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HI BJÖRN AND THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME ANSWERING THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS. HOW ARE YOU AND HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THE PAST FIRST QUARTER OF 2010? It’s been a hectic but interesting time. I was really trying to get some rest in the beginning of the year, but I ended up spending hours in my mum’s laundry room, recording vocals for for the demos that we put together before recording „The Panic Broadcast“, which of course also was very stimulating. The recording was bittersweet as always but, but I loved the house that we rented and the recording felt more real than ever before. I felt very convinced the whole time that the album will turn into something very special. OF COURSE WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT YOUR NEW CREATION „THE PANIC BROADCAST“. WHAT IS THE FIRST WORD IN YOUR MIND WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT? Playful! CAN YOU REMEMBER THE MOMENT YOU FIRST STARTED TO TALK ABOUT A NEW ALBUM? Yes, it happened while Peter announced his return to the band. That alone gave me a lot of inspiration and our mindset was to capture the vibe that we had around „Natural Born Chaos“ and be playful about our sound and performances. Progressive but still catchy! DID YOU HAVE A SPECIAL PLAN FOR THIS RECORD OR DID YOU JUST START WRITING AND LET IT FLOW? Like I said before, we talked about not having any boundaries whatsoever and be playful about the next album, that was really the mindset. It became almost like a reaction to our previous album since that one was more straight up verse to chorus oriented. We really wanted every member to go apeshit on this album and not being held back, i think that’s the most beautiful thing about this album. We just like to mix it up and express ourselves in many ways with nothing to hold us back. That’s when it turns out the best! IT’S THE FIRST RECORD SINCE THE RETURN OF PETER – HOW BIG IS HIS IMPACT ON THIS RECORD? Peter has a unique guitartone and it feels great to hear it again. Also Sylvain has added a lot of fresh new blood into our sound, they are really a great guitarduo and both great songwriters! WOULD YOU SAY THAT HE IS STILL THE SAME GUY HE WAS BEFORE HE LEFT? Yes pretty much, just more mature and calm I guess (lacht). He has also grown as a musician and songwriter despite his break from the band, interesting! AND WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF YOU, ANY ALTERATIONS DURING THE TIME WITHOUT HIM? I really tried to see it as a challenge like evryone else, to record an album without Peter and it worked fine I think. To me it was really when we started touring when I started to feel something was missing but i’m still proud of what we accomplished with „Sworn to great divide“ DOES HE START WITH THE SAME CREDIT HE ENJOYED BEFORE? For sure, it was just a very inspirational time and Peter started spitting out songs right away and it felt really good for sure! IT IS ALSO THE FIRST SOILWORK-RELEASE AS A MEMBER FOR SYLVAIN. DID HE ALSO INFLUENC YOUR CURRENT SOUND? WHAT WAS HIS CONTRIBUTION TO THE SONGWRITING? Sylvain is probably from adiffeent planet (lacht). He writes songs in such a unique way and he is very suggestive and deep in his writing. He definitely brought so much interesting stuff to the table. It was a huge challenge for me to write lyrics and create vocal melodies for his songs. One of them, „Epitome“ is one of my absolute faves! IF YOU HAD TO DESCRIBE THE PROGRESS OF YOUR NEW BABY, WHAT WOULD YOU SAY? A crazy ride with so much information, melodies, intensity that turned into a „schizophrenic masterpiece“!!! WHAT IS THE MESSAGE BEHIND „THE PANIC BROADCAST“? To open up and accept your mind illusions, miss conceptions and panic anxiety, that’s the only way of destroying it, therefore „broadcast“. THE ALBUM STARTS LIKE A BULLDOZER, WHO THINKS HE IS A TANK AND A