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HELLO AND THANKS FOR TAKING YOUR TIME FOR THIS INTERVIEW! WHERE ARE YOU AT THE MOMENT? Hello, no problem, the pleasure is all mines. At the moment I’m at home in my apartment, in Gothenburg. FOR THOSE WHO NEVER HEARD OF NITRODIVE, HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR MUSIC? As a freight train heading right for you at full speed, pack with nitro glycerine. It’ll wake you up! ON YOUR NEW ALBUM „RE-EVOLUTION, YOU HAVE A MUCH HARDER SOUND THAN ON YOUR PREVIOUS ONE. HOW DID IT COME TO THIS? After the release our first album we did a lot of intense touring and somewhere along the way we realized that the harder aspect of our music was what worked best for us at our live shows so we simply decided to take that, which we felt we did best, to the next level on “Re-Evolution”. HOW DO YOU RESOLVE ANY CREATIVE DIFFERENCES IN THE BAND DURING THE RECORDING PROCESS? Fortunately our band consists of three band members so having a simple democratic vote settles most of our creative disputes. TELL US A BIT WHERE YOU RECORDED IT, WHICH WAS BEHIND THE BOARD PRODUCING, AND HOW LONG IT TOOK. We recorded the album at Panic Room Studios in Skara which is a small town on the countryside somewhere in between Gothenburg and Stockholm. It was mixed and produced by the eminent grammy award winner Thomas “Plec” Johansson and took a couple of months to record. DURING THE RECORDING SESSIONS, HOW MUCH WAS RECORDED LIVE IN A ROOM TOGETHER? Essentially everything but the vocals were recorded live in a room together although we of course took advantage of the fact that you can do as many re-takes as needed and a whole lot of other magic stuff in the studio. Double tracking the guitars for example is obviously difficult to do live when there is only one guitarist haha. HOW BIG IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE SONGS DURING THE WRITING PROCESS AND THE END PRODUCT? The songs in themselves usually does not differ very much in melody and structure and so forth, although sometimes they do, but our own pre-productions of them can be light years from the end product. DO YOU REMEMBER THE FIRST TIME YOU KNEW YOU WANTED TO BE A MUSICIAN? I can’t say I recall a specific moment but I guess it must have been sometime during kindergarten cause that’s when I first met our drummer Johan and we started our first band together. WHICH WERE THE FIRST BANDS THAT REALLY MOVED YOUR SOUL? I’d have to say NIRVANA first and foremost on that one. They really influenced us a lot in our early years as a band and are probably what inspired us to start NITRODIVE in the first place. WHEN YOU LISTEN TO RECENT MUSIC, WHICH BANDS DO YOU PREFER? The most recent album that I know all three of us really enjoy is “Sonic Highways” by the FOO FIGHTERS! WITH ALL THE SUCCESS YOU HAVE, HOW DO YOU KEEP YOURSELF GROUNDED? CONSIDERING TOURING, DO YOU LIKE BEING ON TOUR? Touring is definitely one of the best things we know! You get to see the world, meet a whole lot of interesting people and play rock to them, it’s awesome. It hasn’t happened to us yet but I guess you can get homesick eventually, haha. DO YOU OFTEN GET THE CHANCE TO CHAT WITH YOUR FANS WHILE ON TOUR? Yes, we do and we enjoy it very much and think it’s important! DID YOU EVER THINK TO DO AN ACOUSTIC TOUR? TO PRESENT YOUR SONGS IN A MORE INTIMATE ATMOSPHERE? We have no plans of doing an acoustic tour at the moment although we have done a few acoustic shows in the past. Maybe someday further on up the road. WHILE YOU ARE ON TOUR, DO YOU WORK ALREADY ON NEW MATERIAL? Yes, we do. We are constantly working on new material even when we are on tour although it definitely takes some time of intense focus and undivided attention in the rehearsal room back home in order for us to put an album together. WHERE YOU EVER THINKING TO MAKE A RECORD IN YOUR NATIVE LANGUAGE? No, just the thought of how it would sound is frightening haha, maybe we should! PEOPLE DON’T BUY MANY RECORDS ANY MORE AS THEY USED TO, SO TOURING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER NOWADAYS. HAS TOURING BECOME THE MAIN ELEMENT OF BECOMING BETTER KNOWN AS A BAND? Yes and I think it has and I think it’s a good thing because I love to watch my favourite artists perform live just as much as doing myself. What you are describing has forced a lot of bands out onto the live scene where they belong and kept them from hiding in the studio. THE MUSIC INDUSTRY CHANGED A LOT OVER THE LAST YEARS. PEOPLE DOWNLOAD MP3S, LISTEN TO MUSIC OVER STREAMING PROVIDERS AND THERE HAS BEEN THE REVIVAL OF THE VINYL RECORDS. HOW DO YOU SEE THAT DEVELOPMENT? I think it manifests itself just as you expressed in the question above. People don’t buy as much records anymore because they have access to the music online and those who still want to buy something physical I think rather buy the vinyl since it is has commonly so much more artwork to look at compared to a CD. THE AMERICAN NOVELIST PHILIP ROTH ONCE SAID THAT AMATEURS ARE WAITING FOR INSPIRATION AND PROFESSIONALS SIT DOWN WORK HARD. DO YOU AGREE? Haha, well that is one way of looking at it and I agree at least to some extent but I think it is a little more complicated than that. I personally believe that the creative process is favoured by a relaxed state of mind, which makes it hard to be creative on command or under pressure. I think discipline and hard work is some of the things that separates the professional from the amateurs for sure but also the ability to seize the inspiration when happens show up, since it is such an illusive and unpredictable thing. ANY LAST WORDS FOR OUR READERS? If you like our album and get the chance I strongly encourage you to come and catch us at a live show because it is a totally different experience but I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR TIME AND BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE!


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