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AUS FINNLAND KOMMT DERZEIT EIN TOP-ALBUM NACH DEM NÄCHSTEN. EINES DAVON IST DAS NEUE WERK VON NORTHER. DAZU BEANTWORTETE UNS DER ETWAS WORTKARGE SÄNGER PETRI (AUCH BEI ENSIFERUM) EINIGE FRAGEN: HEY GUYS, HOW ARE YOU, WHERE ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE 10MIN. AGO? Hey there, we are fine and I am at Spinefarm’s office. 10mins ago I took shit!!! “TIL DEATH UNITES US” IS OUT AND REALLY IMPRESSIVE. WHAT ARE YOUR FEELINGS ABOUT THIS RECORD? We are very satisfied to this album. It seems that our fans in Finland are too, cos it went on the finland’s official chart straight to number 6!!! ALHTOUGH I LIKE THE OLD ALBUMS, I THINK THAT “TDUU” SOUNDS MUCH MORE STRUCTURED, STRAIGHTER AND MORE… KIND OF GROWN UP. YOU NOW SEEM TO HAVE FOUND THE RIGHT SOUND FOR NORTHER… This album sounds totally NORTHER!!! We love the sound of this album very much, that´s why we went to Sweden to record this one. I LIKE THE RAWER SOUND, BUT ALSO THERE IS MUCH MORE MELODY AND MUCH MORE RIFFS TO MOSH TO. PLEASE DESCRIBE THE DEVELOPMENT IN YOUR WORDS. We wrote the all the songs as we have wrote earlier, just the way we want to!!! We produced this album by ourselves and also recorded it too… MY FAVE IS “NORTHER”. IS THAT SONG ABOUT YOURSELF? WHAT’S YOUR FAVE? “Norther” is a song what includes all the song-titles from the earlier releases so it has pretty “funny” lyrics in it!!! My fave is “Omen”!!! We haven’t done a song like that before and clean vocals just gives me a hard one when I hear that song!!! YOU ARE KNOWN TO ALWAYS HAVE SOME HUMOR IN YOUR LYRICS. WHAT ARE YOUR TOPICS THIS TIME? Heh, if you read our lyrics, then you´ll see our humor!!! “FUCK YOU” SOUNDS VERY FUNNY WITH ITS GROUP VOCALS, BUT AS FAR AS I CAN UNDERSTAND THE LYRICS ARE NOT ABOUT FUNNY TOPIC. AM I RIGHT? That song is dedicated to all of those who don’t like NORTHER and just says that we sound like some other band!!! Fuck you and don’t listen to NORTHER if you don’t like us!!! SEVERAL MONTHS AGO TONI LEFT THE BAND AND HEIKKI CAME IN. HOW BIG/ HARD WAS THE IMPACT ON THE BAND? Not so big as I thought!! NORTHER didn’t have anything big going on that time so the timing was “perfect” in a way!! YOU ALL WRITE THE SONGS. WAS HEIKKI ALREADY ABLE TO PARTICIPATE? No. PETRI IS ALSO IN ENSIFERUM. IS HIS EXPERIENCE HE GETS THERE HELPFUL IN ANY CASE OR DOES IT MAKE IT MORE DIFFICULT FOR NORTHER? I think that has only positive effect to NORTHER and it doesn’t make it any more difficult. “SCREAM” IS A CHARTBREAKER IN FINLAND. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THIS TRACK? PERSONALLY, I WOULD HAVE CHOSEN “EVERYTHING” OR THE WONDERFUL “OMEN”, CAUSE OF THEIR MORE MELODIC NATURE… That was our record-labels idea and we didn’t know what song to put on the single so needed a little help with that!!! But it seemed to be a good choice anyway!!! THE CLEAN VOCALS ON “SOLUTION 7” COULDN’T REALLY… CONVINCE ME… NOW KRIDE IS DOING IT AGAIN (AND MUCH BETTER) ON “TDUU”. I agree. YOU DID SOME COOL COVERS IN THE PAST. THIS TIME “WASTED YEARS” IS NOT THAT IRON MAIDEN-SONG. ANY NEW IDEAS FOR A COVER? NO!!! Maybe later… YOU DID NOT THAT MUCH TOURING IN THE PAST. AFTER THAT GREAT ALBUM YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHANCE AS TO PLAY SOME DATES IN GERMANY 😉 We are working out a tour right now, hope we can do it as soon as possible!!! IN THE PAST YOU ALWAYS HAD TO DEAL WITH THE LABEL “C.O.B.-CLONE. HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THIS KIND OF STATEMENTS? I don’t give a flying fuck about those!!!! THE FINNISH SCENE IS GREAT. 5.000.000 PEOPLE AND EVERY SINGLE ONE SEEMS TO BE PLAYING IN A METAL BAND… WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE REASON FOR THAT AMOUNT OF SUCCESSFUL BANDS? The answer is very simple: We don’t do shitty albums nor songs!!! Heh… WHAT ARE THE FURTHER PLANS FOR NORTHER (BESIDES THE TOUR IN GERMANY, HE HE)? DVD? VIDEOS? Like I said we are working out somekinda tour and hopefully we will play many festival gigs too on this summer!!! And a video is maybe coming too… OK, THANX FOR YOUR TIME AND THE LAST WORDS ARE YOURS: Thanx and buy our new album “Till Death Unites Us” we will kick your sissy asses!!!

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