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FIRST OF ALL: CONGRATULATIONS FOR A VERY STRONG ELEKTRO RELEASE! Danke. SO, HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU? Well, I’m not feeling too well at the moment; I am sitting in a dark apartment building in the San Francisco Bay Area CA; and I am the singer/songwriter for < + [ Psyclon_Nine ] + > TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR MUSICAL BACKGROUNDS. FOR EXAMPLE, WHAT WAS DEFKON SODOMY ALL ABOUT? Defkon_Sodomy was the project band between Josef and myself that led up to the beginnings of < + [ psyclon_nine ] + >. It was intended as an experiment to figure out which direction we wanted to take our sound in. I HAVE READ THAT YOU FIRST INTENDED TO GO INTO THE BLACK METAL DIRECTION. WHY DID YOU CHANGE YOUR OPINION? First of all, I have been in black metal band projects, but they never worked out, because i cant work with people [besides Josef]. The reason I was in those bands, is because that music is what I was listening to at the time. In the past few years, my musical tastes have evolved into a more mechanical direction [industrial]. I also feel that I can express myself more accurately using electronic music as a vessel. AND BECAUSE OF THAT INFORMATION I SUPPOSE THAT YOU LIKE BLACK METAL. WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT THIS GENRE? AND WHICH ACTS DO YOU PREFER PERSONALLY? EVER VISITED A BLACK METAL CONCERT? What I liked about black metal was the aggression, blended with the epic string sections. I found it beautiful, like a theme to the armeggedeon. Bands i like: Dimmu Borgir, Marduk, Hecate Enthroned, ect… And yes, I’ve been to more black metal shows than electro ones. WHICH DIFFERENCES DO YOU SEE BETWEEN THESE TWO EXTREME MUSICAL PLAYGROUNDS? AND WHICH SIMILARITIES? We could start off with the obvious lack of guitars and long hair in industrial. As for similarities, I would point out the fact that both genres are both very emotionally moving at times, and often very harsh as well. Both of these are requirements for me to like a band. CAN YOU TELL ME SOMETHING ABOUT THE MEANING OF YOUR BAND NAME? To simplify my answer, < + [ psyclon_nine ] + > is a play on the poisonous gas, Zyklon-B. the „psy“ spelling represents to me the years of mental abuse and torment I have suffered, mostly because of living in a world which is ruled by the ignorant. Also it is from being subject to the brutality of others when growing up, and deciding to think outside of the „cultural massmind“. The „nine“ is the number of the beast. Somtimes I feel as if the number nine is my sole inspiration for this project. YOUR TEXTUAL CONCEPT IS A VERY STRONG OPPOSTION AGAINST CHRISTIAN THEMES. WHAT DO YOU DISLIKE MOST UPON THE CHURCH? HAVE YOU ALWAYS FELT THAT HATE AGAINST RELIGION OR WAS THERE A SPECIAL EVENT WHICH CHANGED YOUR MIND IN THIS DIRECTION? Christians are the bottom feeders of society, plain and simple. Christainity to me represents people that need false hope to conquer the problems that they create for themselves. They’re weak people who can’t handle reality. I think that if there was a „special event“ which led me to think in this direction, it would probably be the endless times that I have been stopped on the street by Christian fanatics, telling me that i am going to Hell for the way I look, or the things that I say. They make me sick. People that think that they owe their existence to a figment of their imaginations. HOW DO YOU LIVE YOUR IDEOLOGY IN PRACTICAL LIFE? I ASSUME THAT IN SUNNY SAN FRANCISCO THE GOTH SCENE IS NOT VERY STRONG OR IS THAT A MISTAKE? HAVE YOU EVER HAD CENSORSHIP PROBLEMS ESPECIALLY AFTER SEPTEMBER, 11TH? The „goth scene“ here is definitely not as strong as what I believe Europe to be like. Although for the USA, San Francisco does rival only a few cities in the whole country for having the biggest „scene“. Another fact is that I dont actually live in San Francisco, but a small town about 40 minutes outside San Francisco that is completely populated by teenagers who think that they are cowboys, and conservative bigots. On the subject of 9/11, I actually didnt get as much attention after that incident as I had predicted. I had a few times, where people would get out of their cars while I was walking down the street in my trenchcoat, and attempt to beat the shit out of me for being a devil worshipping murderer. