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WHO ARE YOU? HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE 15 MIN. AGO? Thank god this looks like it will be a different kind of interview. I am Chris Arp of the band PSYOPUS. I am doing fine for the most part. Just got back home from tour and I am trying to crame in some of the work that I haven fallen behind with so I can just relax. I am at home in Rochester, New York. I took a piss, drank some OJ, watched my girlfriend dye her hair red, wrote down a mailing address to send money to a t-shirt design kat and finished another interview. WHICH ARE THE REASONS YOUR NEW OUTPUT BEING YOUR BEST EFFORT SO FAR? OR MAYBE YOU EVEN WOULD LIKE TO ADMIT THAT IT IS NOT? I think the new album is our best effort to date. Better recording, more and better ideas, the band stands even more as an individual band, not a generic version of a scene band, better thought out concepts, larger label push… etc. COULD YOU EXPLAIN THE SPECIAL KIND OF INSPIRATION/ FORCE CREATING YOUR NEW PIECE OF ART? A lot of emotional frustration on a large number of fronts, relationships with girls, family, friends, business, music…these all drove us to do what we did. We are all actually very satisfied with the new album. It spans many lights of music and emotion while keeping the bands integrity as a band that wants to mind fuck its listeners. WHY DO I GET THAT PSYCHOTIC ARACHNOPHOBIC FEEL WHEN I HEAR „INSECTS“? I can’t explain why you do… experiences are relative BUT… the fact that you do is a good indication that we did our job correctly when recording that song. That song is intended to be our answer to „Flight of the Bumblebee“ on acid. I GOT VERY SURPRISED BY HEARING „SIOBHANI´S SONG“ FOR THE FIRST TIME – IT´S A TOTAL CUT TO THE OTHER TRACKS ON THE ALBUM. HOW DID THAT TRACK HAPPEN? That track has been in the works for a couple of years. Took us 4 and half days in the studio to produce that track. The first twelve tracks are divided up so that track 1 is only the note A in it’s different registers, track 2 Bb, track 3 B, track 4 C and so on, . . . if you listen to the song with headphones you’ll notice that we then evenly panned that notes from the left to the right to give the effect of notes dropping all over the „soundscape“. All 24 tracks are guitars with no other instruments involved. It was a song that took a lot of work and was innovative for us in many ways. That’s why it is outstanding for us on this album. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE MUSICIANS OR JUST GUYS THAT ARE PRODUCING A LOT OF NOISE? Musicians… I understand people not understanding us so by default the music comes across as noise but, the music makes sense to us all too much and every 16th note was scrutinized. WHAT OR WHO WAS YOUR BIGGEST INFLUENCE AS AN ARTIST? DO YOU SEE YOURSELF AS PART OF A CERTAIN TRADITION OR AS PART OF A MOVEMENT? As an artist… lethargy, kalibas, Mike Patton… I see ourselves as a movement against cookie cutter, redundant, unrefreshing, unchallenging, uninventive music. PSYOPUS is so much a rebellion against worker ant ideals of too many bands. WHEN WOULD YOU FEEL A SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT IN YOUR MUSICAL CAREER? I do already. The first album was an achievement for us. I think we made our mark and raised a few bars for fellow musicians in our genre. The second album is light years ahead of the first. The challenge now is to out do the second album. That, having my own place, and touring Europe are next in my lists of things to achieve IMAGINE YOUR MUSIC HAS BEEN CHOSEN AS A SOUNDTRACK. WHICH FILM WOULD IT FIT BEST? What scenes rather… YOU ARE ASKED TO EQUIP A SPACE-SAGGAR, WHICH DEMONSTRATE THE MENS CULTURAL HERITAGE – WHICH 3 ALBUMS MIGHT NOT BE MISSED? Fuck, . . . that’s hysterical. Jesus… I can think of albums that need to be kept in prosperity but, if it’s gender inspired it becomes even harder. TOOL – Aenima JEFF BUCKLEY – Grace METALLICA – Master of Puppets Feel free to write me tomorrow after I have severely changed my answers for this one. DO YOU FEEL AN ARTIST HAS A CERTAIN DUTY TOWARDS ANYONE BUT HIMSELF? OR TO PUT IT DIFFERENTLY: SHOULD ART HAVE A POLITICAL/ SOCIAL OR ANY OTHER ASPECT APART FROM A PERSONAL SENSATION? I think the word should just sets up failure. I think there is room for everything except for extreme boredom – unless you really want to support Yanis music. By being too specific and taking it seriously I think it is far too dangerous. I do like to see an artist fueled by his uniquie passions, whatever they may mean to anyone else. JUST IN CASE YOU WOULD HAVE FREE CHOICE: IS THERE A BAND/ ARTIST; DEAD OR ALIVE, (REGARDLESS OF GENRE) YOU WOULD LIKE TO PERFORM WITH LIVE? LED ZEPPLIN. WHEN TOURING YOU GUYS ARE PLAYING A GIG A DAY – DO YOU ALREADY GET SOME TRAVEL SICKNESS ? You get sick from not being able to take care of yourself well. You miss home on occasion. The life style is not for everyone. But for those it is for, these sets backs are a price that is agreeably paid for better or for worse. CONSIDERING YOURSELF BEING A FESTIVAL DIRECTOR. WHICH ACTS WOULD YOU LIKE TO INVITE TO PLAY ON “YOUR” STAGE? – AL DI MEOLA , JOHN MCLAUGHLIN, AND PACO DE LUCIA – FANTOMAS – PAGANNINI’S REINCARNATE – CHARLES MANSON – STEVE VAI – THE LOCUST THE WORLD WIDE WEB: CURSE OR BLESSING FOR INDEPENDENT MUSIC? Man . . . both . . . everyone burns your CDs so you are broke BUT, . . . you are exposed to so much music and information that it’s price to the progression of music is more valuable than the loss of record sales WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS IN THE NEAR FUTURE ON A PERSONAL RESPECTIVELY ARTISTICAL LEVEL? I’ve been really turned on by some computer generated noise core grind stuff. I have a number of musical concepts I want like to see evolve that i am really challenged wit5h right now. I would like to on find the time to lose myself in the projects. I have confidence that I will do well but, only time will tell. I want to reinvent PSYOPUS with better material and maintain our position as one bad ass motherfucking grind/ tech band. I want to stay interesting. WHICH ARE YOUR OTHER TALENTS BESIDES PLAYING MUSIC? A good friend and listener to those who catch me at the right time. A hard worker. WOULD YOU EVER CONSIDER BEING PART OF A CASTING SHOW IF OFFERED THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF MONEY… DRUGS… OR WHATEVER YOU WISH FOR? Sure… I love new experiences. FEEL FREE TO ADRESS YOUR SUPPORTERS/ ENEMIES DIRECTLY IN YOUR OWN WORDS! Thank you for all of your support and openmindedness about PSYOPUS. It means the world to us. I am sorry for those who do not get what we are about and for those who think we mindless unthoughtful noise makers – you lack insight and you can your mothers ass for all I care.

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