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HI! HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? Hey!! Feeling excellent, at home, Breda, Netherlands…! CAN YOU TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT THE BACKGROUND OF THE BAND MEMBERS? THE ALBUM SOUNDS AS THOUGH YOU ARE ALL AT LEAST SOMEWHAT EXPERIENCED AND EXTREMELY DEDICATED MUSICIANS… We all have been in other bands before we formed Textures, music plays a very big role in all our lives. The bands we played in were all metal bands, but except our intrerest in playing music, listening to all sorts of music is what we do a lot, too; exchanging cd’s of all genres thinkable, discovering a lot of interesting sounds..! HOW IMPORTANT FOR YOUR DEVELOPMENT WAS WINNING THESE DIFFERENT AWARDS? ARE THEY A SERIOUS HELP FOR A YOUNG BAND LIKE YOURSELVES? HOW WAS THE ATMOSPHERE AT THESE EVENTS, RELAXED OR COMPETITIVE? I think you mean the Metal Bash, Dutch Metal competition; well, winning helped us of course, promotional wise, and it was just such a cool event, it was relaxed, all bands were cool, quality bands! OOR CALLED YOUR ALBUM “POSSIBLY THE BEST DUTCH METAL ALBUM EVER”. ISN’T THAT A BIT FRIGHTENING? Yes it is haha, it is such a great compliment, we didn’t expect that sort of quotes at all, we were stunned. YOU BUILT YOUR OWN STUDIO TO RECORD “POLARS”. HOW BIG IS IT AND WHAT KIND OF FINANCIAL RISKS DID YOU TAKE? YOU MUST HAVE BEEN VERY CERTAIN OF YOUR TALENTS… We wanted to go for ‘something big’, not just a demo-tape or cd.. So it was quite a risk, but it was also well-planned before we took action. We didn’t have a lot of money, so we had to do it with all we had, organising a lot, getting all gear together to build something worthy as a studio, but it isn’t there anymore, it was a temporary studio. CRITICS HAVE BEEN QUICK TO CHARACTERISE YOUR MUSIC AS “COMPLEX”. I ACTUALLY THOUGHT IT WAS RATHER COMPOSED OF DIFFERENT, ELEGANTLY MERGED BUT STILL ACCESSIBLE PARTS. WHAT DO YOU FEEL YOURSELVES? I think you phrase that quite well, acually. It still is complex, but we put a lot of energy in containing the ‘whole’, keeping the groove and letting it flow, how weird some pieces may sound.. WHAT WAS THE MAIN IDEA FOR YOUR MUSIC, WHEN YOU STARTED THE BAND? WHERE THE AMBIENT PASSAGES PART OF TEXTURES RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING OR DID THIS EVOLVE OVER TIME? First the idea was starting a technical metal band, the passages with samples and soundscapes were born in the same time the riffs and songs were composed, they are all part of the songs. Only the longer soundscapes in between the songs were composed later on, sounds to let the cd ‘breathe’, to create some dynamics and sphere in the whole. IS THE BEAUTIFUL MIDDLE PART OF “TRANSGRESSION” ACTUALLY PLAYED BY SYNTHESIZERS? IT SOUNDS AMAZING! IT ALSO SUGGESTS YOU GUYS HAVE AN INTEREST IN JAZZ… No and yes; No, it not a synth; This Soprano-Saxophone solo is played by a session-musician; Wouter Wierda, he’s a great musician, he has got his own shows, playing in jazz and fusion combo’s in many places. He’s actually going to play LIVE together with us, 3rd of april 2004, at the Headway Festival in Amstelveen (NL), I’m really looking forward to be playing with that guy on stage, he’s amazing playing sax!! And so; Yess, we like jazz a lot, especially fusion. HOW DID THE 18-MINUTE “POLARS” EVOLVE? WAS IT A CONTINOUS JAM OF SORTS OR RATHER A PASTICHE OF DIFFERENT, INDIVIDUALLY COMPOSED PARTS? WOULD YOU AGREE THAT THIS TRACK IS IN A WAY A MICROCOSM OF THE WHOLE ALBUM? It surely are quite a lot of different riffs and passages in the song ‘Polars’, but the parts mysteriously fell into place piece by piece while composing this song. We wanted to make something intense, a long piece of music that would express all Textures-emotions, builing up to a climax, then imploding into the peaceful passage called Heave. You could see