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION? I try not to think about it, honestly. I hate the man. I cant believe that America let this moron into office in the first place, and I often think that HE was the one that set up the 9/11 attack to draw attention away from the fact he cheated on the polls, to get into his current position. You do have to realize, that the Bin Ladens and the Bush family have been friends and partners in the oil industry for a long time, so it wouldnt be that much of a far-fetched conclusion. HOW DID YOU GET IN CONTACT WITH THE GERMAN LABEL NOITEKK? ARE YOU CONTENT WITH THEIR WORK? I found a flyer for their label in a Feindflug album that I had picked up one night. It happened to be in front of my computer at the time and I decided to give them an email with a sample of my music, and they enjoyed it. After that, Marco and I kept in contact with each other, until I went into the studio to record the Divine_Infekt. Our first night in the studio, Marco was in town for a Grendel show. I met up with him there, and gave him our first day’s progress. As it turns out, he listened to the cd during the whole rest of the tour, and gave me an e-mail saying that he couldn’t get enough of it, and told me to send him the rest when we were done. We finished the album, sent it out to a few other labels, got responses on all of them, but decided to go with NoiTekk because I felt like I had a connection with them, like it was just meant to be. Being content with their work would be an understatement. We have gained a thousand fold more attention since hooking up with these guys, and they treat us like rock stars. I cant complain. ON YOUR HOMEPAGE YOU STATE THAT YOU USED NO COMPUTER PROGRAMS IN THE PROCESS OF THE ALBUM MAKING. WHY IS THAT IMPORTANT FOR YOU AND HOW DOES THIS FACT INFLUENCE THE SOUND? I feel that it takes more effort using real hands on gear, rather than using fake softsynths on Fruity Loops. It definitely makes a big difference to me. Thats somthing that I’m very proud of. YOU OFTEN USE SOME KIND OF BLACK METAL SCREAMING. IS THAT ON PURPOSE AS REFERENCE TO THE GENRE OR MORE COINCIDENCE? It’s not in reference to anything. It’s just the way I sing. It fits with the music. I feel like it’s the right method of vocals to get my point across with the lyrics. WHICH OTHER ELEKTRO OR INDUSTRIAL BANDS DO YOU LIKE AND DO YOU FEEL INFLUENCED BY SOMEONE? I’ll tell you what hasn’t left my stereo for the past month, is Tactical Sekt. They have to be my favorite new band that has come out in a long time. Besides that, my all time favorites in the electro genre would be: Suicide Commando, old :Wumpscut:, Skinny Puppy, and Feindflug. My influences actually are very broad from a few different genre,s and a lot of them dont make sense, such as KMFDM, Bile, Dimmu Borgir, Morbid Angel, etc… But, I don’t think that my influences really matter. They have nothing to do with my finished product. THERE IS A MIX BY TACTICAL SEKT ON THE RECORD. DO YOU KNOW THE GUYS PERSONALLY? HOW WAS THE TECHNICAL PROCESS AND THE INTERACTION BETWEEN YOU THAT FINALLY LEADS TO THIS FINE REMIX? I talk to Anthony over the phone quite often, but only after the remix was done. It was something that Marco set up for me. He asked me who I would want to do a remix for me, and Tactical Sekt was my first choice. I really didn’t have alot to do with the remix, besides writing the original song. IS THE COLOUR GREEN OF SOME SPECIAL IMPORTANCE TO YOU (HOMEPAGE, COVER)? I find it to be a good color to represent my music. Besides that, there are no special meanings. I HAVE SEEN THE PICTURES OF YOU, YOU SEEM TO BE FANS OF BODY ART. WHICH DO YOU HAVE (PIERCINGS, TATTOOS)? I have both. I have about 5 tattoos, including the :Wumpscut: Blutkind on my right arm; „ubermensch“ across my chest; and the Feindflug logo on my calf, etc… I also have quite a few piercings, and I intend to get more of both. The rest of the band doesn’t really have a lot of piercings, or tattoos. WHAT CAN ONE EXPECT OF A PSYCLON NINE LIVE SHOW? ARE ALL YOUR SHOWS 18+ IN THE STATES? From what I’ve heard about the European electro shows, We will be quite different. This I can assure you. I don’t want to give anything away at this time, or we destroy our surprise factor. However, just think of middle-era Skinny Puppy. Normally it is hard to find venues here in the States that are all ages, but we try very hard to get into those places because lots of our local fanbase are highschool aged teens. But, most of the shows we do play, end up being 18+. WILL YOU BE ON TOUR IN GERMANY? No concrete dates yet, but we are talking about coming over next March. I am greatly looking forward to this. ANY FAMOUS LAST WORDS? Divine_Infekt hit the shelves about a week ago. If you haven’t heard it, then pick it up. Also, we will be touring the West Coast of our continent this November, so look out for us from Canada down to LA. You will not be dissapointed. THANX FOR THE INTERVIEW AND GOOD LUCK IN YOUR FIGHT AGAINST CHRISTIANITY!

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