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HAIL TO THE REVEREND! HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? In Turku, in calm and relaxed moods, whisky by my side. Void is apparently somewhere there abroad. Albert is in Lohja and will be moving there permanently shortly. I just returned from Rome and a week before that Reverend Bizarre toured USA, so I’m happy to be back home and enjoy some peace and quiet. „CRUSH THE INSECTS“ IS OUT AND VERY IMPRESSIVE. ARE YOU CONTENT WITH EVERYTHING? HOW ARE YOUR FEELINGS NOW AFTER WORK IS DONE? I love the album, it’s a strong effort with quality songs. Others are more perfectionist, though, and still think about the details that could have been recorded and mixed differently. FIRST OF ALL DON’T YOU FEEL REGRET THAT YOUR NEWEST OUTPUT DOES NOT TAKE AS LONG AS YOUR EP BEFORE? MAYBE SOMEONE IS DISAPPOINTED 😉 I am not disappointed at all. It’s not healthy to make 74 minute albums or especially EPs. Especially with fast schedule. It could drive one insane, I have seen it happen and it’s not a pretty sight. YOU WANT TO CRUSH THE INSECTS – BUT WHO IN FACT IS AN INSECT? COULD YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS METAPHOR TO ME? Weaklings. Witches. Worms. The mankind. Fuck the world and slay the weak. THE ARTWORK OF YOUR ALBUM REFERS TO A SPECIAL PERIOD OF HISTORY, I BELIEVE IT’S ORIGINAL, CONTEMPORARY ART, WHY DID YOU CHOSE ESPECIALLY THIS PICTURE? It was Albert who found this excellent piece of art by an unknown painter. It was originally meant to be the cover of our second demo Crush the Insects, but luckily there was never need for a second demo. However, we decided that the album with the title should have the same cover. The loose concept remains the same. This painting is perfect for the ideas that take some form in the music. WHY SO MUCH INTEREST IN THE WITCHFINDING AND HUNTING TIMES. WHERE ARE THE ROOTS OF THIS PERSONAL OBSESSION? It’s obviously an interest to history in a more popular sense we are obsessed with, but also it’s a suitable metaphor to many things we see around us everyday. You think the hunting times are gone and done with? You must be joking… COULD YOU TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT THE PRODUCTION PROCESS? DOES THE SOUND FIT YOUR EXPECTATIONS? The sound is dry and more commercial than on the previous albums. That’s what we aimed for. Personally I might have liked to play the guitars through a Laney amp instead of the George Dennis Mighty Mouse II, but then again I have no complaints about the end result. HOW DO YOU FEEL AMONG KEYBOARD SOLOS, FEMALE VOCALS AND MAKE UP GUYS IN YOUR HOMECOUNTRY? IS IT LIKE BEING IN A KAURISMÄKI MOVIE? STRANGE BUT SENSATIONAL? I want to smite them down permanently spiritually. We will use some dark forces in the forthcoming days. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT DOOM METAL ANNO 2005? IS THERE STILL ENOUGH ROOM FOR INNOVATION? DOES DOOM METAL NEED INNOVATION AT ALL? I don’t think the keyword for doom metal is innovation. It’s like playing blues as a matter of fact. I want to love and cherish this holy tradition. Of course we might do some things our own way but I’d hardly call that innovative. We do what we Will. CHRIS BARNES NAMED YOU THE BEST DOOM METAL ACT SINCE BLACK SABBATH. ARE YOU INTERESTED IN THIS KIND OF „FLATTERING“? DO YOU WANT TO BECOME SOMEHOW THE KINGS OF DOOM OR IS IT JUST FUN THAT MAKES YOU DO WHAT YOU DO? I don’t think we deserve most of the praise. Saying that I must then again pay my respects for the people like Herr Barnes who is doing much good for the small scene of true doom metal bands. WHICH DIFFERENCES IN SOUND AND COMPOSITION DO YOU SEE BETWEEN HARBINGER AND CRUSH? Harbinger is night and Crush is day. Harbinger was a downfall, and this time we rise from the depths of Hell! So the new-one is more uptempo and definitely also more uplifting… I still wouldn’t call it healthy listening experience, though… Next we will die spiritually I guess. YOU OBVIOUSLY LIKE WHITCHHUNTING MOVIES. COULD YOU TELL ME YOUR FAVOURITE TITLES? DO YOU KNOW THE GERMAN CLASSICS MARK OF THE DEVIL 1 & 2? I have heard the name but not seen the films. My favourites are surely Witchfinder General, Blood On Satan’s Claw, and Wicker Man. WHAT ARE YOUR OTHER INTERESTS BESIDES MUSIC? I teach and do research in the field of popular music, especially staging of big spectacles. I’m also a fond collector of occult books. Albert and Void are finishing their studies, and I have no idea what they will do besides music. Albert is very much concentrating on writing music and living in his own spiritual world and with his few special friends. Void is an activist. I don’t know more… Perhaps that tells you something about our band… we share musical goals but otherwise spend minimal time with each other. But actually I noticed during our ten day trip to The States that we do get along just fine if we just want to… I dare to say it was a great experience in many ways. WHEN WILL WE SEE YOU LIVE IN GERMANY AND WHAT CAN WE EXPECT? HOW IS A REVEREND BIZZARE LIVE CONCERT ANYWHAY? LONG? 😉 We have been there playing two times and will surely return within a year or so hopefully. We do concerts from 30 minutes to 2,5 hours, depending on the mood and health of the band members. It’s usually heavy, raw and rusty. Oh, you should come to Belgium or Holland in September, we play in Ashes To Ashes, Doom To Dust festival with Electric Wizard, Thee Plague of Gentlemen, etc. IF YOU COULD CHOOSE FREELY. WHICH ARTISTS (METAL OR NON METAL) WOULD YOU LIKE TO TOUR WITH? Saint Vitus with Reagers, and Trouble playing old songs. Maybe Pentagram if things were otherwise. We have toured / had gigs with many greats such as Revelation, Cathedral, and Count Raven. There are many current bands who are fucking brilliant, so I look forward sharing the stage with the likes of Warning and While Heaven Wept at some point… ANY LAST – DOOMED – WORDS? Every second someone will die. Join our doomed communion at THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR TIME AND GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR STRONG EFFORT.

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