it as a microcosm of the whole album, yeah, every element is there. ON THE TRACK “POLARS” THERE ARE ALSO SOME DREAM THEATER-LIKE PASSAGES. IS THAT BAND AN INFLUENCE ON YOU IN ANY WAY? We like the prog-sound of Dream Theater, and their perfectionism, of course, but I think the accent in technique and composition is different. Though, they are great musicians!!! ARE “EFFLUENT” AND “HEAVE” ACTUALLY BAND EFFORTS OR IS IT ONE GUY PLAYING THE SYNTHIES? ARE THEY PART OF THE LIVE REPERTOIRE AND IF SO: HOW DO PEOPLE REACT TO THEM? It’s all samples and synths, yes they are played live, shortened versions to keep them working live. It was an experiment for us too, to play these scapes live, but we like it, the audience likes it, it creates a special ambience, reminds you of the album for a moment, and people can chill and let their neck rest for a few seconds, haha! “HEAVE” ACTUALLY SOUNDS LIKE A MIXTURE OF A FEW FIXED STRUCTURES, WHICH FLOAT AROUND EACH OTHER, CONSTANTLY CREATING DIFFERENT EFFECT. WAS THIS THE WAY THE TRACK WAS COMPOSED OR WAS IT CREATED IN A DIFFERENT WAY? (I HOPE I AM MAKING MYSELF CLEAR) It’s played with harmonics…the changes go really slowly, like in minimal music, in fact: it is in that way a form of minimal music! For instance, you hear the upper 3rd changing to a 5th in 7 seconds. If you zoom out, you will hear that it’s quite a “normal” composition and that it’s got a head and a tail that resemble. THE LYRICAL CONCEPT SEEMS TO HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH MECHANICAL ASPECTS OF THE HUMAN SOUL. AM I RIGHT? AND IF SO, WHERE DID THIS IDEA COME FROM? Yes, in one song you have that comparision, Swandive that is. It’s like comparing the human body with a machine, with it’s benefits and drawbacks; A machine is easy to repair, just replace some parts if you have some tools, and the human body has this non-physical part, called Emotion, not that easy to fix at al when it’s damaged.. YOU SPLIT FROM YOUR ORIGINAL VOCALIST JUST RECENTLY. AM I CORRECT THAT THIS WAS A TERRIBLY DIFFICULT DECISION? CAN YOU SHORTLY TELL US, WHAT THE REASONS WERE FOR THIS STEP? HOW IS THE NEW GUY AT THE MIC DOING SO FAR? We made the decision only for the Music, it was tough, but we thought the vocals needed more variety, the music is quite diverse, and Eric, the new singer, really has a whole variety in singing techniques, he is incredible! Live shows are going very smoothe already, we haven’t practiced that much yet, but it is cool! HOW IMPORTANT WAS IT FOR YOU TO HAVE A VIDEO AVAILABLE? HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO FINANCE IT? We wanted something special for Listenable, a bonus track Video (and a slipcase) is a good solution. We did the video with little money (again) AND VERY LITTLE time, and worked on it with a friend of us at the Film Academy. We’re pretty satisfied with it! HOW WOULD YOU CHARACTERISE THE DUTCH METAL SCENE? THERE SEEMS TO BE AN EXTRAORDINARY EMPHASIS ON OPERA-STYLE SINGING… Well, I think there is something else coming up; At the moment, we are doing a tour with a package of 4 bands in total; called Sk;rl, Nomen and El Shit, we’re playing everywhere in Holland. These are all quite progressive metal bands, using weird timing rhythms and polyrhythmics and stuff like that, it’s always a good spirit at those nights, I hope bands like that will spread across Holland soon..! YOU SEEM TO HAVE A CLEAR VISION OF WHERE THE BAND IS HEADING IN THE FUTURE. CARE TO SHARE IT? The only thing we are focussed on right now is SPREADING THE MUSIC LIVE AND PLAY ‘TILL WE DROP, rhaahaha! Many shows are booked, and when we’re not at a gig, we are writing new stuff as much as we can, because we just live for composing and playing this music!! ANY FAMOUS LAST WORDS? I hope we can share our music with many German people playing in Germany a lot!! I hope soon! Greets, Bart

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