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NACHDEM EIN TELEFONTERMIN LEIDER NICHT ZUSTANDE KAM, HIER EIN KURZES EMAIL-INTERVIEW MIT NICK ZUR NEUEN PARADISE LOST SINGLE. RICHTIG LUST HAT ER WOHL NICHT GEHABT… HEY GUYS, HOW ARE YOU DOING? O.K. thanks how are you? THE FIRST SINGLE „FOREVER AFTER“ OF YOUR UPCOMING SELFTITLED ALBUM WILL BE OUT ON VALENTINS-DAY. A SPECIAL MEANING? 😉 Wasn’t aware of that! Nope! I am not into all that commercial sentiment shit! Sorry! WHAT’S THE SONG ABOUT? Living your dreams, whilst been controlled by someone else who’s letting you live them… AT THE MOMENT YOU ARE FILMING A VIDEO FOR THIS SONG. WHAT CAN WE EXPECT? Werewolves, vampires and zombies – no the video is an interpretation of the lyrics, in this instance its about living life in reverse – from what I can guess from the visuals FIRST ANOTHER SONG WAS ANNOUNCED TO BE THE SINGLE. WHY DID YOU CHANGE IT? We didn’t, GUN changed the choice. We write albums not singles, its no big deal to us which song is the single. ON THE RELEASE THERE WILL BE FIVE NEW TRACKS AND SOME VIDEO-MATERIAL. PLEASE GIVE US SOME DETAILS ABOUT THAT Basically 5 songs that didn’t make the album, for whatever reason and some video footage of the actual video shoot. THE SOUND AND THE ATMOSPHERE OF „FOREVER AFTER“ IS A BIT SIMILAR TO THE SONGS ON YOUR LAST ALBUM. IN WHAT MUSICAL DIRECTION WILL THE NEW ALBUM GO? SIMILAR TO „SYMBOL OF LIFE“? Not really, the new album is heavier all round, certain similarities are bound to creep in on certain songs though, but that’s cause its the same band playing it! WHAT’S THE CONCEPT BEHIND THE NEW ALBUM? ANY DETAILS ABOUT THE LYRICS AND THE SONGWRITING? The songs were written/arranged over a year, lyrically I’m still moaning about the trials and tribulations of life, material is always in abundance, as I has shit thrown at me every day from one source or another YOU DID GREAT COVERVERSIONS („WALK AWAY“, „XAVIER“). ANY NEW ONES? MAYBE FOR A LMTD. EDITION? No plans for covers on this album YOUR NEW DRUMMER JEFF SINGER IS KNOWN AS A „PROFESSIONAL SESSION DRUMMER“. SO, IS HE A SESSION MEMBER OR A PERMANENT REPLACEMENT? He’s session pending…Jeff is fine with the current situation, so we will see what happens WAS IT DIFFICULT TO WORK WITH SOMEBODY NEW? Not at all, good thing about people 30 years plus is that usually – what you see is what you get, with that said he’s probably a psychopath, most drummers are… I HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON ON GERMAN STAGES. ANY DATES & SUPPORT-BANDS CONFIRMED SO FAR? None that I am aware of, as usual I check our website to see what’s booked! ANY LAST WORDS TO YOUR GERMAN FANS?? Hope you like our new album, and hope to see you in 2005! THANX FOR YOUR TIME

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