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HI! HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? Hi Karsten, I’m fine. At the moment I’m at home relaxing and enjoying a beautiful day. HELLO GUYS! „UNLIMITED“ IS OUT AND VERY IMPRESSIVE. ARE YOU CONTENT WITH EVERYTHING? HOW ARE YOUR FEELINGS NOW AFTER WORK IS DONE? We are really happy with the way the album turned out. And now that we have had time to live with it we feel it is an album that we can be proud of. We took on a big task producing it by ourselves and it worked out, so that has given us a real buzz. ONE THING FIRST: I ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW IF YOU ARE FANS OF THE ITALIAN DIRECTOR DARIO ARGENTO BECAUSE OF YOUR NAME? I have a huge collection of horror films including the Suspiria film which is one of my favourites. That’s where the idea for the band name came from. AFTER TWO SUCCESSFUL ALBUMS ON NUCLEAR BLAST YOU NOW SIGNED TO TUBA/ TABU -DO YOU FEEL MORE ARTISTIC FREEDOM NOW? THE TITLE „UNLIMITED“ MAYBE REFERS TO THAT FACT?! I feel that we always had artistic freedom with Nuclear Blast and that is continuing with TABU. We have never felt restricted in the way we express ourselves musically. But you have got it right with the title. “Unlimited” is saying that we don’t have any barriers. THE ARTWORK OF YOUR ALBUM IS VERY STRONG AND MORBID. DO YOU WANT TO EXPRESS SOME KIND OF PARANOIA? HOW DOES IT RELATE TO YOUR SOUND? A theme has developed over our previous albums, but that’s probably because we’ve always used the same guy for our artwork. Rune Tyvold – he’s a great guy and he has some weird ideas. He just listens to our music and expresses what he hears. So I guess you could say that there is a link between the music and the art. There is a paranoia of sorts in there with the musical contrasts and the lyrics. WHICH LYRICAL CONCEPT STANDS BEHIND „UNLIMITED“? The lyrics for “Unlimited” were drawn from various places. The inspiration to write comes from personal experiences as well as my observations on what is happening around me. The concept I suppose is life and the highs and lows that it offers. COULD YOU TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT THE PRODUCTION PROCESS? DOES THE SOUND FIT YOUR EXPECTATIONS? We were really pleased with the production. It was the first time we had produced an album ourselves and it was good to get this kind of opportunity. It could not have gone any better. We received a lot of help from Lars Klokkerhaug, he was there as our guide and had the patience of a saint. YOU CHANGED FROM SOME KIND OF BLACK/ DEATH TO A MORE VARIED APPROACH, COMBINING BAY AREA THRASH, SOME MODERN METAL AND YOUR NORWEGIAN ROOTS. DO YOU LIKE BANDS LIKE TESTAMENT OR MACHINE HEAD? Sure we like bands like that but it does not mean that we want to copy their style. We just write our songs for ourselves and what happens, happens. We have a lot more influences within the band and we are begining to get our own identity. HAS YOUR CHANGE IN STYLE BEEN A NATURAL PROGRESSION OR WAS IT SOMEHOW JUST COINCIDENCE? It’s natural progress. We are now on our third album, so we know each other better, which has allowed us to develop. It becomes very comfortable the more you work with each other. Another dimension has also been added with the way we wrote the songs for this album. This time the whole band went away to Memnocks cabin for four weeks and just concentrated on writing songs together. It worked real well and has played a big part in our progress. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ACCUSED OF BECOMING LESS „BRUTAL“ BY SOME NARROW MINDED „OLDER“ FANS? The occassional comment has been made but I wouldn’t say that they are narrow minded. They have their views and preferred style of music and sometimes it does not fit with what we are doing. But this is the way in music. What is seen as progress by one person is viewed as something else by another. At the end of the day Susperia makes music that they feel comfortable with. DO YOU NOW FEEL ABSOLUTELY SECURE AND CONTENT WITH HIS CLEAN VOICE? IT REALLY SOUNDS VERY SELF-CONFIDENT! I have to feel confident with my voice. Sometimes it takes a while to get comfortable with a certain style but I like to push myself to see what my limits are. „DEVIL MAY CARE“ CONTAINS SOME FEMALE VOICES – DID YOU INVITE YOUR GIRLFRIENDS OR WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR IT? No that was actually three school girls who did the vocals. They were from a local choir and we asked their parents if the girls could do the backing and they said yes. It turned out well. IN YOUR FORUM THERE IS SOME DISCUSSION ABOUT A „SECRET COVER VERSION“ – CAN YOU TELL ME ABOUT IT? TRUTH OR FICTION? There is a cover version that we have recorded and people are going to get a big surprise when they hear it. That’s all I can say at the moment. WILL THERE BE A VIDEO FOR ANY OF THE NEW TRACKS? We’ve recently completed a video for ‚Chemistry‘. The theme in the song fitted perfectly for the video. We used a famous Norwegian actress in the video and it also has the band playing in between some ghostly scenes. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE CURRENT EXTREME METAL SCENE IN NORWAY? TOO MANY BANDS? TOO MANY COPYCATS? ANY INTERESTING NEW INFLUENCES OR UNDERGROUND BANDS WHICH HAVE TO BE DISCOVERED? Well, it’s not like it used to be. It’s been going a long time. The scene is a lot more commercial in certain parts and I suppose there is an element of copycats – there always will be. Without the copycats I don’t think you’d get the the great bands. Bands still go for that evil look but they are also exploring different directions. It’s a good thing because it keeps it fresh. I wouldn’t want to mention any band in particular because it would be unfair. Obviously Mayhem were one of the bands that started the extreme thing and bands have just built on it over the years. YOU OBVIOUSLY LIKE HORROR MOVIES. COULD YOU TELL ME YOUR FAVOURITE TITLES? Well like I said before Suspiria is one of my favourites, but “Dawn Of The Dead” is up there. There is something about it that connects. WHEN WILL WE SEE YOU LIVE IN GERMANY AND WHAT CAN WE EXPECT? A big tour is being organised at the moment which will start in September and finish in December. We are playing all over Europe so we will be hitting Germany in that time. We will be bringing the Susperia live experience to a town near you. We’ll play some new songs and some old favourites. It’s been a while since we were in Germany so we are looking forward to seeing some familiar faces. YOU HAVE BEEN ON TOUR WITH DIMMU BORGIR AND GERMAN LEGEND DESTRUCTION. I SUPPOSE IT HAS BEEN AN INTERESTING EXPERIENCE. ANY FUNNY TOUR STORIES, ANY CATATROPHES, ESPECIALLY REGARDING GOOD OLD „SCHMIER“? Hehehe yeah there are many interesting experiences but you know I prefer to leave the stories for another day… THERE ARE SOME RUMOURS THAT YOUR DRUMMER TJODALV MAYBE LEAVES SUSPERIA FOR DIMMU BORGIR. OR IS THIS JUST A ONE TIME STORY FOR THE INFERNO FESTIVAL? No it was not just a story. Tjodalv was asked to re-join Dimmu. He even had a couple of rehearsals with them. But he also wanted to stay with Susperia because he loves this band so much… In the end he couldn’t play with both bands so he decided to stay with Susperia. AT LAST: WHEN WILL YOUR HOMEPAGE BE ONLINE WITH ALL FEATURES AGAIN? We’re trying real hard to get it up and running, but I must say we are experiencing difficulties. It’s not the best situation to be in and I know it can be frustrating. We just ask everybody to hang on in there and have patience. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR TIME AND GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR STRONG EFFORT. Best regards and thanks for your interest.

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