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FIRST OF ALL: DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF A DUO OR ARE YOU STIN SCATZOR WITH AN ADDITIONAL GUITAR PLAYER (AS YOU WROTE IN YOUR E-MAIL)? When I’m working on new songs or remakes I’m solo, but I never make my songs in function of the guitar, if the guitar doesn’t fit in, it will be a song without guitar. As a duo we do the rehearsels and the concerts and we work together on the final version of a song. I always ask his opinion about other things concerning Stin Scatzor. That makes us a duo. There’s also the advantage that we work together with the same software now. When a song is finished (for me, this means with intro, breaks and lyrics), I send it to Kris and he tries the guitarline on it or he changes a few sounds to let it sound better with his guitarsound. I’m glad to work with Kris, because he can give a song an extra dimension. YOU MADE TWO ALBUMS FOR OUT OF LINE, THEN THERE WAS A 3 YEAR GAP. NOW YOU SIGNED WITH POLISH LABEL BLACK FLAMES. WHAT HAPPENED IN THE THREE YEARS? WERE THERE ANY BUSINESS PROBLEMS? HOW DID YOU GET IN CONTACT WITH BLACK FLAMES? Correction : I made just one album for Out of Line („Industrology“), the first mini-cd was released by the American label Possessive Blindfold Recordings. Out of Line also did some label-compilations with Stin Scatzor. In the three years of silence we worked on the new album and we did some concerts. After sending the final versions for the new album, it seemed that Out of Line wasn’t interested anymore in releasing the new album. We thought they would release it that’s why we didn’t work on new songs anymore. After hearing this, we could start from scratch, looking for a new label, although a lot of people were disapointed to hear this. Luckily there was Johan Van Roy who gave us some addresses from labels, among them there was Black Flames Records. We sent them the same versions as we did to Out of Line, unfortunately, but some of the songs are already on Out of Line-compilations („It doesn’t matter“and „Sweet hell“). Stin Scatzor and Out of Line split with mutual concent. WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER THE MOST IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOUR NEWEST EFFORT AND THE OLDER RELEASES? The additional guitar, of course, and the way of recording. At the time of „Industronic“ and „Industrology“ I didn’t have a PC, I recorded everything on a 4-track-recorder! „Industrogression“ is recorded with a hard-disc-recorder and equalized on PC by Gert Haelevoet from „Frames a Second“. A great difference in sound-quality !!! Although I liked working with that 4-track-recorder… Some Stin Scatzor-classics were made this way… („Chemical warfare“ p.e.) HOW IMPORTANT IS THE USE OF AGGRESSIVE GUITARS FOR YOUR SPECIFIC SOUND? Very important! In combination with my voice, Stin Scatzor can sound very aggressive. That’s why we called the new album „Industrogression“. It’s still the Industro-sound but more aggressive, thanks to the guitar. I think/hope the new album is still a typical Stin Scatzor-album, although I use drums with less distortion. YOUR TEXTS OFTEN DEAL WITH „INDUSTRIAL PROGRESSION“. WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ABOUT THIS TOPIC AND DO YOU HAVE ANY KIND OF MESSAGE? Sometimes I put some „messages“ into the lyrics („Hellgium“, „Let me rot“, „The end of mankind“,…), but mostly they are just nonsense. I try to make the lyrics as simple as possible. Lyrics are not that important for me, I just don’t like instrumental songs. Let’s say that my lyrics are interactive, everybody is free to make his/her own story in their minds. Mostly I start with just one expression I read or hear on television/radio, around that sentence I create „my story“. WHY IS THE ELEKTRO SCENE IN BELGIUM SO STRONG? ANY EXPLANATIONS? I don’t know, maybe it’s something in the water? I can’t explain. I consider Stin Scatzor as an underdog. I’m still far away from the legends we have/had in Belgium, but I hope, of course, to get closer to the legends with this new album. But if I may believe the stories that a lot of Germans will come to Antwerpen (Hof ter Lo) at the end of the year to see some of these legends, I’m really glad to play there too! If they are on time to see us, of course!:-) WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE EBM/ INDUSTRIAL–SCENE IN GENERAL? „STAGNATION“ OR „PROGRESS“, WHICH TERM DESCRIBES THE SITUATION BEST? AND WHICH BANDS/ PROJECTS ARE YOUR PERSONAL FAVOURITES? I don’t know, personnally I would say „stagnation“. Sometimes there is a song I like, but mostly all of them sound the same for me. I’m probably not into the EBM/Industrial-scene from these days… I grew up in the eighties with Nitzer Ebb, The Klinik, Skinny Puppy, Front 242, Depeche Mode, Neon Judgement, Front Line Assembly… that kind of music. Sorry, but I don’t like VNV Nation…or