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HI GUYS, WELCOME TO ONE OF MY „MYSPACE-INTERVIEWS“. I MAKE INTERVIEWS WITH PROMISING BANDS AND I THINK YOU ARE A VERY EXCELLENT EBM COOPERATION FROM SWEDEN. ON YOUR SITE THERE IS NOT MUCH INFORMATION TO BE FOUND ABOUT YOU AND YOUR BIOGRAPHY. PLEASE TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT THE HISTORY OF YOURS… AND EXPLAIN THE TRANSLATION FOR SPARK, PLEASE! Thank you very much! SPARK means KICK in Swedish and we are Mattias Ziessow (music, programming, song) and Stefan Brorsson (song, lyrics). Two friends making old school EBM! We love this genre and have spend a long time in various projects. SPARK is a quite new band that has been around for about six months. So everything has been going very fast! WHAT ARE YOUR INFLUENCES AND WHERE WOULD YOU POSITION YOURSELF? I guess we have the same band influences as most of the EBM-bands around the world… =) But besides that we have actually a lot of influences in metal, punk, hardcore, and off course our experiences in life. MOST OF YOUR LYRICS ARE IN SWEDISH, COULD YOU TELL US MORE ABOUT THE MEANING OF THE SONGS, WHAT IS YOUR PHILOSOPHY? Yes, we write and sing in Swedish. Although we sometimes make a song such as “Skull n’ bone” that we made for the “Lieder der Berge” compilation. Maybe we write some more in English in the future. You’ll never know! We write about everyday experiences like love, work, and fiction and we feel that our own language fits these purposes very well. WHAT IS YOUR WAY OF PRODUCING, WHAT KIND OF INSTRUMENTS DO YOU USE? Mattias writes and produces the music in a MAC-based environment with Pro Tools as sequencer with mostly software based synthesizers and effects, but also with some analog hardware equipment that we have in our studio. Then Stefan starts to write some lyrics based on the music, and we discuss the outcome. After we’ve got the right feeling for song and lyrics, we start to record Stefans lead and Mattias low range voice and shouting. Finally Stefan masters the track. Everything is done in Pro Tools with high quality mics and soundcards. IN SWEDEN IS A HUGE EBM-SCENE, TELL US MORE ABOUT YOUR LIFE THERE. HOW IS YOUR LIFE IN FALKENBERG? DO YOU HAVE CONTACT TO OTHER BANDS? Well, Falkenberg is a small town located 100 km south of Gothenburg on the west coast. A popular summer city with a wonderful beach! The EBM scene is quite big in Sweden, but don’t exists at all in our town… A lot of famous Swedish metal bands come from Falkenberg, for example SONIC SYNDICATE, VAINS OF JENNA and BY NIGHT. A huge music community, but almost only Metal… We are currently trying to change that…. =) I SAW, YOU HAD A FEW CONCERT GIGS IN GERMANY? DID YOU EVER HAD CONTACT TO OUR SCENE OR SOMEONE ELSE AROUND THE WORLD? ARE YOU PLANNING A TOUR? Yes we have contact with lots of bands! That is what is so great about the EBM scene! Everyone supports each other, and there is a close connection with fans all over the world. We try to answer every letter, comment, or mail and stay close in contact with fans and bands! We would love to do a bigger tour in the future as we really love to play live! We have a few concerts booked so far this year and we are really looking forward to play at “Familientreffen” in June! Germany is a great country! WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE CURRENT SCENE? WHAT ARE YOUR PERSONAL FAVORITES? The EBM scene is just great at the moment! New bands poppin’ up from nowhere with really great material, and we think 2008 will be a great year for the scene! We have a lot of favourite bands! All the Swedish bands like EKOBROTTSMYNDIGHETEN, STURM CAFÉ, CONTAINER 90, KROPP, DUPONT, MENTICIDE are great and really cool guys! We love and support them all! In the rest of Europe there are SO many nice bands that really inspire us and are great people! I don’t think we have enough time or space available to mention them all =) WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THE FUTURE? We are currently working on a new EP that will be released on Electric Tremor and we hope that it will be as popular as our album “65 ton stål” that has really got great critics all over the world! We also are looking forward to the gigs in 08 and hope that more people will come in contact with us as far as live gigs! LAST QUESTION, DO YOU WANT TO TELL US SOMETHING WHAT WE DON’T WANT TO KNOW 🙂 We would like to thank everyone that has been in contact with us! Both fans, other bands, magazines, radio shows, and record labels that has believed in us and like our music! THANK YOU FOR THE INTERVIEW AND I HOPE WE’ LL MEET SOMEDAY AT A CONCERT OF YOURS.

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