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PLEASE TELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT YOU: WHERE ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU AND HOW ARE YOU? We live in Italy, I am from Milan and Andy is from Asti. We met a few years ago, as we were both members of the Italian Alphaville fan club. We had a common love for electronic music so we decided to play together this kind of music. CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR ALBUM „DE-SYNCHRONIZED“! COULD YOU PLEASE INTRODUCE YOUR BAND TO THE REMAINING WORLD? Sure! The band is formed by Andylab at vocals and synthesizers, and by Voyager (me) at production, synthesizers and programming. We started about three years ago and De-Synchronized is our first album! If you like dance beats and melody, check it out! DO YOU HAVE A VISION BEFORE YOU START WRITING AN ALBUM OR DO THE SONGS JUST FALL INTO PLACE NATURALLY? We have a vision or an idea of how the album should be. But, in the making, usually songs take different directions. HOW DO YOU GET THE IDEAS FOR YOUR LYRICS? We mainly talk about space, the infinity of universe, parallel to the infinity of mind. We try to describe feelings such as melancholy, mixed with the awareness of being a very small, but pounding part of the whole universe. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO EXPRESS WITH YOUR SONGS? We want to join energy, melody, and a spacey feeling. We don’t want to give any message, just images and sensations of something far, lone and lost. WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER THE MOST IMPORTANT CHANGE IN SOUND BETWEEN YOUR RELEASES? Well, „De-Synchronized“ is our first release actually. If you talk about our demo-album that was released in 2000, I cannot say it is the same band – Andy was not the singer at the time. I can tell you the differences between „De-Synchronized“ and our next album: it will emphasize the „techno“ and „space“ elements. Will be something new, definitely. HAVE YOU EVER IMAGINED BECOMING SO SUCCESSFUL WHEN YOU DID START? We don’t think to be so successful yet. Maybe in the future, I hope! Some important targets were reached this year, but there’s still a lot to do. WHAT ABOUT YOUR 2000 RELEASE „SADNESS DELUXE“? WHY HASN’T IT BEEN RELEASED BY A BIGGER LABEL? This was a demo-album, performed by Voyager at keys and Vocals and a guest Guitarist. Overall the mood of the songs was the same of today, but the sound was different: Real drum Sounds, heavy guitar riffs. Something like a gothic-electronic-new wave band. I still like it very much, and a song from that album was already re-released in our latest single in a different, remixed shape. We released it on a small label because it was the first to offer me something. HOW WAS THE CONTACT MADE BETWEEN SYRIAN AND INFACTED RECORDINGS? It was Todd Durrant at “A Different Drum” that made the deal. WHICH ARE YOUR PERSONAL FAVOURITE SONGS ON „DE-SYNCHRONIZED“? I like every song of course, maybe at the moment my favourites are „Starless“ and „She is the Dark“. WHAT ARE YOUR IMPRESSIONS AFTER THE RELEASE? ARE YOU CONTENT WITH EVERYTHING? Many people sent us messages saying they liked our music, lots of DJ playlists all over the world feature our songs, good reviews. I must say I was more than surprised. There’s still a lot to do, but it’s a really good start. I think that every song is a potential single, and I’m still convinced that it’s an album worth buying! YOUR SONGS DEAL WITH MELANCHOLY, DREAMS AND OTHER EMOTIONS. IS THIS AN EXPRESSION OF OUR OWN FEELINGS? Yes, generally I’m a nostalgic guy. WHAT IS YOUR GENERAL OPINION ON THE REMIXES YOU DID? We made a large number of remixes, until now my favourite is the remix we made for Real Life’s „Oblivion“: it’s really good, I must admit that I like it more than the original! COUD YOU PLEASE STATE YOUR INFLUENCES WHEN COMPOSING? We’re influenced by techno, trance, synth pop, and also pop music. Energy and melody are the two main sides of our music. IS THERE ANYBODY YOU CAN THINK OF, YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO WORK WITH? OR DID YOU EVER GET REJECTED BY ANYONE? Probably I’d like to work with my favourite bands: Alphaville, OMD, Rockets. But they were my favourite in the past, now they don’t exist anymore or are too different. If we talk about a band in the scene, I don’t know what to answer. Anyway I prefer improving my music and skills on my own rather than working with something else. WHAT IS YOUR MUSICAL BACKGROUND AND WHAT INTERESTS DO YOU HAVE BESIDES MUSIC? As I said before, my favourite bands are Alphaville, OMD and Rockets. But I like almost every kind of music, mainly Metal (I used to listen to it in the nineties) and pop music. Besides music, I like reading (mostly sci-fi), drawing, and thinking. MANY PEOPLE CALL YOUR STYLE „SYNTH POP“. IS THIS THE TERM YOU WOULD USE YOURSELF TO DESCRIBE YOUR MUSIC? Why not? Maybe it is more „dancey“ than regular synthpop, but yes, it’s correct. Overall it is pop music and it is made with a synth. So why not call it synthpop? AND HOW WOULD YOU PERSONALLY CALL IT? Technospacepop! WHICH OTHER SYNTH POP OR ELECTRONIC ACTS IN GENERAL DO YOU LIKE? In today’s scene, Apoptygma Berzerk are definitely my favourites (but only the last 2 albums). DO YOU LIKE GOTHIC AND INDUSTRIAL MUSIC IN GENERAL AND WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE DARK SCENE IN ITALY? I don’t like music genres in general, but I like individual songs. I could like an R&B song and dislike a synthpop tune. I think there’s only bad music and good music (which music is good and which is bad obviously depends on each person). In Italy there’s a growing dark scene, there are some bands even if there’s not much collaboration, unfortunately. HOW IS YOUR STANDING IN ITALY? I love Italy. Where I live, in Milan, the worst thing is the weather: too hot in summer (almost 40 degrees) and too cold in winter. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE DEVELOPMENT FROM THE MUSIC INDUSTRIES REGARDING DOWNLOAD MATTERS AND ILLEGAL COPIES? It’s a very hard situation: there’s no way to stop the illegal downloading. Anyway the whole thing has a positive side: music is spread in a wider way. We can only hope that someone who downloaded an album and liked it, in a second time buys the original CD. WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THE NEXT YEAR? Complete our second album „Kosmonauta“ and play more concerts around! THANX FOR SHARING YOUR TIME AND GOOD LOOK WITH YOUR VERY GOOD ALBUM! Thank you for the interview.

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