BECAUSE THEY SHOULD BE DISCUSSING THE MUSIC. DOES THAT SOMETIMES IRRITATE YOU WHEN THEY ARE DOING THAT? CAUSE YOU ARE A SEX-SYMBOL TO A LOT OF YOUNG GIRLS. AND DON’T TELL ME YOU DON’T KNOW THAT! Jonne: I think they are really young. Young people and…. It’s, It’s… I understand them, you know. There are conversations because I think it’s… I remember when I was – I’m still – of course I’m listening to a lot of NIrvana and bands like that. I was interesting about what kind of clothes Kurt is wearing, and you know, that kind of… But, I think it’s natural. Larry: Yeah, I think that, it just shows that our band is interesting. You know, why can’t there be more than music? Why noit? Cause this is a rock‘ n roll band. It’s all about show business and it’s not just the music. You know, when you’re going to see us play live there is obviously more than music: all the explosions and lights and stuff. Jonne: One big musical almost. LET’S STAY WITH THE GIRLS HERE FOR A SECOND… AND WITH THE SUCCESS YOU MUST HAVE EXPERIENCED SOME WEIRD STALKING EXPERIENCES. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN HARASSED BY FEMALE (OR MALE) STALKERS THAT THEY FOLLOWED YOU TO YOUR HOUSE OR THINGS LIKE THAT? Jonne: Yeah, there is usually. But lately, you know, a couple of months ago I moved. So now they don’t know where I’m living. But I think they will find out. But there was, you know, about twenty girls usually… IN FRONT OF YOUR HOUSE?!?!? Jonne: Yeah, they were just sitting. Especially in the summer time they are. But, you know, I felt so sad because of them, you know, because they were in the winter time. I was like: „Oh, they’re gonna freeze themselves!“ But if they like, you know, you can’t deny them to sitting there. Larry: I have to say sometimes I feel like some kind of mental doctor or something. People have this strange way to tell their problems to musicians. And I just have to say that I’m a really bad case myself. You know, I’m always doing some crazy stuff and, you know, messing around with alcohol and stuff. So, I’m not the best guy to tell what to do. So that feels sometimes a little bit strange, you know. But it’s fine, you know. If that helps I’m listening, of course. THAT HONOURS YOU! LET’S STAY WITH THE ROCK‘ N ROLL LIFESTYLE. WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT… ALL YOUR FAVOURITE IDOLS – DON’T GET ME WRONG – BUT MOST OF THEM DID GET INVOLVED WITH HEROINE AND GOT INTO BIG PROBLEMS – AND MOST OF THEM ARE JUNKIES OR EVEN DIED OF THE DRUGS. DO YOU THINK IT’S EVEN POSSIBLE FOR A MUSICIAN TO LIVE THAT ROCK‘ N ROLL LIFESTYLE? BECAUSE IT WILL FUCK YOU UP SOONER OR LATER. IS THAT EVEN DESIRABLE TO YOU? Jonne: I think you have to, you know, separate all the time between to be on the stage and, you know, there is a time for us chilling out also. But I think… I don’t know, I’m drinking a lot and when I’m off, and I’m spending my holidays at home, I like to go the bars and drink a lot and spend time with my friends. I don’t know – yet – I don’t have any problems with drugs. BUT IT’S NOT A SECRET TO YOU THAT ESPECIALLY IN YOUR GENRE A LOT OF BANDS ARE BRAGGING ABOUT THEIR DRUG EXPERIENCES. YOU KNOW THAT YOURSELVES, I GUESS… (BOTH OF THEM NOD) Jonne: Yeah, I know there is so many bands who have fucked up their things because of drugs. AND IF YOU’RE REALLY LUCKY YOU’LL BECOME LIKE VELVET REVOLVER – A BAND CONSISTING OF EX-JUNKIES BUT BEING ON TOP OF THE CHARTS IN AMERICA… Jonne: I think they are a really good example about that, you know… how you have to move on. You have to move on! WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IS: ARE YOU LIKE A TOTALLY DIFFERENT PERSON WHEN YOU GET OFF STAGE? SOMETHING LIKE A DUAL PERSONALITY IN THAT SENSE? IS YOU NORMAL LIFESTYLE CORRESPONDING TO THE CLICHÉ? Larry: I don’t know. We are pretty normal guys, but I don’t know any normal people. I just know these six guys, so it’s hard to say, you know. But, yeah, all the time we are just jamming in the rehearsal room, having a couple of beers in local bars and that’s our rock‘ n roll. Drugs? (chuckles) I don’t know, that’s our free time. I don’t know if it’s normal or not. (laughs) Jonne: Yeah, and if we are talking about drugs – to me, you know, it’s like I need all the energy from the audience. It’s my heroine. And if you get stuck by drugs, you have to move on and try to, you know, be reborn again. Larry: But I have to say that this is the kind of drug that we don’t want to get rid of. I mean, playing rock‘ n roll in front of the audience. Jonne: It’s better than sex! ACTUALLY I HAVE THE SAME ANALOGY: AFTER HAVING GOOD SEX YOU CARRY THIS STUPID SMILE ON YOUR FACE FOR LIKE THREE DAYS. BUT AFTER A GOOD SHOW YOU DON’T GET RID OF THE SMILE FOR LIKE THREE WEEKS!!! (EVERYBODY LAUGHING) I READ A COMMENT FROM A JOURNALIST, AND IT WAS SOMEWHERE ALONG THE LINES: „IT’S OK TO LIKE NEGATIVE – AS LONG AS YOU DON’T CONFESS THAT YOU LIKE THEIR MUSIC!