the so-called future-pop-groups in general. I’m getting old probably!:-) These days I listen to Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, KMFDM, and „best of-cd’s“ from 80’s-groups, that kind of stuff. By the way: the new album from Killing Joke is a bomb !!! A TYPICAL „GERMAN“ QUESTION: WHY THE DUBIOUS ABBREVIATION „SS“ AND THE LOGO WHICH SEEMS TO POINT IN A CERTAIN DIRECTION? PROVOCATION OR COINCIDENCE? AND WHAT DOES „STIN SCATZOR“ MEAN AT ALL? First, Stin Scatzor doesn’t mean anything at all! It’s just a combination of letters which sounded great when I wrote it down almost 14 years ago. It started with „Nitzer Ebb“, when I wrote it backwards – Bbereztin, but I changed the z into an s. Another name from that time was „Krivoy Rog“, just playing with words, you see ? So, the abbreviation is pure coincidence. Same for the logo, it’s a creation from my mind. (Rudi from :wumpscut: finds it a cool logo ! He told me personally !) I know this is a difficult topic in Germany, but the people in Germany who do know me, know that this is all not meant to be that way. Each time I visit Germany for a concert I have to answer /explain this question. With pleasure, so they see who I am… DO YOU CONSIDER GERMANY AS THE MOST IMPORTANT SELLING MARKET FOR YOUR MUSIC? DO YOU SPEAK A LITTLE BIT GERMAN? Jawohl, sometimes I try to speak German, but English talks better. It’s just a matter of concentration. With the new cd I hope to do more concerts in Germany, so I can reach more people with my music, but I think a lot of Germans know Stin Scatzor already (by name and/or music). I also hope the Polish label can reach of lot of German buyers, but following their publicity-strategy this won’t be a problem ! I’m also glad to finally have reached a lot of people in my own Hellgium ! A lot of people overhere are looking forward to the new cd. A good sign for Stin Scatzor ! WHAT ARE YOUR PERSONAL INTERESTS BESIDES CREATING MUSIC? DO YOU HAVE AN ADDITIONAL „NORMAL“ JOB? Yes, I have a „normal“ job, but it’s difficult to explain, so I won’t try this. Let’s say I’m a „delivery-man“. I even have a wife and a child („My guardian angel“ !) I like to travel, cinema, cooking. I play football (indoors and outdoors). I visit concerts and parties to maintain my music-connections. You see, a very busy life… DON´T YOU THINK THAT YOUR HOMEPAGE COULD BE IMPROVED A LITTLE BIT OR IS THAT SPARTANIC STYLE INTENDED? Sure, it can be improved, but everything on the website I did by myself. And I’m very proud of that, because I’m not really a computer-wizard! Only the start-up was done by somebody I know. I know how to update my website and for me that’s the most important ! You can find a lot of info about Stin Scatzor and that’s the main thing, isn’t it ? I like the simple style of it. And the color-combination „grey – black – red – white“. I like to control everything that’s on the site. I decide what’s put on it, how and when… Maybe there will come a „.be“ site in the near future, it depends on the success of this website and the reactions on the new cd. LET´S COME TO „GRASHOPPER COUNTRY“ (AS ONE US POLITICIAN STATED). BELGIUM SHOWED A STRONG OPPOSITION TOWARDS THE IRAQUI WAR AND BUSH. IS POLITICS IMPORTANT FOR YOU AND WHICH FEELINGS DO YOU HAVE ABOUT IT? I think Belgium was right. It’s not because the U.S. wants a war that every country has to follow them. It’s a war against terrorism (as they say) but why killing innocent people ? The same for those who caused the terrorist acts… I think the world would be better without all these greedy and nationalistic leaders and followers. Replace them by women and the world would get better I think… although !:-) Weapons are power, why do they make weapons anyway? Destroy all weapons and fight with bare hands if there is a problem ! I think we will face a new kind of warfare: suicide commandos! Unpredictable, and that scares me the most! But to answer the second part of your question: I’m not really interested in politics, for almost every stupid fact, politicians find a law. Who are they to decide what we are doing with our lifes? Don’t do this, you can’t do that… It makes me sick! Hey… maybe I can write some lyrics about it?:-) AND IT IS OFTEN SAID THAT BELGIAN POLITICS AND BUREAUCRACY ARE VERY CORRUPT, DOES THIS REFLECT IN YOUR WORK SOMEHOW? Do they say this in Germany about Belgian politics? I think you can find corruption everywhere! If we would know everything… WHAT ARE YOUR NEXT LIVE ACTIVITIES? First there is a cd-presentation at OJC Kompas (St-Niklaas – Belgium) on 18.10.03. At the end of the year there is the (already) famous festival at Hof ter Lo (Antwerpen – Belgium) with The Klinik. Most of the German people come for them, but… Stin Scatzor also plays there!:-) FAMOUS LAST WORDS? Euh…! THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR STRONG EFFORT!

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