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HELLO AND THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR TIME HAVING THIS INTERVIEW WITH TERRORVERLAG. BECAUSE OF THE FACT NOT BEING SO POPULAR IN GERMANY YET, COULD YOU PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELVES TO OUR READERS? Dmitry Kozlov: Hello! Well, we started as a group in 2005 in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia) and now our music style is based on electronic sounds, combined with guitars and acoustic drums. We are definitely a new-wave band I guess. HOW DID YOU BECOME INTERESTED IN MUSIC? Dmitry Kozlov: There were always records in the house, my father liked Queen, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple etc. But I loved Modern Talking and Eurythmics as a child 🙂 I got my first guitar when I was 10. Ilya Pavlov: I joined a school band as a keyboardist in late 80’s.We performed in a local factory’s club and there were some old soviet synths .I discovered an amazing world of analog synthesizers such as Polyvox and became addicted to music ever since. COULD YOU TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR SESSION IN THE CAR PARK? D.K.: We had two old analog synthesizers & acoustic drums, when we started to experiment with sound. One of our friends has allowed to rehearse to us in its premise which was on car park. We could play our synths very loudly and it was cool! 🙂 After 4 years we continue to use these synthesizers from early 80s: Moog Prodigy and Roland Jupiter-6. Awesome devices! AND HOW DID YOU GET THE IDEA TO COMBINE SO MANY DIFFERENT MUSIC-STYLES? ARE YOU KEEN ON POP, ROCK, JAZZ, FUNK AND THE 80s? D.K.: All of us listen to very various music and it influences our sounding – from synthpop to alternative rock. When we gather to discuss the new song, everyone brings in sounding something from itself. Therefore we can be inspired by OMD and Incubus simultaneously 🙂 WHILE LISTENING TO „NAKED“ I WAS REMINDED OF DURAN DURAN, U2 AND FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD. WHICH IMPACT DO THESE MUSICANS HAVE ON YOU? D.K.: What can I say… Excellent bands which have already become a part of music history, but we have to say that we were never mad about them. There are so many other bands we like as well. As for me I love new wave sounding bands and artists of the beginning 80s – A Flock Of Seagulls, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Ultravox, Eurythmics, INXS, OMD and many others… And many modern artists such as Planet Funk, Zoot Woman or Royksopp are on my favs too. GENERALLY YOU SEEM TO BE FOND OF THE BRITISH MUSIC-TREND. WHICH RELATIONS COULD YOU TELL US REGARDING THIS? D.K.: Yes, we like the British sound which means presence of a „lamp“ sound of guitars, old electropianos and synthesizers 🙂 I.P.:I think some people expect from russian band some russian attributes like matrioshka, balalaika and some crazy Gogol Bordello style.This is an easy way for russian band to become popular abroad, maintaining stereotypes of crazy russians you know. For me the way we make our music is much more interesting. Even though we are Russians we are cosmopolites musically. D.K.: Also, if I remember correctly, babalaika was used by Gorky Park very intensively. It is a great idea, to record some balalaika samples into our keyboard sampler!))) YOUR LYRICS SOLELY ARE PERFORMED IN ENGLISH. COULD YOU IMAGINE THAT YOU WILL COMBINE YOUR MUSIC WITH RUSSIAN LYRICS, TOO, SOMETIMES IN THE FUTURE? D.K.: We believe that lyrics in english is a much better way to spread the music around the world. I think that ABBA, A-ha, or Roxette would never have become so popular, if performed songs in their native language. Could you imagine Take On Me in Norwegian? 🙂 I.P.: It’s funny but we hear this question quite often here in Russia. Maybe in Europe people more often tolerate this. There are many great bands (A-HA, Alphaville, Jay-Jay Johanson, Jimi Tenor) that actually perform in English and not in their native language. LET’S RETURN TO YOUR ENGLISH VOCALS: YOU WERE FEATURED ON THE MIDEM 2009 CD-COMPILATION, WHICH FEATURES THE BEST ENGLISH-SPEAKING RUSSIAN BANDS. HOW DID YOU GOT ON THAT? D.K.: We have received the invitation from one of publishers of this compilation – MySpace Russia. In November we played at Myspace Launch Party in Moscow, after that they have suggested us to participate in MIDEM-2009. This CD-compilation intended as a seventeen best independent bands from Russia. We were very pleased to be among them. YOUR DEBUT ALBUM „NAKED“ HAS BEEN IN STORES NOW FOR A FEW DAYS. ARE THERE FIRST FEEDBACKS FROM FANS OR PRESS? I.P.:I think we have to spend some time on promotion:-) This is our first album and we rely on outside help D.K.: Many fans have repeatedly asked us, where they can buy our songs on CD. Now they can do it easily, and it’s fine! WHAT DO YOU FEEL YOUSELVES WHILE LISTENING TO YOUR DEBUTALBUM? D.K.: How much time we have spent in the studio )) Well, if we talk seriously, of course now we would do something else, something changed in the final sound of the album. I think this situation is absolutely normal, the artist must always be a bit unhappy about the final result. Otherwise he will stop in his creative development. This is a tragedy for any artist. I.P.: I think this album is worth listening to 🙂 I HAVE LEARNED FROM YOUR PRESSINFO, THAT YOU HAD FOUND THE POET CHARLIE MASON BY PURE CHANCE IN THE INTERNET. PLEASE TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT THIS COINCIDENCE. AND WHAT KIND OF INFLUENCE DID MR. MASON TAKE ON YOUR MUSICALLY CAREER? D.K.: We have got acquainted casually, communicating on MySpace. We have decided to try to write some songs with his lyrics and since then we collaborate in this direction. Funny, but we never talk and saw in real life, we communicate only through the web (e-mail or skype). Thanks a lot to the person who invented the Internet! ) WHAT INFLUENCES DO YOU INCORPORATE IN YOUR LYRICS? ARE THE STORIES TAKEN FROM REALITY OR ARE THEY TAKEN OUT OF YOUR PHANTASY? D.K. Love and all kinds of relationships between people is his favourite theme. All themes for lyrics are drawn from life, from experience and from imagination I guess. I.P. I think Charlie is a brilliant lyricist and I hope we’re going to collaborate in future. LET’S TAKE A LOOK INTO THE FUTURE: WHAT ARE YOU NEXT PLANS FOR THIS YEAR? NEW STUFF, CONCERTS? D.K.: We plan many performances in support of an album by which results there is a thought to record concert EP. Though the world economic situation can introduce corrective amendments in our plans. However, I hope it won’t happen. 🙂 Also we write the new songs, some of them are already played in our gigs! THANKS AGAIN FOR HAVING THIS INTERVIEW WITH US. THE LAST WORDS I LEAVE UP TO YOU. MAYBE THERE IS SOMETHING YOU HAVE ON YOUR MIND WHICH YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO DISLOSE TO THE PUBLIC? First of all thank you for this interview and… PEOPLE!LISTEN TO OUR ALBUM! 🙂 You can get to know us better at Hopefully see you at our concerts! 😉

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