DRAGSTER AT THE SAME TIME: „LATE FOR THE KILL, EARLY FOR THE SLAUGHTER“ IS A TRUE KILLER. MAYBE THE HEAVIEST SOILWORK-SONG SO FAR? It is really a great start and it’s almost like a statement in itself! The band has never sounded tighter or better… CHOOSING THIS SONG AS THE OPENER YOU DECIDED TO START THE ALBUM THE HARD WAY – A SIGNAL? It was really hard to pick an opening song but we felt it was perfect even though it might be a bit misguiding. This album is full of surprises just like a full length album should be, I really want that diversity when I listen to an album! THE SECOND ONE „TWO LIVES WORTH OF RECKONING“ IS A LITTLE BIT MORE „TYPICAL“SOILWORK. I LOVE THE CATCHY CHORUS THANKS TO YOUR AMAZING VOICE. HOW ARE YOU ABLE TO CREATE THIS STRONG AND DEEP EMOTIONS OVER AND OVER AGAIN? WHAT IS YOUR INSPIRATION? Hard to say, I feel I have a nostalgic melody machine inside of me that manage to create melodies that brings out pictures that I like seeing in my head. That’s what I always go for, often connected to my childhood. AFTER HEARING „THE PANIC BROADCAST“ MY IMPRESSION IS, THAT YOU REDUCED THE CLASSIC DEATH METAL ELEMENTS A BIT IN FAVOUR OF A BIGGER MODERN METAL INPUT. WOULD YOU AGREE WITH THAT? I just feel that it’s so diverse that it’s hard to put a label on it. We have definitely broken the boundaries of death metal and have experienced a lot which makes it hard to call anything more than just „metal“ even though it contains so much more.. I’ve never felt that SOILWORK was death metal though.. TO SUMMARIZE IT: WHAT DO YOUR FANS GET WHEN THEY BUY THIS ALBUM? A hell of a soundtrack to a life rich of emotions. YOU ARE GOING TO TOUR NORTH AMERICA IN JULY AND AUGUST – WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? I really can’t wait to perform this album live, finally a North American tour that is NOT in the winter… IS THERE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOUR EUROPEAN FOLLOWERS AND YOUR FANS IN AMERICA? I think they are gettin‘ more and more similar.. American crowds are still a bit more violent though.. DEATH ANGEL, SWASHBUCKLE, MUTINY WITHIN, AUGURY – SOUNDS LIKE AN INTERESTING MIXTURE OF A LINE UP. ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH IT? Yup, a very diverse line up with great live bands!! OF COURSE WE CAN’T WAIT TO HAVE YOU BACK IN GERMANY! ARE THERE ALREADY PLANS FOR A EUROPEAN HEADLING TOUR? Yup its definitely in the plans, count on october/ november! IF YOU COULD CHOOSE YOUR DREAM LINE UP, WHICH BANDS WOULD BE INCLUDED? MASTODON, OPETH, SLAYER, TESTAMENT, NEVERMORE… perfect.. AND IF YOU HAD FREE CHOICE – WITH WHICH ARTIST (DEAD OR ALIVE) WOULD YOU LIKE TO WORK? Justin Sullivan (NEW MODEL ARMY) IN YOUR OWN WORDS: WHAT MAKES SWEDISH (DEATH-)METAL SO UNIQUE? We are not afraid to break tabus and experiment. YOUR SONG „EXILE“ IS FEATURED SEGA’S „IRON MAN 2: THE VIDEO GAME“ – DO YOU LIKE VIDEO-GAMES? Not a fan, all other guys in the band are though (lacht) WHAT DO YOU DO, IF YOU ARE NOT WORKING? ANY HOBBIES? Fishing, reading, working out.. eehh drinking? THE SOCCER WORLD CUP STARTS IN A FEW WEEKS – ARE YOU INTERESTED IN SOCCER? HUGE FAN, CAN’T WAAIIITT!!! WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO IN YOUR FREE TIME? A lot of classic rock, preferebly 70’s… DID YOU BUY ANY CDS LATELY OR IS THIS „OLD-FASHIONED“? BECK – „Sea Change“ IF YOU LOOK BACK: WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST MUSICAL EXPERIENCE? Hmm, can’t remember actually…probably in kindergarten where we listened to WASP and KIss.. TO COME TO AN END: WHICH PERSON WOULD YOU LIKE TO MEET… …IN A WRESTLING-RING? DAVID HASSELHOFF! …IN AN ELEVATOR? None, hate elevators …ON A FORLORN ISLAND? My becoming wife …IN HEAVEN? RONNIE JAMES DIO YOUR CLOSING RATE TO YOUR GERMAN FANS: See you on tour, get ready for the panic!!!! THANKS A LOT FOR ANSWERING THIS QUESTIONS AND OUR BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE!

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