“, SO AS NOT TO EMBARRASS YOURSELF. WHAT KIND OF THOUGHTS ARE GOING THROUGH YOUR HEAD WHEN YOU’RE HEARING SENTENCES LIKE THAT? Larry: Was is it a Finnish article, you know, from a Finnish magazine? NOT SURE WHERE THIS LADY WAS FROM… I ACTUALLY THOUGHT IT WAS A VERY SAD SENTENCE… Larry: That tells something about – if that’s a Finnish article – that tells something about Finnish people and their attitude They are like really shy and they don’t like to tell the people that „I like that band!“, cause they look like a bunch of gays or something, you know. (laughs) Jonne: Faggots! (both of them laugh) Jonne: And yeah, it’s usually – especially for the men – it’s like that kind of, if there is some artist or band which is really famous or has success with the girls, that girls like, you know, girls‘ favourite band. It’s… you can’t say that: „I like that band!“. Also it’s that kind of… I don’t know… JEALOUSY! Jonne. Yeah, yeah. jealousy. Yeah! Larry: And also, I don’t know – why is it in Finnish people…, but somehow – cause we are quite young – the older people they don’t like to say that: „I like this band with young guys in it!“. You know, if they are like in their thirties or something, they don’t like to say that: „I like them!“ I don’t know why. Jonne: I don’t know why they’re hiding their feelings. It’s something. But when they get drunk it’s usually, you know, you can see in the audience there is some men also… but mostly girls. Larry: Come out of the closet! (both of them giggling) SO THE FRONT ROWS MAINLY DO CONSIST OF GIRLS SCREAMING THEIR LUNGS OUT AND THROWING TANGAS AT YOU?! Jonne: Yeah, it’s like, they are screaming and throwing different kind of stuff on the stage. BUT HOW DO YOU STAY DOWN-TO-EARTH WHEN THEY TREAT YOU AS A GOD-LIKE SEX-SYMBOL. YOU ARE 21 AND I CAN ONLY IMAGINE IT MUST BE REALLY HARD TO STAY DOWN-TO-EARTH AND NOT FLYING OVER THE TOP, THINKING YOU’RE THE BEST AND THE GREATEST… HOW DO YOU ACHIEVE THAT? Jonne: I think we have made a a lot of gigs since ’97. So I think there is nothing new. Of course you meet new people and it’s nice to be on a tour. But we have made so many gigs that… when we started to play I was, after the couple first shows, I was like: „Oh, I’m the king of the world!“ But, not anymore. Now I can be that only on stage. And sometimes after, in after-parties I’m breaking some things in the hotel, but… Larry: Yeah. Jonne: You know, it grows you. It’s the best way to grow as a band and also as a person, touring. Larry: I have to say that it’s really important to move forward all the time. You know, look in the future. There is always more things to achieve and if you are like stopping and thinking that „I’m the best!“, you know, „We are the greatest band!“, that really is the way to drown in your own alcoholic dimension. Or something, you know. You have to keep doing hard work all the time, cause everything can disappear, really quickly, I think. Jonne: Yeah, and if you also got that kind of bad self-esteem or something, it’s… you can’t be. I think there is a time to be a king of the world. It’s that two hours on the stage. That’s enough to me. I mean, it’s like, if you would be flying all, you know, 24 hours in the day it would be… you would be get tired. Larry: Maybe it’s in the future when we are starting to use cocaine! (laughs) Nah… I was just kidding! FOR THE SINGLE „MOMENT OF OUR LOVE“ YOU CHOSE TO RE-DO THE VIDEO-CLIP IN BERLIN. WHY? JUST FOR THE GERMAN MARKET? Jonne: Yeah, that was the one reason also. But we wanted to.. we have made all our videos in Finland, so we wanted to try something different. And there was in Berlin this one strip-club and it was the perfect place to shoot the video. And I think this video, it represents what we are pretty much. It’s that kind of… how can I say? Six gays on the stage. (both of them chuckle) Jonne: Nooo…. I was kidding! (Larry still laughing) Jonne: But I think, the video it looks like… it reminds so much eighties bands I think. Larry: Mötley Crue! Jonne: Yeah, Mötley Crue. Larry: „Girls, girls, girls“. Jonne: Yeah, there was this one girl dancing and touching herself “SIX GAYS ON THE STAGE?!??” Larry: Uhm… it’s like, you know, an inside-joke. Because lots of people think that we are gays, you know. (laughs) Jonne: Yeah, there is, once in Finland I was in a restaurant. And this one guy he tried to hit me, you know. He thought that I’m a girl. And he said to me: „Oooh, hey, you girl, you beautiful girl… you got nice legs!“. And I was, I turned around and I was like: „Oh, thank you!“ And then he was: „Ohh, are you a man?!“ And I said (lowers his voice): „No!“

Recorded on May 13th 2005 in Cologne, Hotel Park Inn

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